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Ch.5: Sasha’s Trilogy: The Fray
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ih6InpwqCNmUN30k2mrQposted on PENANA

Ch.5: Sasha’s Trilogy: The Fraycopyright protection22PENANAJb3bnhYGG8

Hi, my name is Sasha. I’m Tigerstar’s mate. I know I shouldn’t be his mate, since he’s evil and all, but I guess that’s how it goes with us, though. I’m a light tabby she-cat.copyright protection22PENANA4opa7NzDec

            I’m walking in the forest. I’m a longer, as the clan cats would call me.copyright protection22PENANArB6eE7zHt0

            Suddenly, I hear a cat; then several cats. It sounds like a battle.copyright protection22PENANAxdcAozSngz

            I race toward the sounds. I hope to goodness I’m not too late. I may be Tigerstar’s mate, but I don’t wish any harm on Firestar and his clan. And besides, Tigerstar can’t punish me. I’m not a clan cat.copyright protection22PENANAvkYVu5I4JX

            I get to the heart of the forest. I unsheathe my claws and throw myself into battle. I’m one of the strongest cats.copyright protection22PENANAgaympctYUX

            I take a swipe at Blackfoot, raking my claws across his flank and pelt. He runs away hurt, leaving Sandstorm. She’s hurt badly, though.copyright protection22PENANAZrab2zLVW1

            She looks up at me, astonished that I of all cats would save her pelt.copyright protection22PENANAusmtnQy6Ui

            “Sasha?”copyright protection22PENANA3atBxSO0RJ

            “Hi, Sandstorm,” I greet.copyright protection22PENANAXQa81dHM9E

            Next, I lick her wounds, trying to stop or slow the bleeding. It doesn’t work. She’s losing a lot of blood and I don’t want her to die, so I gently put her scruff between my teeth and drag her out of the battle and to her camp, hoping there’s a cat there that can help.copyright protection22PENANAOE6a7u1GAW

            I’m soon there. I know all the Medicine cat’s names.copyright protection22PENANAYE7sgEk5Fb

            “Leafpool! Jaypaw!” I call out in a rush.copyright protection22PENANAOD1ZL3csQm

            Next, comes a black apprentice.copyright protection22PENANA6E0dO7HPNi

            He sniffs the air.copyright protection22PENANALMWSedxzic

            “What is it? Are you hurt?” he asks me.copyright protection22PENANAL6PN6BQi4G

            “No, but Sandstorm is. Where’s the Medicine den?” I ask.copyright protection22PENANAEblFo9M6ZA

            “Follow me.”copyright protection22PENANAoLnlECycbR

            I drag her into the den.copyright protection22PENANAoXYeK4QBnU

            “Leave her to me,” he orders.copyright protection22PENANAi25DHuNuAN

            I do as I’m told.copyright protection22PENANA4Zyskd4Tpg

            I want to go back to the battle to help all cats of Thunderclan, so I run as fast as my legs will carry me, back to the battle. I must help Thunderclan.copyright protection22PENANALOdJ3YOTzb

            I’m soon back.copyright protection22PENANAOSeUvVoiqZ

            I yowl a battle cry, as I push and claw at Darkstripe. He’s attacking Graystripe. I can’t stand that; can’t stand to see Graystripe losing. I hiss in fiery, as he bites my shoulder. Then I claw his pelt, ears, and face. He lets go and runs away in pain.copyright protection22PENANA6uZFXkS1ei

            “Sasha,” he croaks.copyright protection22PENANAiZ7vJaux44

            He suffered bites and scratches, but the worse of all is a gash in his side. I know he’ll died if I don’t act quickly. I get him onto my back and take him to Jaypaw’s den. I then race back to the battle. I fight my mate who’s not happy with me trying to protect Firestar. I know it’s a mistake, but I do it anyway.copyright protection22PENANAJSWYNsTcLj

            When we fight, my mate pins me down to the ground.copyright protection22PENANAbRObwLvpNJ

            “What do you think you’re doing?” he growls.copyright protection22PENANAH5IPBsZ504

            He’s mad now. I know it, but I’m a brave cat.copyright protection22PENANAaJX6HKzBWk

            “Save Thunderclan cats from the likes of you,” I answer.copyright protection22PENANAV8bKjIwP7k

            “Then I’ll have to stop you.”copyright protection22PENANAyPphE1JE7K

            “Fine; stop me.”copyright protection22PENANAIhtFobpXNm

            Suddenly, he claws my side. I yowl in pain and agony. That’s when Firestar knocks him to the side. Tigerstar pushes him aside and rakes his claws down my back. Then he bites my already wounded side, leaving a gash there. I have no strength left and collapse to the ground. Then Tigerstar vanishes.copyright protection22PENANAiJuttOb0Dj

            “Sasha,” Firestar says, limping over to me. He hurt his front paw.copyright protection22PENANAkc8JtMLdqS

            “I tried, Firestar.”copyright protection22PENANAX9arOyDewr

            “It’s okay, Sasha.”copyright protection22PENANAAOa5iDTuDx

            “No, it’s not. I couldn’t stop Graystripe or Sandstorm from getting badly injured. All I managed to do right was take them to Jaypaw.”copyright protection22PENANANXJWHcJtq9

            “It’s alright, Sasha. They’ll be fine I’m sure,” he says, though it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself.copyright protection22PENANAmoiwQ75tmC

            I close my eyes.copyright protection22PENANAUWq42JIWem

            In the next minute, I feel Firestar drag me by the scruff.copyright protection22PENANAt1kcY2pHvQ

            I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I open my eyes, I’m in the Medicine den.copyright protection22PENANARRean5htyE

            I look around and see several wounded cats; Graystripe, Sandstorm, Brokentail, Ashfur, Diamondpelt, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Mousefur, Runningwind, Whitepaw, Wiseheart, Goldenflower, Sootfur, Angeltail, and Cloudtail.copyright protection22PENANA5tAwyDfgzt

            I get up, stretch, and ask if I can help with the wounded. Leafpool and Jaypaw say that I can and then tell me what herbs are used for what, and what wounds to use what herb for.copyright protection22PENANAD3vXguZGbv

            I move to my son Brambleclaw who has several claw marks on his pelt. I put moss and marigold on the wounds.copyright protection22PENANAw2mLdKQvdp

            Meanwhile, Leafpool and Jaypaw are on their last patient.copyright protection22PENANA9jTKPrn5IX

            When we’re done, we give them some moss nests to sleep in.copyright protection22PENANAzl05ihziXK

            Afterward, I go to Firestar’s den.copyright protection22PENANANuNaf1U6w8

            “Firestar,” I greet. “How are you?” I don’t get a reply. “Firestar?” I pad inside and see that he’s in a deep sleep, so I leave his den.copyright protection22PENANAwFspphQNnz

            A few days later, every cat is well, and I head out to be a longer again. This is my life.copyright protection22PENANAKWUL1d2AwZ

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