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Jan 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZSyT1QBXCeDcXieCVg0jposted on PENANA

Driving along a quiet country road I think to myself:copyright protection33PENANAxKhJvHYvZp

This is a dream.copyright protection33PENANA5ZiDSjuth6

Now, I know that this is actually reality; but the thought nagged at me nonetheless.copyright protection33PENANAHUjFcxi8Oi

I chuckle to myself.copyright protection33PENANArm2I5yq43p

This is ridiculous.copyright protection33PENANAt8oLMh5gKm

I returned my attention to the road, but my eyes wouldn't focus.copyright protection33PENANAnrgG6tepB2

I was in a daze.copyright protection33PENANAH2oJLuibyl

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection33PENANAB2t0OfhTw1

A new thought silently slipped into my mind.copyright protection33PENANAfUtwAAZPZB

Self destructive behavior.copyright protection33PENANARGDgqoLIAj

I thought of doing something dangerous.copyright protection33PENANA3blxb9Nt3j

Stop in the middle of a busy intersectioncopyright protection33PENANAujdYPOyPDx

Something to make myself feel something.copyright protection33PENANAqve3MEsxn2

Let the oncoming traffic ram into me.copyright protection33PENANARredYqnMTq

Something to wake me up.copyright protection33PENANA5nJjmz8UoM

I need to wake up.copyright protection33PENANAsOiGS4lkCI

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection33PENANAnt9BH814UU

I chuckle at the thought of allowing my car to be t-boned in an intersection.copyright protection33PENANAu0iekENszc

I know I won't ever actually do it.copyright protection33PENANAe10wISB3de

Yet, copyright protection33PENANALAIVbp4dtY

Thoughts like those follow me.copyright protection33PENANA8YZrdj61LF

As I walk down the stairs.copyright protection33PENANAd0Hdxp68sj

Trip, fall and break your neck.copyright protection33PENANAmeU4a6tejX

As I cross the road,copyright protection33PENANAdsWcT9wZai

Step out and let that car hit you.copyright protection33PENANAEnimBPLHYe

Thoughts like these follow me.copyright protection33PENANA0lsUpD1TRk

Tempting me with death.copyright protection33PENANAR5MNiFWOF6

Yet I have more left to do.copyright protection33PENANA7kuqG5grMe

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection33PENANAFNz8IZLJTD

Again, I know that this is reality; but I have the underlying thought that this is actually a dream.copyright protection33PENANA4KJQx1wtQb

Again I chuckle to myself, at how silly the whole thing seemed to be.copyright protection33PENANAAXv5nbaDDX

Again I returned my focus to the quiet, desolate country road.copyright protection33PENANASjKsrtrddk

Nuthouse.copyright protection33PENANARh4A8BCE5s

They’d send me to a nuthouse if I actually acted this way.copyright protection33PENANAQGqmLOyWsb

If I actually partook in self-destructive behavior,copyright protection33PENANATkuEMW7eal

If I was convinced that this was a dream,copyright protection33PENANAz1CDCKfepl

If I needed to wake up.copyright protection33PENANAGg17CNVbJn

I mentally shake my head of the thought, and smile at myself.copyright protection33PENANAnDIShvOpJY

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection33PENANAKi0mWC7cQw

I know this to be true.copyright protection33PENANAxxMzFpmAA6

If I were to actually believe my subconscious,copyright protection33PENANAYYJHQ0cEpW

If I were to actually believe that this reality is a dream,copyright protection33PENANADaeEwbgDn7

If I were to actually act upon my self destructive impulses,copyright protection33PENANAaUFXtlnQVY

I would be submitted.copyright protection33PENANAXUWGBMHOr7

I would be dragged, copyright protection33PENANAK5hZJOa0sx

Kicking and screaming,copyright protection33PENANA7CsNAW8XM4

To a mental institution.copyright protection33PENANAVKZRqBE7p5

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection33PENANAfaaw9UkjUM

Because this is real.copyright protection33PENANAR2pjQZgYX2

This reality in which I live,copyright protection33PENANA3TM2KdDpl3

This reality in which I struggle to achieve and maintain mental stability,copyright protection33PENANAuAdF6mArGu

This reality in which I depend on medications to keep me from slipping into the void,copyright protection33PENANAeyxDSnD8mA

This reality is real.copyright protection33PENANAbptXseb6Ew

No matter how sad it is.copyright protection33PENANA997nOdJpFq

No matter how shitty it may feel.copyright protection33PENANAUTYrwQOaYa

No matter how overwhelming it becomes.copyright protection33PENANAK9Ae72tj87

This reality,copyright protection33PENANAQigXF5apvQ

This reality is my life;copyright protection33PENANAPpJOQfFFpE

And I still have work to do dammit.copyright protection33PENANAQaOqpWtTfB

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