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Ch.15: The Journey (Power of Three)
Jan 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7NKTpR3Ppq7yNomgupo8posted on PENANA

Ch.15: The Journey (Power of Three)copyright protection20PENANATaYXelawwx

Summary: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf head out to go find their true parents. Will they be able to find them? Read to find out.copyright protection20PENANAgDk0wKRzzh

            It was a beautiful day, as cats were bathing in the sunlight. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were heading out into the forest. As they were walking in the forest, Jayfeather and his siblings thought of Squirrelflight. She had told them the truth. That they weren’t her kits. Right now, they were going out to find their true parents. But first, they had to tell Squirrelflight where they were going.copyright protection20PENANAZHPN6b3BBr

            “Squirrelflight,” Jayfeather greeted.copyright protection20PENANAJuBHsP3Cmz

            “Hello,” she greeted the prophesied cats.copyright protection20PENANAaCcvDJfvjP

            “We’re going on a journey. We’ll be back as soon as we can. We’re going to go find our real parents,” announced Lionblaze.copyright protection20PENANAMjxC6DO9fp

            “Be careful,” she told them.copyright protection20PENANABYUdGn3K0p

            As they started their journey through their territory, the tabby warrior called back to them, “And may Starclan go with you and light your path!”copyright protection20PENANAja2wGFfWaz

            A few days later, they found themselves in unfamiliar territory. There were two leg nests everywhere. But not familiar ones.copyright protection20PENANAMXSjAYXp8c

            “Hello, are you Clan cats?” asked a beautiful, pure-white she-cat from on top of a white, picket fence.copyright protection20PENANAPJbKWR70B7

            “Yes. We are,” Jayfeather answered her and stepped forward.copyright protection20PENANApVirsZ7IVi

            His litter mates followed him.copyright protection20PENANAhHg90R7Ygg

            “How did you know?” Jayfeather asked her.copyright protection20PENANAa50mPXeXXP

            “Firestar is my brother. He’s a Thunderclan cat. And my son, Cloudpaw, is also in Thunderclan. I asked my brother to take him in. It was a very long time ago, though. How is he? How’s my brother and son? Cloudpaw must be a warrior by now.”copyright protection20PENANA5mLoOdnWWi

            Jayfeather answered her saying, “Yes. He’s a warrior by the name of Cloudtail. Cloudtail is a senior warrior now. Firestar is well but getting old.”copyright protection20PENANAfdZvm0muYD

            “Cloudtail. That’s a beautiful name,” she commented.copyright protection20PENANAK9JLvzIJwF

            “What’s your name?” Lionblaze asked her.copyright protection20PENANAzC2l0RznNv

            “Princess. So where’s Thunderclan now? I know that the twolegs destroyed the forest. They had to move.”copyright protection20PENANAF2IFy5FVzE

            The sightless cat replied saying, “We moved to the Sun drown-Place not far from the mountains.”copyright protection20PENANAykNi5jRN3o

            “How’s Squirrel paw and Leaf paw?”copyright protection20PENANAtD0vY0mxna

            “Squirrelflight is a senior warrior and Leafpool is a warrior but was a Medicine cat. I’m the Medicine cat now,” Jayfeather told her.copyright protection20PENANA23cLILQnGp

            “Cinderpelt must’ve died than,” she said sadly.copyright protection20PENANA2fKQxP9oDc

            “Yes. But she was reincarnated. She’s Cedar heart now.”copyright protection20PENANAM7PNCONZlb

            “So who are you three?” she inquired.copyright protection20PENANA9oem9W70kO

            “The prophesied cats. We have the power of the stars in our paws. I’m Jayfeather. These are my litter mates. Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. They’re warriors. Lionblaze is unstoppable in battle, Hollyleaf is wise, and I can walk in other cat’s dreams and see cat’s memories. I can also know what another cat is feeling, as if it’s my own feeling.”copyright protection20PENANApn3adA0mZD

            “That’s amazing,” she mewed. “So where are you going?”copyright protection20PENANAzMKpzndmmz

            “We’re on our way to find our real parents,” Hollyleaf told her.copyright protection20PENANAywXMS7J074

            “I’d like to join you. May I?” Princess asked.copyright protection20PENANAOxrRIEsI1r

            “Of course,” Lionblaze told her.copyright protection20PENANAmAd60Mud9R

            “Is it okay if Smudge comes, too? He’s Firestar’s old friend,” Princess said.copyright protection20PENANANInLugSeg0

            “Sure,” Hollyleaf answered her.copyright protection20PENANAi5yKWgopYp

            “And if we pass the Barley Farm, Barley could come, too. I just thought you could talk to Firestar’s friends and kin. And then there’s Ravenpaw. He was his friend when he first came into the Clan. Firestar and Graystripe had to help him escape to Barley in case Tigerstar wanted to kill him.”copyright protection20PENANAQk04r0RWe1

            A few days later, they found a forest and met Purdy. Then they set off again.copyright protection20PENANAN1JbMdrFsI

            Jayfeather was amazed as to how much the kitty pets could take. He decided that they had learned so much from Firestar, that they knew how tough it would be.copyright protection20PENANAGKNeuKvT9u

            “Ouch!” Princess yowled on a moorland.copyright protection20PENANAj0Pj4hkWdz

            “What happened?” Jayfeather asked, padding over to her.copyright protection20PENANAX1AGcnUE3m

            “I stepped on something hard and prickly.”copyright protection20PENANAmK7aZCVuw5

            “Let me check.”copyright protection20PENANAZP5O9a5t6j

            She gave him her paw and he gently pulled a thorn out. Then he gave her pad some Marigold juice. He rubbed it in and they went on.copyright protection20PENANA23kDKw1Eb4

            A few days later, they met up with a black and white she-cat. She was a loner. They out that her name was Belle.copyright protection20PENANA1xO8INLDih

            That night, they sat with her in a forest. They talked and found out that she was their mother and their father died when they were young.copyright protection20PENANAJh6P5gZbJ6

            The next day, they headed home.copyright protection20PENANAuMaPqUmrzx

            The three litter mates, Princess, Smudge, Belle, Ravenpaw, and Barley headed back to Thunderclan. The loner and kitty pets wanted to be Clan cats.copyright protection20PENANAwB5lJN9vrs

            Several days later, they were back in the forest.copyright protection20PENANAMbJT0Pa01U

            When they entered, Firestar bounded over to his friends and sister.copyright protection20PENANA6wGhl7cHzL

            “Why are you here? Did something happen?” he asked.copyright protection20PENANAf5nkr68ACA

            “No. We’ve decided to join your Clan.”copyright protection20PENANA2pLMjLCtLD

            “Really?”copyright protection20PENANAnS93avbmdK

            “Yes.”copyright protection20PENANA8sQvMhCVSe

            “Then you’re in. All of you. But who’s she?”copyright protection20PENANAvVEgHX2kqO

            “I’m their real mother,” Belle answered the leader.copyright protection20PENANAXNG7RQD2dQ

            “Come,” he said.copyright protection20PENANAMliCQ5Ut0M

            The newcomers followed and he did a ceremony the next day. Princess was renamed Whitepaw, Belle was renamed Black paw, Ravenpaw kept his name, Barley was renamed Patch paw, and Smudge was renamed Brown paw. Cloudtail was White paw's mentor, Lionblaze was Black paw's mentor, Hollyleaf was Patch paw and Brown paw's mentor, and Sandstorm was Ravenpaw’s mentor.copyright protection20PENANAIwHmNpjPJJ

            “You found your mother. Congratulations,” Squirrelflight praised Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.copyright protection20PENANADHwkPobsqo

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