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Ch.16: Clan vs. Clan
Jan 13, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FZmuFFCtuYbynkfaQCHdposted on PENANA

Ch.16: Clan vs. Clancopyright protection6PENANAWtnAdyIM4w

Prologuecopyright protection6PENANAmKwIfcoRGS

            I watched as the fight between all four clans roared on and my father and mother disappeared under a mob of Shadowclan cats.copyright protection6PENANAPSrdcHo3j6

            Suddenly, I was blocked by a dark, tabby tom with blazing, amber eyes. He growled and then swiped a paw at me, claws extended.copyright protection6PENANAggzEQMczzg

            When I looked back, he faded. After a moment, he vanished like a ghost.copyright protection6PENANA5V0CEfO37u

            Just then, I heard a yowl pierce the air. It was only a dream, but I ran to help fight. I know I had to help. Not only was it the warrior code, but I have special powers like Dovepaw and Jayfeather do.copyright protection6PENANAVXmmaz3zCn

Chapter 1copyright protection6PENANAFTEfxv1J4B

            I woke up with a star, breathing hard.copyright protection6PENANA0aw0MbgAen

            Silverstream stood in front of me.copyright protection6PENANA59lsww1A5E

            “You have to save them. You have to destroy him. If you don’t, horrible things will happen. Blood will spill blood, clan will fight clan, and Darkness will come.”copyright protection6PENANAYLxC0482Oc

            Then she faded and I got to my paws.copyright protection6PENANADOmaP8l5Jz

            “Lionblaze, are you okay?” Graystripe asked.copyright protection6PENANAtPIPiflkQq

            “Yes.”copyright protection6PENANAYObvrbzzen

            “Lionblaze, what was that dream about? You’re just like Firestar when he was a warrior. Rolling around in his sleep.”copyright protection6PENANALRc811hm70

            “Never mind,” I told him, padding out of the den.copyright protection6PENANAVBQEq8ULsK

            The gray warrior followed at my flank.copyright protection6PENANAcrynWZzwyN

            I sighed.copyright protection6PENANAUkE6sG8J2f

            I went over to the fresh-kill pile and picked out a juicy vole. I then sat down by a tree for shade. The old warrior sat down with a squirrel beside me.copyright protection6PENANAKYRADhJx3c

            We ate quietly.copyright protection6PENANAhfDQDAPd6o

            When we were done, he padded away to the nursery. I guess to see his mate Millie.copyright protection6PENANA01IF7amgTo

            “Jayfeather, come quick!” Squirrelflight yowled.copyright protection6PENANAwDnne0FXyJ

            I looked around to see what the problem was. I found why she was so frantic. It was her mate Brambleclaw. He didn’t look too good and was coughing considerably.copyright protection6PENANA9PYNFCnvPu

            “Brambleclaw is sick!” she wailed.copyright protection6PENANATQvCvDMRTG

            My brother raced across the clearing, herbs in jaws, towards the old tabby.copyright protection6PENANAgpkENyEtwc

            I went up to his mate.copyright protection6PENANAcG2btINReD

            “Calm down. Everything will be fine and…” I broke off when I saw the Shadowclan Medicine cat enter.copyright protection6PENANAl7tQKYtwQm

            Little cloud came up to the former deputy.copyright protection6PENANAd7MxLz5q2C

            Just then, Firestar came to stand by his old friend.copyright protection6PENANADeiFpLodCC

            “Greetings, Little cloud,” my leader said, bowing his head.copyright protection6PENANAQXKjOuih19

            “Greetings, Firestar.”copyright protection6PENANADegpM1ZSr1

            “What can I do for you?”copyright protection6PENANAu4gMKGy9Ub

            “Firestar, I’ve come to warn you about my Clan. I don’t want them to do it, but they won’t listen to me. They say they’re going to fight all of the Clans. They want more land. They think they can leave all but Shadowclan with very little land and get away with it.”copyright protection6PENANALK9w4X0ne2

            With that, he left our camp.copyright protection6PENANAwShMi3OhVg

            Our leader jumped onto the High ledge and every cat gathered around. All but my brother, the deputy, and Squirrelflight.copyright protection6PENANAjplAc5hKeb

            “Cats of Thunderclan. Shadowclan is planning to attack all three clans for more land. I’m not letting them take any Clans’ territory.”copyright protection6PENANAW0W5w03xoh

            Yowls of approval rang out from below.copyright protection6PENANAzVaRIsUwKQ

            After he jumped off, I realized that my dream had been of the future. Something that was near.copyright protection6PENANAM4f7EsdWds

            I ran to Leafpool.copyright protection6PENANA79s3fY4iwt

            “Let’s go!”copyright protection6PENANAA6oKX6dRCY

            She ran after me, not knowing what was going on.copyright protection6PENANAHp2XxHpLDC

            We stopped by the river.copyright protection6PENANAdLMFO1ETka

            “What’s going on, Lionblaze?”copyright protection6PENANAmUhKEeQS5t

            “I had a dream of all four clans fighting. It sounds like what’s going to happen. I saw you and Crowfeather go down in a mob of Shadowclan cats. I have to make sure you two stay safe.”copyright protection6PENANAQNTTKrBace

            “How do you know you have to do this?”copyright protection6PENANANp0A5OBJIV

            “Because Silverstream said ‘Save them.’ If I don’t, ‘Blood will spill blood, clan will fight clan, and Darkness will come.’”copyright protection6PENANAU4QbPupGnv

            We crossed into Wind clan territory.copyright protection6PENANAadj374uIeH

            “We have to tell Crowfeather.”copyright protection6PENANAX26XCbMeVu

            We were startled by a cat when he said to us, “Leafpool? Lionblaze? What are you doing here?”copyright protection6PENANAaPz01ovr4S

            “Crowfeather, is there a quiet place where we can talk?” she asked.copyright protection6PENANAWf6fidkNWy

            “Yes.”copyright protection6PENANAuTBBQeNCsI

            He led the way to some private bushes.copyright protection6PENANA7CyGCz570a

            We went behind.copyright protection6PENANA0Xp6dHkxvg

            “Okay. What do you need to talk to me about?”copyright protection6PENANA609IB0WoDo

            I told him everything.copyright protection6PENANA7K1FrDfwLf

            Afterward, he spoke.copyright protection6PENANAGLd5SrNcYi

            “What do you want to do?”copyright protection6PENANAs5jCNVCJkf

            I answered him saying, “You two can run away together again.”copyright protection6PENANA8rZ96rNlXy

            “Lionblaze, we’re not as young as we used to be,” Leafpool told me. “But I’ll do it if your father agrees.”copyright protection6PENANABDkPIcgwpf

            “I’ll do it,” Crowfeather agreed.copyright protection6PENANAPRk8u836Rn

            So the night before the battle, my mother and father ran away together.copyright protection6PENANAlZOl9VNWhK

Chapter 2copyright protection6PENANAuTnPI62ZCr

        “I did what you asked, Silverstream. What do you want me to do with Tigerstar? How am I supposed to kill him?”copyright protection6PENANAerjzANHDTz

        “Young one, it’s not the dead Tigerstar. It’s the living one.”copyright protection6PENANA1fzQBILoE3

        “What? Are you talking about Tigerheart?”copyright protection6PENANA89WwYED0Df

        “Yes.”copyright protection6PENANArSHKriy8Vr

        “He has been influenced. Let Tawnypelt know that it had to be done when you kill him.”copyright protection6PENANAIXHhNiZyHD

        “I will,” I said, bowing my head in respect.copyright protection6PENANABQMymLdZMR

        I woke up with the sound of yowling cats.copyright protection6PENANAfeJXZbfxkb

        I padded out to see the commotion.copyright protection6PENANAY28GjVYiuG

        I heard yowling as the fight started.copyright protection6PENANAW6wJFSuSSh

        Brambleclaw and Rain whisker who were guarding the camp, greeted me as I flew past them.copyright protection6PENANAJ8vt6uEl1Y

        I sprung into battle.copyright protection6PENANAx00GGjCFC6

        In just a few minutes, I had made several cats flee.copyright protection6PENANAlydSiTLNLD

        I finally found the tabby tom I was looking for. He was fighting Night wing. I launched myself at him and killed Tigerheart all in a few minutes.copyright protection6PENANA4uMzXS3Bd5

        The battle was soon over by now.copyright protection6PENANAAL5ArMU3rw

        I watched, as the Shadowclan cats fled and the rest of us headed home.copyright protection6PENANAaN5oFnhqa2

Chapter 3copyright protection6PENANA4exQOvJR7X

            A few days later, our wounds were healed and it was all back to normal.copyright protection6PENANAWHI2i9Ocdg

            At the Gathering last night, they had announced that Broken star and One-star were dead. Us cats now knew that Misty foot would soon be the Wind clan leader, and Tawnypelt would soon be Tawny star. She knew why I had to do what I had to do, after I had explained it to her. There were no hard feelings toward me for killing her eldest kit. And Crowfeather and Leafpool had come back.copyright protection6PENANAJo4OMJc3an

            While they were gone, they had fallen in love again, and Crowfeather had decided to be with her in Thunderclan. So now Crowfeather is Thunderclan. Leafpool has been assigned by Firestar, to teach him Thunderclan ways of hunting. So we all lived happily ever after in the forest.copyright protection6PENANA6fCE6qaPhi

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