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They Said What
Writer iEatWaffles
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They Said What
A - A - A
Chapter 1
Jan 13, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5gY8JuSkMaSss0tjL3evposted on PENANA "You're a fucking emotionless, heartless vegetable", Ryan said looking up at me with sweat running down his face.

"You may be right", I said shrugging.copyright protection7PENANA42Skl62EdV

People all the time ask me isn't this stuff on your conscience. I mean it is but if do it long enough then you'll get used to it. I looked around the somewhat lit basement and then back down to Ryan. He's on his knees like that's going to stop me.copyright protection7PENANAYjcXsVrlfe

"You don't want to do this Lia", Ryan saidcopyright protection7PENANAw7GY89hTdw

"I do and I am"copyright protection7PENANAphziCUoEzB

"Please I have a little brother to take of our mother died last year. He only has me left", Ryan said starting to cry.copyright protection7PENANAAyVMvnIXIX

I rolled my eyes I hate when they do this shit. I have a kid, my mom is in the hospital or my little sister will wonder where I am. That's not my problem I don't care about your personal life. copyright protection7PENANAbe5Rdd1u7e

"Tell your mom I said hi", I said pulling the trigger.copyright protection7PENANA1wwAO8vdN5

His lifeless body fell forwards onto the cold concrete floor I jumped back. I took my bag off and tossed the gun in it. I put it back on and rolled Ryan over. I stood there for a while looking at the blood pour out his head onto the floor. Then turned around and walked out the house. That's one job done. I took off my leather gloves and stuffed them in my backpocket. copyright protection7PENANAPnDKa88S6R

Sadly I don't have a car. I walked for 20 minutes to my house. It's not that big it's just average size. That's what she said. I chuckled walking up the sidewalk to the door. The lights reflected off my dark blue house. I unlocked the door and set my keys on the table near the door. copyright protection7PENANAQh5W9j9aOh

I locked the door behind me and walked to the right into the living room. I dropped my bag on the floor and hopped over the couch. I closed my eyes and sighed.  copyright protection7PENANApPNVqC4WPS

"Finally", I said opening my eyes.copyright protection7PENANA1FfEpqNxjU

I reached over and turned on the t.v. I turned it to Snorks and kicked off my shoes. I sat up and went into the kitchen scratching my head. I turned on the lights and made waffles. I connected my phone to the speaker and played Facetime (21 Savage). I ate them and washed the dishes. I went upstairs through the kitchen and undressed in the hallway down into my underwear and shirt. I walked through second living room and to the left into my bedroom.copyright protection7PENANAoabu6kNgvC

That's the best part of having your own place. You get to do whatever you want. I went to my bed and laid flat out. I turned on my speaker next to my bed and got under the covers. I turned over and stared up at the ceiling until I fell asleep. copyright protection7PENANAxUrlPSYTOO

The next morning I woke up to hearing Catch Me Outside (Ski Mask The Slump God) and my phone buzzing. I groan and rub my hands over my face. I climb out of bed and walk over to the window. I check my phone and I had texts from Dexter and Kurt. I open the blinds and Dexter and Vanessa's car was parked outside in the driveway. I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower washing my body and hair.copyright protection7PENANALQt1vSsjqM

I put on a black nike jacket, blue jeans ripped at the knee, white hightop Nike  forces and a black nike hat. I brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail with the hat. I brushed my hair and stuff before I ran downstairs. I opened the door and Dexter, Cylde, Manny, Kurt and Vanessa was standing there.copyright protection7PENANAdPWok3J8je

"What took your ass so long", Vanessa said walking past me into the house.copyright protection7PENANAKR8cdY4bST

"Well come in then"copyright protection7PENANAZEJsGel8xM

They all came in and we sat in the living room downstairs.copyright protection7PENANAULBR9WUT5e

"Where your speaker", Kurt saidcopyright protection7PENANA7P6g2je6u6

"Kitchen"copyright protection7PENANA0uKJXqYizw

"When are you going to change these depressing walls", Vanessa saidcopyright protection7PENANA4uhGmrDhkI

I looked around at the grey walls and the three pictures hanging on them. I shrugged and sat back.copyright protection7PENANAvsyCJAVXHq

"Don't know"copyright protection7PENANA4HUPrRfqaP

Kurt got up and Dexter pulled out a bong from his bag. We all sat around the coffee table with Kurt on the floor between Venessa and Clyde. I sunk the glass bong and put it on the coffee table as I blew the smoke out. I felt my body tingle and heat up. Then Clyde took it off the table and passed it to Vanessa.copyright protection7PENANAWfjeWGGAX0

"This some good shit", Clyde said coughing.copyright protection7PENANAistR5cr0a8

We all started laughing because Clyde hasn't smoked as much as we have. I put the bong to my mouth and put the lighter while putting it to the cone piece. I started to breath in slowly till I noticed the weed starting to light up, I sunk the cone and held in the smoke as I passed the bong to Dexter.copyright protection7PENANArePm3hejHo

"Bruh y'all got school in a few minutes", Dexter saidcopyright protection7PENANA8DEsSA8ya6

I grabbed my phone from Vanessa and checked the time. Shit it's almost nine o'clock. There's nothing wrong with being a little late. copyright protection7PENANAztz2kEfMEp

"Your step brother going to be pissed", Kurt said laughing.copyright protection7PENANAU6EKsH1G0J

"Who gives a shit about him"copyright protection7PENANA59mJCfkLNv

Kurt shook his head, as I packed my second cone piece.copyright protection7PENANARmZqpj5E6K

"This your third time smoking before school", Kurt saidcopyright protection7PENANA41QILiqNZr

"I'll be fine but don't you got school"copyright protection7PENANAw4ATNd87ZW

"Nope just work", Vanessa said blowing out smoke.copyright protection7PENANADRiChIWnn2

It went on like this for hours. We just passed the bong smoking up every bit of weed we had. I checked the time again and it was 12:25. I guess it's for me to get to school. I passed the bong to Clyde, once I again blew out the smoke in my lungs. I feel high and happh as fuck nothing can ruin this high.copyright protection7PENANA7r3XaPgADf

"Lock up when you leave", I said standing up.copyright protection7PENANA19jC37PcfP

I tried to climb over the couch but ended up falling. I jumped up and ran upstairs. I grabbed my school bag off the floor and ran back downstairs. I grabbed my keychain off the table and connected it to my belt loop. I locked the door behind me and walked to school which isn't that far away. I walked into the front office and signed in.copyright protection7PENANA8SGqvY9rlw

"Hello Ms Riley", the lady at the desk saidcopyright protection7PENANAtsXwq7mGIZ

"Yeah, yeah"copyright protection7PENANAWJ9glcoboD

I continued walking now the empty hall and went to my social studies class. I opened the door and everybody turned to look at me.copyright protection7PENANA1wwHX1F6s0

"Fuck you looking at", I yelled stumbling a little to the only empty desk next to Kendall.copyright protection7PENANADWtAtTIPAr

"Glad you could join us at the last 10 minutes of class Lia", Mr Hopkins saidcopyright protection7PENANAPxaYOwacIy

"Good for you"copyright protection7PENANAQJ5mq3o69R

He went on with his lesson but it was so hard to focus. I kept zoning in and out.copyright protection7PENANA7MNAnhu665

"Lia what is wrong with you", Kendall said confused and I turned to look at him.copyright protection7PENANAxWCIUqf4DX

He braided his brown hair back and is wearing joggers, slides and a hoodie. I leaned forwards and squinted my eyes at him in the eyes.copyright protection7PENANADtHJP8MeeW

"Are you fucking high", Kendall saidcopyright protection7PENANA5lJTW7aqdh

"No", I said sloching in the desk.copyright protection7PENANAvLd8u7zJcc

"Wait until Romeo finds out", Kendall saidcopyright protection7PENANAHPGoyvxlJL

"He has no control over me plus he'll never find out"copyright protection7PENANAhP70I37Sul

"How your eyes are blood shot red", Kendall said when the bell rang.copyright protection7PENANA907n9BuJkG

"No they're not", I said standing up.copyright protection7PENANAV2wBr47YqR

I left Kendall and stumbled down the hall bumping into random people going to the cafeteria. I got a bag of chips from the vending machine and sat in the back where nobody sits so I could sleep. I leaned back onto the wall and plugged in my earbuds. I blasted Codeine Dreaming (Kodak Black) and closed my eyes.copyright protection7PENANAKHGRIoVQhq

My eyes weren't even closed that long before my earbuds were snatched out my ears. I opened my eyes and glared at Romeo. He's leaning over the table and his buddies are seated around him.copyright protection7PENANAcrqjOzUijf

"Fuck you want", I said taking my earbuds from him.copyright protection7PENANAZeivQJAYH0

He sat down and he friends were just looking at me.copyright protection7PENANAQrIwjqVegd

"Hey Lia", Craig said smiling at me.copyright protection7PENANAEsE5MsFHLY

"Yeah"copyright protection7PENANAXLdfg4YR2F

"Why are your eyes red", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANARS7zpq0lFh

"None of your business"copyright protection7PENANAykKcpwF5eq

"You've been smoking haven't you", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANA4bchqsmpjp

"Yeah"copyright protection7PENANA4bicLHCL3i

"I told you to stop hanging out with those potheads", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANA2BCNO2jt8x

"You don't control me"copyright protection7PENANAUcJ6u9zQyT

"I don't want you to be a pothead", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANAfD4xQQftBi

He acting like I smoke everyday like Vanessa but I rarely smoke. This is like my 5th time smoking.copyright protection7PENANALEUorIqLcz

"Your not even my real brother shut the fuck up"copyright protection7PENANAj7L2egcO6L

He ignored what I said and kept going.copyright protection7PENANAHlpMTfC9Ie

"Dad is going to be so mad when he finds out", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANArtSmSk5j6i

"Mad for what? I don't live with him anymore"copyright protection7PENANASpqDsFUEt0

"Because we're all going to the cabins", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANApbmOXg4ApM

Why does he keep saying we? I don't stay there I can careless about where they go.copyright protection7PENANAPQgHd82ir8

"Why are you going to the cabins"copyright protection7PENANAAjy0X0FRF9

"For spring break in two week", Romeo said eating his burger.copyright protection7PENANAS5keUiuYTT

"And you're telling me this because..."copyright protection7PENANAKIK1qX9sgA

"Because dad wants you there", Romeo saidcopyright protection7PENANABQUaRSbxKQ

"I don't care what he wants I'm not going"copyright protection7PENANAGCW1QQklOd

I put my earbuds back in and laid my head back. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.copyright protection7PENANAfzVZAlXJOd

--copyright protection7PENANAkq4fBW7MtR

I felt someone shake my shoulders. I open my eyes rubbing my face and looked around. The cafeteria was fucking empty I must have slept through the last two classes. I turned around and saw Craig sitting besides me. I took out my earbuds and waited for him to talk.copyright protection7PENANADauzbkpwGe

"You know your dad waiting for you in the office", Craig saidcopyright protection7PENANAJVNFVn1S7P

"Ok", I groaned, stretching.copyright protection7PENANA6rgbHS7OEB

I stood up and Craig followed me out the cafeteria. I walked past the principal's office which I know dad and Romeo are waiting. copyright protection7PENANAGiLaRXvhtb

"Where you going their in here", Craig said stopping.copyright protection7PENANAvd7iS2GTVN

I kept walking out the school and back home feeling my high starting to fade away. I saw Dexter's car was still parked outside so I knocked on the door and some boy opened the door. He was had a small blond curly fro and small mustache.copyright protection7PENANAJ2fZdWRlLw

"Who is you", I said looking up at him. copyright protection7PENANAWrOICGF7X9

"Kaden and you are", the boy saidcopyright protection7PENANAjtmrLets7p

"The owner of this house. Why are you here?", I said pushing past him inside the house.copyright protection7PENANAfQsuQFqI0c

The whole room smelt like weed and I walked into the living room and Dexter passed out.copyright protection7PENANAeXD3FfJknH

"So what's your name", Kaden said walking passed me into the kitchen.copyright protection7PENANAtHaQ8W4Cob

"Lia", I said searching through Dexter's pockets.copyright protection7PENANA2D2u8S9zAa

I took his car keys and tossed it to Kaden when he came in.copyright protection7PENANALP7pSNFC82

"What do you want me to do with these", Karen saidcopyright protection7PENANAjBKtsSpwvO

"Take him home"copyright protection7PENANAIxrL1ADb9e

I walked past him and grabbed the orange juice. I drank it walking back into the living room.copyright protection7PENANAmV4ukXhZzp

"You going to help me", Kaden said trying to put Dexter on his back.copyright protection7PENANA2S1MmtFLZa

"Sure"copyright protection7PENANAAII1tKC7VL

I set my juice down on the table and grabbed Dexter's feet while he got his hands. We carried him outside and laid him across the backseat. I closed the car door and knocked on the passenger's side window. Kaden rolled down the window and I looked inside.copyright protection7PENANAmhGqL0n20W

"You know where he stay right"copyright protection7PENANAs2PtPbWuXW

"No", Kaden saidcopyright protection7PENANAFxFoz88bg3

"Give me your number and I'll text you"copyright protection7PENANAXClD26Eq9F

"It's 678-353-9659", Kaden saidcopyright protection7PENANAnBHc4wo11l

I pulled out my phone and texted him his address.copyright protection7PENANAYHTD5sMdE2

"It's apartment 6B on the second floor"copyright protection7PENANAgBEBfHIT7S

"Alright", Kaden said and I stepped back so he could leave.copyright protection7PENANAyvtgHyN5AO

I walked back inside the house and locked the door. Got the place back to myself. I turned off the speaker and t.v. I grabbed my orange juice and went upstairs. I dropped my bag on the door on top of my clothes from yesterday. I locked off my shoes and laid back on the couch. I unconnected my keys and threw them on the table. I turned on the speaker and played New Freezer (Rich The Kid). I gotta go to work tomorrow to get my money.copyright protection7PENANAryvlcAOYNs

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