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Jan 12, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yqcD2GzmogDhWi9Uvxnlposted on PENANA

Ch.11: Sunset (The New Prophecy)copyright protection5PENANAIGaOvnqyjE

Summary: Revised version from the actual book. Darkstripe finds himself in No Stars, but has a change of heart. He doesn’t want to be like Tigerstar anymore, so he tries to find Starclan. He wants to warn Tigerstar’s relations about Tigerstar’s plans. Can he do it, or will he be too late? Read to find out.copyright protection5PENANA1R4ev7V4tk

            Darkstripe ran along in an unfamiliar forest.copyright protection5PENANAk7BhqLbVjz

            Just then, he spotted his longtime friend. His friend approached him.copyright protection5PENANAh1frQKPgi9

            “Darkstripe,” he greeted.copyright protection5PENANAUk1Zzw6vAz

            “Tigerstar,” he greeted back. “Why are you here? Where’s Starclan?”copyright protection5PENANAPVGrc7do2w

            “There is no Starclan. Starclan doesn’t come here. This isn’t a place for them; only for cats like us.”copyright protection5PENANAXkycLoXBFg

            “I’ll find a way to them.”copyright protection5PENANAKABMzaiFGT

            “You can’t. There’s not a way. There never will be.”copyright protection5PENANAfwOWX03bp6

            “Let me come with you.”copyright protection5PENANAHmqfzcEwOj

            “Sorry, Darkstripe; this place is where cats go their own way. I’m going my own way. I’ve learned how to visit my sons in their dreams. Real soon, I’ll make them see it my way. Firestar hasn’t won yet. There’ll soon learn if they want power, they must do it my way, or there’ll never rule. I’ve already influenced Hawkfrost. I must now try with Brambleclaw. If he refuses, I can threaten cats close to him. Then he’ll listen. I must go now.”copyright protection5PENANANzToltzD8f

            As he walked away, he called out to Tigerstar.copyright protection5PENANAwoLllJmpUL

            “What is this place!?”copyright protection5PENANAvB7WRH9wdX

            “No Stars!” Tigerstar called back before he disappeared.copyright protection5PENANAP0xJoScYwl

            Darkstripe didn’t want him to do that to all his kin. He wanted to warn Brambleclaw in his dreams, before it was too late. He knew Starclan wasn’t around in No Stars, but he said anyway to them, “Starclan, help me to go into their dreams to warn them. Maybe even warn Leaf paw or Cinderpelt.”copyright protection5PENANAd3KYo5HKuB

            As if they heard, the place changed to a familiar place and there stood Bluestar in the grass.copyright protection5PENANAw0dDX5k6By

            He approached the former Thunderclan leader.copyright protection5PENANA4rzBaYtnWZ

            “Bluestar, I’m sorry for what Tigerstar did to you and what I did. I’ve changed since I died and went to No Stars. I want to warn someone.”copyright protection5PENANAI93s8syQc3

            “I know of how you have changed. I understand that you were following him, not because he influenced you, but because he was your only friend and you couldn’t let him be in exile alone. So you followed him until you died. Now you understand that you did wrong. His father was just as evil and ambitious; now then. I’ll grant you what you want; the power to come into cat’s dreams to warn them.”copyright protection5PENANAsI3Gm0LH6m

            “Thanks, Bluestar.”copyright protection5PENANAgaNPMYOflK

            “Come. Follow me.”copyright protection5PENANAf4Uiw3L5TX

            He obeyed and soon was standing among Starclan.copyright protection5PENANA8mGb23cNLj

            Leafpool and Crowfeather burst into camp, hoping to save the clan from the badger attack. He hope vanished when she saw they were too late. She was worried for her clan, but most of all, she was worried for her mother, father, and sister.copyright protection5PENANAa1uXRgWFvh

            When they entered, cats gave her mean looks.copyright protection5PENANAqLll4SoPXi

            She realized they weren’t happy.copyright protection5PENANAN6EuhGxutj

            They don’t trust me anymore after I abandoned them.copyright protection5PENANANDkhBcxyS3

            She walked inside the camp, crossed the clearing, and was greeted happily by Sandstorm, Squirrelflight, and Goldenflower. She was glad that some were happy to see her.copyright protection5PENANAPiObDT42I2

            After being greeted, she ordered Brambleclaw to tell wounded cats who could walk, to come to her den.copyright protection5PENANAkw8Y0qFyU9

            He obeyed.copyright protection5PENANARIMcZooxWg

            She went to tend to the cats that couldn’t walk. When was done with them, she went to the Medicine den.copyright protection5PENANAAMzpYdi2f1

            When she entered the den, she saw Ferncloud with three kits. Her mate was Dustpelt. Then she froze. Cinderpelt lay on her side. She was still.copyright protection5PENANA5AxdyyDe6y

            She turned to see Brambleclaw tell her, “I’m sorry. Cinderpelt is with Starclan now.”copyright protection5PENANAnXga9gyyNv

            Not wanting to believe him, she went over to her mentor and touched her pelt with her nose. She smelled of death. He was right. He was beside her a moment later, talking to her. “She died saving and protecting Ferncloud, while she gave birth to her three kits.”copyright protection5PENANAOoinOhA7kQ

            Ferncloud spoke. “It’s my fault. I didn’t even try to protect her.”copyright protection5PENANA8pqGCZegdl

            Dustpelt tried to soothe her.copyright protection5PENANAPAi5Lsmk0a

            “I promise you, Leafpool. She died of an honorable death,” Brambleclaw said soothingly. “I’ll tell Firestar.”copyright protection5PENANAPOy8cnqNuK

            She heard his paw steps fade away, as he left the Medicine den.copyright protection5PENANAED94kM4z2h

            She silently spoke. “Cinderpelt, if you’re still with me, speak to me.” But all she felt was the strong smell of death.copyright protection5PENANAURSdXEFkYF

            She left her den after she was done with the wounded.copyright protection5PENANAuOu3WHqmvV

            She padded up to Firestar her father.copyright protection5PENANA79zgeT2is5

            “Come to my den. I must see to your wounds.”copyright protection5PENANAAmXtAV7ff5

            He obeyed and followed her there.copyright protection5PENANAVKTqOQ7fcD

            She had to stop thinking of him as her dad, she told herself.copyright protection5PENANAajMJA0DCi5

            She soon found Brambleclaw. His left shoulder was wounded. When he refused, she narrowed her eyes at him.copyright protection5PENANAITsFm2AtiQ

            “What help will you be if that bite gets infected?”copyright protection5PENANAydArDohLDu

            At that, he followed her to her den to be fixed with herbs.copyright protection5PENANAoOObxoba1u

            After she was done with the warrior he went to put the Elder’s den together.copyright protection5PENANAgJnJpJMZd4

            Just then, the warrior spotted a few friends. He bounded over to them.copyright protection5PENANAPLiqdWOvIr

            “Brooke, Stormfur, what are you doing here?”copyright protection5PENANA06gOiNduYf

            “We’re visiting here to help Thunderclan. Then we’re staying in Riverclan,” Stormfur told the warrior.copyright protection5PENANAYfYmYo6Lnj

            He must’ve seen the looks on Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's faces, because he continued. “We’re staying in the forest for good. I can’t stand to try choosing Clan or Tribe anymore. Brook has decided to come with me. She wants to learn how to hunt in the forest. Now what can we do to help you with?”copyright protection5PENANAPd57Dj4sOM

            The warrior spoke.copyright protection5PENANAUOTaDbXQFW

            “Brook, you go catch us fresh-kill. I mean prey. Stormfur, you help us prepare our dens. I’ll start with the warrior’s den. You start with the Queen’s den.” With that, the cat’s obeyed.copyright protection5PENANA6Eb50at7VQ

            With every cat’s help, they were able to rebuild the dens. But during the badger’s attack, a few cats had gone to Starclan. Sootfur, Cinderpelt, and Darkpelt. The cats shared tongues with them for the last time, while Leafpool went around camp, checking on the wounded and their wounds.copyright protection5PENANAqL4wTHPX9D

            As she looked for Marigold, she silently hoped her mentor would forgive her. Then she thought maybe the former Medicine cat blamed her for not being in the camp when she needed her the most. Then she thought that Cinderpelt held a grudge for her leaving. Then she thought about how Crowfeather was handling. She wondered how his Clan was reacting to his return. Were they welcome or unwelcome?copyright protection5PENANAJ3sCd5NbWt

            When night came, she settled down in her mentors’ moss nest. She slept, smelling Cinderpelt's scent.copyright protection5PENANA837k88uBfq

            She dreamed she was in the forest looking for prey.copyright protection5PENANAsFbwc5e12o

            Suddenly, a cat came out. The cat spoke.copyright protection5PENANAFLs7oGdcRa

            “Don’t be afraid, Leafpool. I’m Silverstream. There’s someone who wants to speak to you.”copyright protection5PENANAF0dMklUOW9

            A dark, black cat with a white stripe down its back came up to them and sat by Silverstream.copyright protection5PENANAfpPrW2wa3z

            Stormfur's mother spoke.copyright protection5PENANAzIl1QJH3Vz

            “This is Darkstripe. He has had a change of heart, so don’t be afraid. He was once in Shadowclan as Tigerstar’s deputy. But he’s good now. Now listen to what he has to say. He’s in Starclan now.”copyright protection5PENANAeAzrnUNiJK

            She bowed her head to Silverstream and then turned her attention to Darkstripe.copyright protection5PENANAsY9iq5kXgn

            “Leafpool, I need your help to warn Brambleclaw and Firestar. When I saw Tigerstar in No Stars, he told me he wants to visit Brambleclaw in his dreams. He already influenced Hawkfrost. He wants them to be like him, but more clever. If Brambleclaw refuses, Tigerstar will threaten him. Maybe kill some cats in their dreams that Brambleclaw is close to. You must warn them before they find Tigerstar in their dreams. If they learn too much from him, they could rule over the Clans and the Sun-drown Place. Do this for me; For Starclan; For your Clan mates. You must warn Mothwing, too.”copyright protection5PENANAwP6RRWBz0x

            “I will,” she promised him, bowing her head.copyright protection5PENANA9e7JGvDtNm

            She watched, as the cats disappeared as they walked away.copyright protection5PENANAdflnyLsSIJ

            She awoke at sunrise to search for Brambleclaw. He was sleeping in the warriors’ den.copyright protection5PENANAgfzm6rjH0k

            “Brambleclaw,” she whispered.copyright protection5PENANAe9zmTfSwJG

            He woke up to see her.copyright protection5PENANATXWeku0NmJ

            She continued to speak in a whisper to him. “Follow me. I need to tell you something important. It involves your kin.”copyright protection5PENANAxCY6Z4xjMy

            He got to his paws slowly, as to not disturb any cats, and followed her out of the camp in the heart of the forest.copyright protection5PENANAD1HdoBth8c

            “What’s going on?” he asked her.copyright protection5PENANAX1aTgungiK

            “Silverstream and Darkstripe visited me in my dream. Darkstripe has had a change of heart and is now in Starclan. They know what will happen and what is to come. They want me to warn you, Firestar, and the rest of Tigerstar’s kin.”copyright protection5PENANAZPnYWn2tGP

            “Warn us of what?”copyright protection5PENANA1kRJxfl1xt

            “That Tigerstar will come into your dreams and teach you everything he knows and you’ll overtime, rule over all and everything. Just like Tigerstar once tried to do. But his main thing is to get back at Firestar.”copyright protection5PENANAeuuooLTM1b

            That morning, Leafpool told her father that his arch enemy is still trying to hurt him, and what he plans to do. After she was done, he dismissed her and then told Sandstorm.copyright protection5PENANAw11UZXh2rY

            While he told his mate, Leafpool told Tawnypelt and Moth wing without being detected. She soon slipped back into camp and Squirrelflight was told by Brambleclaw.copyright protection5PENANASsjJcRZxSw

            A few days later, Daisy’s kit, Berrykit, was missing from the camp.copyright protection5PENANA060vvogobi

            Sandstorm, Brambleclaw, and Dustpelt soon found him in a trap. That was meant for foxes, not cats. They soon got him out.copyright protection5PENANAAHkBCkyUmZ

            After Leafpool fixed him up, Berry kit only had a stumpy tail.copyright protection5PENANATfscYF3XdW

            At the Gathering, each leader told what was going on.copyright protection5PENANAud3vJyUZX5

            One-Star had nothing to say Leopard star was finding it hard for food, Firestar told of the badger attack, and of who died and that they weren’t weak. Then he spoke of his patrol seeing a few Shadowclan cats and smelling fresh scent markers made from Shadowclan, which were in a yard of Thunderclan territory.copyright protection5PENANAixMC8pWHjj

            Blackstar announced to the tabby tom, “We have stretched our territory to find prey. Twolegs frighten the prey.” One of his warriors said, “Yes. It’s getting harder to find prey. We only wish that Thunderclan and Wind clan share their territory with Shadowclan and Riverclan. Riverclan are also finding it hard to find enough prey.copyright protection5PENANAHcyapxPtv2

            “Never!” hissed One-star.copyright protection5PENANApZgtuZ1oZY

            Just then, war broke out.copyright protection5PENANAtivgUEGRmZ

            Brambleclaw tried to rescue Dustpelt from a Shadowclan warrior.copyright protection5PENANAb3cJeBh34M

            When the cats heard their leader’s yowls to stop, they stopped.copyright protection5PENANA6tLnWgnYFn

            Firestar said that the meeting was over.copyright protection5PENANAX9Ftpz75ru

            Before Leafpool went to join her clan, she overheard Mothwing and Hawkfrost.copyright protection5PENANA5CxhmMTDPX

            “One day we’ll rule the forest. We would’ve too, if the leaders hadn’t stopped the fighting and if that kittypet hadn’t called off the Gathering,” Hawkfrost told her.copyright protection5PENANApWrbkosHm7

            “You may want to rule over all, but I won’t do it; and what about Tigerstar? You have his same ambition and someday that’ll kill you.”copyright protection5PENANA4kgKNGkVML

            “No. You’re wrong. I’m not like him. I’ll learn from his mistakes. I’ll do the opposite; but first, those arrivals must go; alive or dead; Firestar, too. After all, they don’t have a deputy. Graystripe was taken away and he’ll never come back in time. That is, if he ever does. And if he does, I’ll be waiting for that fur ball. And when Firestar’s dead, the clan will join one of the other Clans. I’ll pick off each leader until I’m leader. And Stormfur and Brook are gone. Either back in the mountains or long dead, never to be seen again.”copyright protection5PENANApSnWaKI3ny

            Then he left with his Clan.copyright protection5PENANA0NvsZPQrxd

            “I’m sorry you had to hear that,” Mothwing told her.copyright protection5PENANAzCxQmkxGfj

            “It’s okay. I never have trusted him, and now I know I was right not to,” Leafpool said.copyright protection5PENANAsEcQBmAkpX

            Leafpool couldn’t help but think how he look when he talked like that to his sister. It was like he had become the next Tigerstar!copyright protection5PENANATqLpSKfIcM

            “Is Heavy step okay?” asked Leafpool. He was an elder who had Green cough.copyright protection5PENANAWLotBLO8s4

            “No. He needs cat mint, but I can’t find any.”copyright protection5PENANAsUJELk1lFq

            “Listen. Mudfur, came to me recently and told me to tell you that it’s just off the thunder path away from the pool.”copyright protection5PENANAjzQ4YJPds1

            “Tell him thanks.”copyright protection5PENANA0oNpSoaGxD

            That night, that picture of Hawkfrost had haunted her dreams.copyright protection5PENANAK0ytEjOFFu

            She dreamt that she saw Hawkfrost in a forest turning into the evil Tigerstar. Then he went after her.copyright protection5PENANA6Y3X32GTg8

            She awoke from her dream terrified; panting like she had actually ran in real life from the evil Tigerstar. She knew exactly that Starclan had sent it as a message. Hawkfrost was going to try and kill her.copyright protection5PENANAUgxHFp6Q6D

            Brambleclaw woke to Fern cloud's yowl. He was told that Daisy and her kits were gone.copyright protection5PENANAtQD1kil9Y0

            Firestar had a Clan meeting and he agreed for Cloudtail and Brambleclaw to fetch Daisy, but if she wanted to stay, then come back to camp.copyright protection5PENANAD4ZH22JIWZ

            At dawn, the two cats went to the horse place where Daisy and her kits lived. Smoky helped them find her in a barn along with her kits. Because her kits wanted to live in the forest, she agreed.copyright protection5PENANARQgoyWOEMU

            The next day at sun high, they came back to the forest to live forever.copyright protection5PENANAigLWi5fDfd

            A moon later, Firestar sent Brambleclaw on a mission to check out Riverclan and Wind clan, after hearing about twolegs and their kits in their territory.copyright protection5PENANAESiDzkGj3C

            The young tabby tom warrior thought there wasn’t any trouble. He saw and smelled plenty of prey.copyright protection5PENANAjUtzj1v7Gi

            Just then, he saw the two Riverclan cats. The two were Stormfur and Brook Where Small Fish Swim; also known as Brook.copyright protection5PENANA2YyNVQTbu8

            Stormfur tried to tell Brook to stop, as she killed a squirrel one paw in Shadowclan territory. Then Hawkfrost appeared. He accused Brook of stealing Shadowclan prey; then told them to go back to camp. They followed him home to their camp.copyright protection5PENANAo80HLA1sU4

            Without any cat knowing, he followed them.copyright protection5PENANA4dZxMjziqf

            He found a tree he could look over into the camp. He could hear and see cats. When Hawkfrost made Stormfur mad, he leaped and attacked him. Brook told him to stop, but she didn’t know how to fight. Back in the mountains, she caught prey. She never fought.copyright protection5PENANAAse8g9Z9kt

            Leopardstar told Blackclaw, Mistyfoot, and another warrior to pull them apart. They then stopped fighting. Because Stormfur attacked Hawkfrost, his leader thought he forgot the warrior code and told him and his mate to leave, because they didn’t belong anymore.copyright protection5PENANAhJCirnTsPN

            When they left the camp, Brambleclaw climbed down the tree, ran after them, and they followed him behind a bush so they wouldn’t be seen while talking. He invited them into Thunderclan camp and they agreed.copyright protection5PENANAxU1xrOQ06h

            Brambleclaw entered the camp and told Firestar about other Clans calling Thunderclan weak; then told him that he needed a new deputy if he wanted all clans, plus his own, to be strong. Brambleclaw knew that other clans saw them as weak, because of no deputy. He also knew that the clans weren’t thinking right, because they didn’t have a deputy.copyright protection5PENANAgHKuQ0EP9Z

            Just then, Sandstorm came in and sat by the leader.copyright protection5PENANAjrJVKajEC9

            “It’s time for you to leave,” she said softly. He then left.copyright protection5PENANAra3tIvhywo

            Firestar went to Leaf pool's den to ask if he should appoint a deputy. If she thought Graystripe was gone and never coming back.copyright protection5PENANAPM5AgWAVLK

            “Wait here,” she told him.copyright protection5PENANAU5cD0WNjAq

            She went to Stormfur to tell him what he need to know from Graystripe’s son. Brook and Squirrelflight went to practice some fighting moves.copyright protection5PENANAs2Bwwj1NSx

            After Leafpool watched Stormfur and her dad talk, she saw her dad climb onto the Rock Ledge for a Clan meeting.copyright protection5PENANAcIjiiAeSv0

            Approval rose through the clan when he said he had appointed a new deputy.copyright protection5PENANADq5P35MRpn

            Right before moon high, Starclan sent her a message. It was of Brambles protecting Thunderclan. She told her father and he told them that Brambleclaw was deputy. When the Clan didn’t agree, he explained why. Afterward, every cat congratulated him except for Ashfur.copyright protection5PENANAiSqToWdqK5

            As Leafpool watched, she thought she saw Tigerstar beside him. With a shock, she realized his spirit had been beside him when his son had become deputy of Thunderclan.copyright protection5PENANAYWNhe5StYo

            A few nights later, the Medicine cats went to the Moon pool and she had a dream from Starclan. Spottedleaf gave her a message.copyright protection5PENANAtBOyqSEdK4

            “Before there is peacecopyright protection5PENANAA2X0VmW8MG

            Blood will spill bloodcopyright protection5PENANAeKD12S7Vl5

            And the lake will run red.”copyright protection5PENANAjPH8n802lK

            When Brambleclaw met up with Hawkfrost, he heard something. He asked him what that was and Hawkfrost said it was just some prey being caught. Brambleclaw said it wasn’t and followed the sound of the cat in trouble, only to see Firestar caught in a trap. He went over to dig the stick out, but was attacked by Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw made Hawkfrost fall off him. While he was down, Brambleclaw dug so it would loosen. Hawkfrost then came after him again and Brambleclaw stared into his amber eyes. He realized that he would have to kill him. He threw him off again and dug for the stick again. The string loosened all together and his leader was free; then his leader layed down.copyright protection5PENANA7VN4WJqSRd

            Hawkfrost pinned him down. As he reached for the Thunderclan deputy’s neck, Brambleclaw raked his claws across his underbelly. Then with huge strength and courage, he threw him into the trap. Hawkfrost soon died.copyright protection5PENANAz6Yc704fWq

            As he stared into the distance, his leader spoke.copyright protection5PENANAlff2oDbpGw

            “Brambleclaw, you did well. I’m proud of you.”copyright protection5PENANAaNsXSoGjhy

            When Leafpool got there, she saw that Hawkfrost was dead and his blood looked like the pool of blood that Starclan had shown her in the dream.copyright protection5PENANAxQEv3Mw81s

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