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Ch.20: The Next Generation: Sunset
Jan 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OZy4SXs2G9mHL4q6Rin2posted on PENANA

Ch.20: The Next Generation: Sunsetcopyright protection29PENANAbVt8A2KwiC

It was a beautiful day. A certain dark heart sat watching the patrol leave the Fireclan camp. Slinktail was his name. He thirsted for power. He wanted and needed it. He knew the only way that he would get power was if he became leader. So that was his plan. Become leader. It wasn't much to work on, but he would figure out how to do it. All he had to do was become the deputy.copyright protection29PENANAk6CSauQDww

            A few of the kits ran across the camp, zipping past him, interrupting his thoughts. they were chasing a moss ball. Shykit ran after the moss ball, catching up to it, tossing it to Lilykit. Lilykit did likewise. So on the game went, which they called the moss ball game. You know how kits are. They make up the strangest and silliest things. That's just how they are.copyright protection29PENANAMSeyXFFOX3

            Firelight and Leaftail watched their soon-to-be apprenticed kits play. They were so happy. It wouldn't be long when they would become warriors. Kits in a clan are apprentices for six moons. Warriors are appointed at about one season.copyright protection29PENANAR9Ykizn25G

            Suddenly, there was a yowl and some growling and snarling just beyond the gorse tunnel. Every able cat went into action, racing to help whatever cat it was that needed help.copyright protection29PENANAFqMhjXL9Ah

  Shykit and Lilykit started to follow with a slow walk, but their mothers pulled them close, tucking them in with their tails, not wanting any harm to come to their precious ones.copyright protection29PENANAGnaUW8ABXy

            Slinktail followed in the shadows watching the scene. A pack of about seven wolves was attacking every cat that came after them. Slink Fur suddenly had an idea. He dashed forward and with one swipe each, he killed both the leader and the deputy.copyright protection29PENANAEOHD90cx2i

            It was a brutal fight as it raged on. It looked like the hungry, vicious, fearless wolves were winning. Then, in one instant, Slink Tail, coming to the rescue to save his mate, was killed without sympathy. It saddened his mate, Soottail. She could only watch in horror as it killed him.copyright protection29PENANAdIJ0Z2XKcy

            The battle with the vicious, merciless creatures ended when Tiger Pelt cam in, attacking each wolf single-pawed, one on one with them running off, the black one barely running, as it limped, having a hurt paw.copyright protection29PENANA2SVdNSlnti

            "And don't come back!" he yowled after them, watching them go.copyright protection29PENANAV87DLgDYOG

        Half a moon later, Diamondtail became leader and Fireblaze became deputy. Diamondtail's new name was now Diamondstar, while Fireblaze's new name was Fireflame. Also, Lilykit was Lilypaw and Shykit was Shypaw. They were apprentices now and proud of it.copyright protection29PENANAg1oZ2o2Z8e

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