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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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No Plagiarism!9BT6yBqZXMd2yzD6r7jlposted on PENANA

Woody tried to avoid her from then on, but this only seemed to amuse and encourage Conna’s interactions with him. She always seemed to appear whenever he least expected it. He would turn a corner and suddenly she’d be there: teal coat with one teal glove to match her fiber limbs. She’d always greet him with a dazzling smile, a mischievous glint in her eyes like somehow he’d planned their bumping into one another. On the third occasion of running into her about town, shopping or fetching food or otherwise, she invited him for coffee. He’d declined politely, but she’d grabbed hold of his arm, saying she wasn’t going to let him off that easily.copyright protection42PENANAYGknG1bbCg

Shrugging her off, he’d pushed her away from him and she’d slipped on slush. She hit the ground, but didn’t get up. She’d looked up at him from where she was sitting on the sidewalk and had only said, “Wow… I’m sorry, Woody… I didn’t know you didn’t like coffee.” She’d shrugged then and got up, wiping at the back of her jeans before she asked with a small smile, “Did you want to try a movie then?”copyright protection42PENANA5LRYRqAipx

Feeling guilty about having pushed her in public, he’d reluctantly agreed to a movie.copyright protection42PENANA4DADcdJDk2

Afterwards, lost in a discussion about film and story and acting and art, Conna and Woody had walked about town, barely noticing when the sun went down and the waxing moon came up. Steam from sewer lids wafted over the deserted streets of a sleeping Dareklind when Woody finally realized they’d walked almost five miles back to their apartment complex.copyright protection42PENANAZiJkGplSAY

Conna realized too and let out a startled, “Oh!” in revelation when he stopped and turned to look up at the three-story building. “Good Lord, I didn’t think that… My foot’s killing me!” She chuckled a bit when he only glanced at her. “Why the sudden quiet?”copyright protection42PENANA8FKZECqeUP

Woody said, “I can’t go out with you again, Miss Holland. I’ll walk you to your place.”copyright protection42PENANAMZsmCFzmiU

Conna’s luscious mouth flattened into a pink line. “Excuse me, what?”copyright protection42PENANApid8CTxXM8

“I had a good time, really, but… I can’t see you again.”copyright protection42PENANAWUOGUsilHc

She snorted. “Then close your eyes, stupid.” She went up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. “I can walk myself up. See you around, Mister Sherwood.”copyright protection42PENANAatcDPOipaB

Woody watched her as she fished for her keys, unlocked the lobby door, hit the elevator call button, waited with a patient sway, and then disappeared behind the closing silver doors. He let out the ragged breath he’d been holding and sat down on the steps with shaking, quivering movements. He pressed a hand against the aching wound on his head and grit his teeth. The pain grounded him, reminded him that there would be a cost to not leaving… that there was a price on desire that he could not pay.copyright protection42PENANAjzTwIvqftd

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