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The Next Generation: Riverpaw's Story
Jun 14, 2018
18 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!P4sJqrXWaH46BBFZoyCkposted on PENANA

Thunderclancopyright protection4PENANAAq4Gq7uXkY

Leader: Diamondstar- Black she-cat with a white diamond in the middle of her forehead, and emerald eyes.copyright protection4PENANAU92nTtORqZ

Deputy: Stoneclaw- Brown tom with amber eyes.copyright protection4PENANAyu696M9vkL

Medicine Cat: Spottedpelt- A black she-cat with a fluffy tail, white chest and paws, black ears, and ginger splotches on her face, with greenish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAPVcTCC16Am

Warriors:copyright protection4PENANA5vw8SqBHh1

                        Fireblaze- An orange tabby tom with green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAHQwO0CAa7V

                        Bluepelt- A blue-gray she-cat with yellowish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAWWR8QtLRAl

                        Sootail- A gray tom with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAdGRKOJaprs

                        Blackclaw- A black tom with greenish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAr9iXXjAytH

                        Tigerpelt- A striped tabby tom with greenish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAtqEkyuOkmp

Queens:copyright protection4PENANAGA5xkThvjI

                        Tigerfur- A splotch pelted she-cat with amberish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAXLSgJPzjn3

                        Tigerheart- A striped tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANA1RtFb2a0mx

Elders:copyright protection4PENANAp37uAsoRXH

                        Whitepelt- A white tom with blue-greenish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAzUtsachKvF

Shadowclancopyright protection4PENANANwwhcIkmIH

Leader: Thornstar- Dark tabby tom with dark, blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANAT7K1Ckt0br

Deputy: Darkheart- Black, fluffed out tom with greenish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAILlbdwnvgT

Medicine Cat: Petalcloud- Light, tabby she-cat with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANAa3pHlCpFZ8

Warriors:copyright protection4PENANAmSf6URroSC

                        Graystorm- A white tom with gray ears, a gray face, and blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANAPAoaLBG97W

                        Sharpclaw- A black tom with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANA2h0rZm4p13

                                    Apprentice, Wirepaw (gray tom with brown eyes)copyright protection4PENANAxoVNvQEWex

                        Shadowfur- A gray tom with dark, yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAy37XdTyU2F

                        Blackfur- A black tom with yellowish eyes.copyright protection4PENANAR4XRwXdAmf

Queens:copyright protection4PENANADTDzG8pl5D

                        Silverpetal- A gray-and-white she-cat with some stripes, a fluffy tail, and yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANATDH0BVT9PV

                                    Kits: Featherkit (gray she-cat with blue eyes), Silverpaw (gray she-cat with some stripes, white paws, and green eyes)copyright protection4PENANAPG0NywKM66

Elders:copyright protection4PENANA2J0GiHPH3U

                        Tigerfur- A tabby tom with blue-green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAlWy2X9YQiN

                        Frostpelt- A white she-cat with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAM8uMV3iGQo

                        Lionpelt- A brown tom with a brown mane and green eyes.copyright protection4PENANANT7Nzqvo8y

Windclancopyright protection4PENANAitvQwsZuii

Leader: Hawkstar- A patch pelted tom with yellow-green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAi5rNRnRa3H

Deputy: Gorseheart- A white tom with brown patches and amber eyes.copyright protection4PENANAzQAGEa79yf

Medicine Cat: Rosecloud-Light brown she-cat with blue-green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAHRIcHfFHKX

Warriors:copyright protection4PENANA023rQVOH5S

                        Moonwake- A white she-cat with a gray tail and patches. Has blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANApEI0lmasvJ

                        Swiftripple- A black and white tom with green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAIdArqiG50q

                        Hailcloud- A white and brown she-cat with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANA30t6sk1h17

Queens:copyright protection4PENANA9qLRr7eBzK

                        Sunflower- A white and black striped she-cat with green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAkhXVIodpud

                                    Kits: Windkit (gray tom with turquoise eyes)copyright protection4PENANAQxdkEGEGXG

Elders:copyright protection4PENANAN67zYyGc9g

                        Duskheart- fluffy, black tom with some brown mixed in and blue-green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAXuyUphjDGN

Riverclancopyright protection4PENANAQxl4RZKwGH

Leader: Breezestar- A brown and black pelted she-cat with a dark, black-looking tail and paws, with bluish eyescopyright protection4PENANAcuOj3NRK01

Deputy: Mossyfoot- A long-haired brown tom with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANA0XvySVQbyx

Medicine Cat: Willowheart- A beautiful white-pelted she-cat with green eyes; blind in her left eye from an accident when she was an apprentice.copyright protection4PENANAZo4ktWkds0

Warriors:copyright protection4PENANAVEuKYyxPix

                        Quietrain- A blue-gray she-cat with green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAQiumRmhIyQ

                        HailLeap- A gray, long-pelted she-cat with light green eyes.copyright protection4PENANAfxfjRIfcWI

                        Whitefur- A white she-cat with amber eyes.copyright protection4PENANAcRnHClg9ay

                        Cloudstream- A white she-cat with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANAH1RbnJyFr6

                                    Apprentice, Smokepaw (a gray long-haired tom with black paws and blue eyes)copyright protection4PENANAvGELZvtfIp

                        Flowerstorm-  A striped she-cat with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAYVhlCTGS3Q

                        Stormfeather- A brown tom with green eyes.copyright protection4PENANArKRiVf1uVs

Queens:copyright protection4PENANABr8fc8LFot

                        Roseflower- A reddish she-cat with yellowish eyes and a white chest.copyright protection4PENANA5monH1goUj

                                    Kits: Redkit- a tabby she-kit with green eyescopyright protection4PENANAel36EZmFth

                        Duskpelt- A black she-cat with blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANA85JhkVq5BP

                                    Kits: Streamkit (silver tabby she-kit with blue eyes), Stormkit (black tom with blue eyes)copyright protection4PENANAyHbX4TYkhS

Elders:copyright protection4PENANAEwdIDRH0xb

                        Mistwhisker- A striped white and gray she-cat with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAiGg1XBWoGy

                        Feathersong- A gray and white she-cat with a few black stripes and a few gray stripes. Has yellow eyes, a little bit of white on her paws, and a dark gray and fluffed tail.copyright protection4PENANAdffpcjibDA

                        Emberflight- Red and brown pelted, long-haired tom with amber eyes.copyright protection4PENANA3i7h0L8HLG

Cats Outside Clanscopyright protection4PENANAT3ma4kL1Ir

Clawface- A black and brown splotch pelted tom with yellow eyes.copyright protection4PENANAzVHOkU7D5L

                        Kits: Coco (light and dark brown tom with blue eyes), Midnight (black, white, and light brown pelted she-kit with blue-green eyes), Patch (gray and light brown pelted blind she-kit with a white chest and paws)copyright protection4PENANAe84mp47yMT

River- blue-gray she-kit with blue eyes.8Please respect copyright.PENANAtK8FMb8kQ6
copyright protection4PENANAeFXBP2VA3E

Introductioncopyright protection4PENANA2DzJsUDzyI

            It was a cold, rainy night. A tom with blue eyes and a blue-gray she-cat sat under a tree. A blue-gray ball of fur was curled up by the river. Both grown cats were discussing what they had to do. They were unable to provide for themselves anymore, much less their own kit, River. River had just been born a couple moons ago. Her eyes weren’t open yet.copyright protection4PENANAlMRp9hugPg

            “What are we going to do?” she asked her mate. “We haven’t been able to find much prey here lately.”copyright protection4PENANAa4W7GMaCnd

            “We’ll do what we must. Those clans live around here. They’ll find her and, if we’re lucky, they’ll take her in as their own. A cat would have to be mouse-brained not to take in an innocent kit. We’ll leave her by the river. Some cat will find her, but we need to find prey. We have to leave clan territory and find someplace else. If we have to, maybe we’ll be able to sneak into kittypet territory and eat some of their food. None of us will survive if we don’t do this.”copyright protection4PENANAgpRQ9jKNTj

            “We can’t abandon our kit. We can take her with us,” she told her mate, not wanting to leave River behind. “She needs us.”copyright protection4PENANAwf5nEeE9vu

            “No. What she needs is a better chance at surviving and so do we. It’s best if we just go now.”copyright protection4PENANApGzmOf8YRv

            She sighed in defeat, knowing he was right. Then they both got to their paws, took one last look at where River was curled up by the river, trying to sleep, and padded away. Their hearts were heavy, not wanting to leave their kit, but they hoped that she would grow up in one of the clans and be welcomed there.copyright protection4PENANAc7V3Y5mISg

            Mossyfoot was leading a border patrol that had Quietrain, Stormfeather, and HailLeap following behind him. On their way back from marking Riverclan territory, Mossyfoot stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t tell what he was seeing because of the heavy rain, but he knew there was something there.copyright protection4PENANA2pv7MamrjS

            “What is it?” HailLeap asked the deputy.copyright protection4PENANAWJyv5nKelC

            The deputy gestured towards the river with his tail.copyright protection4PENANAKxJFBHKYqD

            “There’s something by the river,” he informed them all, answering HailLeap. “Come. Let’s check it out.”copyright protection4PENANAes2JAPTXhc

            Mossyfoot padded towards where the river was, Stormfeather and Quietrain at either of his flanks. When they reached the river, they found a tiny blue-grey furball.copyright protection4PENANAQdWpJ1Mtg7

            “Let’s take the kit back to camp. This is not the night for any cat to be out here, let alone a kit,” Mossyfoot said.copyright protection4PENANA50FPGgxreY

            “I’ll carry the kit,” Quietrain told her clan deputy. Then she padded forward and gently picked the kit up by the scruff. Then the patrol padded back to camp.copyright protection4PENANA4tr7c1W5Zd

            Soon, they were back in camp and had spoken to Breezestar. Breezestar didn’t like it, since she wasn’t very nice when it came to cats that weren’t Shadowclan born, but she made an exception for this kit. After that, Quietrain entered the nursery and approached Roseflower, one of the queens. Duskpelt, the other queen, already had two kits to take care of, but Roseflower only had one. Roseflower was a much better choice for this she-kit.copyright protection4PENANAiPrfeah0Ex

            “What’s this?” Roseflower politely asked, when Quietrain gently put the she-kit down by her in the nest, not far from Roseflower and her kit Redkit.copyright protection4PENANA8JxNze47Fj

            “We found her by the river. We believe she was abandoned by her parents, whoever they are, for whatever reason. I was hoping you would be willing to take care of one more kit.”copyright protection4PENANA5KMwRYyN4y

            “The poor kit. Of course,” she replied to her. Then she turned to the kit and began to lick her, working on getting her dry from the rain.copyright protection4PENANA1nntCCDTDh

            Quietrain was satisfied and happy about Roseflower’s answer and left the nursery to go for the warmth of her own nest.copyright protection4PENANArL1ZzBdEIS

            Redkit silently watched everything. She was thrilled that she had a sibling now. A sister no less. Despite being a kit though, she wasn’t as rambunctious as the other kits in the nursery. She’d be an apprentice in a few moons, so she knew to behave herself and to not be so rowdy. She wondered what had happened to her, though.copyright protection4PENANAXNCJkuITiN

            “What are we going to name my new sister?” she asked, finally speaking.copyright protection4PENANArjbOMOrqH4

            Roseflower looked at her tabby kit whom had grown so much it seemed like, pausing with licking the new kit, thinking for a few moments.copyright protection4PENANAH8PI8pkl32

            “Well, she was found by the river, so I think we should name her…Riverkit.” Then Roseflower went back to licking her clean and dry.copyright protection4PENANAd0QQKakt3C

            “That’s a beautiful name,” Redkit said. “And it fits her perfectly. When will her eyes be open?” she asked her mother.copyright protection4PENANAgvWskJgL9Y

            “In about half a moon,” Roseflower answered her. “Now enough questions. Go to bed.”copyright protection4PENANAPR6FAf4UA7

            Redkit did as she was told and fell asleep, snuggled against part of Roseflower.copyright protection4PENANAWO8METXZm1

            After she was nice and dry, Riverkit made her way to Roseflower’s belly and began to drink. Then, after she’d had her fill, she curled up against Roseflower and Redkit, going to sleep.8Please respect copyright.PENANAOfe5PCNXc9
copyright protection4PENANACDwy5QhlCr

Ch.1copyright protection4PENANAjriq6SFbMf

            It was sunhigh and there was excitement in the nursery. Duskpelt was trying to get her kits Stormkit and Streamkit to stop crowding Roseflower’s nest. Redkit, on the other hand, was at a safe distance in the nest. Roseflower just watched in silence. All of this happened, as Riverkit fully opened her eyes for the first time.copyright protection4PENANAjI4rvIksIH

            “Hello, little one. Welcome to Riverclan,” Roseflower greeted her.copyright protection4PENANAtkk0TqRbLt

            “Hi, Riverkit. My name is Redkit. I’m your new sister,” Redkit greeted her.copyright protection4PENANAC5UVw1NbcA

            Riverkit knew that Roseflower wasn’t her real mother and Redkit wasn’t her sibling. She’d been born as the only kit in the litter. Plus, she knew she looked nothing like Roseflower or Redkit. Also, she’d overheard all the conversations her parents had had. She knew that prey was scarce for them, so that’s why they’d left her behind. She was sad that they had, but she knew she had a new family and some playmates now. She even had a kinda new name.copyright protection4PENANArwivXOeigX

            “It’s nice to meet you,” she replied. Then she looked to see two kits that were as big as her adopted sister, Redkit.copyright protection4PENANA0KhlKbLBmx

            “Hi, Riverkit. I’m Streamkit and this is my brother Stormkit,” she introduced.copyright protection4PENANA4ZCZU90Ild

            “Do you wanna play something?” Stormkit asked. “We can play mossball if you want.”copyright protection4PENANAiMJBiHpx0F

            Riverkit looked at her adopted mother.copyright protection4PENANAu0qMlbX7Mk

            “Can I?”copyright protection4PENANAERjhReqSWL

            “Of course,” Roseflower said.copyright protection4PENANA6eyPPRxeoy

            “Don’t play too rough,” Duskpelt told her kits.copyright protection4PENANAUTylGUwE1j

            “We won’t,” Streamkit told her.copyright protection4PENANAYFbiW2xnVu

            Stormkit got a mossball, as Redkit and Riverkit left their nest. Then Redkit explained to her sister how to play. Then the game started.8Please respect copyright.PENANAzJvKK4tPXp
copyright protection4PENANA81IGRyxoNW

Ch.2copyright protection4PENANAWIQv3wpAar

            Moons had passed since Riverclan had found her. It seemed just like yesterday. Now it was the day of Riverkit’s apprentice naming ceremony. Redkit, Streamkit, and Stormkit were already apprentices as of a moon ago, since they were a little older than she was. Although she’d made many friends in Riverclan, every cat knew that there were a few cats whom second guessed Riverkit’s loyalty.copyright protection4PENANAT964s370r2

            Roseflower was outside of the nursery with Riverkit, licking her fur into place, when Breezestar appeared on the high rock.copyright protection4PENANAuz3cgULNjz

            “Let every cat old enough to catch his prey be seated here beneath the high rock for a clan meeting.”copyright protection4PENANAKghAMl7bVh

            The clan did as told with Roseflower and Riverkit seated at the back together.copyright protection4PENANADOrKTUO0Uf

            Breezestar continued, saying, “As you know, Riverkit has been with us for six moons. It’s time for her to receive her apprentice name. Step forward, Riverkit.”copyright protection4PENANA2oO6B41nSk

            Roseflower pushed her forward gently.copyright protection4PENANAWDBednzkzu

            “Go on,” she encouraged her.copyright protection4PENANACcj4WcZKdT

            Riverkit padded through the crowd of cats and then sat at the base of the high rock, not knowing what she should do next.copyright protection4PENANAZfiOmUSnhL

            Breezestar looked upon Riverkit whom looked up at her.copyright protection4PENANAIeoksCH1Xh

            “Riverkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Riverpaw. Your mentor will be HailLeap. I hope HailLeap will pass down all she knows on to you. HailLeap, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You have received excellent training from Emberflight, and you have shown yourself to be one to persevere and be courageous. You will be the mentor of Riverpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Riverpaw.”copyright protection4PENANAwztPEq2Dbf

            HailLeap touched Riverpaw’s nose and Riverpaw touched HailLeap’s nose. Then the entire clan chanted Riverpaw’s new name, before Breezestar jumped off the high rock, dismissing the meeting and ceremony.copyright protection4PENANAxavQZSKSf2

            Roseflower approached Riverpaw and HailLeap.copyright protection4PENANADYg2iJE0LC

            “Congratulations, Riverpaw,” she praised. “Remember to listen to your mentor now,” she then reminded her.copyright protection4PENANAhhbL7Qbatm

            “I will,” Riverpaw replied.copyright protection4PENANAp1xVRwNCo3

            “I know you will. If not, I’ll send you to do extra work with cleaning out the elder’s fur of ticks,” HailLeap warned her.copyright protection4PENANAE22V5kEKlp

            Roseflower padded away and Riverpaw looked at HailLeap. Cleaning the elder’s fur of ticks didn’t sound fun to her, but she’d do what she was told. Besides, with the few cats that didn’t trust her to keep her loyalty to Riverclan, she didn’t want to spread any doubt to the whole of the clan. She didn’t want to be cast out. She was lucky that Riverclan had found her. She wanted to prove with all she had that she could be just as loyal as any clan born cat.copyright protection4PENANAmCHxnOozZS

            “What do we start first?” she asked her.copyright protection4PENANAWpTtkL08np

            “First I’ll teach you how to hunt,” HailLeap informed her. Then HailLeap headed for the entrance to the camp, Riverpaw following behind her, into the forest. She remembered only the river and what surrounded it. She’d never been anywhere else before. Although her eyes hadn’t been open yet, she’d been able to hear and smell things around her.copyright protection4PENANAc1reWxzAhU

            Riverpaw padded at HailLeap’s flank until HailLeap finally stopped in the middle of Riverclan territory.copyright protection4PENANA0DxHbVwzuv

            “Now, before you learn to hunt, you must learn to know when there is prey nearby without it knowing you’re there. And you must learn to kill it before it gets away from you,” she instructed. “Now, what do you smell?”copyright protection4PENANArqUlUf6Uot

            Riverpaw smell the air, taking her time to distinguish all of the scents. Then she finally caught the scent that she was needing to find.copyright protection4PENANAkAvMOrjo2A

            “A mouse,” she replied.copyright protection4PENANAi2dPJoKgYf

            “Good. Now, show me your hunter’s crouch,” HailLeap instructed of her apprentice.copyright protection4PENANALqGGLAWRvk

            Riverpaw did her hunter’s crouch, trying to be as steady as she could, since she’d just come from the nursery after six moons.copyright protection4PENANAlPUQBJiV7l

            “Good enough. Now try again. This time try not to wobble. Be firm with your hunter’s crouch.”copyright protection4PENANAvqnJg781n6

            Riverpaw tried again and this time got it.copyright protection4PENANAh9wXPiyLa3

            “Very good, Riverpaw. Now, practice hunting,” she told her.copyright protection4PENANA6vT1mvLFqT

            Riverpaw did her hunter’s crouch, spotting the mouse that she’d smelled and, without making a sound, she sprang on it and quickly killed it. Then she picked it up in her jaws and carried it back to her mentor, dropping it at both of their paws.copyright protection4PENANA0VjoFAvNBT

            “Very good, Riverpaw,” she praised. “The more you practice, the better you’ll do. Now, take your prey with us and I’ll teach you how to catch fish.”copyright protection4PENANAUS2qPSInES

            After she’d taught her how to catch fish and Riverpaw had gotten quite a few fish caught, HailLeap helped Riverpaw bring prey back to camp, which made the fresh-kill pile bigger.copyright protection4PENANArKokLLPwqg

            “You did quite well, Riverpaw. We’ll do some battle training tomorrow. How about you pick something from the fresh-kill pile and head to the apprentice den. We have a big day tomorrow,” she instructed of her apprentice.copyright protection4PENANApqcJORjkEV

            Riverpaw did as she was told, picking out a squirrel. She then found a clear spot not far from the warrior’s den and began to eat. As she did, one of the older apprentices, Smokepaw, passed by. He was about ten moons and never was very nice to Riverpaw when she’d been a kit. Luckily, she’d had her adopted sister and Duskpelt’s kits as backup. He was half way through his training. He gave Riverpaw a not so nice face, as he passed by. Then Redpaw whom was being mentored by Flowerstorm, sat down next to her with her own fresh-kill, which was a fish.copyright protection4PENANAeyNhZD9I1O

            “Hey, Riverpaw. How was your first day of training?” she questioned her adopted sister, keeping her company. Another reason was because they were so close, it was almost like they were born to the same mother.copyright protection4PENANABtz0NlLDSb

            “It was great. I learned how to hunt prey and catch fish today,” she replied happily. “HailLeap says we’ll be learning some battle moves tomorrow,” she added. She couldn’t wait to learn how to fight. Just like any apprentice, she wanted to be the best warrior.copyright protection4PENANATiC61rXlMC

            “Don’t worry about Smokepaw and the others. Just be yourself and show them you’re a Riverclan cat as much as they are,” Redpaw encouraged her, knowing what Riverpaw felt deeply, even if she didn’t say it.copyright protection4PENANAg0b4haIrTJ

            “I don’t understand why they don’t trust me. I’ve been loyal ever since we were kits and they brought me in as their own. I would never disobey the rules,” she told Redpaw.copyright protection4PENANAfvcPv0agE2

            “You weren’t born Riverclan, Riverpaw. Past things have happened to Riverclan that makes them question the loyalty of those not born in the clan. The elders don’t like to tell some of the stories a lot, but Breezestar comes from Bloodclan. Tigerstar has been dead for a few generations or so, but he put Bloodclan together with a group of rogues. Tigerstar was the most vicious cat that ever lived until one of the rogues, Scourge, killed him. Tigerstar is in The Dark Forest now. He had a lot of ambition. After the Bloodclan events, Breezestar was once second guessed too. And she doesn’t trust cats very well unless they’re shown that they are loyal to Riverclan only. There are more stories I could tell you whenever you would like,” she explained to her so the other cats couldn’t hear what she was saying to Riverpaw. “Don’t mention that I said anything. Flowerstorm would claw my pelt and I’d probably be ordered to clean the elder’s pelts more than usual if they knew I spoke of Tigerstar. None of us like to say his name because of the horrible things he did when he was alive.”copyright protection4PENANAsyk4ElvCHh

            “But that doesn’t fully explain why loyalty is such a problem,” Riverpaw replied.copyright protection4PENANAeXip2zAK1u

            “Well, you’ll learn overtime,” Redpaw replied.copyright protection4PENANAuhZH6uHgKm

            Both of them finished their prey and then headed to the apprentice’s den together. There was a fresh nest right next to Redpaw, which Riverpaw took.8Please respect copyright.PENANAVqa35Wfeg5
copyright protection4PENANAjcVDhzZMbG

Ch.3copyright protection4PENANA4pEnPHXprY

            After being an apprentice for thirteen moons, Riverpaw was finally ready for her warrior ceremony. She’d done impeccably well, despite not being clan born. She’d done nearly better than some of the apprentices. By now, Smokepaw was already a warrior with the name of Smokepelt. Now it was her turn. She’d shown every cat that she could work just as hard, sometimes harder, than any cat. She was working really hard to show that she was loyal to Riverclan and Riverclan only. She wished her real parents were here to see the cat that she’d become. Redpaw, Streampaw, and Stormpaw were already warriors with the names of Streamstorm, Stormtail, and Redcloud. Even though she was about a moon behind Streamstorm, Stormtail, and Redcloud she was happy to finally be a warrior alongside them. She was excited for this day to come, although she withheld her excitement, reminding herself that she could no longer act like a kit. She knew better now.copyright protection4PENANATVgSCmnkD7

            When Breezestar jumped onto the high rock, she knew what was coming. It was her warrior ceremony.copyright protection4PENANAHWkCABbzon

            Finally! she thought. It seemed like she’d been waiting to become a warrior longer than she actually had been waiting. It felt like she’d been waiting for maybe twenty moons or more, but really it had only been thirteen moons. Although she knew what was coming, she waited for Breezestar to say the traditional calling of the clan, before she moved from her spot by the warriors’ den.copyright protection4PENANAgtNVQCCN23

            “Let every cat old enough to catch his prey be seated here beneath the high rock for a clan meeting,” Breezestar announced to her clan.copyright protection4PENANAMWZ2PCpcW2

            Each cat sat below the high rock. Smokepelt was in the middle and Riverpaw sat in front with Redcloud, Streamstorm, and Stormtail. Then Breezestar spoke, once she saw that the clan was settled.copyright protection4PENANAkEZEgAfs9D

            “Riverpaw, step forward.”copyright protection4PENANAPq6DlWfYKi

            Riverpaw did as Breezestar told her to, sitting in front of the high rock.copyright protection4PENANA2wf1z5DYhA

            “HailLeap, has Riverpaw done well with her assessment?” she asked her.copyright protection4PENANA1Be0guAvXK

            “She has, Breezestar.”copyright protection4PENANA9MbfpxcFvX

            Breezestar gave a nod as acknowledgement to her. Then she continued.copyright protection4PENANAYxtdz3ic1A

            “I, Breezestar, leader of Riverclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn.” She looked down at her and she looked up at her leader. “Riverpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”copyright protection4PENANAN2c23sxEYu

            “I do,” Riverpaw answered.copyright protection4PENANAp7hAnH7AmC

            “Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Riverpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Riverheart. Starclan honors your dedication and determination, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Riverclan.” She touched Riverheart’s head with her nose and Riverheart licked her shoulder. Then, after the clan chanted Riverheart’s name, Breezestar jumped off the high rock, dismissing the clan. Then she went and sat at the entrance that night in vigil. She had to be silent due to tradition, as she’d been told. She couldn’t wait for her life to finally begin the next day as a real warrior. She knew that if her real parents had been in Riverclan, they would’ve been proud. She didn’t know if they were alive or not, though. That night of rain pouring heavily, she’d overheard her parents say why they had to leave her behind. They could barely provide for themselves, much less her too. And her father had been right, because Riverclan had taken her in, hoping for high hopes. She’d brought high hopes to Riverclan throughout everything. Apart from Smokepelt, she’d given every cat the assurance that she would never betray Riverclan, no matter what.copyright protection4PENANAxla1zJ4SW5

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