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London Calling
Writer FionaDaydreamer
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London Calling
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Chapter II
Jul 30, 2015
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8Ea0Y8I3XNO1G8eBATTnposted on PENANA

"Wake up lass!" Called a manly voice annoyed and a hint of concern.168Please respect copyright.PENANAO4sZ4q7Nt5
I tried to move but everything was heavy; I swallowed and tried to open my eyes. Slowly I began to see a familiar face that I saw before not long ago. His dark green eyes were glistening of curiosity and some eagerness but to what? Me? I started to look around me and recognised the environment. Is this all a dream or is it real as I am? How did I get here? Why am I here?168Please respect copyright.PENANAAh7hqlS1eM
"Holmes, why do you think it is a girl when it is obviously a boy due to the clothes and short hair cut?" Gave the man with short straight golden-brown hair and a moustache upon his upper lip. His glance appeared annoyed to the other man who is called Holmes. Is it the Sherlock Holmes?168Please respect copyright.PENANAoec3ImiPRd
"You have again overseen the obvious my dear Watson." He paused and smiled at him. "The small booklet she carries in her pocket is written by hand and due to the writing, it is far too elaborate for any man. Also her name and address is written on the back of the cover including some strange numbers and another name that I don't exactly follow."168Please respect copyright.PENANACGh4FmvN9Y
"He's right." I remarked hoarsely and quickly cleared my throat. That must be the telephone number and my e-mail address. He must have checked my pockets to know that. Slowly I was able to sit up.168Please respect copyright.PENANASKgZ1GlUHA
"Don't overstrain yourself, take your time." Noted Watson with some concern and caution.168Please respect copyright.PENANAH6OT9xfrm7
"Am I in Bakerstreet, London?" Came out of my mouth without thinking.168Please respect copyright.PENANAFZNX4sjzgt
"Yes." Answered Watson.168Please respect copyright.PENANAx8dO8fuu9c
"Then you are John Watson and he is Sherlock Holmes?" I nearly stuttered of surprise; pointing my finger first to Watson then over to Holmes who had seated at the time in his favorite chair close by the fire and smoked his pipe.168Please respect copyright.PENANA4QjTKtq0UN
"Yes." Gave Watson in the same fashion as before. "What's wrong?"168Please respect copyright.PENANA7ANVxRoRqE
"What's wrong?" I repeated and placed a hand to my head. "Actually nothing but I just can't believe it."168Please respect copyright.PENANAkYNyMVOhpX
"Young lady, you surely have come here to share a story where you can't make heads or tails of it. My patience is wearing thin so please come to the point." Remarked Holmes in controlled anger.168Please respect copyright.PENANAtuOMnzfOza
He can't see it! Holmes, the master of deduction can not see my story from my clothes or booklet?168Please respect copyright.PENANACHLpCjh0aH
"Why so silent miss? Explain why you cut your hair and dressed yourself as a boy who's trying to be a journalist or author!" Gave Holmes standing up and walked a bit closer to me.168Please respect copyright.PENANAFvFs4roSIO
"That is not my story Mr. Holmes." I corrected.168Please respect copyright.PENANAQciEZGefvO
Holmes froze and blinked, so did Watson.168Please respect copyright.PENANAq7vbx8uO9F
Due to their faces which were price-less I held myself together from bursting out laughing but a smirk got away nonetheless. "These are my normal clothes from where I come from and I'm not a journalist but a leisure writer." I paused. "I am one of many secretaries of the company Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland." I knew very well that in the Victorian Era the company Nestle existed already and was well known across Europe.168Please respect copyright.PENANAwOacheEF7n
"Miss, I know you are talking English with us and it all makes sense but then again not. Your clothes still confuse me." Spoke Watson.168Please respect copyright.PENANAuXzMCytQOY
Suddenly Holmes stepped in. "Miss Eleanor Wanett, could you please explain the numbers under your address and that other odd name written in your booklet?" Asked Holmes eager.168Please respect copyright.PENANAEe69qEiVtr
I was not surprised that he knew my name, because he checked my pockets. Quickly I drew out from my pocket my A5 format green leather bound booklet and showed them my address. "The numbers under the address is a telephone number and that below is nothing, just some scribbling I did the other day." I do not know if I influence some part of history if I mention the word 'e-mail'.168Please respect copyright.PENANAA0gLcxZQd6
"Telephone number? How is that possible? Many inventors are trying to improve the telephone so that it can be practical for everyone. Especially from Switzerland, the land where many things run slower than usual." Gave Holmes surprised.168Please respect copyright.PENANAdH4NuGmXwa
Wow! He knows Switzerland that well? Has he been already at Reichenbach, Meiringen? I wonder.168Please respect copyright.PENANAWap3kPICKc
"This must sound absurd me telling this but I see no other explanation. Do you come from a different time?" Holmes asked. His eyes glistened with curiosity and searched in mine the answer.168Please respect copyright.PENANA4lck6oS6f5
"Holmes!" Called out Watson, looking over to him.168Please respect copyright.PENANActMhghXCft
"Yes; from the year 2015 to be exact." I responded calmly.168Please respect copyright.PENANANbEcfY1YBM
They both glared at me in surprise. "2015!" They called in a chorus.168Please respect copyright.PENANAaF7mZdLSj0
"How did you get here in London in the year 1885?" Asked Holmes eagerly. "Above all, how is it possible?"168Please respect copyright.PENANAXwtKNJ1Kmh
copyright protection164PENANAZpEu9f6vVN

Comments ( 5 )

Lata - Holmes is wrong! That would be quite the sight. 
2 years agoreply

FionaDaydreamer - With what? How Eleanor appears?
2 years agoreply

Lata - @fionadaydreamer, Yeah. The whole explanation thingy...
2 years agoreply

FionaDaydreamer - @Lata, I've just read over this chapter. God! My thinking at that time was lacking! XP I'll edit it as soon as possible. ^.^
2 years agoreply

Lata - @fionadaydreamer, No, it's alright. It makes sense actually, since coming from the future would be in the impossible category, I'm guessing, and sometimes Holmes is wrong.
2 years agoreply