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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Ch.9: OUAT/VD/Originals: True Love Conquers All
Jan 12, 2018
28 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nLaewXjVRKWr9D8GYPYBposted on PENANA

Ch.9: OUAT/VD/Originals: True Love Conquers Allcopyright protection8PENANAVw3cxi8lek

Summary: Set in 6x17 and onward. After Kat helps Hook get home and tags along with him, will Kat help defeat the Black Fairy and help those that need it, or will she just stand by and watch? Will Kat get her happy ending?copyright protection8PENANA9C5jRChax8

 It was a beautiful day, as a human Katherine appeared somewhere she didn’t recognize. It looked like an island, though. Then, when she walked for a while and found some boys surrounding someone she knew from a fairytale, she realized where she was. She had appeared in Neverland, of all places. Because of the world she knew, she didn’t think of it as impossible.copyright protection8PENANAVuz47IK5xJ

            When Hook said that he didn’t want to hurt any of them and to get on with it, and when a few pulled out swords, clearly ready for a fight, she approached, showing herself. As she did, she gave the boys a magical headache until they blacked out. Then she turned to face Captain Hook.copyright protection8PENANAHtfKFN3O8i

            Hook put his sword away, but questioned her.copyright protection8PENANA8iUeCMRTXo

            “Who are you?”copyright protection8PENANA1STBW0jH6R

            “Katherine Pierce. I’m descended from Travelers. They’re like gypsies or witches. I don’t know why I’m here. I just appeared after escaping the 1994 prison world to get away from a Gemini witch named Kai. I’m on your side. For starters, where are you trying to get back to and why did you end up here? I can help you. A show of trust, since I know you and I don’t usually trust strangers. Plus, I’d rather not be in Neverland with the angry Lost Boys,” she answered him.copyright protection8PENANAqNkGy0tBOC

            “I’m Hook. I’m trying to get back to Emma in Storybrooke, but Gideon put a curse on me so I can’t return.”copyright protection8PENANATXUObwA2qx

            “I can fix that. I’m not from any fairytale land, but I’ve dealt with witches for centuries. I’m no stranger to curses, spells, and magic,” she informed him.copyright protection8PENANArrpl3mln4r

            “What are you going to do? What’s in it for you? Magic always comes with a price,” he asked her, having experience with magic of all kinds.copyright protection8PENANAeufybNyFon

            “The only thing I want is off this island. You need to trust me. I can break the spell, but to do it, I need to know what kind of spell it was that Gideon cast. To do that, I have to look at your memories,” she told him.copyright protection8PENANAihkd6wJGz9

            “Do it,” he said. All he cared about was getting back to Emma. If letting her see his memories was part of that, he was willing to let her.copyright protection8PENANAe1BEmF0H24

            She rested hands on either side of his head and closed her eyes.copyright protection8PENANA9gzoPLcorB

            After a few minutes, she let go and looked at him, knowing how to get him back.copyright protection8PENANALJS6WZCGFb

            “I know what to do,” she told him.copyright protection8PENANAQUcryz7yg9

            After he wasn’t cursed anymore, she magically brought them to Storybrooke.copyright protection8PENANADqqdPgY1Ep

            “Thank you, luv,” he said.copyright protection8PENANACq9vw5u9La

            She gave a smile.copyright protection8PENANAkC4x4C7bbn

            “It was the least I could do. My happy ending might be gone, but you deserve yours.”copyright protection8PENANAlPNL2D11EG

            While Hook went to find Emma, Kat walked through the streets. She felt like she’d like this place, as long as her enemies didn’t find her here. Besides, maybe she could redeem herself by helping to defeat those that wished others harm.copyright protection8PENANArg6AMDGgMs

            She entered Granny’s Diner and sat on a bar stool. She then ordered a shot glass of Bourbon, needing it after the hell she’d been through.copyright protection8PENANAr74vF87Mjj

            After she took her first sip, she was visited by someone.copyright protection8PENANAaF8YqaBscf

            “You’re a new face. Who are you and what are you doing here?”copyright protection8PENANA8DwfeiTUzF

            She looked at her.copyright protection8PENANAn0NrwsAEeU

            “My name’s Katherine. I helped Hook get home. I may not be from fairytale land, but I’m quite familiar with magic. I’ve dealt with witches for a long time and I’ve learned that I’m descended from Travelers. You may know them as gypsies. They’re a lot like witches. You have nothing to worry about. I don’t pose a threat. I can help you if you want, though. I can help you all. I may not be a vampire anymore, but I still know how to take down certain enemies. And I never back down.”copyright protection8PENANAXoz5m0gYss

            Regina looked at her.copyright protection8PENANAdB6KRk2KfC

            “Nice to meet you, Katherine. If what you say is true, then it’s a deal.”copyright protection8PENANAqDDd49FFNU

            Katherine took another sip of her drink.copyright protection8PENANAzKj8QG97EB

            “What do you need help with?”copyright protection8PENANAASdHC42EPh

            “You could start by helping me undo what my evil half did to Snow White and Prince Charming.”copyright protection8PENANAhfUUsZ38FR

            “What did she do to them?” she quizzed the former queen.copyright protection8PENANA3eCmns2wAH

            “She put a sleeping curse on their hearts.”copyright protection8PENANA8azlRbqTQg

            “I’ll help you. I may not have any family left alive, but I don’t wish Emma’s to live separated. Where do they live? I’ll see what I can do,” she told Regina, and then finished her shot glass of Bourbon.copyright protection8PENANAb7v61Y646L

            Regina gave her directions and Katherine got to her feet. Then she left the diner to see about putting her family back together.copyright protection8PENANAW90ywn0zUB

            Once at the door, she knocked. Soon, the door opened and she saw a blond.copyright protection8PENANAg3LPpD0PxQ

            “You must be Emma. I’m Katherine. I brought Hook back to you. I heard what happened to your parents. I’m here to help if you’ll let me,” she introduced, before Emma could say anything.copyright protection8PENANA5JXBQZzW4G

            “I’d like that. Thanks,” she said, and stepped aside, trusting her.copyright protection8PENANAI0QIyn6zW1

            Katherine walked inside and over to where they lay, asleep. She then took their hearts out and siphoned the sleeping spell out of their hearts, before putting their hearts back in. Then she turned around to look at everyone.copyright protection8PENANAac4W2tA2j8

            “In my world, there aren’t just vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, and doppelgangers. There are also those that are half vampire and half witch. They can siphon out someone’s magic. I just critiqued the siphoning so that I only siphoned out the sleeping spell the Evil Queen put on them. I’m descended from Travelers which you may know as gypsies, but after dealing with 500 years’ worth of witches, I know some spells. I think I can help you guys undo whatever needs undone and I can help defeat whatever villains there are that need defeated.”copyright protection8PENANAToRR0HQAEU

            She sat down at the table.copyright protection8PENANAhnV85tvc2s

            A moment later, Snow White and Prince Charming awoke.copyright protection8PENANAddEh9HKJJ3

            Hook looked at Katherine.copyright protection8PENANARDsJutrl35

            “You did more than look into what Gideon did to me, didn’t you?”copyright protection8PENANAgksbtyEYKH

            “Yes, I went into your memories a little deeper than what Gideon did to you. That’s how I know about the Evil Queen and Emma. I’m sorry, but I had to know what kind of place I was ending up in. Don’t worry. I only went into your present memories. You’re lucky I’m not a fan of going into people’s heads or memories, much less tormenting people in their heads. It wasn’t very fun when Damon did that to me, but then again, he hates me. He thinks I played with him and his brother’s feelings, but I didn’t. I lied when I told him that I never loved him, in order to protect him from Klaus. If Klaus knew there was someone I loved other than his elder brother Elijah, he would’ve killed him just to hurt me more than he already has,” she explained. “I promise, I won’t do that to you again, Captain.”copyright protection8PENANAqYU5f4M0Ow

            She looked at Henry, when Henry sat down at the table with a book.copyright protection8PENANA4GaxpF0Q03

            “Who are you?” she questioned him.copyright protection8PENANAWgopsRY7QJ

            “Henry. You may not be a fairytale, but your story is in the book. It’s a magical book. When someone with magic or connected to the fairytales comes to town, their story magically appears in the book. You can read it if you really want to know about the fairytales here,” he informed her.copyright protection8PENANAOhHJmWN9XB

            Katherine took the book and began reading the stories and, when she’d gotten to the end, her story was there.copyright protection8PENANAG1hQyHvzyv

            She looked at him.copyright protection8PENANACuM1UfTSmK

            “Thanks, Henry. So, what present villains are here?” she questioned him.copyright protection8PENANABa1iUofHyd

            “That would be Gideon and the Black Fairy. The Black Fairy is Gold’s mother; the one that created Dark magic and The Dark One. Gideon is Gold and Belle’s son that The Black Fairy took and raised evil.”copyright protection8PENANAjefA4OiAnQ

            “And where exactly are Belle and Gold staying? I’ve known for a long time that evil is created; not exactly born. I was one of the good ones until Klaus found me the first time I was human. Maybe this town is what I need. Elijah always wanted me to find my redemption. Maybe helping someone else will help myself.”copyright protection8PENANA60lT1f8V8u

            “You can find them at Gold’s shop,” Henry answered her.copyright protection8PENANAFKFG3z5ihD

            She got to her feet.copyright protection8PENANAwARLbWztwW

            “Well, if any of you need me, you know where to find me,” she said, heading for the door.copyright protection8PENANAjCWFvYUET3

            Once she found the shop, she entered it.copyright protection8PENANA8zNOgQnl9E

            “Gold? Belle?” she called.copyright protection8PENANAYFfQqqMZTj

            She saw someone come from the back of the shop.copyright protection8PENANAWdWSTsRO6L

            “How can I help you, dearie?”copyright protection8PENANARekE2AvqWE

            “I was thinking I can help you both. My name is Katherine. I’m the one that undid what Gideon did to Hook to keep him away from Emma. I may not be a fairytale like everyone else here, but I’m descended from what’s called Travelers. You probably know them as gypsies. I used to be what’s called a vampire, but got turned back into a human by my doppelganger. In my world doppelgangers, vampires, werewolves, Travelers, witches, hybrids, and Syphons exist. I did a lot of bad things, because I didn’t have anyone to stop me. Maybe by helping you two get Gideon back from the darkness can be the start of the redemption that Elijah has always wanted me to find. I know what it’s like to lose a child twice in a lifetime. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I had a daughter once and I know if she’s on what we call the Other Side, watching, it’s something she’d want me to do. I want to help,” she answered him.copyright protection8PENANA4VkjLKKyKE

            She saw a girl come from the back.copyright protection8PENANARHSOALgrzm

            “Why should I trust you to get our son back?” he questioned, not quite trusting her.copyright protection8PENANAdqAx5D8B35

            “As I said, I know what it’s like to lose a child twice. I may have done many bad deeds as I know you have done, but never once did I harm a child no matter who or what their parents were. If Hope was here right now, I wouldn’t even harm her and she’s my greatest enemy’s daughter. I can be a great help to you. I also know what it’s like to lose someone you love and care about, because the darkness pulls you in more than the love that you have for that person. Let me help,” she replied.copyright protection8PENANAg80AsLlck6

            “You think you can get him back?” the girl inquired of her.copyright protection8PENANARcNJ0nugO3

            “I think so. Love isn’t always strong enough to defeat the darkness, but once you realize the mistake you’ve made by losing someone you love one way or another, that’s when the darkness ceases to have its pull. You must be Belle. I’m Katherine Pierce. Very few people get to call me by the name I was born with.”copyright protection8PENANAC1udzARIbU

            “I am. Thank you, Katherine. Anything you need, we can help you with.”copyright protection8PENANANr3O1wAnJU

            “You’re welcome. As a mother to a mother, even if I didn’t get to raise Nadia, losing a child is the most unbearable pain that a mother feels. Nadia was ripped from my arms at birth and then she found me when she was grown up and a vampire. Then we bonded, only for her to be bitten by a hybrid named Tyler Lockwood. Klaus’ blood just happened to be the cure, but Nadia just wanted me to be happy and to not have to give anything up just to save her life. She knew how much of my life I’ve lost because of Klaus. He killed my parents because I ran instead of letting him sacrifice me so he could break the curse his mother set upon him. Then I turned myself into a vampire thinking that I would be free of him, but instead, he hunted me down for 500 years. The only thing standing between him and me was his elder brother Elijah. For 500 years, I hated Klaus but when I was dying after my doppelgänger, Elena, shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat, I finally found the will to forgive him. I’m not good at forgiving people. I still haven’t forgiven Tyler. I may have lost Nadia, but if there’s a chance, I’ll help you get your son back.”copyright protection8PENANAtA6gj7DNns

            “I’m sorry,” she replied, feeling bad for what she’d been through for so long.copyright protection8PENANAR0ule4V5N6

            “Thanks. Where’s Gideon? I’d like to start as soon as I can.”copyright protection8PENANA0By3pAAZXj

            “We don’t know,” Rumple told her, deciding to trust Katherine to help their son if they couldn’t help him. He was willing to do anything to get him back.copyright protection8PENANATqU0Hd8l1w

            “If you have anything personal of his, I can do a locator spell. Believe it or not, locator spells are quite popular in my world amongst witches,” she replied. “I’ve never done one myself, but I know how it goes. I’ve spent 500 years running from Klaus. Most of that time was dealing with witches. Some of those witches actually became my friends, believe it or not.”copyright protection8PENANANSwieKn9Pa

            Belle put a book on the counter.copyright protection8PENANAgPLPTaptam

            “Will this work? When we sent Gideon with the Blue Fairy, I gave him this. It’s something that I’ve kept since before Storybrooke.”copyright protection8PENANAN4NH5uVdPW

            “I don’t know if it will. We can try something else. Nothing is stronger than blood. Get me a bowl, knife, and a map of Storybrooke.”copyright protection8PENANAJDPfW30jdQ

            After they got what she requested and some of Rumple and Belle’s blood was on the map, Katherine began the spell. As she did so, the combined blood moved in a line, going across the map towards where he was at that moment.copyright protection8PENANAuuGfjzqJ3A

            After the spell was completed, she looked at the map where the blood had stopped.copyright protection8PENANA5RETyJntXd

            “He’s at the clock tower. I should go alone. If I’m not back in half an hour, you’ll know that something went wrong,” she replied. Then she left the shop.copyright protection8PENANAqGQfWMjW6x

            Once inside the clock tower, she saw someone she assumed to be Gideon.copyright protection8PENANAMA1tQl3g47

            He looked at her.copyright protection8PENANARaYw4xgr1d

            “Who are you? What are you doing here?” he inquired.copyright protection8PENANAFrTwHQj0Mp

            “My name is Katherine. I’m here to help you.”copyright protection8PENANAyz0z2QV670

            “Why would someone I’ve never met help me?”copyright protection8PENANAdZbbvfIMHJ

            “Because I can and because maybe Elijah has always been right all along. Maybe it’s never too late to redeem yourself. Whatever leverage she has over you, it doesn’t matter. She can’t control you and even if she could, she knows that she can’t do it forever. The Black Fairy isn’t your mother, even if she did raise you. The Black Fairy I’m sure has a plan of her own; probably to become more powerful with more Dark magic. Your mother is here in Storybrooke and she and your father love you. You’re lucky to have any parents at all. Coming from experience, I know how to handle the Darkness. Just tell me what leverage she has over you and we’ll get it back. I promise. You may not know me, but when I make promises, I never break them,” she answered him.copyright protection8PENANAZmbTSTJbUw

            She seemed to know what she was talking about and how to deal with Darkness and know somewhat of what it’s like, so he decided to tell her.copyright protection8PENANABs6B29rXfz

            “She has my heart. I don’t have a choice.”copyright protection8PENANAYsy9E4omQ6

            “Where’s the Dark Fairy? I’ll get it back for you. Until then, I promised your parents that I’d come back with you.”copyright protection8PENANA6QsiJlbtx5

            “I don’t know where she is. She could be anywhere,” he answered her.copyright protection8PENANA08x6Jzfbxv

            “I’m going to get you to your parents and then I’ll get your heart back from her,” she told him.copyright protection8PENANAKvXjEBn3Yd

            Once she dropped him off with Rumple and Belle and Rumple gave the assumption of where the Black Fairy might have his heart, Katherine went down into the tunnels to look.copyright protection8PENANA953CnNYzhv

            A moment after finding the box with his heart in it, she felt like someone was watching her, so she turned around, only to see her.copyright protection8PENANAEiEconLEzj

            “You must be the Black Fairy I’m hearing so much about,” she greeted her.copyright protection8PENANA9kO7DtI1wH

            “And who may you be? No one’s ever gotten here without me knowing about it except for you.”copyright protection8PENANAfGMjia7gJo

            “I’m not from fairytale land. I know how to be secretive and manipulative. I also know how much Darkness calls to certain people. I used to be quite the monster and did many horrible deeds. I’ve changed, though. I met my daughter and it changed me.”copyright protection8PENANAMoGqA5OmKo

            “What are you doing here?” she questioned her. “You know, it’s bad luck to be in my lair. I could easily kill you right here.”copyright protection8PENANAFUIu1mXKot

            “Try it and see what happens. I’m not just human. Nor am I a witch. I’m something else. Now, I heard what you did to Rumple and Belle’s son. Now, I’m quite smart, whether I’m a villain or if I’m good. I know that you did something to his heart. What did you do to his heart?”copyright protection8PENANArDadWso3J7

            “Why would I tell you? You’re a complete stranger. Besides, if you’re so smart, you’d know that villains don’t tell their plans. All I really want is to put my family back together.”copyright protection8PENANAswv9W5eLsZ

            “I’ve heard that one before. My enemy, Klaus. His mother used to say that all the time. Then she tried to kill her children.” Katherine put her hand up towards her, magically making her heart come out of The Black Fairy and to her. “Now, I’ve never controlled anyone like this before, but I think I know how this goes. Tell me what you did to Gideon’s heart and how to reverse it.”copyright protection8PENANA97TRBUezEC

            The Black Fairy didn’t have a choice, so she told her.copyright protection8PENANA26fdkcFIfp

            After Katherine reversed what was done to Gideon’s heart, she killed The Black Fairy by crushing her heart. She didn’t like killing these days, but it wasn’t like The Black Fairy would ever be good again, assuming she used to be good. There wasn’t anything she could do other than to kill her to put an end to what she did.copyright protection8PENANAPHVkRSq6DS

            Afterward, Katherine siphoned out the darkness from Gideon’s heart.copyright protection8PENANA5M0YECTSby

            Once Katherine entered the shop where Gideon was in a chair tied to it with yellow rope, she opened the box with his heart and handed the heart to Rumple.copyright protection8PENANAveELrYX6Hd

            “I’ve never done this before and he’s your son. You do it.”copyright protection8PENANAwwVsRMkiSY

            Katherine left the shop, as Rumple put Gideon’s heart back where it belonged.copyright protection8PENANAaYKbWpNQiY

            Katherine knocked at the door to where she’d been before, and Snow White answered.copyright protection8PENANAoNc3zD2wKJ

            “I was hoping I could come in if you don’t mind,” Katherine greeted.copyright protection8PENANAKhgFJ7s4qk

            “Of course.”copyright protection8PENANA2BiNMfdz5v

            She stepped aside and Katherine walked in and sat at the table.copyright protection8PENANAyujKxSoAp8

            “I think this town can go back to somewhat normalcy now. The Black Fairy won’t be hurting anyone ever again and I siphoned the darkness out of Gideon’s heart.” She looked at Emma’s parents. “You’re welcome, by the way.” She looked at everyone. “So, is there a place I can stay? I can’t exactly go to New Orleans or back to Mystic Falls.”copyright protection8PENANAjaqAP9Hhe7

            “I’m sure Granny has some vacancies for some rooms at the motel,” Emma suggested.copyright protection8PENANACgJU4vah5g

            “Thanks. I might do that,” she replied.copyright protection8PENANANDK7oi0MSq

            “Why don’t you stay here, instead? It’s the least we can do,” Snow White offered.copyright protection8PENANAVcAlMquuHJ

            “Thanks. I’d love that.”copyright protection8PENANACk0lf4RpmW

            After settling in into the upstairs room after getting some necessities from a store or two, she layed down on the bed. It had been a rough night, but maybe now things would change. Maybe she could be redeemed like Elijah always hoped for her to be.copyright protection8PENANAFazqhXIhJB

            The next day, after getting something to eat and after she was ready for the day, she left to go for a walk. She had things to figure out and she needed to do that away from the happy Charming family. Today, she’d heard that Hook and Emma were getting married. She planned on being there when that happened, but she had to first figure out where she stood. She’d been such a bad person for so long, she didn’t know if she was doing the right thing or not. It felt like the right thing of what she’d done for Rumple and Belle and Gideon, but she knew it had been partly wrong to kill The Black Fairy, even if it had been for the right reason. She knew she had to stop doing bad things for whatever reason she was doing them for.copyright protection8PENANAHFOh0BIv6q

            As she thought things over, she found herself walking through the woods. She knew she didn’t belong in this town, because she was different from everyone else, but she also wanted to prove to Elijah, whether he was here or not, that he wasn’t wrong about her; that she could be redeemed. If Klaus of all people could be redeemed, then she could too. Even if Elijah wasn’t here with her to help her do that.  copyright protection8PENANAeJKe4ZjVpF

        As she walked through the woods, she got the feeling of something or someone in the woods with her, so she followed the feeling to find who or what it was, only to see the one person she loved the most. Instinctly, she rushed to his side, where he lay on the forest floor.copyright protection8PENANAS5Qrv7oeo8

        “Elijah!”copyright protection8PENANAQ6NEoOg6jm

        She scanned him to find out what was wrong, only to see a bite on his arm. She figured it was probably just a normal werewolf bite, so it wouldn’t kill him, so she was somewhat relieved.copyright protection8PENANAwx6hMag56G

        She rested a hand on the side of his face.copyright protection8PENANALZLBqgIPu7

        “Elijah, it’s me. Can you hear me?” she called, knowing she had to get him out of the woods and somewhere safe. She knew he’d be hallucinating either soon or later in the day, and she had to get him somewhere where he wouldn’t hurt anyone by that time. “Please, wake up, Elijah,” she said, when he didn’t wake up. Now her original fear for him had returned. If anything happened to him, she’d kill whoever had a hand in his death.copyright protection8PENANAYkeLZDzgJT

        She heard someone, as she patted his cheek to try and wake him up.copyright protection8PENANADgrJydUOj1

        “I need you to wake up. Please. I know I’ve been a terrible person, but despite my actions, I do love you.”copyright protection8PENANAv40gGqwog1

        “Anything I can help with?” she heard the stranger question.copyright protection8PENANAwemL0moAC8

        She turned her head to look at her, which she noticed was a mother of a little girl.copyright protection8PENANAtfpVZX8TMr

        “Depends. Know a place where I can keep Elijah? Looks like he’s been bitten by a werewolf. He’s from my world and in my world, werewolf bites slowly kill vampires, but Elijah is a special kind of vampire. He’ll suffer through the symptoms until it finally stops. It won’t kill him. I need him somewhere where he can’t hurt anyone. Werewolf bites come with hallucinations.”copyright protection8PENANAUhwUxcl4BB

        “You must be Katherine I’ve been hearing about,” she guessed by the name of Elijah. “You can keep him at my place.”copyright protection8PENANA68QsTQPiqr

        “Thanks. From the resemblance, I’m assuming that you’re Zelena.”copyright protection8PENANAqUHPPGNYAz

        “I am,” she clarified for her.copyright protection8PENANAquQWpo9LsK

        Zelena approached and then teleported them all to her place.copyright protection8PENANAnyTd1N3Q5u

        “I’m going to go put Robin under a protection spell so your boyfriend or whatever he is doesn’t hurt her.”copyright protection8PENANAiwo0ldG9bg

        Zelena left.copyright protection8PENANAIBLzybXHWq

        Katherine finally saw him awaken. She still had a hand on the side of his face, when she saw that.copyright protection8PENANAskZmx09BRe

        He looked at her, surprised to see her.copyright protection8PENANA59Kt96HQfT

        “Katerina?”copyright protection8PENANA7XvTw35uL2

        “It’s me. You apparently suddenly appeared in Storybrooke, Main. Long story cut short. Fairytale characters live here, because one of them cursed a bunch of them so now Storybrooke exists, but the curse is over with. I suddenly appeared in Storybrooke the other night. I guess ever since Regina’s curse was broken, random people have been showing up in town,” she summarized to him.copyright protection8PENANAUdmTzTTJuL

        He didn’t think it very strange, so he didn’t say anything about that.copyright protection8PENANAXzVI35OLV3

        “What has happened? You’re human now.”copyright protection8PENANAE319Xyd22Y

        “A lot. I guess Klaus didn’t inform you of what was happening to me, since you never showed up, but I was dying after Elena shoved the cure down my throat and Silas drank the cure from me. Before you ask for my forgiveness, don’t. There’s nothing to forgive. You didn’t know what was happening to me. If you did, you would’ve come as soon as you knew.” She took her hand away and helped him to his feet.copyright protection8PENANA4XcqQMkKvO

        “You’ve changed,” he commented, looking at her.copyright protection8PENANAvsoqasvZdr

        “I have. I figured on my deathbed that it was time to forgive Klaus, so I forgave him and everyone else that ever did me wrong. Besides, this town is what I needed to try and be a better person. I met my daughter after Elena shoved the cure down my throat, only to lose her to Tyler’s werewolf bite, but at least I got to know her. When I met her, all I wanted was to finally be a better person. For her. Maybe this town can help me do that, when you obviously couldn’t. When you left, I felt like you gave up on me; on us.”copyright protection8PENANA3Sv41sDfvG

        He was glad to hear that she was trying to be a better person and redeem herself, but unhappy that she’d lost her daughter because of Tyler. He also knew he had to tell her the truth, since she clearly thought he’d given up.copyright protection8PENANAdzDp0tbkdG

        “I never gave up, Katerina. I had every intention of coming back for you once I had a chance to. I didn’t think it would take so long for peace to come and for Klaus to not need me anymore.”copyright protection8PENANA8J9x9kZFjd

        “Well, it didn’t seem that way when you left.”copyright protection8PENANA7m5Dr754mB

        “I had to leave, Katerina, and you and I both know that you couldn’t come with me; not when I was going to the same town as my siblings. Klaus would’ve killed you or tried to or even Rebekah. I thought by leaving, I was protecting you from my family. I thought that you’d be okay just like you always have been.”copyright protection8PENANAKzaoZaRbu5

        “This time was different. After you left, I stayed in town to kick Elena’s ass for whatever she said to you to make you leave. I figured it was partly her fault, so I took it out on her, only for her to shove the cure down my throat. I should’ve just left town, but my anger got the best of me and for that, I’m sorry. If I hadn’t done what I had, I never would’ve been human again. Enough about the past, though.” She put a hand on his arm and showed it to him. “Who bit you?”copyright protection8PENANASDO1aYlaEF

        “Marcel. My sister, Freya, has the cure,” he answered her. “This isn’t the first time, either. Klaus had to give himself up to Marcel for three years so we wouldn’t be hunted down. We found a way to survive though and after cures were found, we were cured and left the Quarter once we rescued Klaus. When Freya made the cure for Kol and I, she made extras just in case any of us were ever bitten again, before we could turn Marcel back into a normal vampire and do whatever we wished to him.”copyright protection8PENANAnL1tosAuxW

        After he explained everything to her, he saw that she was clearly angry. He knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t angry with him or his family. She was angry with Marcel.copyright protection8PENANA5iwgGwrxHV

        “Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Katerina,” he warned. “Besides, Marcel has been dealt with. Nobody will ever be harmed by him ever again. Klaus killed him for what he’s done to our family, once Freya turned him back into a normal vampire.”copyright protection8PENANADzzrBKqXU4

        “I’m glad he got what he deserved then. I’ll contact Freya, but first, let’s get you layed down,” she told him. Nobody knew this, but she knew Freya. She and Freya crossed paths a few times. That’s how Freya had known how to follow the path of where her family was.copyright protection8PENANACiPELe6lJD

        A few minutes later, she had Elijah on the couch in the living room, as she called Freya.copyright protection8PENANAiOWP5Clwa2

        “Katherine,” Freya stated, recognizing the number.copyright protection8PENANAsNC1fdMFbG

        “Hello, Freya. Elijah seems to have appeared in Storybrooke, Main bitten. I need you to somehow send the cure over here, before he causes any trouble. We can’t have him harming anyone when the hallucinations start,” she greeted back, standing in the threshold of the living room, back turned to the living room.copyright protection8PENANAJNZzrKNy6x

        “I’ll send it over soon,” Freya assured her.copyright protection8PENANAcpl8erLzXV

        “Thanks.”copyright protection8PENANABpJerYrdEC

        Katherine and Freya hung up and Katherine put her phone away.copyright protection8PENANAUnqTXSELrL

        When she turned around, she realized that the hallucinations had begun, since she knew that he’d never hurt her in his right mind.copyright protection8PENANAiEaENp5yY2

        Elijah bit into the side of her neck, hallucinating about when he’d bitten and killed Tatia, shortly after they’d recently turned into vampires.copyright protection8PENANAtAscOTbg7P

        “Elijah? Elijah,” Kat said, up against a wall, as he drank from her, trying to get him back to the present. Even though being bitten hurt, she wasn’t one to voice her pain or show it, human or not. “Elijah, it’s me,” she tried once more. She didn’t want to hurt him or anyone to hurt him, so that’s why she wasn’t even attempting to use any magic on him to stop him. “Elijah, please.”copyright protection8PENANAT1dkUbczWE

        He pulled away, when the hallucination ended, and realized what he’d done and had almost done to Katerina.copyright protection8PENANAkeivS5UYDS

        She put a hand on the side of her neck where he’d bitten her, when he pulled away.copyright protection8PENANA17ttkhnwyu

        “Katerina,” he stated, his face back to normal again.copyright protection8PENANAmrvzLqLYZH

        “It’s okay, Elijah. You didn’t mean to. I know you’d never hurt me on purpose,” she assured him. It was the truth. He’d done so much to try and keep her safe for 500 plus years that she knew he hated to hurt her in any way, shape, or form. He loved her, even if he had left all those years ago.copyright protection8PENANACkWVPP0JNE

        He bit his wrist so he could heal her.copyright protection8PENANABOL4i5mFCU

        “I’d rather not take any chances,” she told him, declining. “I couldn’t digest vampire blood the last time I was human. I’d rather not try again. I’m sure Zelena can magically heal me, unless there’s a first-aid here somewhere.”copyright protection8PENANAaYlFx76j56

        He let his wrist heal, knowing what she was getting at. He didn’t know who Zelena was, but he knew not to do anything she didn’t want him to do. That’s one reason they loved each other. They trusted each other enough that they knew the other wouldn’t force anything upon the other. They respected each other, even if it was hard to trust each other at times. No matter what, they wouldn’t hurt each other on purpose.copyright protection8PENANA0IqWDfLDYy

        Another hallucination came to him; a fonder memory.copyright protection8PENANAizn3EF90lL

*Flashback-1492*copyright protection8PENANAUvJgbhohAt

        It was a beautiful day, as he and Katerina played chase. He was entertaining her, since there wasn’t much for her to do where they lived at.copyright protection8PENANAoBcOxP3jt1

        “You’re meant to catch me,” she said with a laugh, stopping and looking at him.copyright protection8PENANASLBfPfVYgg

        “Well, if I catch you, then the game will be over,” he replied with a smile.copyright protection8PENANAKbMtsXLQfm

        A few minutes later, they were sitting on a bench, talking about love.copyright protection8PENANAkDXwrvmvOP

        “True love is not real unless it is returned. Do you agree?” she said.copyright protection8PENANAwGB8WqnSpE

        “I do not believe in love, Katerina,” he lied, knowing that to help Klaus break the curse, he couldn’t let himself fall for her.copyright protection8PENANA99PVDhTo88

        “That is too sad for me to accept, my Lord. If we cease to believe in love, then why would we want to live?” she replied.copyright protection8PENANALsMIZedlJ1

*End*copyright protection8PENANAbgIMoFdMyC

*Present*copyright protection8PENANAqHMgCpywOG

        The hallucination ended for him, though a few more of him and Katerina came too, before the cure appeared on the coffee table. He recognized the cure and drank it, which cured him. Then he blurred to Katerina’s side, where she sat against the wall, pale, no longer awake. He realized then how much he’d taken from her during his first hallucination.copyright protection8PENANAFz9ri8Gvtp

        “Katerina. Katerina,” he called, hoping she’d wake up. When she didn’t, he gently pulled her into his arms and got to his feet with her. Then he blurred to the couch and gently layed her down on the couch. When he did, he sensed someone else; someone magical.copyright protection8PENANAxEFgr4WEQu

        “What happened?” the girl he didn’t know, questioned him.copyright protection8PENANAhhb3xOt6ki

        “I’ve been cured now, but I bit Katerina during one of my hallucinations. My blood could heal her if she was a normal human, but she informed me she couldn’t last time she was human, so she didn’t want me to try it.” From where he was seated on the couch, he looked at the girl. “I assume you’re Zelena she spoke of. I hope you have a first-aid somewhere. Believe it or not, I do know what I’m doing. My sister played nurse back in the day, so I’ve learned a thing or two. And do hurry.”copyright protection8PENANANZSWra47Gy

        “Of course,” she replied.copyright protection8PENANAxddduEhqj8

        After getting it from the kitchen, she came back and handed it to him.copyright protection8PENANAUBp6EXV84g

        He took it and then began to tend to Katerina’s wound he’d caused.copyright protection8PENANArRgjNHuSPa

        A few minutes later, he’d finished and set the first-aid on the coffee table. He then rested a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection8PENANAqnoDASiSjC

        “Katerina, can you hear me?” he called. “I’m so sorry, Katerina.”copyright protection8PENANA0edqkSog1s

        Zelena left the room, feeling like she might be invading a private moment.copyright protection8PENANAwsjML7ufZk

        “Please, Katerina,” he pleaded. He knew he’d taken a lot of blood, but he also knew that he’d taken care of her wound, so he didn’t understand why she wasn’t waking up. He knew Rebekah would know more, but he didn’t want to bother her. She was having a time of her life alongside their brother Kol. Besides, he’d just be ruining her happiness by talking about Katerina. He knew if she didn’t wake up soon, he’d have to take her to the closest hospital. “Katerina, I need you to wake up for me,” he called to her once more.copyright protection8PENANAqpHO3iHma0

        A few minutes or so later, she woke up to see him seated on the couch, worried for her, which let her know that he was now cured. She felt weak, though, which she knew was from blood loss.copyright protection8PENANAYbecCz40P5

        She gave him a smile and rested a hand on the side of his face.copyright protection8PENANAtlxM8jUDzT

        He rested a hand on hers, which she had on the side of his face.copyright protection8PENANAY0jGOmYwJ9

        “I thought I lost you,” he stated.copyright protection8PENANAwIlKUXjZY9

        “You didn’t lose me,” she assured him. “I’m not going anywhere.”copyright protection8PENANA4rvCeEW8hw

        For once in a long time, he gave her a smile at that.copyright protection8PENANA2gwlWlHVRr

        “Let’s go to town. I’ll be fine once I eat.”copyright protection8PENANA4n9p83ns2l

        Half an hour later, they walked into Granny’s Diner and they soon sat at the bar together, him sipping a shot glass of Bourbon and her eating with a shot glass of Bourbon.copyright protection8PENANAB7N6K2KGb2

        “New guy?” Ruby questioned her after she’d given out their orders.copyright protection8PENANAddiJyf4gaW

        “This is Elijah, actually. I’m assuming you’re Ruby,” she corrected her.copyright protection8PENANAIfjRFsU2UX

        “That’s me,” she confirmed.copyright protection8PENANAow5cDPfowq

        “Well, it’s nice to meet you.”copyright protection8PENANAqJEJtdYyt9

        After they’d finished, she and Elijah began to talk about things, deciding where they would go from there; where they stood with one another.copyright protection8PENANAuboN33gY6b

        After some talking, they got back together again.copyright protection8PENANAVuH1HkQWIn

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