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Ch.21: The Next Generation: Darkness
Jan 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5RNC6k37gThzeKCtC9TCposted on PENANA

Ch.21: The Next Generation: Darknesscopyright protection28PENANAj4dDSA4zRI

  It was a beautiful day. It was sun high; not a cloud in the sky as some might say. Lionstar, the leader of Fireclan, was watching over his clan on the high ledge by his den. He was proud of his clan. Fireclan was the strongest, fastest clan. They were growing frequently fast in the Sun drown Place.copyright protection28PENANAzXAmzGHCOY

            He watched as his clan went through their normal duties, if they had any, like they did every day.  The queens, Firelight and Leaftail, watched proudly as Shykit and Lilykit played in front of the nursery with a moss ball. Leaftail was Lilykit's mother, while Firelight was Shykit's mother. Their kits were almost ready. They would soon be apprentices.copyright protection28PENANAv5xKP9dsj7

            The elders sat under a tree that gave way to shade, and talked about the good times, as they looked at the young kits. "I remember a time when we were one big clan. We didn't have to worry about other clans, because there weren't other clans to worry about," Hawkfeather mewed happily to Firepelt. "Do you remember the worst times we had? We were all so hungry that cold leaf-bare, seasons ago. That was the harshest leaf-bare that we have ever endured. The lake dried up for so long, we didn't have any water for moons," Firepelt told the older elder.copyright protection28PENANA4Cbif3TkDL

            "Ah, yes. I remember that well. I was barely a warrior back then and you were barely an apprentice," the older elder recalled.copyright protection28PENANA2cIDzhjgU7

            "I fear those days will come again," Fire Pelt commented. "I fear for the safety of the clans. If those dark days come again, I don't know what will come of the clans."copyright protection28PENANAepdM93Wnvf

            "I fear for the sake of the clans during these hard, struggling times," Hawkfeather mewed to Firepelt.copyright protection28PENANAuARGT7KMsn

            "Come on! I'll race you to the fresh-kill pile!" Lilykit announced, getting a head start, Shykit following, catching up quickly. She was quick for a small kit, getting to the fresh-kill pile a second or two before Lilykit.copyright protection28PENANAyuzg78yrps

            "I beat you!" Shykit announced proudly, pouncing on her. They started to roll around in a ball of playfulness.copyright protection28PENANAyESMq2Pnpl

            The hunting patrol entered the camp with Diamondtail with a vole, Angeltail with a black bird, Slinktail with a mouse, Fireblaze with a squirrel, and Firepaw with a robin. They headed toward the fresh-kill pile and dropped them on it. The warriors walked past to go find their mates, while Firepaw went to play with his sister Shykit.copyright protection28PENANACUVuBOBlB3

            It was sundown when the border patrol returned. Everything had been peaceful and quiet during the patrol, as well as in the camp. The next day a battle was started between the Fireclan and Lightningclan border patrol. The fight was about stealing prey.copyright protection28PENANAI9yiqGqY7Q

            That night, Spottedpelt had a dream from the Moonclan. Firestar appeared to her and told her of coming battles.copyright protection28PENANArGvjsVmhjM

"Battle will comecopyright protection28PENANACVGyphn1DY

The Dark dayscopyright protection28PENANA4l8DDyj4xr

 Will rise upon uscopyright protection28PENANAVZ8qjAmFSF

 Blood will spill bloodcopyright protection28PENANArvA83Zqq03

And the water will flood redcopyright protection28PENANAp5oxJ2636E

Before there is peacecopyright protection28PENANAu1DCrWdNB5

Darkness will comecopyright protection28PENANAs2A3bE3B54

And the paw of the tigercopyright protection28PENANAEv932T59Wc

And the paw of the jaycopyright protection28PENANANrdq4FmhsY

Will save the clancopyright protection28PENANAnV1YYcD2OI

And stand togethercopyright protection28PENANA6tdgwg9Cp5

With the clancopyright protection28PENANAOdx1DBG0T9

And Darknesscopyright protection28PENANAYh5Zg4cT60

And the dark dayscopyright protection28PENANABctPs05CCv

Will end forever."copyright protection28PENANAIrIftmR9mL

            The next day, Spottedpelt sat outside her Medicine den, thinking about what Moonclan had told her. She recited it in her mind, thinking on it. What does it mean? she thought. She looked up at the morning sky, as if the answer was there, hidden somewhere within the clouds.copyright protection28PENANAjl3oljtxcz

            She suddenly realized with a jolt, that battle was coming soon. She also knew that Tigerpaw was going to save the clan from the Darkness, and that the Dark Days would come again. But who was Jaypaw? She had to find out.copyright protection28PENANAyOM2Df3JRG

            A few moons later, Soottail had a kit. He was pure black and born blind, as well with special powers. He can walk in cat's dreams, see memories, and see thoughts. When he dreams, he can see. He isn't blind in dreams.copyright protection28PENANAeA7XPAjHKG

            Several moons passed and he became a Medicine Cat apprentice by the name of Jaypaw. Tigerpaw was now a warrior by the name of Tigerpelt. Tigerpelt had special powers, too. He could take out his enemies single-pawed, and could magically, by any touch, heal others.copyright protection28PENANAt42wtnQWV2

            The Darkness and Dark Days soon came to be, with the bloodiest battles between all the clans that had ever occurred. Luckily, they had Tigerpelt and Jaypaw to protect Fireclan; in which they succeeded in doing.copyright protection28PENANAwuRiwuyAep

             In the end, peace came and hardly any cat went to Moonclan. So every cat lived happily ever after. At least, except for some secret dark hearts within some clans. Especially, a certain cat by the name of Slinktail, a warrior of Fireclan.copyright protection28PENANAgs0nqPYKxI

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