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You're black, and I am white
Writer Miss Anderson
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You're black, and I am white
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Love at first sight...what??
Miss Anderson
Jan 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NGG5vhtifRTSc8kr8XIeposted on PENANA

Why do they call it a crush....because that is how you feel when they do not feel the same way in return.copyright protection23PENANAMfnegUFZDm I am 21, almost twenty-two years old. I have finally been allotted my own house by Great Grandmother, still near my family in the same community of Lakewood, but I can deal. 27Please respect copyright.PENANANSz1AgO9TN
copyright protection23PENANA7q3Ovz5ZRl

I am driving moving the last of my stuff, an old Subaru stocked with crates and boxes and a German Wire-haired pointer named Fritzya in the seat beside me. Most people are not allowed to have dogs in our society, but with my job allocation as secretary of the biggest animal shelter in our community...the government gave me such a big job straight out of HS because I never liked people...and the government is kinda lazy...they do not do much but keep peace, mostly in the city, here in the country suburbs, they do not bother you too much...they do not care to...cityfolk keep them busy enough. But if we go to them and ask them for a job allocation, they will give you a test, and if you do really good, they will give you a placement, but you have to score near perfect and your history has to match up with the job. It is their way of keeping the society "growing yet stable", as the senior dictator likes to say. Mine history does, of course, as I have always loved animals. 27Please respect copyright.PENANAUry0Wcw4sj
copyright protection23PENANARLe4Uzv2we

Now I am taking pre-vet with a specialty in animal behavior in college part-time, and I plan to help with working dogs, maybe service dogs or in the army or whatever, not sure yet. We do not have a lot of wars, though. I began to mull over the possibilities, considering it is close to my last semester of college, and the radio does not work in this old hand-me-down bucket of bolts...then I notice the first sound of sirens.27Please respect copyright.PENANAXpp2cka2f2
copyright protection23PENANAhitExKzdKc

"Please be a fire truck...not that I want anyone hurt...but come on..." I looked to high Heaven. "God, now I KNOW I was speeding, but come, the lesson is totally...TOTALLY...learned.27Please respect copyright.PENANAq3UZ4vgSF9
copyright protection23PENANAzRCCG8bM83

Nope. Policeman. 27Please respect copyright.PENANAGAAfAxr6CU
copyright protection23PENANA8ZPn3JWzMs

I turn to Fritzya. "This is your fault, you know. If you would have stopped whining instead of wanting to fly out the window, there is no way I would have been going this fast."27Please respect copyright.PENANAqzjPBw9Myp
copyright protection23PENANAO4LiIi2ivM

She wags her tail with a whine as I roll up the drool-covered window on her side, pull over, and roll down my other window. The cop makes his way to us.27Please respect copyright.PENANAOYsIYxeeqT
copyright protection23PENANAu5E7HlfT7o

"Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?"copyright protection23PENANAXgnMDqwz0j

"Ummm...70."27Please respect copyright.PENANAo6uZm4wNa8
copyright protection23PENANA2OnN6668oC

"Speed limit is 55."27Please respect copyright.PENANAHBH1qjyA56
copyright protection23PENANAVTHA0pVgi3

"Is it...uh?"27Please respect copyright.PENANA0T5tC30Riq
copyright protection23PENANAEgj23Wtzvt

He raises his blonde eyebrows above the oversized aviator sunglasses.27Please respect copyright.PENANALGxfFTjbHu
copyright protection23PENANATyhhlnoswM

"My name is Sheriff Van Den Berg. License and proof of insurance, please."27Please respect copyright.PENANAkp52rwlZ7r
copyright protection23PENANA4rGL1GbXXu

"Of course," I grumble, reaching to my glove compartment for my wallet and papers.27Please respect copyright.PENANA57lbBYfCPx
copyright protection23PENANA0CKjENf7nL

"Fine-looking hound there," he replies, and I glare at Fritzya, still convinced it is her fault. 27Please respect copyright.PENANA3AdAPSu94b
copyright protection23PENANAAgjSyFfW7L

"Thanks."27Please respect copyright.PENANADpBJr2fN1m
copyright protection23PENANAJcdpYf69c3

He reads my license. "Hmmm...animal shelter, huh? That explains it."copyright protection23PENANADcGnvkaLsx

"Yeah."copyright protection23PENANAw2OQUmvajD

"I have a hound myself." He nods to a big black German shepherd dog panting in his back seat.27Please respect copyright.PENANAf7uAi6yxIo
copyright protection23PENANAW2P9rNoyWB

"Not a hound, technically, a herding dog."copyright protection23PENANACzNiXjD845

"Smarty pants, are we?" 27Please respect copyright.PENANA5LYilObQXg
copyright protection23PENANAFB8us3RYda

His voice is filled with amusement. Still, I apologize, "Oh, sorry."27Please respect copyright.PENANA2AFDk7FzVH
copyright protection23PENANABacrjEeIdb

He shrugs with a laugh. This is getting waayyy too suspenseful for me.27Please respect copyright.PENANAWaOrL7xkFf
copyright protection23PENANAjPL68IqLQu

" how much are tickets, generally, like I have never gotten one..."27Please respect copyright.PENANAIK0H3mvedt
copyright protection23PENANARw600z3Sxh

"Hmmm...about a hundred or so."27Please respect copyright.PENANAuf4aSohyYd
copyright protection23PENANA28rfzLUOt7

Oh well, there goes my part of my spending money for the trip my cousins and some friends have planned soon along with their significant others, another thing I will not have. Maybe I can manage to recover both in the next two weeks?27Please respect copyright.PENANAfUn3l8bTsQ
copyright protection23PENANAZMWKT5tjRj

"Can you catch a sister a break?" I plead.27Please respect copyright.PENANA8bA9SEwoSJ
copyright protection23PENANAOIQUIRtMJ1

"Nope," he begins scribbling on a notepad. The ticket? Are you serious? My mouth drops open. Probably because I am black. We mostly have blacks and Latinos in our community. White people are sparse, and only a few of the ones we know are actually decent without a touch of prejudice. I can tell by his foreign accent he not from around here and probably not a nice one.27Please respect copyright.PENANARnYWyQkQoj
copyright protection23PENANA3L9v1JgVyJ

"And, no, it is not because you are black," he replies, like he has read my mind. "It is because I care."27Please respect copyright.PENANA3EdqHzzTs2
copyright protection23PENANA2xwZip5LIW

"Sure," I repeat.copyright protection23PENANA5xEVsnMV9v

"Okay then, if you don't believe me, how about we say I am black and you are white."copyright protection23PENANAXdh6IiQYeo

Okay, I cannot help but laugh at that. "Impossible." My ebony brown skin and kinky curls of hair could never be mistaken for his disgustingly sweaty glossy blonde curls and...he takes off his glasses...cerulean blue eyes. If someone could take your breath away without kicking you straight in the gut, well, the moment he slides off his glasses, he achieves it.27Please respect copyright.PENANAJAdkK6YguR
copyright protection23PENANAIgWegeDl0m

"Look, whatever you decide to think of me, one thing is for sure, you will think twice about speeding next time. Nice to meet you, Ms. Renee Harrison, hope you have a good day, and perhaps I will see you around?"27Please respect copyright.PENANAZmfXjNOEEd
copyright protection23PENANAh5TW1ljNht

"Yeah, maybe I will be training your dogs some day at the precinct or whatever," I reply. He is a sheriff. Normally, no sheriff will waste his time pulling you over. He has got to be no good, no doubt about it.27Please respect copyright.PENANAXHRa8zKIsc
copyright protection23PENANAjeGBloTcn8

"Could happen. I hope to be staying here a while, just got relocated here, getting to know the town. Maybe I will see you around even sooner."27Please respect copyright.PENANAKbNYwx4uNz
copyright protection23PENANAA5oxjFLX0M

"Okay, thank you," I reply, letting the window glide up. No way Jose. I am laying even lower than normal with a new cop like that in town. Not that I have the greatest social life, anyway. It is mostly spent at the library.27Please respect copyright.PENANAmNWCKfpzT4
copyright protection23PENANAjiSceTyxHP

" gonna pay the ticket?" I ask Fritzya, and she cocks her head and fixes me with an amber stare.copyright protection23PENANA013HCp5wBs

"Let's see the damage, huh, girl?"copyright protection23PENANAEcy3JRIuOI

I unfold the paper, and once again catch my breath...twice in one day, really?...I read: WARNING then below it: for a beautiful young lady. Truly, just stunner. Maybe it is your careful shyness or your frank boldness that has captured me, but, Ms. Renee, if you will, please meet me at the Diner. I would like to treat you to dinner at 8:30 sharp. Casual. Nothing extreme, but you have intrigued me, and if I have done the same for you...well, circle yes or no, and I promise, either way, it has been a pleasure just getting to talk to you for those brief minutes. I did not know how to ask you out properly, being on the job and all, so I decided to take it back old school haha27Please respect copyright.PENANAMQLE1UdLCF
copyright protection23PENANAh809lf3TMK

I circle...wait, what am I going to circle? I did not even get his name...He signed lovely. Okay, well, I...what...I look out the window to where a giant bird has landed...a falcon...I think..a Harris' hawk.27Please respect copyright.PENANAYnRMlnjqS7
copyright protection23PENANAINMMuobAUM

If I circle would be an adventure for sure. I have never dated anyone except a casual group date with my best friend and cousin Roberto in high school, but nothing more. And besides, how am I going to get it back to him? How will he know? Is he that optimistic? Wait...27Please respect copyright.PENANA0fUWRFbhf5
copyright protection23PENANA3zYBCItkdi

PS, mail by Striker 27Please respect copyright.PENANAl1W7GY1TKE
copyright protection23PENANA3uq4EMjHF6

Wha??? It sounds like some kind of ultra speed mailing option at the post office. Maybe, I will drop it by the post office...wait...did I just decide to go?27Please respect copyright.PENANAzI1qunOOOH
copyright protection23PENANAsnUe9oDlZy

"Fritzya, what do you think?"copyright protection23PENANA8277EJP842

She looks and sniffs the paper as if she is reading it, then a glob of drool falls on the yes. "Okay...uh..." I guess i can always back out. Would I get arrested if I did? I circle yes with the pen from my purse and wipe off Fritya's drool as best I can. 27Please respect copyright.PENANAWOWRKNxW4M
copyright protection23PENANAr8wScaEwSj

As i fold the paper, the falcon lands on the hood of my car. What the heck? 27Please respect copyright.PENANA2pOYwuWynG
copyright protection23PENANACkGwzQVccU

His stare captures the paper like prey; I reread the PS.27Please respect copyright.PENANAcWpenUBcIp
copyright protection23PENANALkXSrCCgKH

I take a chance, open the window, "Striker?" And he takes the paper directly in his sharp talons and flies away.27Please respect copyright.PENANATEePvYC2VH
copyright protection23PENANAicPP420IyS

"Woow, well, Fritzya..." I restart the car, and she whines. "Not this time."27Please respect copyright.PENANAPX6DVD7Scv
copyright protection23PENANA1bdIHMyCZK

She paws the door, and of course, I give in. She flies, her large ears like falcon wings in the wind.27Please respect copyright.PENANAzosYDQSf2B
copyright protection23PENANAxK5vDw7fNS

"Yep, this is going to be an adventure, Girl."copyright protection23PENANAX54NV8PVRo

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