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Ch.14: The Discovery
Jan 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jv0xBQcudhueDII7jSKDposted on PENANA

Ch.14: The Discoverycopyright protection33PENANAVnGDqyPKRc

Summary: Lionblaze, Dovepaw, and Jayfeather find out that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost have been visiting Ivypaw in her dreams and training her. Will they be able to convince her to tell Tigerstar and Hawkfrost to leave her alone, or will she continue her training in the Dark Forest? Read to find out.copyright protection33PENANAmbImIjdVOq

            Lionblaze watched Firestar, as he lost his seventh life.copyright protection33PENANAdiER0nYkfJ

            The other Thunderclan cats that had fought were gathered around the leader, too.copyright protection33PENANAXa6ENxcDh3

            The Shadowclan cats that had fought Thunderclan, gathered around Russet fur who had died.copyright protection33PENANAQEfy1YSeTG

            Firestar came back as he lived his eighth life.copyright protection33PENANAE7YiYYGWjV

            Sandstorm helped him up and the Clan headed home.copyright protection33PENANAFh5MVTj8wA

            “Dovepaw, I don’t think this battle was worth it,” Lionblaze told her.copyright protection33PENANAbmfqUgoMui

            “What do you mean?”copyright protection33PENANAs9prsnq8kJ

            “Think about it. Would Starclan want us to fight for a piece of land like the abandoned two leg nest? There’s no prey and too many twolegs around.”copyright protection33PENANA3019MW254z

            “You’re right, Lionblaze. Do you think Ivypaw lied about having a dream?”copyright protection33PENANAGgVVHQc6DG

            “As much as she told about it, I don’t think she lied about having a dream. I think she lied about it being from Starclan. Only one cat could make her do that. Tigerstar. We have to talk to Jayfeather.”copyright protection33PENANAo5POxicXqx

            “I’ll talk to, Ivypaw. I’ll get her to tell me who really came to her. Maybe it is Tigerstar.”copyright protection33PENANAHtxIDjEGpJ

            The next day, Dovepaw went up to Ivypaw.copyright protection33PENANAf50b1H1dNE

            “Follow me,” she told her sister.copyright protection33PENANAUcKK1h2efs

            Her sister obeyed and followed her out into the forest, not far from the river.copyright protection33PENANALWWjEzCjf2

            “What is it?”copyright protection33PENANA3v73G9LHmy

            “Ivypaw, what was the dream you had? You were going to tell me.”copyright protection33PENANAmhL61No31D

            “I can’t tell you if you don’t tell me your secret. How did you know the tree would fall? How did you know about the beavers? How did you know about the dog on Wind clan territory?”copyright protection33PENANAwNAt6f2Jzi

            Dovepaw sighed. So this is what’s going on. She wants me to tell her my secret. This is complicated. She thought.copyright protection33PENANALCNTGt2rbp

            “Well?”copyright protection33PENANA0xHMEIz2MB

            “Ivypaw, if I tell you, will you keep it a secret?”copyright protection33PENANAGjphMvwOf5

            “Yes.”copyright protection33PENANA70IVUpoXRA

            “I have a powerful gift, Ivypaw. I can hear and sense things far away that other cats can’t.”copyright protection33PENANAmR83EMMePy

            “Really?”copyright protection33PENANAPvReMDKjsZ

            “Yes. Jayfeather and Lionblaze are gifted, too. That’s why they know. Firestar knows because of the dream. Starclan sent him a dream moons ago before we were born. They told him that three cats of his kin will hold the power of the stars in their paws. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and I are the three cats. Now will you tell me?”copyright protection33PENANApA07vUxURo

            “Yes. I had a dream that Hawkfrost taught me some fighting moves. Recently, Tigerstar has overseen my progress,” she mewed.copyright protection33PENANAuegCiUp48e

            Ivypaw stopped when she sensed her sister’s fear.copyright protection33PENANADYKvdx9XQC

            “What is it? What’s wrong?” Ivypaw asked.copyright protection33PENANAWfcXnHRUBJ

            Dovepaw explained it to her. “Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are in No Stars. They’re training you, aren’t they? The Dark Forest is rising.”copyright protection33PENANAj6YzJgu8lC

            “What do you mean? They said they’re Thunderclan cats.”copyright protection33PENANAnYB7uOEDLu

            “Tigerstar was Thunderclan before he became Shadowclan. But Hawkfrost…he was Riverclan.”copyright protection33PENANAgIKsF7ax2M

            “Why would they lie to me? I thought they were Starclan.”copyright protection33PENANAhlSfVCvpLQ

            “They lied to you to get you on their side. Tigerstar uses weakness to make cats do what he wants. He makes cats turn against the warrior code and Starclan. He’s training other Clan cats, too. We just don’t know which ones. They’re training cats to be ready.”copyright protection33PENANA28PDfjsTXd

            “Ready for what?”copyright protection33PENANAodW9GCgQaj

            “Ready for when the Dark Forest cats rise. I better take you to Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Come on.”copyright protection33PENANACrFvGA7c0S

            They entered the Medicine den.copyright protection33PENANA330THgc9aa

            “Lionblaze. Jayfeather. We have to talk. Follow me.”copyright protection33PENANAnzojI4VZU5

            The four cats stopped in the heart of the forest.copyright protection33PENANAixxX2eyaqz

            “What is it?” Lionblaze asked.copyright protection33PENANA2uC3njkAtu

            “What’s wrong?” Jayfeather questioned.copyright protection33PENANAKQ399Md5L8

            “And why is she here?” the tabby tom warrior added.copyright protection33PENANAb3GI1IWzSn

            “Tigerstar and Hawkfrost have been training her.”copyright protection33PENANA8VRLZe5jOy

            “Darkness will rise,” Jayfeather recited.copyright protection33PENANAOzoSIyEWDp

            “Oh, Starclan!” the tabby warrior exclaimed.copyright protection33PENANA5OtLwutt4m

            “Lionblaze, what should my sister do? You know this better than any of us here,” Dovepaw said.copyright protection33PENANAQciHYhV3BK

            “All I know is that I told him I’d never train with him again. I turned my back on him and he left me alone. But only one cat will know how to stop Hawkfrost. We have to tell the deputy. He’ll give us suggestions. And Jayfeather can walk in your dreams if you want him to, Ivypaw. If that’s okay with you,” Lionblaze said.copyright protection33PENANABqj0i1yXYc

            “Yes,” Ivypaw agreed.copyright protection33PENANAn31QOyki1p

            “Good. Let’s go.”copyright protection33PENANAERBXzAeuDQ

            So they told the deputy everything and he told them what should be done.copyright protection33PENANAffgyfzAOwy

            That night, Jayfeather walked in Ivy paw's dream.copyright protection33PENANA1TC2JqA4IC

            The two No Stars cats weren’t happy about it.copyright protection33PENANAtnu5k3Fzyj

            “I’m not training with you anymore. I’m done. You’re not Starclan. I won’t turn from the warrior code and my ancestors. You’re evil,” Ivypaw bravely told them and then walked away.copyright protection33PENANAqNyGlOfWCM

            Jayfeather walked at her side.copyright protection33PENANAvDF7Gpxhug

            “You did well. It was meant to be,” he told her.copyright protection33PENANATYEn4YqKyY

            “I’m just glad that Dovepaw helped me in time.”copyright protection33PENANA3YLBF7pV32

            So that was the end of them in her dreams.copyright protection33PENANAHyGnFmNdDi

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