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Ch.17: Darkness
Jan 13, 2018
24 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6mWdjnzPlSZ9wM3zQASPposted on PENANA

Ch.17: Darknesscopyright protection15PENANAHxVA82oZsD

 It was a beautiful day. Lionblaze and his mate Cedarheart, were sitting together sun bathing. Firestar was getting old. He was fourteen years old with three lives left. Sandstorm was old, too. She was eleven years old. Graystripe was twelve years old. Mousefur and Goldenflower were now the oldest elders. Longtail was younger. He had retired early due to failing sight, after a rabbit had scratched his eyes when he was hunting it. Mousefur had retired after starting to get cramped muscles and unable to do much, because of that when she was a senior warrior. Goldenflower had retired because of old age. The clan had lost track of how old these three elders were. They did know this, though. Goldenflower is the oldest cat in Thunderclan.copyright protection15PENANAzzZwMjTl9f

            Rosepaw and Moonpaw were wrestling around by the Elder’s den. Moonpaw, a gray tom, bowled Rosepaw, a light tabby she-cat over, and they rolled in a playful ball into the elder’s den.copyright protection15PENANAe8oKVskL2c

            “Scat! Get out of here little rascals!” scolded Mousefur.copyright protection15PENANAAKKwkTzIS1

            “Mousefur, they’re only apprentices. They’re still young,” Goldenflower said.copyright protection15PENANAmsAmYnGSJP

            “You shouldn’t scold them,” Longtail said. “I remember a certain apprentice that was always in trouble. You were always rolling around in other cats’ dens with the others.”copyright protection15PENANA7XXwISZ2D1

            The apprentices looked at the elders.copyright protection15PENANAfeLZL6SkPL

            “We’re sorry,” Rosepaw apologized.copyright protection15PENANAmbdXycke44

            “Yes. We’re very sorry,” Moonpaw mewed.copyright protection15PENANA4c21JKUINy

            They each shuffled a front paw in the dirt.copyright protection15PENANAK2Nw2zCUTr

            “It’s okay young’uns,” Longtail soothed. “You better go play somewhere else.”copyright protection15PENANAFfCTcb5xpa

            They scampered off.copyright protection15PENANABtmEv6oqOc

            Jayfeather was sorting herbs when he suddenly started having a vision.copyright protection15PENANAYzeM5hlHbe

            “Jayfeather,” a young, gray she-cat greeted.copyright protection15PENANA8RuLKHXPem

            “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before.”copyright protection15PENANA0QQmumtTMi

            “I’m Moonflower. I was Bluestar’s mother in the old forest.”copyright protection15PENANA6LRlxWCTEN

            “How did you die, Moonflower?”copyright protection15PENANA8NFCzpkwfz

            “Thunderclan raided an attack on the Windclan camp. Bluestar and her sister Snowfur were barely apprentices. Pinestar was the leader back then. He ordered me to destroy the Medicine cat’s supplies. It was Hawkheart back then. I started to destroy the supplies. Sunfall the deputy was helping. One of the Windclan cats alerted Hawkheart and he attacked us. He killed me before Sunfall could get to his paws. Hawkheart knew how because he had been a warrior before he was a Medicine cat. So that’s how I died. But I didn’t come to tell you that. I have a message, Jayfeather.”copyright protection15PENANASfqJCU65OS

            “What’s the message?”copyright protection15PENANAnUEffccR5Q

            “Darkness will risecopyright protection15PENANAFdDlQcKbI0

            Battle will comecopyright protection15PENANAKBgalS5rYU

            Allies will be lostcopyright protection15PENANAkmOYC4aOWg

            The cry of the Crowcopyright protection15PENANAECtiXkvIve

            Will be lostcopyright protection15PENANAJfQZqbSwDR

            The Leaf will go downcopyright protection15PENANAqXefVQk6Eg

            The Fire that once blazed through the forestcopyright protection15PENANAmjTQBQa7zF

            Will no more blazecopyright protection15PENANAliVbimnaS0

            The Lion will roar and risecopyright protection15PENANA1iXgxT6SZK

            And the Claw of the Bramble will be defeatedcopyright protection15PENANA8m31cFSnMs

            By the Claw of the ancient Scourge,” she recited from memory and then faded away.copyright protection15PENANA37KYj2lGdd

            He was blind again.copyright protection15PENANAGfwEv4xBWx

            When he was done sorting herbs, he went outside and sat.copyright protection15PENANAm4Tp664ZtR

            “Darkness will risecopyright protection15PENANArwZcvifQYs

            Battle will comecopyright protection15PENANA4FIAjdERPA

            Allies will be lost,” he recited first, thinking of what it means.copyright protection15PENANAobFiAMoFLS

            “What kind of Darkness?” he asked himself.copyright protection15PENANAxdowpUOELN

            He suddenly remembered Lionblaze's dreams. Just one surfaced now. Tigerstar fighting him. Then he remembered what had happened after Poppyfrost's kits had been born. He and Lionblaze had both seen Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and Brokentail in a corner looking at the kits.copyright protection15PENANA7PsPpM23DS

            “The Darkness is the cats from the Dark Forest,” he answered himself. “Our allies won’t be our allies anymore. So there’s going to be a big battle, the cats from the Dark Forest will rise, and we’ll lose our allies.” He then recited the last part. copyright protection15PENANAD13ijE4IkQ

            “The cry of the Crow will be lostcopyright protection15PENANAAR3ZntUb8F

            The Leaf will go downcopyright protection15PENANAZfur5Td8XQ

            The Fire that once blazed through the forestcopyright protection15PENANA0AS3TcHXU1

            Will no more blazecopyright protection15PENANAOvTSvglqsu

            The Lion will roar and risecopyright protection15PENANA5rKATPt6Xr

            And the Claw of the Bramble will be defeatedcopyright protection15PENANAXY1Q1U2JSX

            By the Claw of the ancient Scourge.”copyright protection15PENANALHtEzZVVpo

            The first line he realized instantly.copyright protection15PENANApvP95JZzQW

            “Crowfeather. It’s Crowfeather. Crowfeather's cry or yowl will be lost. Maybe lost in battle. The Leaf is Leafpool. She’ll either get hurt or go to Starclan. The Fire is Firestar. He’ll either die or get hurt and unable to do what he has always done. The Lion must be Lionblaze. He’ll rise and do something to roar. The Claw of the Bramble is Brambleclaw. The claw of the ancient Scourge must be Scourge’s spirit. It could also be some cat from the remaining Bloodclan. Oh Starclan! What do you want me to do?”copyright protection15PENANA0NU1DWWGGP

            He looked up at the sky, even though he was blind and couldn’t see it.copyright protection15PENANADsw766621v

            Just then, yowling pierced the air.copyright protection15PENANAqr0gA5ZzFP

            Jayfeather ran towards the yowls, Lionblaze and Dovepaw at his flanks.copyright protection15PENANAwFDrHhoDX4

            They looked into the roaring river, Crowfeather splashing around in it.copyright protection15PENANAtBw0ID6OG7

            Lionblaze jumped into the river.copyright protection15PENANAk6yln9rmJ6

            “Be careful,” Jayfeather mewed.copyright protection15PENANAcgLPHt6664

            “I will,” he answered his younger brother. Then he mewed to their father. “Hang on, Crowfeather. I’m coming.”copyright protection15PENANAbAFHAolGd2

            As his son started trying to reach him, the Wind clan warrior went under.copyright protection15PENANAOx8nTwxkSg

            “Crowfeather!” Lionblaze yowled, and plunged as fast as he could to where he had gone under.copyright protection15PENANAq4xcUfF1lM

            He dove under and blindly grasped him by the scruff.copyright protection15PENANA5wnLeX9ADm

            He resurfaced and swam to the bank.copyright protection15PENANACsULPNhm7a

            “Dovepaw, take him,” he told her, talking around his father’s scruff.copyright protection15PENANADyebL9qraL

            She grabbed his scruff and pulled him up, laying him on the ground.copyright protection15PENANAefiB0xza7c

            Jayfeather padded over to his father and sniffed.copyright protection15PENANAwJFruueMRm

            Lionblaze tensed to jump, but was suddenly taken off course by a huge wave.copyright protection15PENANAWvVaGHk68u

            “Lionblaze!” Dovepaw yowled and plunged into the river after him.copyright protection15PENANASnKbYLIxVP

             A few minutes later, she had gotten him back on the banks, as well as herself.copyright protection15PENANAKrzpS3U7PM

            They shook themselves free of the ice-cold water.copyright protection15PENANAuLhpWX6h4f

            “Thanks, Dovepaw,” Lionblaze said.copyright protection15PENANALXCv8BhQ8c

            “Are you okay?”copyright protection15PENANAGTEfjxjdE8

            “Yes. I am. Thanks.”copyright protection15PENANA08UhyRfE8j

            Crowfeather got to his paws.copyright protection15PENANAUUgwqp7Hfg

            “Thanks, Lionblaze. Jayfeather.”copyright protection15PENANATV9xas4tGJ

            He dipped his head and then ran back to his territory.copyright protection15PENANACGRxYqod4x

            The three Thunderclan cats headed back home.copyright protection15PENANAxYrOvSeCzt

            Lionblaze woke up with a paw nudging him in the side.copyright protection15PENANASsp20Au53b

            “Jayfeather, what is it?” he whispered.copyright protection15PENANAOGRGeQ6D4b

            “Follow me.”copyright protection15PENANAaBaCqFuEi3

            He got to his paws and followed him to the Medicine den. Dovepaw was waiting for them.copyright protection15PENANA8awxdx7HCb

            “We have to talk,” Jayfeather said, sitting down. “I had a vision today when I was sorting herbs.”copyright protection15PENANASqSK66AdJF

            “Jayfeather, it’s the middle of the night,” his brother protested.copyright protection15PENANAoUgywHd1mv

            “Lionblaze, this is about the ones we love and care about,” he said.copyright protection15PENANA5uGB2T8aBL

            “Fine. Carry on.”copyright protection15PENANAmubefilQv5

            He told them his vision and what it all meant.copyright protection15PENANAvTZMsvuGxQ

            “That’s what I saw. I have a feeling that I’m right about what it all means.”copyright protection15PENANAcClTenMmyo

            “But if Firestar and Brambleclaw die, who will be the leader? The clan can’t survive without either one,” Lionblaze said.copyright protection15PENANA8USj98CvY7

            “I know. I pray that we can’t or don’t stop either from going to Starclan, our ancestors will show me who’ll be next. Maybe you’ll be chosen, Lionblaze. Maybe that’s what it means by you rising and roaring. Maybe you’ll be the next leader. I think you would be great. You’re undefeatable in battle, you’re loyal, you make wise decisions, and you listen to what other have to say. If you ask me, you’re pretty close to being Firestar’s reflection of himself.”copyright protection15PENANAAt1zgu5KaC

            Lionblaze looked at the black Medicine cat, suddenly seeing wisdom in his sightless eyes.copyright protection15PENANAAmeVfsj2PS

            “Maybe you’re right,” he agreed, and then turned to the gray apprentice. “What about you? What do you think, Dovepaw?”copyright protection15PENANArXMjhWsUrq

            “I agree, Lionblaze. So how are we going to stop all of this?”copyright protection15PENANA21U3BayGUJ

            “Tell Graystripe and Sandstorm. They can protect Firestar. Tell Squirrelflight and she can protect Brambleclaw and Leafpool. Tell Ash foot and she can protect Crowfeather. We have to go on a journey,” Jayfeather announced.copyright protection15PENANAiu5xql0KoP

            “What journey?” Dovepaw mewed excitingly.copyright protection15PENANACPNp95mBZN

            “We have to go find Barley. I know he’s a kittypet, but he used to be one of Scourge’s cats. He’ll know how to defeat any of the surviving Blood clan cats. I’ll leave Brightheart in my place. While we go on the journey, you can be Dove paw's mentor,” Jayfeather said.copyright protection15PENANA21PW5q6D61

            “You’re right,” Lionblaze agreed.copyright protection15PENANAmpwsWXOWHc

            “Let’s go to Windclan. It’s almost dawn. We could catch a patrol,” he told the apprentice and warrior.copyright protection15PENANAMk2AJcF6NF

            The young apprentice silently prayed that the deputy would be leading the patrol, and that no cat on their own territory would catch them.copyright protection15PENANATPGIMM9Tqf

            Lionblaze led Dovepaw and Jayfeather out of the den and silently out of the camp from the dirt place. The place where cats went to go make dirt.copyright protection15PENANAUMFqfBn4y5

            “Jayfeather! Lionblaze! Dovepaw! Greetings,” Ashfoot greeted, approaching the young cats. “What is it? Is something wrong? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need something,” said with concern, standing in front of them.copyright protection15PENANAhlpjV9vBfj

            Jayfeather spoke.copyright protection15PENANAg99XSVJ1O9

            “I had a vision yesterday at noon high. Moon flower came to me and gave me a warning. A few of our cats and your son are in danger.”copyright protection15PENANAhIWW9bxxf6

            “Tell me what she said.”copyright protection15PENANACwr2QnbmYr

            “We should be alone,” he implied.copyright protection15PENANAFeAOctJVuy

            She flicked her tail for the patrol to leave them and they obeyed.copyright protection15PENANA4Mg0IqcgXs

            “Now then. What did she say?”copyright protection15PENANAmzZOBPbNca

            “I’ll tell you only about your son. At least for right now,” he said, and then recited it. “The cry of the Crow will be lost. That’s all she said about him.”copyright protection15PENANAfRoQGAjpwO

            “But how will his cry be lost?”copyright protection15PENANAYAAfBiFNyC

            “Maybe I should tell you the whole thing.”copyright protection15PENANAgVcfKN5VBh

            He then recited it.copyright protection15PENANA5Q8uGP50eC

            “Darkness will risecopyright protection15PENANAOdcpsOH7Cg

            Battle will comecopyright protection15PENANAKScW8WKdSl

            Allies will be lostcopyright protection15PENANAuYcDsTsyTH

            The cry of the Crow will be lostcopyright protection15PENANAaIUn7nbPuN

            The Leaf will go downcopyright protection15PENANA6eGiaOfU17

            The Fire that once blazed through the forestcopyright protection15PENANAgw5taymD7g

            Will no more blazecopyright protection15PENANAkhZfF6CQW7

            The Lion will roar and risecopyright protection15PENANAE2lllw9Arb

            And the Claw of the Bramble will be defeatedcopyright protection15PENANAHIINbSlyvs

            By the Claw of the ancient Scourge.”copyright protection15PENANAOQKO6pVJgR

            “Oh Starclan! That sounds horrible!” she exclaimed. “What does it mean?”copyright protection15PENANAQVUcgfJqQb

            “It means something will happen and the cats from the Dark Forest will rise, there’ll be a battle, we’ll lose our allies, and Crowfeather, Leafpool, Firestar, and Brambleclaw will die or be killed. Lionblaze will somehow rise. We came to tell you about your son, so you can watch out for him and keep him safe. Don’t tell any cat. If Crowfeather asks, you can tell him. No other cat. We better go now,” he told her, and they turned to head back home.copyright protection15PENANACyTkl5dHDJ

            Ash foot headed back to the camp with her Clan mates, as soon as the three cats had left.copyright protection15PENANA9sAUgGjbpA

            As they raced through the undergrowth together, Jayfeather wondered if they’d succeed in stopping the deaths of their Clan mates and Ashfoot's son, even though they held ‘the powers of the stars in their paws.’copyright protection15PENANA3gvXtMdcd3

            The next day, they told the cats they said they’d tell, Jayfeather left Brightheart in his place, they ate traveling herbs, and then set off to go find Barley.copyright protection15PENANAnPBhaXmnE0

            They ran until the territories of the clans were behind them and then slowed to a walk.copyright protection15PENANA6OsGIJn2UN

            “So who’s Barley exactly?” Dovepaw asked them.copyright protection15PENANACY38VxV9J8

            “Barley is an old friend to Firestar and most other clan cats. In stories that we were told, we heard that he’s very friendly,” Lionblaze told her.copyright protection15PENANAd7YOo8MLwq

            “Lionblaze! Jayfeather! Dovepaw! Wait up!” the old warrior said.copyright protection15PENANALDfdjXXH0S

            They stopped and let him catch up.copyright protection15PENANAuDQyMM5HVP

            “What are you doing, Graystripe?” Lionblaze asked.copyright protection15PENANAQ8WOXlWJ6s

            “Seeing where you’re heading first. It looks like you’re on a journey. Where to?”copyright protection15PENANAaR5p5pn27n

            “We need to find Barley. He’ll know how to stop any of Scourge’s cats.”copyright protection15PENANAVB1LaNxgut

            “I’m coming with you. I know where he is.”copyright protection15PENANA5kC19zn5jt

            They let him lead them onward, following him.copyright protection15PENANAyulETr4htb

            They stopped to rest several miles afterward, and then Lionblaze started mentoring Dovepaw.copyright protection15PENANAFpNGaXtIdY

            “Try to knock me off my paws. Use your size to your advantage,” he suggested.copyright protection15PENANAcjjOlsoIyH

            “Okay.”copyright protection15PENANAb6bxL5YPns

            She quickly processed how and then ran under his paws and he lost his balance. He fell and she pinned him down.copyright protection15PENANA12ROI2McK0

            “How was that?” she asked.copyright protection15PENANAaWjtKFV9nu

            “That was great. You’ll be a warrior in no time at this rate.”copyright protection15PENANAQzA26m85cv

            “It’s fun having you as my mentor.”copyright protection15PENANAxdxo2gqPsb

            “Thanks. Now let me up.”copyright protection15PENANAQC8a6SP21c

            She did as she was told.copyright protection15PENANAwSM7VTt4YF

            “In battle, there’s one rule you have to remember, Dovepaw. Always be on the lookout. Don’t assume that your enemy is done until he or she flees,” he pointed out, sitting on his haunches.copyright protection15PENANAzvT7UWolLQ

            She nodded, telling herself that she mustn’t forget anything that he taught and told her.copyright protection15PENANAxBtFMzyBBA

            “We’ve had enough rest. Let’s move on,” Graystripe said, stretching.copyright protection15PENANAO7sAfotIss

            They followed him even farther, trusting in the warrior, trusting in Starclan, and knowing that Graystripe knew where they were headed and wouldn’t get lost.copyright protection15PENANAo2YiaSeye0

            “Be careful,” Graystripe warned. “This is the two leg place. There’s several things that could happen here. There’s twolegs that could try and grab you, dogs that are sometimes loose, kitty pets that protect their territory and there’s rogues that come out and attack without a reason to.”copyright protection15PENANAoMCSrorZ03

            They ran quickly through the two leg place and then stopped when they got to the horseplace.copyright protection15PENANAzOb2pqrS9U

            They found their way back to the old forest and went to the horse place where Barley and Ravenpaw lived.copyright protection15PENANAlxXjQ7b4Gq

            “Graystripe!” greeted a tabby tom and dark, old tabby tom.copyright protection15PENANA55cHXE6oD6

            They bounded over to him.copyright protection15PENANAsdUDgj3Icc

            “It’s so good to see you,” the younger cat greeted. “I haven’t seen you since the last time you journeyed here with Windclan and Firestar. So who are these three?”copyright protection15PENANACxKzQAH2Fn

            “Ravenpaw. Barley. Meet Dovepaw, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather.”copyright protection15PENANAtKsFsqjyPX

            He pointed with his tail to each one as he introduced them.copyright protection15PENANAEhbyUrSX94

            “Lionblaze is a warrior, Jayfeather is a Medicine cat, and Dovepaw is training to be a warrior. You remember Sand paw, don’t you?”copyright protection15PENANAaMCUlsu3va

            “Yes, Graystripe. I do. Well, she has been a warrior since after you left. Her name is Sandstorm. She and Firestar are mates now. Their kits are Squirrelflight and Leafpool. They’re warriors now. But just like me, Leafpool mated with Crowfeather, a Windclan cat. She had three kits. Lionblaze and Jayfeather are two of them. Their sister Hollyleaf died. It’s been many moons since that happened. And do you remember Princess?”copyright protection15PENANAqYUTDmkXU9

            “Yes. I do.”copyright protection15PENANAVzq67ly0iI

            “And do you remember Firestar saying she had kits?”copyright protection15PENANA5suHnQ9STE

            “Yes.”copyright protection15PENANA2kCWdgjxee

            “One of them is of Thunderclan. His name is Cloudtail. He’s a senior warrior now. He and Brightheart are mates. Dovepaw and Icepaw are their kits. These three young cats here are part of a prophecy. They have come for your help. It’s concerning a warning that Moonflower told Jayfeather.”copyright protection15PENANAH9N7gVsOVL

            “Before we start, I’d like to tell them what our gifts are,” he told the deputy and then spoke to the farm cats. “I was born blind, but I can see when I dream and have visions. And every now and then, I can see memories and thoughts. Dovepaw can hear and see things happening farther than any cat can. Lionblaze is untouchable in battle. The prophecy that we’re apart of says we ‘hold the power of the stars’ in our ‘paws. There’s one more thing I can do. I can walk in other cat’s dreams and see what’s going on.”copyright protection15PENANAx0e1HBSRtL

            “Wait. Did you say his name is Ravenpaw?” the apprentice asked.copyright protection15PENANAwv59sjqLRE

            “Yes. That’s my name. I never died. It was a plan to make every cat think that. You see, Tigerclaw, now known as Tigerstar, wanted to kill me because I knew too much. I told Firestar and Graystripe and they brought me here. Even though I’m a kittypet, I still keep the ways of the warrior code and haven’t forgotten Starclan. You must keep it a secret that I’m alive. No cat must know except you three, Firestar, and Graystripe. Maybe someday they should know, but not yet. It’s a secret you must keep.”copyright protection15PENANAZyONF4I8TD

            “Come. Let’s go to the barn where we can talk,” Barley said.copyright protection15PENANAUqE8slKkde

            They followed the tabbies inside and then sat in the middle of the barn floor.copyright protection15PENANA6JKbTcvjYm

            “What do you need me for?” Barley asked.copyright protection15PENANAXYULLAQtJK

            “There’s a warning of things that’ll happen,” Lionblaze answered.copyright protection15PENANA7DaLMD7wXk

            He had heard it so many times that the tabby tom of Thunderclan was able to recite it without help. He then told them what Jayfeather thought it all meant and what they had done so far.copyright protection15PENANAK44ufXHLgF

            “That’s why we need you to come home with us and help,” Dovepaw said.copyright protection15PENANA7eD20oCQSl

            “Then I will. Where have you moved to?”copyright protection15PENANABZZLKLpRhn

            “The sun-drown place,” Jayfeather answered.copyright protection15PENANAc2rhxHeesv

            “I want to come, too,” Ravenpaw said.copyright protection15PENANATAJxCKWeBO

            “Me, too,” a white she-cat added, emerging from behind the hay.copyright protection15PENANAAcOAYylnqD

            “Greetings, Princess. It’s been a long time,” Graystripe said. “We can all go home. “Let’s rest here for the night and then we can journey back home. It has been a very long trip.”copyright protection15PENANAKDGbUdT8rl

            They jumped onto the hay in the hay loft and fell asleep.copyright protection15PENANAElVoSx8PMJ

            Before falling asleep, Jayfeather caught a memory or more.copyright protection15PENANADnVrXT0igr

            A younger Sandstorm being mean to a younger Firestar. They appeared to all be apprentices. Graystripe as an apprentice and Ravenpaw sticking up for him.copyright protection15PENANAW14CdYP67h

            Then another memory.copyright protection15PENANArLCn9vVikH

            Tigerclaw tormenting Firepaw and being mean, cruel, and scaring Ravenpaw out of his fur.copyright protection15PENANA1Y4Xq2Qqk7

            Ravenpaw being led by Graypaw and Firepaw to Barley’s farm.copyright protection15PENANASh9WTmUJs1

            They started their journey back home at dawn.copyright protection15PENANA1UNDhX8cft

            At noon high, they were half way across the territories.copyright protection15PENANAUgrZeR15im

            “Let me warn you, Ravenpaw. Some cats aren’t what they used to be. One-paw is now One-star. He’s not very welcoming. Most cats in Shadowclan aren’t, either,” Graystripe warned.copyright protection15PENANAdaDm7xI1hb

            They ran through Windclan and then crossed the river to Thunderclan territory.copyright protection15PENANA3i5RVmO4z3

            “Ravenpaw?” a familiar cat mewed.copyright protection15PENANAytkZsyRuEa

            A light tabby she-cat approached.copyright protection15PENANAQRltds1Wti

            “Sandstorm. Greetings.”copyright protection15PENANA7xAcowzcB8

            He dipped his head to her.copyright protection15PENANAg9CB9590zO

            “I thought you died several moons ago,” she said, looking puzzled.copyright protection15PENANAbpFwTSYUOr

            “I never died. Graystripe and Firestar brought me to the Barley farm to escape from Tigerclaw. Thunderclan can know, but no other Clan should unless they’re good at keeping secrets. I’m only here because we’re needed. There’s a warning from Moonflower to Jayfeather. Could you take us to camp?”copyright protection15PENANAcVZM8njHAU

            “Yes.”copyright protection15PENANAQR3sscxCd6

            They took the tabbies back to the camp to the Medicine den.copyright protection15PENANAqow5UpYSjN

            “Ravenpaw? Barley?” Brightheart questioned.copyright protection15PENANAkvJkiRHBzi

            Ravenpaw told her everything  and then Jayfeather relieved her from Medicine cat duties.copyright protection15PENANAvp9zRCMoe0

            “Oh, Starclan!” Dovepaw exclaimed, eyes widened as if in terror.copyright protection15PENANAvFo1LjqJcK

            “What is it? What can you see?” the young warrior asked.copyright protection15PENANAwxffRx7z9G

            “Leafpool and Squirrelflight! They’re being ambushed by some of Shadowclan!” she exclaimed.copyright protection15PENANARF51eWE1lT

            “Come on,” Lionblaze said and then they ran through the Gorse tunnel.copyright protection15PENANA1RyqTjKk2W

            “Do you remember your training?” Graystripe asked his longtime friend.copyright protection15PENANA4zukPlRWU1

            He nodded.copyright protection15PENANACMGIOVEsW0

            “Good.”copyright protection15PENANAlYRUpKd95g

            They yowled and then plunged in to help the sisters.copyright protection15PENANA59QztFVlBP

            Ravenpaw slashed Rowanclaw on the side and clawed his face, barely missing his eyes. The senior warrior fled, yowling.copyright protection15PENANAmeC3WqYBTV

            Barley bit Oakfur's tail and he fled, too.copyright protection15PENANABfUt9jemsj

            Olivenose bit down on Leafpool's neck and Ravenpaw bit his hind leg. He yowled, dropping her, and turned on Ravenpaw, but Ravenpaw clawed the warrior’s underbelly. Olivenose then fled, yowling.copyright protection15PENANADyst8W93hK

            Ravenpaw went after Crowfrost who was pinning Squirrelflight down, ready to kill her. Ravenpaw, at that moment, was attacked from behind by Ratscar. He took him in his jaws. Ravenpaw was defenseless, unable to get loose from his jaws.copyright protection15PENANATEZvHVWGwQ

            “Ravenpaw! No!” yowled a familiar cat who had joined the fight.copyright protection15PENANAC85wBePQBh

            He saw a flash of flame-colored tabby and knew it was the leader.copyright protection15PENANA9fPBIYxR1P

            Firestar bit Ratscar's tail, making him drop his old friend, and then scratched and tore at Ratscar, stopping only when he fled.copyright protection15PENANACVtBrbxnR4

            Ravenpaw got to his paws, blocked out the pain, and made Crowfrost flee.copyright protection15PENANAetcjZOxOE9

            Lionblaze slashed, clawed, bit, and tore at every Shadowclan cat that was by them, making them flee.copyright protection15PENANA6OoWp7UXZW

            “And don’t come back!” he yowled.copyright protection15PENANANCRgdirLGi

            When it was over, Barley had a gash in both shoulders and a bite to an ear, as well as a few claw marks. Firestar had a few bites and claw marks. Leafpool had a gash in her neck. Squirrelflight had a gash in her side and on a shoulder. Ravenpaw had a gash in his neck, claw marks, and a wounded forepaws.copyright protection15PENANAPUM2dLRLAv

            Every cat went back to camp and Jayfeather healed them with herbs. He then made moss nests for them and settled down in his own nest. It had been exhausting from him, even though he hadn’t been able to fight because of his blindness.copyright protection15PENANAVHjjDJryHq

            Every cat was fully healed the very next day.copyright protection15PENANAuu2lLgEc2k

            It was a beautiful day, as Firestar and Ravenpaw sat on the High ledge. Graystripe sat by it. The Clan looked up at them. Firestar had called a meeting.copyright protection15PENANAvSeiUs4LdE

            He explained everything from moons ago and apologized for lying to them so many moons ago.copyright protection15PENANAh9lBsZlUx3

            “Ravenpaw, you’ve worked hard to obey and learn the ways of the warrior code. I pray that Starclan looks down on this apprentice. I pray that Starclan approves as I make Ravenpaw a warrior. Ravenpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect the Clan even at the cast of your life?”copyright protection15PENANAk1xnnjE1vH

            “I do.”copyright protection15PENANAm1zAjt3nfh

            “Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your new name. From this day forward, you will be known as Ravenclaw.”copyright protection15PENANA2xqo9TouNV

            They touched noses.copyright protection15PENANAx8X5wloanU

            “Ravenclaw! Ravenclaw! The clan greeted his new name in unison.copyright protection15PENANASJWrkgVnEa

            They jumped off and the clan congratulated Ravenclaw.copyright protection15PENANAFGI55RYtmL

            That night, Ravenclaw got to sleep in the warrior’s den for the very first time.copyright protection15PENANApUTn0qJoA6

            Ravenclaw felt like he actually and truly belonged to his Clan again. He was glad the Clan had forgiven them for lying and had trusted him again without any problems.copyright protection15PENANAjtQgUawPya

            A moon later, they ran straight into Bone. Barley was with the patrol and together killed him. He didn’t like killing him, but he was part of Scourge’s cats, and would stop at nothing to protect his friends and Thunderclan.copyright protection15PENANA0dRIiXAhrW

            They stopped in the middle of the forest.copyright protection15PENANA2RRWeRmYgX

            “What was that?” Thornclaw asked.copyright protection15PENANA4zqUPl5maD

            They scanned the trees for movement and there he was.copyright protection15PENANAxbRpT9muqN

            “It’s happening,” Rosepetal said, as they looked at Brokentail and Darkstripe.copyright protection15PENANArtFiqT9MRp

            Just as suddenly as they appeared, they disappeared into thin air.copyright protection15PENANAKWZbROwWbG

            The patrol ran back to camp and told Firestar. Firestar then called a meeting and told them everything.copyright protection15PENANAAISr7MBug2

“How can they even rise? They’re dead,” Sorreltail said.copyright protection15PENANAiHvXZVR9II

            “I don’t know,” Rosepetal said. “but they were hardly transparent. I got a good look at them. They were almost solid like living cats.”copyright protection15PENANAytFxEwmaty

            Ravenclaw shivered in fright, knowing all Dark Forest cats were evil. He knew that if they all came back to life, then Firestar would be in grave danger from Tigerstar.copyright protection15PENANAR4gJwov7SM

            “We can’t let that happen. We have to stop them from coming back to life. We’ll all be in danger if they come back,” Ravenclaw said.copyright protection15PENANA9atF8tBZCk

            “I agree,” the sightless elder said.copyright protection15PENANAIbNnJrU5Bo

            “I agree with you all, but we have to wait for Starclan to tell us how to stop this from happening,” Firestar announced. “Until then we have to live our daily lives and keep our eyes and ears open. Our lives depend on it,” he finished and then jumped down and let his Clan talk amongst themselves.copyright protection15PENANADtsUdYiI6b

            Firestar sat down by a tree in a shade from the scorching sun. His mate sat beside him.copyright protection15PENANAugmYVuswt4

            “I’m worried for your safety, Firestar. I haven’t forgotten how Hawkfrost almost killed you with a fox trap. Or when Brokentail fought against us or Darkstripe going along and following Tigerstar. They were all evil.”copyright protection15PENANAQbgDzZ5t4H

            “I know, Sandstorm. But we can’t do much.”copyright protection15PENANASIakDnjW6p

            “Firestar, I’m scared. What if Scourge comes back? What then?”copyright protection15PENANA7BGuzBY28s

            “Sandstorm, you worry too much.”copyright protection15PENANA6ZDmDcmIGq

            “I have the right to. You have only three lives left to spare. And what about the prophecy? What if Scourge comes back, and he’s the one that kills Brambleclaw?”copyright protection15PENANApy9ATMYdI5

            “Sandstorm, do you think you could stop talking about that?”copyright protection15PENANADQGjkgUji3

            “Okay,” she replied.copyright protection15PENANALp2oMFB8oi

            It was a beautiful day, but when Dustpelt, Ferncloud, and Briarlight looked up at the sky, dark angry clouds covered the sky. It didn’t rain though, which meant Starclan was angry with something.copyright protection15PENANAzORIoLvnYe

            “It’s happening,” Jayfeather announced.copyright protection15PENANAsB49VppQII

            “I know. I can feel it,” implied Lionblaze.copyright protection15PENANATt7VSTBt10

            Familiar yowling was heard and the clan left the camp in a stampede to fight them. All except for the queens, kits, and Jayfeather.copyright protection15PENANAMAODjdpOAn

            They meant in the heart of the forest. It was all four Clans against the Dark Forest cats.copyright protection15PENANA23Z7cUwBKe

            Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw stood side by side, facing Scourge.copyright protection15PENANAjEHrAzkb3m

            Scourge raised his paw of five claws to slash. The two tabbies were quick, though. They moved out of range. Brambleclaw jumped on him, digging his claws deep into his fur and flesh on his back. Squirrelflight bit Scourge’s tail and hind leg, and then slashed his side and clawed his face. He yowled in pain and range, knocked Brambleclaw onto his side and swiped at Squirrelflight. She fell on her side, bleeding from a gash in her exposed side.copyright protection15PENANAcQX0ugdT5O

            “NOO!” Brambleclaw yowled.copyright protection15PENANAh8Rgf3bMFW

            He got to his paws and ran towards her, but Scourge slashed him in the neck.copyright protection15PENANA1ZBJqbiLnm

            He fell to the ground dead.copyright protection15PENANA7zd4zHlNBr

            Tawnypelt, seeing that, was filled with terror and rage. She fought and killed Scourge.copyright protection15PENANABSzt9PwlBc

            The tortoiseshell she-cat ran to Squirrelflight, knowing her brother was in Starclan now.copyright protection15PENANAiDbTmB4Emr

            “Squirrelflight?” she called.copyright protection15PENANA1u1fzAWVoy

            “Tawnypelt,” she said weakly.copyright protection15PENANAm0qVtAL0Vm

            Just then, a gray she-cat with herbs came up to them.copyright protection15PENANAcdZn6lZb0m

            Tawnypelt looked up and instantly brightened.copyright protection15PENANAD2REiqfflD

            “Yellowfang!” she mewed happily.copyright protection15PENANANIDeD7Op7K

            “Let me take it from here, Tawnypelt,” the Starclan Medicine cat told her.copyright protection15PENANAMkYLI47Hg8

            “Yes, Yellowfang.”copyright protection15PENANA4TbVxtmNII

            She dipped her head and then dashed off to fight the evil cats.copyright protection15PENANArwq5K4cztj

            Firestar, Graystripe, and Sandstorm stood side by side facing that most feared of all the Dark Forest cats. Tigerstar.copyright protection15PENANAjfEh1mm94C

            “We meet again, kittypet,” the dark, massive, tabby tom mocked.copyright protection15PENANAi8wu43YqRH

            Firestar growled and swished his tail.copyright protection15PENANA8idznYDzx7

            “I’m not a kittypet anymore. You know that as well as any cat.”copyright protection15PENANATQmx8oUuxY

            “We’ll see about that,” he said, and launched himself at the former kittypet.copyright protection15PENANA6Q6CkaGjBy

            All three cats moved out of the way and the tabby hit the ground, getting dirt in his mouth. He spat it out and then stood.copyright protection15PENANA0JQeiecWNJ

            Sandstorm slashed the side of his neck and both leader and former deputy pinned him down.copyright protection15PENANA3HzqfHO9cm

            A gray she-cat with sadness in her eyes appeared.copyright protection15PENANA7jdeVxpCQ0

            “You disappointed me the moment your heart became hard and cold. You attacked my sister. I wish you had turned out like Lion heart. Your brother. You didn’t have to become evil to get power. If only you had stayed good, you would’ve became leader over time. I’m ashamed. Very ashamed to call or even know you as my son.”copyright protection15PENANAbRK153fhZ3

            “Snowfur, you saw why I’ve become who I am. I’ll try to please you if I can. I never thought of how displeased you would be, seeing what I did. I always thought of power because of what my father taught me. From the time I was a kit, he taught me that power and trust is everything. That I should overcome my pain and do hard things.”copyright protection15PENANA03LAu0ijau

            She spoke to the three cats.copyright protection15PENANAGiNTwJrWmi

            “Let him up.”copyright protection15PENANAWx9GzeJPwJ

            They did as the Starclan cat told them to do.copyright protection15PENANASxND7hEqAO

            “Tigerstar, if you want to be good, than you’ll please me.”copyright protection15PENANAVg6JaDtBzQ

            “I’ll do anything to please you. You’re my mother. I still love you. You were taken away from me too soon.”copyright protection15PENANATvo2cXhWNN

            “I know I was. There’s one thing I want you to do. Turn your back on all evil and help all four Clans fight against them. And stop insulting cats like Firestar.”copyright protection15PENANAFFksjsKYTl

            In that moment his heart, mind, and soul softened into love for his mother, and sadness for missing her for so many moons. He had been barely an apprentice when she had died. Snowfur had died from being run over by a monster on the Thunderpath. It had come out of nowhere without warning. She hadn’t been able to get away in time and had been crushed under the weight of the monster.copyright protection15PENANAMOCTyMw1n6

            “Come son. I’ll be with you.”copyright protection15PENANARgCfiOdAK0

            The two cats walked away side by side, reunited as family.copyright protection15PENANAnqGIT0bDY5

            Leafpool and Cloudtail stood side by side, facing Ashfur.copyright protection15PENANAZLTBFsnctK

            The gray tom lunged at them, but Leafpool pinned him down and killed him instantly.copyright protection15PENANAil1UAkJOUt

            Ashfoot and Crowfeather stood side by side, facing Halftail.copyright protection15PENANAOiTu1Mvcqt

            The ginger-colored tom lunged at them, but Crowfeather got out of the way. Ashfoot wasn’t quick enough. Halftail grabbed her and pinned her down. Crowfeather, protecting his mother and deputy, through him off her and killed him.copyright protection15PENANAhpfb1UDo67

            He helped her get slowly to her paws.copyright protection15PENANA9psaj3v2Rp

            Tigerstar and Brackentail fought viciously. Tigerstar won, killing him.copyright protection15PENANAwFHqaJdFVD

            He looked around and saw Tawnypelt defenseless against Hawkfrost. That made him angry.copyright protection15PENANA9d3op4j2tq

            He leapt over cats and bowled his son over.copyright protection15PENANAaCPCN9Ficw

            “Don’t even,” he growled. “Don’t touch her. You don’t lay a claw on my kin; my daughter.”copyright protection15PENANAIIcq8n9l25

            They fought viciously, too.copyright protection15PENANAZci3BH7UKA

            “Tawnypelt, go! Go help some other cat!” he ordered, as they fought.copyright protection15PENANAkUdaw1jckv

            Lionblaze had heard that Tigerstar had gone good now, so when he saw him practically being torn to shreds by his son, the tabby flung himself on Sasha’s son, fought him, and killed him.copyright protection15PENANAJ2eWtnjCJl

            Tigerheart fought Darkstripe and won.copyright protection15PENANAHIx0L8IT3s

            In the end, all evil cats were dead, Tigerstar was fixed up with herbs by Jayfeather, and every cat was healed that had been wounded in battle. But sadly, some had died. Brambleclaw, Honeyfern, and Millie were now dead.copyright protection15PENANAtonHyUIS62

            Firestar had made Tigerstar a senior warrior, but with a new name. Tigerheart. Graystripe was the deputy again.copyright protection15PENANAoQ5CMyZ5bI

            It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky.copyright protection15PENANArSrZTd8B6b

            “Come quick! It’s Firestar! Hurry, Jayfeather! Something is wrong!” yowled Sandstorm.copyright protection15PENANA4Azri8l00s

            Jayfeather ran to the leader’s den as quick as he could and made it without slipping down the rock wall.copyright protection15PENANA3oi814H19S

            He went to the nest that was being occupied by the leader.copyright protection15PENANAKBLcAFpIgw

            He checked him and then turned his sightless eyes on the ginger she-cat.copyright protection15PENANATk6tMoC7pC

            “I’m sorry, Sandstorm. There’s nothing any cat can do. Did he lose any lives in the fight?”copyright protection15PENANAzs1RB3Wj56

            “Yes. Two. Why?”copyright protection15PENANAcPHX1hDr0T

            “It’s his time. He’s on his way to Starclan now.”copyright protection15PENANAXUe3n0s08R

            “No!” she wailed in sadness.copyright protection15PENANADIkEzWIwfN

            He came back down to the clearing and told Graystripe.copyright protection15PENANACrCkpEB25C

            Graystripe jumped onto the High ledge and called a meeting.copyright protection15PENANAW2wb6TczUk

            “Firestar has sadly lost his last life. Let us grieve for him and give him a ceremony.”copyright protection15PENANAqx2LbCHU8X

            Graystripe jumped off.copyright protection15PENANAHLok5OZHQ5

            After the ceremony, the elders took him away for burial.copyright protection15PENANAjN8PYeJaND

            A moon later, Graystripe was Gray star and Lionblaze was the deputy.  Also, Cedarheart was a queen carrying kits. So every cat lived peacefully in the forest.copyright protection15PENANAueax0maHhj

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