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Writer Aretice N. Treader
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Aretice N. Treader
No Plagiarism!yeCXbJJzeVn3wbxt0DAgposted on PENANA

00 » round zerocopyright protection9PENANAjbhFadXtP2

{ e x t e n d e d • s u m m a r y }copyright protection9PENANAeogQlsA41P

A poetry book filled with my heart’s most painful laments.13Please respect copyright.PENANAvSIOEi7Tic
copyright protection9PENANA0oSwzp0A2B

{ e p i g r a p h }copyright protection9PENANARmM82Xl0qb

“The prizefight pits me against myself; the world is just collateral damage.”copyright protection9PENANA2EziuVL50N

{ d e d i c a t i o n }copyright protection9PENANAU0cMxMcxmf

To myself, for not even I understand the emotions I pour out on these pages.copyright protection9PENANA8dCVmETIEj

{ a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s }copyright protection9PENANAUGYuZtpLyq

God, for giving me a heart that feels too much. And everyone I know, for hurting me in ways that leave me empty and wanting. I know none of you really meant it. And that’s okay, because that’s what people do. They hurt others, and they themselves hurt, and there’s nothing you can really do to stop that in a fallen world such as ours.copyright protection9PENANAysrKfYwrvT

{ w a r n i n g }copyright protection9PENANAGE7iAtXtcC

» angst (not even joking, this is all angst)13Please respect copyright.PENANAHJPWBcrr7o
» bad poetry13Please respect copyright.PENANANV1ORXqgQv
copyright protection9PENANAN6jLAif04N

{ p r e f a c e }copyright protection9PENANAqDfRnuQUWm

I honestly have no idea why I’m posting this because a) my poetry is not very good and b) this poetry book specifically is for when the void in my heart hurts the most and I can’t turn to anyone or anything to express it. This will not be updated on a regular basis. You probably don’t even want that because it’s not very good poetry. But even though it isn’t good, it is from my heart. Maybe I could go so far to say that it is my heart. To whoever is reading this, don’t worry about being gentle. It’s already broken.copyright protection9PENANAOD1VWBpT5B

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