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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Aoki-San*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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A Vision
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lim5Os12FCcb5sXtuZ7hposted on PENANA -Third Person P.O.V-

The game went on as per normal, the silly, silent sniggers and chaotic, carefree cackles. Everyone seemed happy and the day was going on swell. Then two girls passed by, laughing together as they joked about too. (Aoki-san and I will be the cameos you see!) “How aboutttt—OOO, how about Dark and Light...?” She all but whispered to her near 6 ft friend.copyright protection27PENANAM0SLoUBCFm

”Hmmm, sure, sounds good.” She grinned, an abrupt cough brought their attentions to the chosen ones they were talking about mere minutes ago. “You…want us for…?” Dark queried, cocking her head to the side as did Light before she shot out, “Who are you?” It came out quite harsher than she expected, but hey, you can’t be too careful right? copyright protection27PENANAf0EC6t48wK

“Oh! Sorry!” The shorter of the pair smiled sheepishly, she massaged the nape of her neck, dragging her stubby fingered-hand up her scalp to the top of her chestnut brown hair, where they rested comfortably. “My name is Chat Noir. This one—“ she chuckled out the last part, while trying to drill a hole through her friends shoulder, “—is Aoki. Do you mind if we told you guys this in private?” copyright protection27PENANALIWQaTkFSs

Light bolted up, wanting to get this done and overwith so they could return to their game quickly. She glanced at her petite friend, whose eyes were painted with a generous coating of the varnish known as skepticism. “It’ll be fine Dark! Come on.” She persuaded and finally a reluctant hand gripped hers and Dark steadily pulled herself up. copyright protection27PENANAWFsPqRK1tp

~copyright protection27PENANAoJq2lxvqF2

“Okay so, we’re uh—writing this story about two girls who go on this murder adventure! They work together to try and find the murderer but it ends up being a close friend of theirs.” Chat hastily explained, she was out of breath by the last word, letting Aoki explain what they were needed for.copyright protection27PENANAaqK6hV0BAS

Light pondered for a moment before denying, “Please…! You guys look really similar to us so we need it to be you!” “No.” Light was adamant towards Chat, she didn’t bother to even bat an eyelash in her direction to disagree more. “…okay…” she sighed, shoulders slumped and curving inwards with her pained expression. Aoki–who was very protective over her average sized midget–glared at her tall mirror-image. copyright protection27PENANA3xywmYn70R

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” She screamed, begining to argue with Light. Both girls were rather short-tempered and determined to win this argument, both for their own sakes and their little friends. Meanwhile, Chat covered her ears with her palms, she hated shouting, especially if it was hate boosted. She tried to move away but a right yank on the collar of her shirt sent her flying back to Aoki’s side.copyright protection27PENANAwoAXrWuXm9

Heaving out a heavy breath, she remained still, waiting for the overboiling pot to simmer down. “Hey…!” Dark whispered, getting her attention, Chat let out a small hum before turning to her, “You’re welcome to write about me if you want.” She smiled warmly, stifling out a lighthearted laugh at the girl’s open mouthed expression. “Wai—what. Real—Really?! You’re serious?” copyright protection27PENANAZxAJESEEte

A crisp nod was all it took for Chat to run and hug the girl. “YAYYYYY” Shocked by the sudden happiness of the shorter duo, Light and Aoki stopped their heated discussion. They asked for a recount in unision, which both girls explained together.copyright protection27PENANAxxL5484sf4

”Well…ugh—fine. I’ll let you write about me.” Defeated, Light grunted and Aoki smirked, sticking out her long hand, “Nice doing business with you!” She mocked. The quartet split ways and soon Dark and Light headed back to their group. copyright protection27PENANAjMtUJUQdRd

~copyright protection27PENANAnRKXAoQf3j

On the way, Dark let out a low hiss. “Dark? You good?” Her best friend questioned, pressing a palm onto her shoulder as Dark felt a surge of adrenaline rush through her veins and thoughts violate her mind;copyright protection27PENANAuARfFWoJoE

‘Kanato.copyright protection27PENANAOIqiCacto4

Luminol.copyright protection27PENANAGLVrJwQzLT

A mug with 4 neatly painted in red letters. copyright protection27PENANATftLv9HUT6

“STAY…AWAY FROM HIM!!” ’copyright protection27PENANAyIOZ0racUy

Dark stumbled backwards, hands gripping the sides of her head in a panic, the abrupt force even tugging and pulling out strands of hair. “DARK!” Light shared in her hysteria, kneeling down slightly so she was somewhat her height. “Ugh…” The younger groaned, “Light…what…was that?” The taller shook her head in confusion, helping her up and back to the group again. copyright protection27PENANAhAkd24JSEv

~copyright protection27PENANALxLfjgo0ai

Later that evening Dark scripted out the exact things she saw to her partner in crime: Kanato, the white ceramic mug, Luminol, and the shouting. Oh, the shouting, it was what really spooked her. Who was it? Why were they shouting?copyright protection27PENANA7J0VI0mTdh

Hope melted in their hearts as they wondered when the answers would come.copyright protection27PENANAruSLIUQsMu

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