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Super Royal: The Beginning
Writer CalicoCarter
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Super Royal: The Beginning
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Chapter 18- Interrogation
Apr 29, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dSH6dm7peWyxUvG2V0Jmposted on PENANA

Slowly people come out from under the bleachers and from inside the school to get a look at the teens who just fought people that came from the ground and sky. The four of them look up to see their peers staring at them with their mouths open or with their phone camera's pointed at them. One by one the teens stand up to face their peers, except Mary who ducks her furry head behind Adelaide's legs. Slowly the teachers begin to clap and soon after the students follow. Blaise squeezes Calico's arm and she follows his gaze to see that an officer is standing at the top of the bleachers while talking to their guidance counselor. copyright protection19PENANAKFZj5gKalZ

The security guard from their school walks up to the stage and motions for them to come down. They all follow him up the cement stairs to where the man and counselor are standing. Everyone watches them and continues to cheer until they are out of sight.  The two smaller wolves sprint to catch up to Mary. They lead the team through the school and out the front doors to see three police cars are waiting for them. The Cop shakes the counselor's hand while leaning over to whisper something in her ear. The two officers from the other cars hop out to open the doors. The teens form a circle again with Mary still at their knees. copyright protection19PENANA4ySLF67Mvm

"Are we being arrested?" Adelaide whispers nervously.copyright protection19PENANAJ3UDzAGvAq

"I highly doubt it. We haven't violated any laws and they aren't cuffing us," Blaise replies. "Will you be okay, Calico?"copyright protection19PENANASl5RFa8plt

She nods despite the nervousness she's feeling. Blaise lets his sister enter the car first before following her. The cop closes the door before going back to sit in the front. Calico slowly approaches the last police car in the row. The officer smiles at her which eases her nerves a bit as she sits back. She's never been inside of a police car and it makes her feel a little uncomfortable. The officer driving her car sits inside and begins talking into his radio. They pull off and she watches the city harder than she ever has before in case she never gets to see it again. copyright protection19PENANApp2hbInjvT

"Things happen to little girls who use their powers, especially these days. Some can't handle your skin color, let alone flaming hair!"  Sinatra would tell her.copyright protection19PENANAFeWzSwaz1L

All hopes of her being escorted home are shattered when she sees the police station. They all walk inside and the officer that drove the twins tells them to wait in the hall. He takes Mary and the two smaller wolves into a room around the corner. A woman motions for them to come inside a different room. It has a large mirror and a table with benches on each side. It's an interrogation room. The three of them sit down on the same side of the table.copyright protection19PENANAZU65LLgTbB

"Anything we say may be used against us in a court of law. We have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If we cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for us before any questioning if you wish," Blaise recites to the girls upon sitting down. copyright protection19PENANAnB1qSc8gvD

"What? What are you talking about?" Adelaide questions as Calico gives him a confused look.copyright protection19PENANA9bS6LKCVjE

"Those are our rights. I assume most adolescents don't have them memorized so I thought it would be beneficial to remind you of them," He replies.copyright protection19PENANAGjyNokzFeL

The woman smiles at him. copyright protection19PENANAgCmh2fuavZ

"Wow, I am impressed. I was going to get to that but you beat me to it. I am Detective Martello and you can address me as such. Enough small talk, let's get down to business. Here we have Blaise Olivar Knight, Adelaide Olivia Knight and Calico Jade Carter, correct?"copyright protection19PENANANFbFMWqpRK

The three of them nod, jumping slightly when their name is called.  She looks over to the girls who shudder a little under her gaze. Addie barely notices that Calico is digging into her arm. The lady pulls out a recorder and sets it on the table.copyright protection19PENANA3y3ClsWV7b

"I'd like you three to tell me everything about the events that have happened at your school tonight. Tell the truth, and try not to leave out even the tiniest details. You children are not in trouble," She explains before pressing play. copyright protection19PENANAGoN3GPia0O

They talk about everything from the ground rumbling to the portal closing. Blaise was able to tell the width and depth of the portal. He gave an estimate as to how long it was open and how much energy was used to keep it that way. Adelaide admits to knowing about Mary's transition when she called her and confirms that the little wolves were her younger siblings that she was babysitting at the time. Calico explains that they wanted her, but she didn't know why. She hesitates before explaining that this wasn't the first time she met Onyx. She tells of the night she broke into her house and begs them not to arrest Sinatra. copyright protection19PENANAaOulughUF9

"Don't worry. Mrs. Stevens already filed a report on that. We have a whole division dedicated to non- human discrepancies. We didn't, however, know her name, so thank you for that. Your guardians are waiting in the lobby for you. I have one more thing to question you about and then you can be on your way," She explains.copyright protection19PENANAFJHIl3biYj

The three of them sit up, ready for this to be over with.copyright protection19PENANAtFHhIn60y6

"Besides the werewolf in the other room, is there anyone missing from your little group? This young gentleman mentioned the person in question, but I just want to make sure," She continues.copyright protection19PENANAPIUj3ozljf

They think for a minute until she flashes in their mind. They forgot about Leiko. They had left without her! Adelaide can't even remember the last time she saw her. copyright protection19PENANAuYYbHkfTDd

"Leiko Fredericks was with us during the beginning and greater part of the dance this evening," Blaise replies with a hint of nervousness that hasn't been there this whole time. copyright protection19PENANAc7TUoBiuCQ

"You said that after you were discovered hiding under the bleachers she ran off. Did she say anything to any of you?"copyright protection19PENANABrywKCVjXf

Blaise shifts uncomfortably in his seat as his face begins to heat.copyright protection19PENANAzrdxDVRSOu

"My loyalties lie with myself for the time being," Blaise recites quietly.copyright protection19PENANA61BZV0Advd

"This statement is referring to. . . " The detective presses.copyright protection19PENANA36ECDofzIc

Blaise looks like he may faint. His heart is beating hard against his ribcage. He casts a quick glance at Calico before sighing.copyright protection19PENANAOhE2PiXHaM

"She was going to betray the princess to the Mors until she befriended her and became conflicted. Her parents are affiliated with the Mors and she didn't want to defy them but after she met the princess she began to believe in her. She informed them that she would be at the dance tonight and was supposed to have her in a certain spot but she panicked when they showed up and allowed the princess to hide. I have no idea where she ran off to," Blaise explains.copyright protection19PENANAcgNOgIORWj

"I already know where your guardian stands Miss Carter, but what about you two? What affiliation does your father have?"copyright protection19PENANA40qJC47SDQ

"He is apart of the Ovit. He supports Glerosha's original cause and the Queen of Glerosha. Mary-Dean and her family are the same," Adelaide explains this time.copyright protection19PENANA5r8JuX1sFc

The detective smiles at them before telling them she's heard enough. She thanks them for being compliant and tells them that they can go out to meet their guardians in the lobby. They walk out together. Sinatra runs over to Calico to squeeze the life out of her. Blaise and Adelaide walk over to their dad who looks beyond stressed. In the parking lot, Mr. Knight gives Sinatra a nod before getting into his car with the twins. Calico hugs Gabriel, who is in the driver's seat, and he squeezes her almost as hard as his wife did. Sinatra gets in the back row and holds Calico tightly in her arms the whole ride home. Calico can feel her heart beat against her cheek. Calico keeps dozing off only to be shaken back awake. She jumps when she hears a high pitched howl.copyright protection19PENANAeRt2FJLtAH

"Hahaha, do you hear the werewolves? It is a full moon out tonight after all," Gabriel jokes.copyright protection19PENANANFHdokhwcU

If only you knew, Calico thinks to herself.copyright protection19PENANAnhmv1Qt3j8

She sees a medium sized wolf running through the trees on the side of the highway. It is doing a great job at keeping up with their car. When Calico sees the two little wolves struggling to keep up when she realizes it's Mary. A car horn causes her to look out the window on the other side of a car. She sees Blaise and Adelaide pointing to the forest from their car and she nods to show them that she knows. copyright protection19PENANAfx0JAFsl83

"Do you guys know that wolf, Cal?" Gabriel asks.copyright protection19PENANA2VJK974qEh

"Yeah, that's our friend Mary!" Calico squeals. copyright protection19PENANAl1yIxzz1CS

Mary howls some more as Mr. Knight and Gabriel honk wildly. Smaller howls follow immediately after. The woods go off the exit so Mary-Dean gives one last dramatic Hollywood style howl as they drive past. Calico leans her head back on Sinatra's chest. She peeks at the mirror to see Sinatra giving Gabriel a look that she can't read but she knows it's not good. They spend the rest of the ride to their apartment in silence.copyright protection19PENANAaSpaBZP4lY

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