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TVD/Revolution crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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TVD/Revolution crossovers
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Ch.2: VD/Revolution: The Fall of The Patriots
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
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Ch.2: VD/Revolution: The Fall of The Patriotscopyright protection23PENANAkvIXioAnDg

Summary: Set in Revolution S2, starting with “Patriot Games,” and VD S7. Kat never went to hell. After she dies, she ends up in the Revolution universe. After Bass saves a human Katherine’s life, what will ensue?copyright protection23PENANAbkQFgK1Pum

  It was a dismal night, as a human Katherine sat on a bar stool at the bar, having a shot glass of Bourbon. She didn’t know what city, state, or town she was in, but she didn’t care as long as she wasn’t in danger. She didn’t care why she was here, because she’d just appeared in some woods after Stefan had killed her. She didn’t really have anything or anyone to live for after watching Nadia die. She could care less about anything right now.copyright protection23PENANAzZpEuFpxsE

            After finishing her drink, she left the bar.copyright protection23PENANAHMaqKsOlQs

            Half an hour later, she stopped by the woods, feeling weak. Then she felt her back against an abandoned car, as she tried to stay awake.copyright protection23PENANAB2MsH2cJRG

            Bass was walking, when he saw someone on the ground, back against a car. Normally, he didn’t help strangers, but something told him she was someone worth saving, so he decided to help her.copyright protection23PENANA5qGv5abvID

            Once he knelt in front of her, he knew that she’d been poisoned.copyright protection23PENANA9ppjPaMEvC

            He gently pulled her into his arms and got to his feet, as everything went black for her.copyright protection23PENANA66ESymVL6M

            When Katherine woke up, she was by a fire, the guy she’d seen before she’d blacked out, on the other side of the fire. He’d obviously taken care of her, because she felt fine now.copyright protection23PENANAscd8HijSN1

            When he knew she was awake and she’d sat up, he stopped sharpening his knife.copyright protection23PENANAvXrVhh53VA

            “Who are you? What’s your name?”copyright protection23PENANAG1HlUfIP1O

            Although she usually didn’t like someone asking in this manner, she told him the truth.copyright protection23PENANABt0PBI8VAW

            Once they’d gotten to know each other, she had to ask him, “Why’d you save me? Most people would’ve just let me die.”copyright protection23PENANAW6To2bF7eA

            “I felt like being a good Samaritan. Besides, I need help. I need to save some people I care about and go to war against those that are saying they’re something they’re not.”copyright protection23PENANAIVCpgxFZnG

            Katherine gave a smile.copyright protection23PENANANZ9OOLwWG7

            “You’ve got a deal, Bass. I’m very good at killing and going to war.”copyright protection23PENANASDdM1gXGnc

            He looked at her, glad that she had agreed to help me. It didn’t surprise him after they’d shared stories, though. They were a lot alike. And he had to admit that she was much more easier to get help from than others he knew and cared about.copyright protection23PENANAh67UvosbnP

            A few weeks later, they arrived in Willoughby, Texas to warn Miles, Charlie, and Rachel about the bounties. Then, after they gained their trust, she and Bass made a plan to take down the patriots. Then, once the patriots had been taken down, they all went back to the town and Miles accused Bass of just wanting the patriots defeated so he could make a new Militia.copyright protection23PENANARbO1ZCMwzt

            Katherine overheard the conversation and Miles’ accusations. She wasn’t pleased about it. She hadn’t known much when she’d ended up in this world, but during the last several months, she’d gotten to know everyone very well. She’d even become nicer and a better person after everything they’d all gone through. Though she and Bass were alike, she didn’t think he would make another Militia. They were happy enough where they were.copyright protection23PENANADs6Rf87cPv

            Katherine stood between them and Bass walked off, not wanting to fight. As he did so, she looked at Miles.copyright protection23PENANAo6Bw17Vuii

            “You know, he really is trying. His intentions aren’t to make another Militia. It would be easier if you wouldn’t push him away or think that he’s going to make the same mistakes.”copyright protection23PENANAjau7buKY0k

            “You don’t know him like I do,” he replied.copyright protection23PENANArEMyw1GDev

            “I think I do. Maybe more. It’s hard to change when everyone around you sees you as nothing more than the person that did those horrible things. Have faith. Believe.”copyright protection23PENANA9DCK9ES48a

            She left Miles to go find Bass.copyright protection23PENANAnslRzwmkvm

            Bass was in the area that she and Bass had had a meeting with Miles when they’d first come to town, though he hadn’t been happy that she’d brought Bass to town, though he and the others hadn’t known her at the time.copyright protection23PENANAEX1rwxtcbH

            She found him and walked over to him, standing by him.copyright protection23PENANAIkkk4uZWz7

            “Forget the accusations. I know why you really helped defeat them. What matters is your own actions, no matter what they may be. They’re not the people I’ve known for a long time in my world. They’ll eventually see that you’ve changed,” she assured him.copyright protection23PENANA7XzsP9Zbuv

            He looked at her.copyright protection23PENANAy9szAY64bh

            “They’re right to think what they do, you know. I wasn’t always like this. After Miles left the Monroe Republic, I changed. I wasn’t myself. I did a lot of bad things; Even killed some of my men. All I wanted was Miles back at my side. When Tom won them over, I was a little relieved until they started shooting at me. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders. No one needed me to be in charge of their well-being anymore. When I was the general, that power got to me, but when I was no longer a part of the Militia, I went back to the old me. I may be great at killing, but I don’t like to do it. Not unless I have to. So you can understand why they think the way they do.”copyright protection23PENANALTC6eGAdDa

            “Yes, but that doesn’t make it okay. They’re family. As I learned a little too late, family should stand together, as one. Nothing is more powerful than the bond, love, and loyalty of family. Hopefully, they’ll see you how they used to someday,” she replied.copyright protection23PENANAlL7VdW4d7z

            “Someday they will. You can count on it,” he assured her.copyright protection23PENANAIFIbfjamnm

            She gave him a smile and he smiled back. Then they began to kiss.copyright protection23PENANAE9fgfuXQIB

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