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TVD/Revolution crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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TVD/Revolution crossovers
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Ch.1: Homeward Bound
Jan 11, 2018
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LOouztqB2SPkpoyrYbo6posted on PENANA

Ch.1: Homeward Boundcopyright protection32PENANAppX0qMdVpo

Summary: Set after the TVD S5 finale "Home" and in Revolution S2. What if Katherine and Damon had died together, instead of Bonnie and Damon? What if they had found themselves in a different world; the world of Revolution? Will they learn to get along? Will they find their way back home to Mystic Falls? What will ensue between them during their journey? copyright protection32PENANAtacRFMk6om

36Please respect copyright.PENANA955AWrmtgO
36Please respect copyright.PENANALUjNDxY1M8
        It was a dark night, as Damon and Katherine walked side by side, silent, after ending up in a different world, amazingly alive. One minute they were on the Other Side about to disintegrate with the Other Side, and the next minute they were somewhere else. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAHtvjsLxCXL
        "Where the hell are we?" Damon asked, as they walked, seeing cars that looked like they hadn't been used for years. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA07R5HOx3hN
        A moment later, there was a sign that said 'Welcome to Willoughby, Texas.'36Please respect copyright.PENANAS3IbQlIOmv
        "Willoughby, Texas if that sign is right," Katherine replied, as they passed the sign. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAW3YsnreU3b
        "Something's wrong. We should be seeing people by now," he stated. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAG3jx90mG4E
        "You're right. There isn't a person in sight."36Please respect copyright.PENANAuXHc8yxRmT
        Damon stopped. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAmjXlMkM0fQ
        Katherine stopped next to him and looked at him. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAcVTwt2wPJB
        "What is it?"36Please respect copyright.PENANAudybpHKXy6
        "Dinner," he said, before vanishing into the woods. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAQVqOhd93eo
        "Damon!" she yelled after him. 36Please respect copyright.PENANATrjNXMQuCA
        She sighed and started walking through the woods. Sometimes she hated him; especially, when he left her like that when he knew she was helpless as a human. If he wanted alone time, all he had to do was say so, instead of leaving her in the dust.36Please respect copyright.PENANA56NEidm2aU
36Please respect copyright.PENANA91QAQ7NZb2
36Please respect copyright.PENANAn5tHSquJU6
        At the end of the woods, she found an abandoned railroad yard where Damon was feeding on a girl by some far away trees. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAj0d7Fwk1zv
        She began to walk towards her elder childe. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAWJwMjmU7m6
        "Don't do that to me. I won't always be able to track you down. We're in an unfamiliar world. We need to stick together," she told him, as she walked on old railroad tracks, not looking at the ground, as she headed over to him at her own pace. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA9KbCr43WNX
        Damon ignored her though, as he fed. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA37YgeDNzFm
        When he finished, he let the body fall to the ground.36Please respect copyright.PENANA4B5BopYjxl
        Just as he turned his face human, he heard the noise of wood breaking and his sire scream.36Please respect copyright.PENANApG5AjxFmtt
        He turned around in enough time to see a part of the railroad track collapse beneath her and her fall with the pieces of wood.36Please respect copyright.PENANAkwAiNPWAoB
        "Katherine!" he yelled, as he used vamp speed to reach her, but was too late to grab her.36Please respect copyright.PENANAXtd35Ct4V0
        He stood at the hole and looked down to see her on her back and smelled blood. He then used vamp agility to jump down in the hole.36Please respect copyright.PENANApkGuVZ2Amv
        He knelt beside her and looked at her, gentle hands on either side of her head.36Please respect copyright.PENANA3G1EYPtVqS
        "Kat?" he called gently.36Please respect copyright.PENANAwnlJrrlUvh
        "Da...mon," she whispered, eyes closed.36Please respect copyright.PENANAUUBApxAr8W
        "Stay with me," he instructed.36Please respect copyright.PENANAXcDZQCOkxe
        He looked down at her to look for the source of her blood. Then he saw it. There was a rebar protruding from her abdomen, blood heavily flowing from the wound.36Please respect copyright.PENANAc3CyN3Z9Xv
        Her head rolled to the left, as she lost consciousness. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAqRq2sQz2hH
        He took her jacket off and gently pulled her into his arms. He then took the rebar out and used her jacket to tie around her waist to keep her from losing too much blood. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAZfTDeKf34M
        He got to his feet and jumped out of the hole with her in his arms, heading for the woods to find a place to make camp so he could save her life. As he did, he used super hearing to listen to her heart and breathing.36Please respect copyright.PENANAihQUPEXPNV
36Please respect copyright.PENANAldMLfeBPhT
36Please respect copyright.PENANAwh8pUn9aqe
        Once by a river, he gently layed her down on her back on the grass. He then removed her jacket and looked down at her, assessing her condition. There was a lot of blood, but it didn't look like it was or would be infected, which was a good sign. He just needed to stop the bleeding and find a flask or something to force some water down her throat. If he couldn't do any of that, she wouldn't live through the night. He knew this from being in the 1864 war. They had been fighting in the war, so everyone had had to know first-aid. For some reason, this situation made him realize that he couldn't lose her. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because she was his sire since her blood had turned him, or because she was now a helpless human. He just knew that it made him care for her, as if he was somehow responsible for her. All he knew was that he had to save her life. She was his family; blood. Besides, they had been the same from the very beginning. She was why he was who and what he was to this day. She had taught him everything he knew; how to love; how to kill; how to hate. She had made him in her own image. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAWIvNDlrBae
36Please respect copyright.PENANAwvsihIxSxP
36Please respect copyright.PENANAM36Ut1iDbI
        Once he had patched her wound with a first-aid kit he had found, he used an abandoned flask to force river water down her throat. Then, after that, he made a campfire a distance away from the river and layed her gently down by the fire. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAR8rnV5InGT
        As he sat down on a log by the fire across from her and watched over her, memories came to the surface. copyright protection32PENANAYdHoCgQAre

36Please respect copyright.PENANACcp4vGN3zk
36Please respect copyright.PENANASloZgR0yvb
*Flashback*copyright protection32PENANAGREDR5q40P

36Please respect copyright.PENANAhnkJKfOsDv
36Please respect copyright.PENANAlfHKkdr7g0
        It was a dark night, as Katherine and Damon stood in the woods on the side of the road. Katherine had just taught him how to feed from and kill humans when he becomes a vampire. There was still blood on her face from feeding.36Please respect copyright.PENANAr9lP8BH9ac
        "Have a taste," she encouraged. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAlrzFajVZMy
        Without hesitation, he kissed her, having a taste of the human blood. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAu8NcT8pkfG
        She kissed back and it turned into a kiss full of passion.copyright protection32PENANAst0FlFrFLQ

36Please respect copyright.PENANAkGPGwYid7s
36Please respect copyright.PENANAqsUZ85j346
*end of flashback*copyright protection32PENANA2K4J8G0Ygr

36Please respect copyright.PENANACzeqL7yasO
36Please respect copyright.PENANAQMuGt1ELeL
*Flashback*copyright protection32PENANAdXiRAaW1eX

36Please respect copyright.PENANAeFe8EndYrh
36Please respect copyright.PENANA43QjuBq2MT
        It was a dark night, as Katherine stood with her back against a tree in the woods, Damon in front of her. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAQDFlj9nXUC
        She used a fingernail to make a cut on her collarbone.36Please respect copyright.PENANAJ8hXgVluUM
        "If you want it, take it. Choose."36Please respect copyright.PENANALYQChkeIn0
        "I choose you, Katherine."36Please respect copyright.PENANACeEhAXrXVl
        He bent down and drank from the wound.36Please respect copyright.PENANAzEuQCLMXfG
        She smiled, as he did so. copyright protection32PENANARHqRmMwOrh

36Please respect copyright.PENANAJ1FzDXURGh
36Please respect copyright.PENANASiwwA6u13p
*end of flashback*copyright protection32PENANAEu2Ieaoe9F

36Please respect copyright.PENANAnD3RtFDgDS
36Please respect copyright.PENANAXmUCWxzRpf
        He smiled at the fond memories he had of her from 1864 during his human years. He had loved her so much and he had thought that she had loved him just as much. He didn't know if it was the truth or not, but when he had asked her to tell him the truth, he had been shattered by her answer. She had told him "The truth is...I never loved you. It was always Stefan." That had broken him for a while until he had fallen for Elena. If she had never loved him though, why had she come back to ask him for protection after Elena had gone away to college? Now that he thought of that, it didn't make sense. If she loved Stefan, why not had she gone to him instead of Stefan? Damon was known as the impulsive and self-destructive brother, while Stefan was the complete opposite. She had put her life in his hands, when she had gone to him instead of Stefan. It made him wonder if she had lied to him, just to get him to let her go after 145 years of missing her. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA9iyFP8Lj9P
36Please respect copyright.PENANAJwsMoWs1d5
36Please respect copyright.PENANAUasOMpmmhM
        The next day, he found a vacant house and made himself at home with Kat on the couch, still sleeping. 36Please respect copyright.PENANACq4a5TiRds
        As he made himself at home, he continued to watch over her. He cared about her now. He didn't want her to die. Besides, they had a lot of History together. He knew she'd be okay now, though. She'd live.36Please respect copyright.PENANAGWZ9Jn6cpj
36Please respect copyright.PENANAikuL8gbvDs
36Please respect copyright.PENANAhgSlqXfJPt
        A few days later, she began to come to. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAcvpbF9yLlY
        He sat on the couch by her, as she came to. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA5EizprQAWt
        "Hey," he greeted her with a smile.36Please respect copyright.PENANA2dJVzaSOUH
        She smiled back.36Please respect copyright.PENANAh6dHhSRQEc
        "Thanks," she replied. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAPJR7igy8Qu
        She slowly sat up and saw where they were. 36Please respect copyright.PENANACTImOhxH5r
        "How long was I out for?" she asked him.36Please respect copyright.PENANApnyD5QwWHa
        "Three days," he replied. "But at least you're alive. That's all that matters. You were right. We have to stick together."36Please respect copyright.PENANA9wT0Dcgbl7
        "I'm glad you're finally coming around," she commented. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAGX1okQFRxL
        After they had eaten and put what they needed in a bag, they set off. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAiX9RAeH7bo
36Please respect copyright.PENANAhkUbkyoBJJ
36Please respect copyright.PENANAJqHLP1BuS9
        That night they were walking, when they saw a bar. Damon smiled. It wasn't the Mystic Grille, but it would do. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAgb6p3HEKOP
        They began to walk towards it. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA96a3hvBG7l
        A moment later, with vamp hearing, he heard a girl and some guys. Then they both saw a guy walk in. 36Please respect copyright.PENANApQM6BB8c61
36Please respect copyright.PENANAmmctMgbr0Z
36Please respect copyright.PENANAh96rdoXP44
        When they walked in, the guy who had walked in was in the middle of killing the guys for the girl. They didn't blame him. They had poisoned the girl. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAbtUXAwyIJF
        Damon vamped out and started ripping throats out, helping the guy kill them. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAJ51WyOcJfd
        Kat went and knelt by the girl who was on her back on the floor, wanting to help her. She couldn't do much, though. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAJxnPZAeWqi
        When the guys were dead, Damon turned his face human and then looked at the guy. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA0BMUzmr85a
        "Nice fighting. You were in the army? I'd recognize a soldier anywhere."36Please respect copyright.PENANANPfPLODYyT
        "I was. I'm Sebastian Monroe, but my friends call me Bass," he replied, before walking over to where Kat and Charlie were. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAbhqy7p9mmz
        Bass put his swords away and then knelt by Charlie. He looked down at her. She had been poisoned and was out cold. He had to hurry and get some water down her throat to flush the poison out, or she wouldn't make it, no matter how much of a fighter she was. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAEmbrhKNIST
        Kat stood up, as Bass got to his feed with Charlie in his arms.36Please respect copyright.PENANASGI8vtX9sv
        He looked at them. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA2DNtcUTlhf
        "Thanks for the help. If you want, you can come with me. I'm on my way to see an old friend of mine to get him out of some trouble he's in," Bass offered. He always had a good sense who he could trust and something told him that he could trust these two. Besides, they needed as much help as they could get with the Patriots. If the performance he had seen tonight wasn't proof, then he didn't know what was. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAVVC7mTRaBK
        "We'd be more than happy to come with you," Kat answered him. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA3urMDWfA6H
        "Good. Follow me."36Please respect copyright.PENANA58lSCxNwT4
36Please respect copyright.PENANAMP0oWnhOyT
36Please respect copyright.PENANAzBo0n1XDB3
        Soon enough, they were in the woods, a campfire going, Charlie lying on her back on the ground out cold, Bass seated on a log by the fire, Kat seated next to him, Damon leaning against a tree close by. Bass had just made half of his flask of water go down her throat. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAlGcHzPfml8
        "Since we're going to be traveling together, we might as well get to know each other. I already introduced myself. That's Charlie. Now who are you?"36Please respect copyright.PENANAr7YrwVOOJn
        He looked at the brunette. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAIjY6km7h0J
        "It's a long story. I'm Katherine Pierce, but I was born in Bulgaria as Katerina Petrova. That's Damon Salvatore. I'm sure you saw his face earlier," she began, trying to be gentle about telling him everything. It could be confusing, so she was taking it slow. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAlmpx3YmjlI
        "Yes; he's a vampire, though I didn't think they existed until now."36Please respect copyright.PENANAsMQqeml3b5
        "Maybe in this world, but in out world vampire, werewolves, witches, warlocks, hybrids, doppelgangers, ghosts, immortals, and Vampire Hunters exist."36Please respect copyright.PENANAqTop0IM80N
        "Sounds like a crazy world."36Please respect copyright.PENANARl9gTdffwB
        "It can be."36Please respect copyright.PENANAYYoOpCbLGn
        "So how are you two related?" he asked her. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAQ6gfvhYipY
        "When I was a vampire, I turned him and his brother. But that's not the beginning of the story. My story starts in Bulgaria 1490 when I bore an illegitimate daughter out of Wedlock. My parents banished me for it and disowned me, so I ended up in England where I met Trevor in 1492 who, at a ball, introduced me to Elijah and Niklaus Mikaelson on Klaus' Birthday. I was a young, naive, human full of light, wanting more in life than what I had been born in, so when Klaus offered a place to stay at the Mikaelson estate, I accepted. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA5gkexdsNtY
        When I found out that they were vampires and Klaus would sacrifice me in a ritual to break the curse that his mother set upon him, I stole the Moonstone and escaped with help from Trevor. I became a vampire when I woke up in transition and drank from a human. I fled after that, thinking I had escaped. Klaus was one step ahead of me, though. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAosXNgnps85
        When I arrived in my Bulgaria village on horseback, my entire village, including my parents, had been savagely slaughtered. I knew it had been Klaus. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAPZc6eInd0M
        In 1498, I went back to Bulgaria in search of my daughter who was eight at the time, but she was no where to be found, so I gave up.36Please respect copyright.PENANAc52wkAKMnd
        In 1864, I arrived in America and went to Mystic Falls, Virginia with my friends Annabelle and Pearl who were vampires and Emily Bennett who was a witch. Stefan, Damon's little brother, was the first one I met and fell in love with. Then Damon came home on leave from fighting on the South side in the war. He came home to spend time with his brother, only to meet the likes of me. When I asked them who wanted to escort me to the Founder's Ball and they both wanted to, I was amazed. I had never met anyone like the Salvatores. I certainly didn't expect anyone to even want to take me a ball. It was new to me to have anyone willing to do anything for me. I was beautiful, but broken inside. I didn't want to get close to anyone, afraid that something would happen. But then I did get close and I fell for both Salvatores. When I got wind what the Founders were planning, I made a plan so that nothing would happen to me. I even kept my promise to Damon that he would die. 36Please respect copyright.PENANALMFIzW6Zpe
        After I fled, I kept a low profile, knowing Klaus wasn't far behind, but that didn't stop me from keeping watch over them. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA5edhlsZIF0
        When I returned to Mystic Falls in 2009, I learned that I had a doppelganger. I told everyone that I came back for Stefan, but I really came back for them both. But when Damon killed my werewolf spy, I was angry and lashed out by turning my doppelganger's best friend Caroline, into a vampire. And because I needed a werewolf, I had my doppelganger's ex make Tyler Lockwood angry enough to kill someone. So Tyler became a werewolf because of me. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAuR5xop79bv
        A year after I came to town, the Mikaelsons came to town one by one. First Elijah; then Klaus. And after Klaus used my doppelganger to break the curse and he became the Original hybrid, their sister Rebekah came into the picture. Then there came Finn and Kol and their parents Mikael and Esther. Then we all tried to kill Klaus, but failed. So I left town. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAmXh2FQZLPo
        When I learned about the cure for vampirism and an immortal named Silas, I jumped at the chance to get to it first. I knew Klaus wanted to destroy it, so I got to it first, wanting to use it as a bargaining chip for my freedom. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA0UDdbYGbHm
        After I gave the cure to Elijah to help me, he broke up with me and left town. I was angry, so I took everything out on my doppelganger who, by then, had been a vampire for a year, and I tried to kill her. Someone must've given the cure to her, because she shoved the cure down my throat and I turned back into a human. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAbcdhKCGRLS
        About six months later, I went back to Mystic Falls, only to find out that Silas needed me because he had to drink the cure to die a witch and be with his lover. I was the cure, because I had gotten it shoved down my throat. Then my grown up, vampire daughter came to town to protect me.36Please respect copyright.PENANAm8PEbvubhj
        After Silas was killed, I learned that the cure had done something to me. I was dying of old age and I couldn't even digest vampire blood. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAAhedvpccBU
        In the end, Nadia died from a werewolf bite and I helped defeat the Travelers. So Damon and I died together on the Other Side where it was about to disintegrate. Instead of disintegrating, we found ourselves here."36Please respect copyright.PENANAyN6M4QoLIa
        "I see what you mean by a long story. We're kind of the same in some parts. The short version is that I lost my entire family when a drunk driver crashed into my family's car. One night, my best friend Miles found me at the Georgia cemetery with a bottle of whiskey and a gun in my hand. All I wanted to do was to end it all. Miles saved me from myself that night. After that, Miles and I fought in the war. Miles got shot, but survived. After that, we went back home to Georgia. We wee on our way home, when Miles' brother Ben warned him that everything was going to turn off. Then it did. Ever since then, it's been like this. We call it a blackout," Bass replied to her. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAE5itJuZeFg
        "What's her story?" Damon asked. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAxfyLt4bGgN
        "Charlie had to grow up fast to be a big sister to her little brother Danny. When I was the general of what Miles and I created called the Monroe Republic, I asked a few of my soldiers to get Ben Matheson, her dad, but when Danny tried to stop them, Ben was killed and they took Danny, instead. So Charlie lost her dad and later lost Danny. He died helping to stop the militia. She did get reunited with her mom, though. I'm no longer general though and the militia no longer exist. Now we have bigger problems. There are people that call themselves the US Government, but I know better and so does Charlie. They're Patriots," he summarized. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAAPAHBEyZqg
        Damon and Kat were surprised at how familiar Charlie and Bass' lives were to their own. 36Please respect copyright.PENANAa4msy5XxjC
36Please respect copyright.PENANAORSnDmrO3I
36Please respect copyright.PENANACDxcl9RT8i
        A few days later Bass, Charlie, Damon, and Kat were on a horse and wagon, Bass guiding the horses pulling the wagon by the reins. Bass and Charlie were going to Miles and them, while Damon and Katherine were heading on a hunt to go back home. 36Please respect copyright.PENANA9jmvLUBJrV
36Please respect copyright.PENANAmfMeDqB4fE
36Please respect copyright.PENANANRil3DuVxD
        Half way to the town, Bass dropped the vampire and former vampire off, before heading towards the rest of the way to the town.36Please respect copyright.PENANAdHWAcIuOrW
36Please respect copyright.PENANAJNcw2PWDUb
36Please respect copyright.PENANAhH3A27dx2L
        A week later, Damon and Kat made their way home through a portal. By now, they had understanding and appreciation for each other. Damon didn't even hate her anymore. Things had changed.copyright protection32PENANAGnCZfd9ceo

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