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Ch.23: The Next Generation: The Return
Jan 13, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4YapJfrZzDRgtZ5WfaXgposted on PENANA

Ch.23: The Next Generation: The Returncopyright protection24PENANACMq4RgYh9G

Allegiancescopyright protection24PENANA7dFhDpx4o6

Thunderclancopyright protection24PENANAHgnbgt7vD5

Leader: Bramblestar- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyescopyright protection24PENANALfRbkJsj1B

Deputy: Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat with green eyescopyright protection24PENANAZ8PFqt5Yxu

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather- gray tabby tom with blind blue eyescopyright protection24PENANA5fKtr0WyvA

                        Leafpool- light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyescopyright protection24PENANAEhQvtafVtg

Warriors:copyright protection24PENANAxtpn9QQeOo

                        Graystripe- long-haired gray tomcopyright protection24PENANAIUEtn5tjEZ

                        Dustpelt- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAUigKOJV3Fo

                        Brackenfur- golden brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAkcSKA2Aqgp

                        Cloudtail- long-haired white tom with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAOZjtsGyV0d

                        Brightheart- white she-cat with ginger patchescopyright protection24PENANAUVwbFkUAoz

                        Millie- striped gray tabby she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAZJMRtmT3Ma

                        Thornclaw- golden-brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAtBaM4CtDyu

                        Spiderleg- long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyescopyright protection24PENANAQtpnE4HzF6

                                                Apprentice: Amberpaw (pale ginger she-cat)copyright protection24PENANA9EPVwiiqm5

                        Birchfall- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANABPHLCMo5pW

                        Whitewing- white she-cat with green eyescopyright protection24PENANAAgqZD54lEJ

                                                Apprentice: Dewpaw (gray-and-white tom)copyright protection24PENANArOogKVz2lV

                        Berrynose- cream-colored tomcopyright protection24PENANA8XLPInB7t0

                        Mousewhisker- gray-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANA43hu2Vz7ge

                        Cinderheart- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAQH3fXNawQw

                        Lionblaze- golden tabby tom with amber eyescopyright protection24PENANAsYtdNcBoj4

                        Dovewing- pale gray she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANApn8GSbBsiS

                        Rosepetal- dark cream she-catcopyright protection24PENANAH9zKowxz3n

                        Poppyfrost- tortoiseshell she-catcopyright protection24PENANA6vlAJ9Nkx6

                                                Apprentice: Lilypaw (tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat)copyright protection24PENANApXuxEnIgP1

                        Blossomfall- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANA8xaHhzeP9i

                        Bumblestripe- very pale gray tom with black stripescopyright protection24PENANAdfOzPxICSg

                                                Apprentice: Seedpaw (golden-brown she-cat)copyright protection24PENANAJideQRCy7s

                        Cherryfall- ginger she-catcopyright protection24PENANAAgZKXgkc5t

                        Molewhisker- brown-and-cream tomcopyright protection24PENANAuiJiSzQAbI

Queens:copyright protection24PENANAQV04aQVMp3

                        Daisy- cream, long-furred cat from the horseplacecopyright protection24PENANAe0kdLhu5uA

                        Ivypool- silver-and-white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAzYTihLR7l3

Elders:copyright protection24PENANAPcYQg9HcV7

                        Purdy- plump tabby, former loner with a gray muzzlecopyright protection24PENANAfa7zoSRSYm

                        Sandstorm- pale ginger she-cat with green eyescopyright protection24PENANAsxkmPB7HJs

Shadowclancopyright protection24PENANAKzFJqVT77P

Leader: Rowanstar- ginger tomcopyright protection24PENANAfnZmXnfPfd

Deputy: Tawnypelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyescopyright protection24PENANAbIKv4A7biR

Medicine Cat: Littlecloud- very small tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAE2qjMQfGYm

Warriors:copyright protection24PENANAvdJuAHRPw7

                        Crowfrost- black-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANA2HQNdUnl6F

                        Grassfur- pale brown tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAcLIC5vtkbr

                        Owlclaw- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAGGFqaf724D

                        Scorchfur- dark gray tomcopyright protection24PENANAa7l0UyViT1

                        Tigerheart- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAX5MGIRbbcn

                        Ferretclaw- black-and-gray tomcopyright protection24PENANADT3jjeyrhD

                                                Apprentice: Spikepaw (dark brown tom)copyright protection24PENANA5rLqsFYnXR

                        Pinenose- black she-catcopyright protection24PENANAoVXbCF3NRf

                        Stoatfur- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANAbv8fOstnTL

                        Pouncetail- brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANA1YcMoErn1p

Queens:copyright protection24PENANAeqlcBXRFLJ

                        Snowbird- pure-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANAUWe3b3vFqo

                        Dawnpelt- cream-furred she-catcopyright protection24PENANAqrnDdMiF9k

Elders:copyright protection24PENANA5oLqAmor29

                        Snaketail- dark brown tom with tabby-stripped tailcopyright protection24PENANAbW6p0isvXT

                        Whitewater- white she-cat with long fur, blind in one eyecopyright protection24PENANAUokh1y4ked

                        Ratscar- brown tom with long scar across his backcopyright protection24PENANAEkBqLcM9EP

                        Oakfur- small brown tomcopyright protection24PENANAjPMpfMHHhF

                        Smokefoot- black tomcopyright protection24PENANABc3Wt5uyqJ

                        Kinkfur- tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all anglescopyright protection24PENANAL53nvOziXd

                        Ivytail- black, white, and tortoiseshell she-catcopyright protection24PENANA7h3THiFp0X

Windclancopyright protection24PENANA4B98xDe1bE

Leader: Onestar- brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANALXJOlfDUxB

Deputy: Harespring- brown-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANA8FSbyzteYt

                                    Apprentice: Slightpaw (black tom with flash of white on his chest)copyright protection24PENANAb34lbCZqEa

Medicine Cat: Kestrelflight- mottled gray tomcopyright protection24PENANA4p8Oet3RoB

Warriors:copyright protection24PENANAswgkIPUc3T

                        Crowfeather- dark gray tomcopyright protection24PENANAFfWKB8mAy0

                                    Apprentice: Featherpaw (gray tabby she-cat)copyright protection24PENANALCqTrEnvvL

                        Nightcloud- black she-catcopyright protection24PENANA6Yhni0cdcg

                                    Apprentice: Hootpaw (dark gray tom)copyright protection24PENANA6Sv3C6bZHJ

                        Gorsetail- very pale gray-and-white tom with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANA0smrmN5JjA

                        Weaselfur- ginger tom with white pawscopyright protection24PENANAupzMNRMZ5Y

                        Leaftail- dark tabby tom, amber eyescopyright protection24PENANAgcQLftSqtz

                                                Apprentice: Oatpaw (pale brown tabby tom)copyright protection24PENANAau2wVok08D

                        Emberfoot- gray tom with two dark pawscopyright protection24PENANABC3aoQ2bQ8

                        Heathertail- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANA96k0SAtK0X

                        Breezepelt- black tom with amber eyescopyright protection24PENANAkbrnHmL1nT

                        Furzepelt- gray-and-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANAFYwI9Vyc6p

                        Crouchfoot- ginger tomcopyright protection24PENANAkgvEgneK8f

                        Larkwing- pale brown tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAHsq9Q8vBaS

Queens:copyright protection24PENANAvPR2x1X6d4

                        Sedgewhisker- light brown tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAvxk0cBormw

Elders:copyright protection24PENANAG4Z7dPgIrq

                        Whiskernose- light brown tomcopyright protection24PENANABXgtZNuWUH

                        Whitetail- small white she-catcopyright protection24PENANA1pflqrXPSj

Riverclancopyright protection24PENANAlznkHAaXjB

Leader: Mistystar- gray she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAoVyEpysTvm

Deputy: Reedwhisker- black tomcopyright protection24PENANABwMQRdiP2a

                        Apprentice: Lizardpaw (light brown tom)copyright protection24PENANA8nKvIr6Spq

Medicine Cat: Mothwing- dappled golden she-catcopyright protection24PENANAuNl3sKBUE6

                        Willowshine- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAhfC46uhojk

Warriors:copyright protection24PENANAzrIjXqL3ja

                        Mintfur- light gray tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAuOYQRrAslf

                        Minnowtail- dark gray she-catcopyright protection24PENANAyDvaHBEZ0X

                        Mallownose- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAjzp1SmsEqL

                                    Apprentice: Havenpaw (black-and-white she-cat)copyright protection24PENANAPUzNKrelTA

                        Grasspelt- light brown tomcopyright protection24PENANABre6CVIhUI

                        Duskfur- brown tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANAfehEfa1HPs

                        Mosspelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAtEn3r8uGun

                                                Apprentice: Perchpaw (gray-and-white she-cat)copyright protection24PENANAh5PvbsrUJm

                        Shimmerpelt- silver she-catcopyright protection24PENANACZAUEP5GwU

                        Lakeheart- gray tabby she-catcopyright protection24PENANA8Zyw20ExH8

                        Heronwing- dark gray-and-black tomcopyright protection24PENANAUYdKupcVkW

Queens:copyright protection24PENANAhWVRRAHWge

                        Icewing- white she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANARodpUgqzO7

                        Petalfur- gray-and-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANAHJ6VtBlGxF

Elders:copyright protection24PENANADOCyGt8oqp

                        Pouncefoot- ginger-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANAChNQGI77hV

                        Pebblefoot- mottled gray tomcopyright protection24PENANAeZElV8WgOt

                        Rushtail- light brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANAWriy0Z19nr

Skyclancopyright protection24PENANAyZImPp4Xwm

Leader: Leafstar- brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyescopyright protection24PENANASLlw6hE3xt

Deputy: Sharpclaw- dark ginger tomcopyright protection24PENANAxtUP2VP35c

Medicine Cat: Echosong- silver tabby she-cat with green eyescopyright protection24PENANAvDce02E4Za

Warriors:copyright protection24PENANArSWNo3436B

                        Patchfoot- black-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANAwD5rt7nibs

                        Petalnose- pale gray she-catcopyright protection24PENANAvH6IW6KAbK

                                                Apprentice: Sagepaw (pale gray tom; Petalnose and Rainfur’s son)copyright protection24PENANALCCHp1Ku5R

                        Sparrowpelt- dark brown tabby tomcopyright protection24PENANA6Cub3Yjrgv

                        Cherrytail- tortoiseshell-and-white she-catcopyright protection24PENANATMc0u96fJh

                        Waspwhisker- gray-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANA0uUDcjEXOJ

                                                Apprentice: Mintpaw (gray tabby she-cat; Petalnose and Rainfur’s daughter)copyright protection24PENANAOUmj5phpRy

                        Shrewtooth- skinny black tomcopyright protection24PENANAULk7LPgR50

                        Ebonyclaw- striking black she-catcopyright protection24PENANA95v3IHnnFb

                                                Apprentice: Frecklepaw (mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs)copyright protection24PENANA6u5sNbS5AK

                        Billystorm- ginger-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANAEvvZDgOT8U

                                                Apprentice: Snookpaw (black-and-white tom)copyright protection24PENANAThZpkH6H4M

                        Harveymoon- white tomcopyright protection24PENANATbgYE49xaK

                        Macgyver- black-and-white tomcopyright protection24PENANAhOgNNT3CNc

                        Rockshade- black tom (Clovertail’s son)copyright protection24PENANAwHtw6Odcwi

                        Bouncefire- ginger tom (Clovertail’s son)copyright protection24PENANAZptfn8jxFt

                        Tinycloud- small white she-cat (Clovertail’s daughter)copyright protection24PENANAiXiyK6rNJe

Queens:copyright protection24PENANA0gVtM2i0fP

                        Fallowfern- pale brown she-cat (mother to Hunchfoot’s kits Rabbitkit, Creekkit, Nettlekit, and Plumkit)copyright protection24PENANAieeMtCUNaA

                        Clovertail- light brown she-cat with white belly and legs (expecting Patchfoot’s kits)copyright protection24PENANAhsxA0hGs5p

Elders:copyright protection24PENANAH5GDzsFRtU

                        Lichenfur- gray mottled she-catcopyright protection24PENANAGM8VyCytqI

                        Tangle- ragged tabby tom, lonercopyright protection24PENANA3HaAhbRYDW

Cats Outside Clanscopyright protection24PENANAok24YBxDt0

Frostfur- beautiful white she-cat with blue eyescopyright protection24PENANAxaMG6liEOI

Princess- light brown tabby with a distinctive white chest and paws- a kittypetcopyright protection24PENANAmRqxsIIjGm

Ravenpaw- sleek black tom with a white-tipped tail who lives on the farm with Barleycopyright protection24PENANAg5Hj9FUHio

Ch.1copyright protection24PENANAIQzvwFQOjF

            Leafpool dreamed that she was in a forest looking for herbs, when she saw an old speckled gray tom with pale blue eyes, sitting by the river on Thunderclan territory. Seeing him, she padded up to him, though she had never seen him before.copyright protection24PENANAxGwYeYGWin

            When she reached him, he turned his gaze to her. He had been gazing at the river.copyright protection24PENANAjzs1SCGNjZ

            “Greetings. You must be Leafpool. I am Goosefeather. I was Thunderclan Medicine Cat before Bluestar was leader.”copyright protection24PENANAb1PLxmqnbK

            He dipped his head in respect to her.copyright protection24PENANA3IqzGEynBR

            “Greetings, Goosefeather.”copyright protection24PENANAKVrcWjOD78

            She dipped her head in respect to the almost ancient Medicine Cat.copyright protection24PENANACjas4HOu40

            “I have come with a message for you,” he informed her.copyright protection24PENANAe7JFHqkgNW

            “What is it?” she asked.copyright protection24PENANA8xRzKOTzr0

            “The star of the bramblecopyright protection24PENANAI3jSwnzlRE

            And the flight of the squirrelcopyright protection24PENANAl6M4Muu6Li

            Will rein through the forestcopyright protection24PENANA3TQUtAIma9

            What was lostcopyright protection24PENANAmTdGLK3l5V

            Will be foundcopyright protection24PENANAZq2MvOg0V2

            The clan of sky will returncopyright protection24PENANAiYV8SpJBLT

            Blood will run through the forestcopyright protection24PENANAL8NZOyJSTO

            Five will become againcopyright protection24PENANAOTfQGLFWLA

            And at lastcopyright protection24PENANAY3yUbrjU35

            Peace will come,” Goosefeather recited.copyright protection24PENANAOPeBO3axV4

            She watched, as he slowly faded away. Then, the next thing she knew, she was back in her nest in the Medicine den.copyright protection24PENANAmKXCBDngA8

            When she had licked her fur into place, she left her nest and padded outside where the sun warmed her pelt. She then padded towards the fresh-kill pile.copyright protection24PENANARzcpuoROiV

            Once there, she picked out a plump mouse and ate it outside the Medicine den, as she thought about what Goosefeather’s prophecy meant.copyright protection24PENANAT7K7JybT66

            When she finished the mouse, the ferns to the Medicine den parted and Jayfeather padded outside.copyright protection24PENANAXtRV6sztIa

            “Greetings, Leafpool. I slept well. You?”copyright protection24PENANACzKPZedR2w

            He sat beside her, as they spoke.copyright protection24PENANAMWDx4m6fgc

            “Any dreams from Starclan?” she asked him.copyright protection24PENANAmeGeaMGJgp

            “Yes. Firestar came to me with a prophecy.”copyright protection24PENANAUTZEIZTVQW

            “Goosefeather, a Medicine Cat from Bluestar’s time, came to me with a prophecy of his own,” she meowed, before reciting it.copyright protection24PENANArDS5aXrhdI

            “The star of the bramblecopyright protection24PENANAuAWaO6XuQd

            And the flight of the squirrelcopyright protection24PENANAUK6TpPSiKJ

            Will rein through the forestcopyright protection24PENANAecm7hx4JOi

            What was lostcopyright protection24PENANAriSotGvqbl

            Will be foundcopyright protection24PENANAE56KYvAROk

            The clan of sky will returncopyright protection24PENANAA2xW9Oueyj

            Blood will run through the forestcopyright protection24PENANAw0Bpo55Uvh

            Five will become againcopyright protection24PENANAf9mmUlSucG

            And at lastcopyright protection24PENANAPNJmKTbe8K

            Peace will come.”copyright protection24PENANAxFK949ea3K

            “Firestar gave me the same prophecy,” he told her.copyright protection24PENANArjTOFOayjn

            “What do you think it means? The star of the bramble and the flight of the squirrel has to be Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. The clan of sky has to be Skyclan and we know there used to be five clans in the forest; not four. That’s all I have deciphered. The rest I need to think about,” she meowed to her son.copyright protection24PENANAf9aYvUSH90

            “Well, obviously, at the end, we’ll finally have peace between the clans. I don’t know what Starclan means by ‘what was lost, will be found,’ though. Thunderclan and the others clans have lost too much,” he meowed back.copyright protection24PENANArGFcQKl4Uo

            She nodded in agreement with him, thankful that they could talk these days. When the truth had been found out, it had taken him and her other kits, as well as the clans, time to forgive her and move on with their lives. She had a lot to be thankful for.copyright protection24PENANAOlHIanxkVQ

Ch.2copyright protection24PENANAHbZR9vM2dV

            It was a beautiful day at sunhigh, as Ivypool padded out of the Warriors’ den, heading towards where her mate, Bumblestripe, was laying down and enjoying a squirrel.copyright protection24PENANA3FCIRstdxn

            When she reached him, he looked at her.copyright protection24PENANABmJj5THCeD

            “Care to join me?”copyright protection24PENANAtVOtNXZz0d

            She layed down beside him and shared it with him.copyright protection24PENANAv3S7MKAfX7

            “I have to tell you something,” she meowed to him, when the squirrel was finished.copyright protection24PENANACztmSyfAbt

            He looked at her.copyright protection24PENANAdFp19cZ8MZ

            “What is it, Ivypool?”copyright protection24PENANAli2epPYZ4V

            “I’m having your kits,” she meowed, thrilled.copyright protection24PENANA7HvB3oajYl

            “That’s great!” he meowed to her.copyright protection24PENANANb1dcapcic

            They rubbed heads together, happy that they would be having kits together.copyright protection24PENANAbEueTU3RU8

            “I better tell Dovewing,” she meowed, as she got to her paws. Dovewing was her sister and a warrior like herself, but unlike herself, Dovewing had been in a prophecy just like Lionblaze and Jayfeather.copyright protection24PENANAN2PiDTGNdF

            Bumblestripe watched, as his mate padded over to tell Dovewing the good news.copyright protection24PENANA91Qae3kEfD

            Dovewing was talking to Lionblaze by the fresh-kill pile, when her sister approached.copyright protection24PENANAQrilFbgJ3b

            “I have some good news!” Ivypool meowed excitedly.copyright protection24PENANARQdH9QBQDP

            “What’s the good news?” she asked her.copyright protection24PENANAvNQmX4qiIF

            “I’m having Bumblestripe’s kits!” she meowed, overjoyed.copyright protection24PENANAVz7eVMpcws

            “That wonderful!” Dovewing meowed, the news brightening her spirit. Ever since they had fulfilled the prophecy, she had lost her power of “sight.” She couldn’t “see” anymore. Lionblaze and Jayfeather had also lost their powers. Lionblaze couldn’t do anything without getting injured anymore, while Jayfeather couldn’t read or see other cats’ memories or thoughts. He could still see in Starclan dreams, though. They wee all normal cats now, which they had to remind themselves of.copyright protection24PENANAnojA6tqHj4

Ch.3copyright protection24PENANAxPRnbPrB7a

            It was a beautiful day at sunhigh, as three cats trekked through familiar and unfamiliar land. Their paws ached, but they kept onward. They had to reach the clans, but all they knew was to follow the sign of a dying warrior. Two of them were in Thunderclan once, while the other one was the sister of Firestar, who so happened to be a kittypet. She never once complained though, despite the long journey.copyright protection24PENANAh3KohGbHSI

            Ravenpaw stopped where there were trees clustered together, which would make a great shelter.copyright protection24PENANAaf6tPcWgUg

            “We can stop here for a while and rest,” he meowed to his companions.copyright protection24PENANAlr5cPh1hT9

            “Good. My old bones are aching. Why did they have to move so far away from the old territory?” Frostfur complained.copyright protection24PENANArbccAtSLaK

            “It was the only place they could go,” Princess meowed to the old, white she-cat.copyright protection24PENANAukZAOPNL5I

            “I’ll make you a comfy, warm moss nest if it helps,” Ravenpaw suggested.copyright protection24PENANA1qa6DZoFgh

            “I’d be grateful if you did. Thank you, Ravenpaw.”copyright protection24PENANAOIs0U3uNPF

            “I might have left the clan life for several moons, but I never abandoned Starclan or forgot how to care for my clan mates,” he meowed to her.copyright protection24PENANAxj0xUOmIzr

            Later that night, when they all had warm moss nests mads by Ravenpaw, the three travelers settled down into their warm nests and fell asleep.copyright protection24PENANAqBSAIvA6aR

            The next morning, after they had all had their fill of fresh-kill, they continued their journey in search of the clans; mostly Thunderclan. It was their time to join the clan. Barley was gone, Princess’ twolegs had abandoned her, and Frostfur had nowhere else to go. They had to find Thunderclan.copyright protection24PENANAoZzRZuUuhJ

Ch.4copyright protection24PENANA9O29lWYIEx

            Goosefeather, Firestar, Bluestar, Sunstar, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, Cinderpelt, Wiseheart, Goldenflower, Mosskit, Snowfur, Longtail, Swiftpaw, Whitestorm, Brightspirit, Briarlight, Owlstar, Redtail, Tawnyspots, Ferncloud, Lionheart, Hollyleaf, Moonflower, Thunderstar, Featherwhisker, Stonepelt, Smallear, Thrushpelt, Poppydawn, Dappletail, Stormtail, Adderfang, Willowpelt, Sootfur, Speckletail, Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, Mousefur, and Honeyfern former Thunderclan cats who resigned in Starclan, spoke about the prophecy Goosefeather had given Leafpool and Firestar had given Jayfeather.copyright protection24PENANA9582GQxgXI

            “Did you get it to them?” Cinderpelt asked.copyright protection24PENANA8lIHcIb6ct

            “We did,” Goosefeather meowed.copyright protection24PENANAQlhSvDPtlu

            “Bramblestar has also gotten the message,” Bluestar informed them.copyright protection24PENANA1vAaxg15xY

            “And what of Shadowclan?” Spottedleaf asked.copyright protection24PENANAOFjwnweyDq

            “Mothwing has been informed,” Yellowfang answered her.copyright protection24PENANA1tMjmiXbLi

            “I will guide Princess to the clans and through what else she will need, since I know her best,” Firestar meowed.copyright protection24PENANAGNOgXmxYr4

            “I will do the same for Ravenpaw. He was my apprentice, after all,” Lionheart interjected.copyright protection24PENANAXfKhM7N0Gr

            “I will do the same for Frostfur. She’ll need my encouragement to get through this long journey,” Wiseheart meowed.copyright protection24PENANArIUd1gwZsh

            The other Starclan cats from Thunderclan nodded in agreement.copyright protection24PENANAi956q2sX1U

            “You know what you must do,” Sunstar meowed. “We will be with you and we will help you if you need it. Now go.”copyright protection24PENANA2Y9MgWU3WA

Ch.5copyright protection24PENANAvnipBkG7j9

            Several moons later, when Ivypool’s kits were three moons old, the travelling cats found the clans at last and waited for a Thunderclan patrol.copyright protection24PENANApBjuHJxaGz

            That dawn, the dawn patrol consisting of Bumblestripe, Graystripe, Cloudtail, Birchfall, Seedpaw, Poppyfrost, and Lilypaw met them where they sat on the other side of the Thunderclan border, obviously soar and weary from their journey, Bumblestripe leading the patrol.copyright protection24PENANA4IxevOapR7

            “Rogues and kittypets!” Birchfall growled.copyright protection24PENANAZnviM6CteV

            “Who are you calling a kittypet?” Frostfur replied.copyright protection24PENANADExW8eFGpl

            “Let’s get them!” Seedpaw said excitedly.copyright protection24PENANAft4NIzBSZt

            “Hold it,” Graystripe meowed. “I may be old, but I’d recognize these three anywhere.”copyright protection24PENANAZYQugDBT6Q

            Graystripe padded up to them from where he had been at the back of the patrol, tail held high.copyright protection24PENANAPKumGDAljZ

            “It’s been too long Ravenpaw and Princess,” he greeted, before turning his gaze to the elder he had known since he had been a kit in the nursery. “I’m glad you’re okay.” He dipped his head in respect to her. “Greetings, Frostfur. It’s great to see you.” He looked at them all. “It’s been such a long journey for you. Come. We’ll take you to the Thunderclan camp.”copyright protection24PENANAHztMmbmX4l

            Bramblestar was seated on a rock in the camp by his den, when he saw the dawn patrol enter with three cats.copyright protection24PENANAr3khyAUau1

            When they entered the camp, Graystripe led them to where Bramblestar now stood in the middle of the camp.copyright protection24PENANA0jLuFs7gOr

            Graystripe dipped his head to the leader.copyright protection24PENANAgv0JinVEkZ

            “Greetings, Bramblestar. Some old friends have come from the old territory.” He gestured with his tail, as he introduced them. “This is Ravenpaw, Princess, and Frostfur.”copyright protection24PENANA0M3k3CVYMp

            Bramblestar dipped his head to them.copyright protection24PENANA0MIMhoepE2

            “Greetings. I’m Bramblestar. You may sleep in the Warriors’ den and we will talk later,” he offered.copyright protection24PENANAQUyRERezvz

            “Thank you, Bramblestar,” Frostfur replied.copyright protection24PENANAzvlCQpeLn0

            So he dismissed them and they slept in the Warriors’ den, while Graystripe filled him in on who they were and how he knew them.copyright protection24PENANAaoNTa4hptV

            After they had slept, been fed, and had been tended to by Jayfeather, Bramblestar had a talk with them and then held a clan meeting, making Ravenpaw a warrior named Ravenclaw, Princess an apprentice named Whitepaw, and reappointed Frostfur as an elder, putting her in the elders’ den.copyright protection24PENANAskQ1buSq3o

            “Ravenclaw! Whitepaw! Frostfur!” the clan said in unison, accepting them as their clan mates.copyright protection24PENANAZCUlfKKtv8

Ch.6copyright protection24PENANAuFxizHmQ7Q

            Moons later, Skyclan was back in the territory with the other clans and everything was peaceful amongst them all.copyright protection24PENANAMzbCAn6sNa

            Just as the prophecy had said, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight had come to be highly regarded as wise but fierce, depending on which was needed. They were even respected just as Bluestar had been in her time.copyright protection24PENANARNML81vTv0

            In the moons of peace between them all, Ivypool and Bumblestripe’s kits grew. It seemed as if they had just been born yesterday, but soon they were apprentices at six moons old.copyright protection24PENANA10GyiggF6n

            “Diamondpaw! Bluepaw! Firepaw!” the clan meowed happily, once they had received their apprentice names and had been appointment mentors. Millie was now the mentor for Bluepaw, while Cinderheart was Firepaw’s and Rosepetal was Diamondpaw’s. As the clan said their new names in unison, the mentors and apprentices touched noses.copyright protection24PENANAvTXHvy4B1R

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