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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Ch.8: OUAT/Originals crossover: Former Enemies In An Unlikely Town
Jan 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!erpRamSxLMJevzqL5RL4posted on PENANA

Ch.8: OUAT/Originals crossover: Former Enemies In An Unlikely Towncopyright protection21PENANAbdih24jAl9

Summary: Set between Originals S3 and 4 and OUAT between the S5 finale and 6x1. Kat and Klaus end up in Storybrooke. What will ensue?copyright protection21PENANAzAAYsLkkj6

 It was a dismal night, as Kat stood on the road, not knowing why she was here, but saw by the sign that the name was Storybrooke.25Please respect copyright.PENANAMPn46q8p1u
            Suddenly, a moment later, she saw a three year old girl in the middle of the road. She knew who she was, since the dead talked and she knew that Klaus had a daughter who would be three now.25Please respect copyright.PENANAzA5azxVUSe
            She went and knelt in front of her.25Please respect copyright.PENANA10hmCU81BL
            “Hope, what are you doing here? Your father will be worried about you,” she said gently. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you until they can find you.” She picked her up and got to her feet. “Let’s go see the town.” She smiled and Hope smiled back.25Please respect copyright.PENANAboBztHZC70
 25Please respect copyright.PENANA6GBbQbJL6B
 25Please respect copyright.PENANA07ChufbCgN
            Once inside the diner, she sat in a booth and sat Hope next to her on her left. She then looked through the menu.25Please respect copyright.PENANAorc00FH0hP
            A few minutes later, an elderly lady approached.25Please respect copyright.PENANA1ovDAlOj7V
            “You’re a new face. First time mother?”25Please respect copyright.PENANAV82xqxMCa3
            “No. I’m watching her for her father. He’s an old enemy but I wouldn’t harm a child. Besides, I forgave him a few years ago. His name is Klaus. He’s a hybrid but Hope here is half hybrid and half witch. I’m Katherine. That’s all I’m saying right now,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANAqzvCzwhgwz
            “We’ll need to know more later. It’s a rule. We don’t like secrets. What can I get you?”25Please respect copyright.PENANA5yXBbxX0R5
            She gave her their order, assuming what would be good for a three year old to eat.25Please respect copyright.PENANAVNdYkDw7gG
            After they had eaten, Hope began to show some magic, making a cup float just above the table.25Please respect copyright.PENANAaGfGiOcA5I
            Kat set the cup back on the table.25Please respect copyright.PENANAabh7NsFKtx
            “Hope, no. You can’t do that in public, honey,” she said gently. She knew Hope was just learning that she had abilities, but she couldn’t let Hope use her magic in front of others when she didn’t know anyone here.25Please respect copyright.PENANAPok3nFHTNX
            A boy sat across from them, a big book in hand which, when he set it down, she saw read Once Upon A Time.25Please respect copyright.PENANAAYDPEWEQwJ
            “Hi, I’m Henry,” he greeted with a smile.25Please respect copyright.PENANAzHVQOIiusL
            “I’m Katherine. This is Hope,” she greeted back. “No one saw that, right?”25Please respect copyright.PENANA2iamly23sP
            “Well, some of us did, but we’re used to magic here. It’s all around us in this town. Storybrooke is full of fairytales. Even the book is magical. Every time someone with magic of some sort comes to town, a new page appears with that person’s story. You’re in this book now and so are some others.”25Please respect copyright.PENANA02NERrBvh8
            He opened the book and scooted it towards her.25Please respect copyright.PENANAfQPaGDSZ8k
            She flipped through the pages and saw what the new pages were. She stopped at the page that had a picture of Klaus on it.25Please respect copyright.PENANALaDWxZuz2W
            “Look, Hope. Your father is coming home to get you,” she said with a smile. Klaus could have his child back. Sure, she was attached to her already, but the Klaus she knew would kill her for touching Hope. Hope put a hand on the page, clearly missing him. “I know, Hope. Don’t worry. He’ll be here soon. Until then, you and I will have lots of fun together.” Hope took her hand away and smiled in agreement. Kat smiled too and flipped pages all the way to the very last one in the book and closed it. She then slid it back over to Henry. “Thanks, Henry. It’s nice to meet you. We’ll see you later.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAp3YcIQEjlV
            She left the diner with Hope in her arms and stopped at the corner, seeing someone she assumed to be Hook.25Please respect copyright.PENANArBMgLtUDt2
            “Hello, love,” he greeted. “Cute kid. She yours?”25Please respect copyright.PENANAYedBbLBFkD
            “If this is a pirate version of flirting or trying to get information out of me, it sucks. If you want information, all you have to do is ask, Hook. As for your question, she’s not mine. Hope belongs to Hayley and Klaus. I don’t know how either of us got here. All I know is that she appeared in the road after I did. Henry filled me in on everything.”25Please respect copyright.PENANACJHBWprAIN
            “You’ve heard of me. You’re right. You’re new in town. I want to know your name.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAw9ojp9MkNg
            “My name is Katherine Pierce. Now Hope and I are going to find her father. I can deal with her magic, but if she starts being a miniature vampire, that’s something Klaus has to deal with. I’m not a vampire anymore.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAmMvAnGlZmG
            He gave her a confused look. “What’s a vampire?”25Please respect copyright.PENANACYqkzmJ1Wr
            “Go ask Henry for the book. Me and Klaus’ history and a few others are in it. Read and you’ll find out.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAOtBdM0nzka
            She walked away, heading for the woods. He was born a werewolf first. The woods was where he’d end up at.25Please respect copyright.PENANAPHWkik1Dkn
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAkXlKhV70X3
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAsMx3Zj4nSp
            Once in the woods, she began walking through them, searching in silence, nothing to say. She just hoped that Klaus was okay or at least alive. She was also hoping not to have a run in with Rebekah, but she was happy for Freya to possibly be showing up. Rebekah despised her for being able to run for 500 years and she was known for jumping to conclusions. She could kill her if she saw Katherine with Hope. Klaus might kill her too, but he had the decency to hear what she had to say first. Another person she didn’t want to see was Elijah. He left and hadn’t even called to make sure that she was okay or even alive.25Please respect copyright.PENANAyI7u3pP43a
            She stopped in her tracks, recognizing the silver werewolf that stood about ten steps away from where she stood.25Please respect copyright.PENANArn7N8oJfpG
            “Klaus?” she inquired, noticing that he was hurt. He looked like he had come from a battle, considering the blood on his fur coat. “You’re probably wondering what’s going on and why you’re here. I don’t know why any of us are here. I just know that I suddenly appeared in the road. Hope appeared a moment later, so I’ve been taking care of Hope until one of you suddenly appears. This town is called Storybrooke and as crazy as it sounds for even our world, every fairytale we grew up with is here. Even the book here is magical. When someone shows up in town, a new story appears in the book. That’s how I knew that you’d be coming. I just had to assume that it would be the woods since you were born a wolf first,” she explained. “If you follow me back to town, I can take care of those injuries that aren’t healing and I’ll give you Hope once you’ve turned back.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAjRsQUraZP2
            He nodded his head in agreement, but was confused as to why she of all people would help him.25Please respect copyright.PENANAonLvSOVHSY
            He followed at her side, hating eing her allie but knew it was essential.25Please respect copyright.PENANASkmZ7vnQKN
            Soon, they entered the town and she led him to the outside of a place called Granny’s Diner.25Please respect copyright.PENANAx3EZUzr4yg
            “Before I died, I found out that I’m descended from Travelers. If you don’t bite me, I can heal you,” she explained, before starting to heal him with magic.25Please respect copyright.PENANA7WDSsvGndz
            Soon she was finished and let Hope down.25Please respect copyright.PENANAl5TI50dsRY
            He stepped back and phased back to his hybrid self with clothes on.25Please respect copyright.PENANAfo2UoWtP01
            “That’s better. Thanks, luv.”25Please respect copyright.PENANA68XJ0pfHNs
            She smiled.25Please respect copyright.PENANAg9y9RDa562
            “You’re welcome. By the way, some of your siblings are coming too, considering the book. I’ll introduce you to everyone,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANA3mq5gP1KE2
            He picked Hope up and she led him inside.25Please respect copyright.PENANALLaJub9KSW
            Half an hour later, he’d been filled in on everything and had been introduced to Emma, Hook, Regina, Robin Hood, Robin, Zelena, Roland, Red Riding Hood, Granny, Snow White, Prince Charming, the dwarfs, Belle, Rumple, Henry, the fairies, and Maleficent. After that, Klaus had a couple of shots of Bourbon and then went to the room with Hope to lay Hope down and get some sleep.25Please respect copyright.PENANAc85LiXos2v
            When Kat was outside with Hook, talking and drinking, her having a bottle of Bourbon and him having his canteen of Rum as usual, Kat saw her suddenly appear.25Please respect copyright.PENANAu5RVb8KdSp
            “What the hell?” the blond Original sister said.25Please respect copyright.PENANAgEarnFCwpv
            “I was thinking the same thing when I suddenly appeared here too. Welcome to Storybrooke, Rebekah.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAsCDyoWvMox
            Rebekah looked at her and walked over to her.25Please respect copyright.PENANAiTD9OPiz2a
            “What do you know?”25Please respect copyright.PENANAYiO9KcOmJe
            “It’s a long story. I’m sure Klaus would be happy to fill you in. He’s inside Granny’s upstairs with Hope.”25Please respect copyright.PENANARbRvKfrf2Q
            Without another word, she went inside.25Please respect copyright.PENANANkJquxgM6i
            “You two don’t get along?” Hook questioned Kat.25Please respect copyright.PENANAX5BMelY3IH
            “She despises me because I was able to run from Klaus for 500 years, but I’ve always felt for her. All she wants is to be free from Klaus and to be happy. She wants love and if it was possible for her to be human, she wants a child or two. I kind of feel a connection with her because that’s something I always wanted. I don’t know if I want that anymore though. After what happened to Nadia, all I want is to be reunited with her. I made her a promise to show her the world but I couldn’t keep it because she died. If the wolf who bit her was standing in front of me and I was still a vampire, I would rip his heart out,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANAhAT95DoxTq
            “Careful, love. You’re starting to sound like the old me.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAoGK77eFn1M
            “I can’t help it. The loss of a child is the most painful thing someone can go through.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAGYRiK6DJ9l
            A few minutes later, she saw Elijah and Freya appear.25Please respect copyright.PENANAqrVkA1YYzS
            “Long story. Welcome to Storybrooke,” she said to Freya. She looked at Elijah. “Don’t say anything. Klaus never told you that I got the cure shoved down my throat by Elena, but it still doesn’t excuse you not showing up or calling. I’m not talking to you.” She looked at Freya. “Pretty much every fairytale you grew up with exists in Storybrooke as well does fairytale magic. Klaus, Rebekah, and Hope are upstairs inside Granny’s if you want to know everything. I would like a chance to talk though. I’ve heard about you and there’s something I want to ask you.”25Please respect copyright.PENANApXz95GoK4p
            Later, after they both met everyone and found out the full story, Freya and Katherine met in the woods, since Katheirne wanted secrecy from the other Mikaelsons.25Please respect copyright.PENANAwLno38vHRE
            Freya sat on a log next to Katherine.25Please respect copyright.PENANA3i6YDG0BFA
            “I know we don’t know each other, but my name is Katherine. I was born as Katerina Petrova and I was 500 years old until I got the cure shoved down my throat by my doppelganger Elena. That was around five years ago. Elijah and I dated for a while, but he left me for Klaus. Klaus and I were enemies for 500 years. I always make it a point to know my enemies, which is why I know you and everything you’ve been through. I can sympathize since my father tore my daughter from my arms in 1490. We were reunited five years ago, but it was short lived. Tyler Lockwood bite her and she died, because I’ve always been afraid of Klaus and I thought if I asked, he’d rather watch her die. Since you ended up here and this place is filled with fairytales, I thought I would ask you a favor. Can you or can you not bring Nadia back to life?” she said before Freya had a chance to say anything first.25Please respect copyright.PENANAt4x2eDJCnO
            “I probably can, but magic always comes with a price,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANA1UApjDxOkp
            “Well, it’s either you or Gold and I’d rather not have to make a deal with the Dark One.”25Please respect copyright.PENANAtnHzmlgnWW
            “I can see what I can do,” Freya said.25Please respect copyright.PENANAXq1vtf8dSw
            “Thanks.”25Please respect copyright.PENANA1UrBjKfRzA
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAh2YZClkSIh
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAPGHQcb6loY
            When Freya couldn’t bring her back, but could get her body to Storybrooke magically, Katherine had no choice but to go to Rumple’s shop, so she headed that way.25Please respect copyright.PENANASpSj1c4h4E
            She entered the shop and walked over to the front glass counter to wait for him.25Please respect copyright.PENANARlGQljbFbU
            He came to the counter from the back of the shop where he had been doing his thing like he normally does in the back.25Please respect copyright.PENANAW0BERNPX9d
            “How can I help you, dearie?” he questioned.25Please respect copyright.PENANAV1DOlF1qX6
            “I need to make a deal with you to bring my daughter back to life,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANA4OrLFN4Qsg
            “Sorry, dearie. Magic can do many things, but not that. It can bring someone back from the brink of death, but it can’t bring someone back from the dead; Dead is dead,” he explained.25Please respect copyright.PENANALphm48aT5j
            “So you can’t do anything at all,” she replied.25Please respect copyright.PENANA71lLQGrR7o
            “I can’t,” he confirmed.25Please respect copyright.PENANAXbdpXSc1JF
            “Thanks,” she said, before leaving the shop. She couldn’t believe that the two most powerful people in the world couldn’t bring her back from the dead. She was Katherine Pierce though. She wasn’t going to give up.25Please respect copyright.PENANAhu4yR9H12N
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAlaOGWEnowv
 25Please respect copyright.PENANAMtG0TDS5FC
            Months later, after using some magic of her own, she was finally able to bring Nadia back to life, which she was thankful for. So they all lived as happily ever after as they could. After all, this was Storybrooke. Anything could happen.copyright protection21PENANA72lCCLoHD9

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