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Super Royal: The Beginning
Writer CalicoCarter
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Super Royal: The Beginning
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Chapter 8- Questions
Dec 12, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!s6SBJboTE9D845Ncza14posted on PENANA

 The three of them sit in the living room together. Sinatra has an ice pack on her knee while Gabriel has his arm around a petrified Calico. Sinatra informs her about what took place before she left her room, leaving out the part about them being vampires.copyright protection40PENANAjhiBHDNz1w

"Do you have any questions sweetheart?" Sinatra looks at Calico.copyright protection40PENANA4uCW5m8ugM

"So did you guys kill them? Are you guys going to get arrested?" She asks nervously.copyright protection40PENANAETVJYIWyTX

"Yes sadly we did kill them, but we only did it to protect you. Now they can't come back to hurt you, but don't worry we're not going to jail," Sinatra assures her.copyright protection40PENANADdeWPVzCvB

"Well, I'm definitely not because I didn't kill anyone," Gabriel says with an uneasy chuckle.copyright protection40PENANA9z5Mwb9EFp

Sinatra's eyes widen as she stares at her husband.copyright protection40PENANArkim3h5ZPZ

"What do you mean you didn't kill anyone. Thana's friend is dead right?" Sinatra asks through gritted teeth.copyright protection40PENANAXtcbp16YEC

Gabriel looks up at the ceiling and scratches his head.copyright protection40PENANAzOcFAIQKnw

"I didn't know we were supposed to-"copyright protection40PENANA9PQsbUJhUz


"Well no- I mean she kinda, you know." He makes a flying motion with his hands and whistles lightly.copyright protection40PENANAM0XYFxGvh3

Sinatra sighs and shakes her head.copyright protection40PENANA1rSST4MDlH

"I need to talk to you later Gabriel," She snarls.copyright protection40PENANAcCye4BFzL6

"Why did that woman turn to dust, and how could she run so fast? I know she was magical like us. What was she?" Calico asks.copyright protection40PENANAIx6FvLdbgv

"She was a vampire," Sinatra hesitantly admits.copyright protection40PENANAfiW8bQdYtz

"Where did she come from?" Calico asks hoping she'd find out where she came from as well.copyright protection40PENANAFFbeUgPAPB

"I'm not quite sure," She lies. "Are you okay? Do you still feel a little shaken up?" Sinatra asks.copyright protection40PENANAGx8MdDxqPO

"Yes, I do. I just want to go back to bed before school. I need it," Calico mumbles.copyright protection40PENANAV57SdiIrgc

"You can stay home today if you'd like," Gabriel offers.copyright protection40PENANA0WSbaNr0nh

"Yeah I'd like that," Calico responds as she slowly makes her way to her bedroom.copyright protection40PENANAB3PJQ2notd

Once she's upstairs Sinatra turns to Gabriel.copyright protection40PENANAcpikhwC0XT

"I can't believe you let her get away. Are you insane?"copyright protection40PENANAcYP59ZSBZg

"At least I didn't commit a murder in front of a 15-year-old girl," Gabriel scoffs.copyright protection40PENANATBjIkaLIyf

"Well at least now Thana can't come back but her partner can. Not only that but she can tell the Mors where we live."copyright protection40PENANAVLEd5VJIWH

"She was injured when she left plus the sun was rising. I burned her with garlic so I doubt she got very far."copyright protection40PENANAB8FrePr7qr

Sinatra just shakes her head and sighs. "Let's just go back to bed, but if they find us again you're in so much trouble."copyright protection40PENANAnk2H3nRP5q

    Several hours later Calico hears Sinatra and Gabriel downstairs but she doesn't feel like getting up. She rolls over and begins to think. copyright protection40PENANA40bIehEY0A

That woman must have been from Glerosha. I wonder how she knew me. I need to ask if I'm a princess. I need to know. What if I am and these Mors people really are looking for me. What if that lady worked for them? I feel sick. Even though Gabriel covered my eyes I still know what happened to that woman. I wonder if she would have taken me to Glerosha. Maybe next time I should let myself get captured. . . copyright protection40PENANAFCJl3Xau4B

Calico's thoughts are interrupted by her hearing a familiar voice that sounds like a boy. Calico gets up and goes downstairs. Sure enough, there's Gabriel giving Blaise a skeptical look. He walks right around Gabe when he sees her come down the steps.copyright protection40PENANAWrVY8Zm0Or

"Hi, Calico. Since you weren't in school today Adelaide wanted me to come see you. She also bought your dance ticket for you," He says as he pulls it out of his pocket and hands it to Calico.copyright protection40PENANAqSsCAGTeET

"Oh, that was so sweet of her. She didn't have to do this. Adelaide is the greatest."copyright protection40PENANAOkwxFzvQ4z

Blaise blushes slightly at Calico's comment.copyright protection40PENANAs01nZamlab

"Why did you miss school? Are you okay?"copyright protection40PENANANA3fcDW6SA

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I'm not sick or anything. My house got broken into last night and I felt pretty uneasy."copyright protection40PENANA0HVwfB5Kra

"Oh, that's terrible. I'm so very sorry to hear that."copyright protection40PENANAkTblhavEwG

He is about to give Calico a hug when Gabriel starts to clear his throat very loudly and puts his arms between them.copyright protection40PENANAPjgSztwvzp

"Okay, no need to touch each other. We were actually about to have dinner so you can leave now. Bye!"copyright protection40PENANA6z616mCb64

    I'm glad he said that because it's kinda weird having Blaise in our apartment. Not weird in a bad way, but weird in the sense that he is the first boy that has ever been in my apartment to see me. I'm also a little embarrassed about standing in front of him in my pajamas, Calico thinks.copyright protection40PENANAmqYxMfIiUe

"Of course sir," Blaise nods before turning to leave.copyright protection40PENANAYJyfC8I9Dh

Sinatra walks into the room. "Dinner is ready. Time to-" She pauses when she spots Blaise. He turns around, and her eyes light up as a huge grin spreads across her face.copyright protection40PENANAyKRFMX1p97

"You're Arabella's boy aren't you. I haven't seen you since you were an infant. You've grown a lot. How have you been?" She asks while rushing over to hug him.copyright protection40PENANAtvyr3lHLEB

Blaise smiles. "Very good Mrs. Stevens. How are you?"copyright protection40PENANA0ClzSXHA6l

"I've been wonderful. Would you like to stay for dinner Blaise? That is your name right?"copyright protection40PENANASE6JkSHlhQ

"Yes that's me and I'd love to," He replies.copyright protection40PENANAtKm2cqoTc2

They all walk to the kitchen and sit down. Blaise sits next to Calico.copyright protection40PENANAvcFQMxNu7U

"How's Olivar doing? Does he still remember me?" Sinatra asks.copyright protection40PENANAPZzVJTOqf5

"Most definitely. My father talks about you and Mrs. Carter quite often since you were friends of my mother and he's doing well. He's not as sad as he used to be."copyright protection40PENANAhIQEL249Wg

"That's good. It must have been so hard for him to lose his wife and his daughter," Sinatra replies solemnly.copyright protection40PENANAbrtRifo5Jw

Blaise stirs in his chair.copyright protection40PENANA0zwzvgtjHI

"You're sister was beautiful just like your mother. Her name was Abigail wasn't it?"copyright protection40PENANApYqfDbhIke

"Adelaide," he mutters while avoiding Sinatra's gaze.copyright protection40PENANAYwGsnYIM4r

"Right I'm sorry. That's a sensitive subject. I shouldn't have brought it up," Sinatra apologizes.copyright protection40PENANAi41PEw57QM

"Wait, Adelaide isn't dead. She goes to school with us. Did you have another sister or something?" Calico asks.copyright protection40PENANAPfLfuorM6M

Gabriel, Sinatra, and Calico all look at Blaise who is red in the face.copyright protection40PENANA15jHxGFgsJ

"Uh thanks for dinner Mrs. Stevens but I really do have to go," Blaise says quickly.copyright protection40PENANAHLOJBsgGz6

He gets up and rushes out of the apartment. Calico feels kind of bad for him.copyright protection40PENANAspleFQC6DJ

"You've met Blaise's twin sister?" Sinatra asks sounding very alarmed.copyright protection40PENANATEPclnT1Dm

"Yeah, she's really nice and not dead. Why did you think she died?"copyright protection40PENANALl7z4I2kpC

"I don't know. Never mind it," Sinatra replies even though she appears to be thinking hard.copyright protection40PENANAqS1M6GDJNg

"So, how did you know Blaise's mother?" Calico asks nonchalantly.copyright protection40PENANAtGUiSgFMhj

"We were best friends back in school."copyright protection40PENANA83EfCIYF2o

"He said she also knew mom," Calico continues.copyright protection40PENANAhtgjgmZT6N

"She did. We were all very close."copyright protection40PENANAazt5Smly9D

"What was mom's job before she got sick?"copyright protection40PENANARhGvwjevZh

"You mean where she worked? I don't remember," Sinatra lies.copyright protection40PENANAThL9A1wAVD

"Was she a queen perhaps?" Her heart is beating out of her chest but she isn't ready to give up yet.copyright protection40PENANAn6dRb6exEn

Behind Sinatra, Gabriel gives Calico a warning look.copyright protection40PENANAbvES1bbgHb

"No that's not it," Sinatra replies stiffly.copyright protection40PENANAxAsiK2jhDf

"Are you sure she didn't rule a place called Glerosha?"copyright protection40PENANAV1l8Sxe75T

"Calico," Gabriel starts.copyright protection40PENANAvgpa8qlkG3

"I think it's time for you to go to bed," Sinatra sneers through gritted teeth.copyright protection40PENANAveEXwo0QGD

Calico takes a deep breath. "What really happened to my mom?"copyright protection40PENANA6BErKxZZF4

"Goodnight Calico," Sinatra hisses.copyright protection40PENANASakhktIGNp

"Am I a princess or not?"copyright protection40PENANAJiDng9Mg0t

"BED NOW!" She shouts while slamming her hand on the counter.copyright protection40PENANAU65zyP6xPL

Calico runs up to her room and lays in her bed. That could have gone better, but I want answers and I'm going to get them too, which is the last thought she has before falling asleep.copyright protection40PENANACHVWZgpHXd

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