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Ch.22: The Next Generation: Dawn of A New Era
Jan 13, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IxH8O4KLy697ltsozXxrposted on PENANA

Ch.22: The Next Generation: Dawn of A New Eracopyright protection36PENANAa12NXcVDAN

Copyrightcopyright protection36PENANABjkir9ncUV

Copyright@ 2016copyright protection36PENANAj33Fxv37sA

Copyright@ July 19, 2016copyright protection36PENANAyDCBqzNmdo

Copyright@ 2016copyright protection36PENANA9OHu79Dumy

Copyright@ August 16, 2016copyright protection36PENANAqFCtkaZois

Copyright@ 2016copyright protection36PENANAYR5AswagSn

Dedicationcopyright protection36PENANAF2cmxjwaOS

            This book is dedicated to Erin Hunter who gave me inspiration to write Warriors fanfiction. Also dedicated to my family, teachers, and friends who have supported me in my writing.copyright protection36PENANAJexlISwHgO

Allegiancescopyright protection36PENANAafFgQ7M1oF

Thunderclancopyright protection36PENANAo3IAqfUWqI

Leader: Bramblestar- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANAO9WmvFf2mw

Deputy: Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat with green eyescopyright protection36PENANAQxLwNCEAD2

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather- gray tabby tom with blind blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAg25YDvdxrE

                        Leafpool- light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANAfgNcDjRSle

Warriors:copyright protection36PENANAocLaIzMm9q

Graystripe- long-haired gray tomcopyright protection36PENANAppsuo50BDs

            Dustpelt- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAfTJ36mnYeJ

            Brackenfur- golden brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAcDVYOExB0H

            Cloudtail- long-haired white tom with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANA1p7uUvAU7d

            Millie- Striped gray tabby she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAnn66rdsObH

                        Apprentice: Bluepaw (blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes)copyright protection36PENANAxnltm97UL8

            Thornclaw- golden-brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANACMyJhseRnm

            Spiderleg- long-limbed tom with brown underbelly and amber eyescopyright protection36PENANA4LJbRaokZA

                        Apprentice: Amberpaw (pale ginger she-cat)copyright protection36PENANA1wYn0kw7fi

            Birchfall- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAgR5OAmhPdF

            Whitewing- white she-cat with green eyescopyright protection36PENANAciqVuh6TC5

                        Apprentice: Dewpaw (gray-and-white tom)copyright protection36PENANAtECr1CMyK1

            Berrynose- cream-colored tomcopyright protection36PENANAQ0TVOui5kw

            Ravenclaw- jet-black tom with a tiny white dash on his chest with a white-tipped tail, a torn ear, and green eyescopyright protection36PENANAKwPbsjtyd5

            Mousewhisker- gray-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAEHJg9LTVjD

            Cinderheart- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAXaDR5sloxG

                        Apprentice: Firepaw (tabby tom with green eyes)copyright protection36PENANAUicJuF2Xdg

            Lionblaze- golden tabby tom with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANA2SXM96x22R

            Dovewing- pale gray she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAF01jR7Ldvi

            Rosepetal- dark cream she-catcopyright protection36PENANATpB685Lb3Z

                        Apprentice: Diamondpaw (black she-cat with a white diamond in the middle of her forehead; has emerald eyes)copyright protection36PENANAr6RpS0wq3z

            Poppyfrost- tortoiseshell she-catcopyright protection36PENANAhIzj1rqMEV

                        Apprentice: Lilypaw (tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat)copyright protection36PENANA5ykHEtNpEQ

            Blossomfall- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANAp6WgwPh2gk

            Bumblestripe- very pale gray tom with black stripescopyright protection36PENANABy3bR5ChSh

                        Apprentice: Seedpaw (golden-brown she-cat)copyright protection36PENANAdYPyFu1tTG

            Cherryfall- ginger she-catcopyright protection36PENANAjjNgAk6Rnm

            Molewhisker- brown-and-cream tomcopyright protection36PENANAcYUgaMlN3d

Queens:copyright protection36PENANA4hbTPRoRkh

Daisy- cream, long-furred cat from the horseplacecopyright protection36PENANAyEBlVbF122

            Ivypool- silver-and-white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAof1ivc4QZ8

Elders:copyright protection36PENANA43qgXf7l7s

Frostfur- pure snow-white she-cat with dark blue eyes and sleek, soft furcopyright protection36PENANADF7e03pG4s

            Purdy- Plump tabby, former loner with a gray muzzlecopyright protection36PENANAJsILLdXQ4W

            Sandstorm- pale ginger she-cat with green eyescopyright protection36PENANAY80ooYEwjL

            Brightheart- white she-cat with ginger patchescopyright protection36PENANAYXq6cr9B8e

Shadowclancopyright protection36PENANA4SGMEsZBi4

Leader: Rowanstar- ginger tomcopyright protection36PENANAyhczGBxk7R

Deputy: Tawnypelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyescopyright protection36PENANA66Oxc0ZlC8

Medicine Cat: Littlecloud- very small tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAzH0gtFJtg1

Warriors:copyright protection36PENANAxPiJpYlXjs

            Crowfrost- black-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAOqyDXLEX7h

            Grassfur- pale brown tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANA5GY6XrLGV2

            Owlclaw- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAIsS0chZxej

            Scorchfur- dark gray tomcopyright protection36PENANAZ3JyGHjlEq

            Tigerheart- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANACJ7BP53BMY

            Ferretclaw- black-and-gray tomcopyright protection36PENANADuqvvCMva1

                        Apprentice: Spikepaw (dark brown tom)copyright protection36PENANAOa4yILf26T

            Pinenose- black she-catcopyright protection36PENANAtJDAktGn4s

            Stoatfur- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANAmHXMdspZXz

            Pouncetail- brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANA0MK5ksQAvX

Queens:copyright protection36PENANAuYG7z1BfpG

            Snowbird- pure-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANAILnFyA8XA5

            Dawnpelt- cream-furred she-catcopyright protection36PENANAxBShGcKxMg

Elders:copyright protection36PENANAugeboOd04C

            Snaketail- dark brown tom with tabby-striped tailcopyright protection36PENANAGMo4sWFAUf

            Whitewater- white she-cat with long fur, blind in one eyecopyright protection36PENANAGrRyJyLu5x

            Ratscar- brown tom with long scar across his backcopyright protection36PENANAKAOZLdNYdR

            Oakfur- small brown tomcopyright protection36PENANABUEZY7WDHQ

            Smokefoot- black tomcopyright protection36PENANAToiLW1jHwp

            Kinkfur- tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all anglescopyright protection36PENANAfgZ4fKi2Jw

            Ivytail- black, white, and tortoiseshell she-catcopyright protection36PENANAUlqykpGh3n

Windclancopyright protection36PENANA7XMpIJr2qX

Leader: Onestar- brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANArGeqLtb3wV

Deputy: Harespring- brown-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAzqg0ZBpFSs

                        Apprentice: Slightpaw (black tom with flash of white on his chest)copyright protection36PENANA3ZpPp8yRaZ

Medicine Cat: Kestrelflight- mottled gray tomcopyright protection36PENANAOCG32rwev2

Warriors:copyright protection36PENANA95tp5t0v8S

            Crowfeather- dark gray tomcopyright protection36PENANAYcSo1iwA9H

                        Apprentice: Featherpaw (gray tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAAYjg1mIyBd

            Nightcloud- black she-catcopyright protection36PENANABKi4aoxbTG

                        Apprentice: Hootpaw (dark gray tom)copyright protection36PENANA4RSWfUfMuo

            Weaselfur- ginger tom with white pawscopyright protection36PENANAt5nNlo93WK

            Leaftail- dark tabby tom with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANAgxvzCFXaQQ

                        Apprentice: Oatpaw (pale brown tabby tom)copyright protection36PENANAQVIJRYE6K9

            Emberfoot- gray tom with two dark pawscopyright protection36PENANAvdeS1zhaDd

            Heathertail- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAVTLqto6qyX

            Breezepelt- black tom with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANAhpSZ9KXNRI

            Furzepelt- gray-and-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANAWmWafXKw7n

            Crouchfoot- ginger tomcopyright protection36PENANAK3hvtKUAas

            Larkwing- pale brown tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAxsSps19qP0

Queens:copyright protection36PENANA8Ln4WC1H89

            Sedgewhisker- light brown tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANA4ScmoG6igh

Elders:copyright protection36PENANALNJEdcFnCu

            Whiskernose- light brown tomcopyright protection36PENANAoKgLPdoRUx

            Whitetail- small white she-catcopyright protection36PENANA0ZqdmPUs8a

Riverclancopyright protection36PENANAKTYuxcGdzi

Leader: Mistystar- gray she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANAIY3YKTc8K7

Deputy: Reedwhisker- black tomcopyright protection36PENANAFL76ZtVTW3

                        Apprentice: Lizardpaw (light brown tom)copyright protection36PENANA4GW3bufRIP

Medicine Cat: Mothwing- dappled golden she-catcopyright protection36PENANAaqOepy8BGS

                      Willowshine- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAJmEQsDjnxf

Warriors:copyright protection36PENANArBWoF7SVZB

            Mintfur- light gray tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANALa1zpr7x2O

            Minnowtail- dark gray she-catcopyright protection36PENANAqLb4CDIV1f

            Mallownose- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAbsR8QwgJrf

                        Apprentice: Havenpaw (black-and-white she-cat)copyright protection36PENANAkcqmMQNTnQ

            Grasspelt- light brown tomcopyright protection36PENANAINCTRexzay

            Duskfur- brown tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAPl1GuScKCE

            Mosspelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANA0WRrjDh6wE

                        Apprentice: Perchpaw (gray-and-white she-cat)copyright protection36PENANAWfsz8jNFTX

            Shimmerpelt- silver she-catcopyright protection36PENANAeIjgpO8CyL

            Lakeheart- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection36PENANAgyH701Kh7h

            Heronwing- dark gray-and-black tomcopyright protection36PENANAV4xnDFHrlB

Queens: Icewing- white she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection36PENANApAkJQJxZl5

            Petalfur- gray-and-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANAKCEsKEtuWA

Elders: Pouncefoot- ginger-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAMSFjgiZXKk

            Pebblefoot- mottled gray tomcopyright protection36PENANAz9UUSLEqK0

            Rushtail- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAwuCaXmPqRM

Skyclancopyright protection36PENANA1EEGXUZXSK

Leader: Leafstar- brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyescopyright protection36PENANAhrTcmMX0cI

Deputy: Sharpclaw- dark ginger tomcopyright protection36PENANA0IdCTaZJBR

Medicine Cat: Echosong- silver tabby she-cat with green eyescopyright protection36PENANAvCv9jt3iqW

Warriors:copyright protection36PENANA2InWVJISKV

            Patchfoot- black-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANABKDOnxZngA

            Petalnose- pale gray she-catcopyright protection36PENANAeLcJVvcZOC

                        Apprentice: Sagepaw (pale gray tom; Petalnose and Rainfur’s son)copyright protection36PENANAVRljOg3x9N

            Sparrowpelt- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection36PENANAsKx6zVDyiU

            Cherrytail- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection36PENANA9wGmfBSsBG

            Waspwhisker- gray-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANA4xyqQnGTUQ

                        Apprentice: Mintpaw (gray tabby she-cat; Petalnose and Rainfur’s daughter)copyright protection36PENANAHmAftaa6Jt

            Shrewtooth- skinny black tomcopyright protection36PENANA1SZHefi6HU

            Ebonyclaw- striking black she-catcopyright protection36PENANANMrmchJTbD

                        Apprentice: Frecklepaw (mottled light brown she-cat with spotted legs)copyright protection36PENANAJT0k8uuiAe

            Billystorm- ginger-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAMB7Ljm0BsH

                        Apprentice: Snookpaw (black-and-white tom)copyright protection36PENANAwguXDGemzq

            Harveymoon- white tomcopyright protection36PENANA0ij1Crv7K6

            Macgyver- black-and-white tomcopyright protection36PENANAlwHsi1OjCh

            Rockshade- black tom (Clovertail’s son)copyright protection36PENANA18yv6bblyK

            Bouncefire- ginger tom (Clovertail’s son)copyright protection36PENANALy35zGx4Ni

            Tinycloud- small white she-cat (Clovertail’s daughter)copyright protection36PENANAa9PSC7Trqw

Queens: Fallowfern- brown she-cat (mother to Hunchfoot’s kits Rabbitkit, Creekkit, Nettlekit, and Plumkit)copyright protection36PENANAJsFiXLt872

            Clovertail- light brown she-cat with white belly and legs (expecting Patchfoot’s kits)copyright protection36PENANATSAXYaDvfr

Elders: Lichenfur- gray mottled she-catcopyright protection36PENANAOpBDieLcFc

            Tangle- ragged tabby tom, lonercopyright protection36PENANAJpEoHBabKh

Cats Outside Clanscopyright protection36PENANAdDaOB9ZeFe

N/Acopyright protection36PENANAGtEh7XwS9c

Chapter 1copyright protection36PENANA4SBJhjksv5

            It was sun high as the new apprentices Diamondpaw, Firepaw, and Bluepaw scampered out of the apprentice den and across the clearing, towards the fresh-kill pile, excited for their first training session.copyright protection36PENANAKJJVyk4xzJ

            As they ate, they spoke to one another about their first apprenticeship day.copyright protection36PENANALfcpxjn3cw

            “I can’t wait until we start training today!” Bluepaw meowed.copyright protection36PENANAfhpR0HalaG

            “I wonder if we’ll get to train together,” Diamondpaw meowed.copyright protection36PENANAqUp9PXtUu2

            “I hope we do,” Firepaw meowed.copyright protection36PENANADgiQGPa3Tn

            After they had finished their food and had cleaned themselves, their mentors padded up to them, at each other’s flanks.copyright protection36PENANAA8EZZEGa0R

            “Are you three ready for your training?” Cinderheart meowed to them.copyright protection36PENANAQqLgABd3vI

            “Are we ever!” Firepaw meowed happily.copyright protection36PENANA69Zo0FeaI7

            “Let’s go then,” Millie meowed.copyright protection36PENANAyigcifRZqR

            The three new apprentices followed their mentors Cinderheart, Rosepetal, and Millie out of camp and towards the middle of the Thunderclan territory.copyright protection36PENANAQgiBwSdKWJ

            The day went by with the mentors training the apprentices, both new and older apprentices, teaching them fighting moves and how to properly hunt.copyright protection36PENANAt2SsrS7G3Q

            At sundown, they entered the camp, each with a piece of fresh-kill. They set their fresh-kill on top of the fresh-kill pile. Thunderclan would eat well tonight due to how much they had caught today.copyright protection36PENANAOB94OrkFrK

            “Why don’t you three go make sure the elders, queens, kits, and Jayfeather have eaten?” Rosepetal meowed.copyright protection36PENANAxh1PTyH7iD

            “You may eat when you have done that,” Cinderheart meowed.copyright protection36PENANAQMGIe7BmOF

            They watched the apprentices go do as they were told.copyright protection36PENANAcCgmG5N0Kf

            Diamondpaw entered the medicine cat den, while Firepaw and Bluepaw went to the queens, elders, and kits.copyright protection36PENANALhwM7qkOxD

            Jayfeather turned his head towards the sound of the moss that hung from the entrance rustling. He sniffed the air, but couldn’t smell the scent of an injured clanmate.copyright protection36PENANArnp76EfH03

            “What can I help you with?” he questioned.copyright protection36PENANAndGEzmJnnu

            “I came to make sure that you’ve eaten,” Diamondpaw replied.copyright protection36PENANAC8M9UTAfH7

            “You don’t need to worry about me. Go eat, Diamondpaw.”copyright protection36PENANAT9vjhCXxkX

            “Okay. Thanks, Jayfeather.”copyright protection36PENANABHahlKE471

            Jayfeather heard the moss rustle again, as Diamondpaw padded out.copyright protection36PENANAzJ9lT4etkW

            After they had all gone to sleep, apart from a couple warriors whom were guarding the Thunderclan camp entrance, Diamondpaw and Jayfeather had the same prophecy dram, but with different Starclan cat. While Diamondpaw was visited by an elder, Jayfeather was visited by one of their former leaders.copyright protection36PENANABd67woJtV4

            Diamondpaw dreamt that she was padding through an unfamiliar forest, exploring, the familiar scent of Thunderclan around her Then she heard a voice.copyright protection36PENANArxLCO7msbt

            “Diamondpaw, come here.”copyright protection36PENANAuLdD66Ilz2

            The apprentice turned around to see an old she-cat sitting under a tree. She assumed this was an elder, so she did as she was told.copyright protection36PENANAibgoiMM2gI

            “Who are you?” she asked the unfamiliar face.copyright protection36PENANA6IfRk4YGwa

            “My name is Goldenflower, young’un. I was an elder back in the old territory. I’ve come to deliver a message to you.”copyright protection36PENANAa0VnE2tnn3

            “Nice to meet you, Goldenflower.” She dipped her head in respect, before looked at her again. “What’s the message?”copyright protection36PENANAqGeG4xtRzK

            “The Hawk will risecopyright protection36PENANAAFsPxMTwtq

            The Bramble will fallcopyright protection36PENANAGDrC06Euu2

            The Squirrel will shinecopyright protection36PENANAxUIMBNj4FT

            And peace will be once morecopyright protection36PENANAPfyh464YCx

            But beware of the Dark Forestcopyright protection36PENANApjbRVcXAGr

            The future lies in your paws,” Goldenflower recited, before she faded away.copyright protection36PENANADemm1X9k1P

Chapter 2copyright protection36PENANAeQ4M89Td7v

            Diamondpaw woke up to sunlight, wondering what Goldenflower had meant by the message. Why would the future be in her paws, and what kind of future was it? Hers or the clans’? She was only one cat and she wasn’t even a warrior yet.copyright protection36PENANAKxOWoJ8mkP

            After she licked her pelt into place, she padded out of the apprentice den. Soon she had eaten and was padding into the forest at Rosepetal’s flank for her training today.copyright protection36PENANAOX3aj57tq9

            Towards the end of the day, she returned to camp with Rosepetal who then told her to go meet the other apprentices to learn to get the elders new moss for their nests. And once she’d learned that, unlike the other apprentices, she loved doing it.copyright protection36PENANAiE0mr9wkmE

            Afterward, she ate a piece of fresh-kill and then headed for bed.copyright protection36PENANAP7bD3AncWH

Chapter 3copyright protection36PENANA1LF5VZa3sA

            After several moons of being an apprentices, Diamondpaw earned her warrior name Diamondtail, along with the other apprentices. Firepaw became Firepelt, while Bluepaw became Blueclaw. And so the three siblings became warriors together.copyright protection36PENANAcLed8FmEZI

            A moon later, after Bramblestar lost his last life in a battle and Squirrelflight became the leader by the name of Squirrelstar, the youngest kit of Firestar lead the clan as her father once had, Diamondtail at her pelt as her deputy. And after those events, Diamondtail finally started to understand Goldenflower’s prophecy. She realized that the Bramble and Squirrel were Bramblestar and Squirrelstar. The Hawk had to be a cat, but she knew there weren’t any warriors by that name except…That’s when it dawned on her. Hawkfrost would be coming back or using a warrior. The future had to mean that she had to save the future of the clans from him, or else the clans wouldn’t survive.copyright protection36PENANAiPPusT4Q51

Chapter 4copyright protection36PENANAx7MdcIcnLF

            A moon later, Hawkfrost rose as Starclan had prophesied to Diamondtail. Hawkfrost was working through a Shadowclan warrior named Crowfrost. Through Crowfrost, Hawkfrost started a fierce battle between Shadowclan and Thunderclan, which ultimately ended with the deaths of Squirrelstar and Berrynose.copyright protection36PENANAYYrcczSyeS

            That day at the time that a deputy would be appointed, Diamondtail chose her deputy to be Ravenclaw, the former apprentice and farm cat Ravenpaw. And when she received her leader name Diamondstar, she got her nine lives from Starclan. Wiseheart gave her wisdom, Lionheart gave her the strength to never give up in the times of hardship, Snowfur gave her patience, Bluestar gave her understanding, Firestar gave her the life of forgiveness, Silverstream gave her peace, Hollyleaf gave her “sight” to predict what choice would bring out what outcome to better lead the clan, Feathertail gave her the life of knowledge, and Sorreltail gave her love that a queen would give her kits.copyright protection36PENANAhxI72a0716

            As the prophecy foretold, peace came to be once more between the five clans and Diamondstar lead Thunderclan just as a born leader would. And so Diamondstar’s story continued on for several moons.copyright protection36PENANA8zdVMqDZNp

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