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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 2A
Feb 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cRbK6olwhypcEGCRBMlDposted on PENANA

“Be straight with me, Dae. What went wrong?” Lady Columbia demanded nicely as she poured herself a glass of whiskey from her office decanter. “And don’t bullshit me.”copyright protection25PENANAcu6turJqQC

Jaeborn Dae, Lord of The Woden Circle of Witches and resident translation mage, gave her a small, cooperative smile. “No bullshit then. Glenn Sherwood turned coat on my witches and spirited Jude Holland out of the blood magi sepulcher before we could get our hands on him. We still secured their grimoire after everything, and the bodies were disposed of.”copyright protection25PENANAb2tmNAK972

“You think they compromised Holland. Is that why you ordered the death of the wolf?”copyright protection25PENANAHwemcRdOEz

She doesn’t miss anything, does she? Dae thought bitterly. Still, he smiled. “Yes.”copyright protection25PENANArQ4yjyZ2ZQ

Columbia downed her drink in one hearty gulp before she said, “Your pride and your damned paranoia just cost us one of the most important supernatural assets The Circle of Magi has come across in over a century and you’re fucking grinning?” She poured herself another drink and sat down behind her expansive cherry desk. “Take a seat… God forbid you die on your feet.”copyright protection25PENANAFaT9xGJhQQ

Lord Dae did so, reluctantly, but crossed his legs and steepled his fingers. He was a deceptively tall man, Dae. It wasn’t until he was sitting down or bearing down on you, that one really realized just how small everything else was compared to him. He had a salt-and-pepper crew cut and a leather eye-patch over his right eye. He favored tailored black and navy suits, and other such things that disguised his hulking fame and made him seem older than he really was. The hair and his graying beard certainly helped with his non-threatening, wisened image… but he knew Columbia saw through the ruse. She’d seen through it years ago, when she’d first allowed The Woden Circle to join its brother and sister Circles in Dareklind, back when things were simpler and more unified…copyright protection25PENANAkymzUzr8o5

The Dareklind Circle’s Magus took a sip of her drink, settling back in her chair as well. Lady Columbia said, “I know we went over their dossiers back in February when we hired them to infiltrate those bastardized magi… but I need you to tell me everything that wasn’t in that profile. Tell me everything you know about Badar Consultant Agency, Dae. Everything.”copyright protection25PENANAIPWMoglnjk

“Before I do, I need you to understand something, Madeline.”copyright protection25PENANAeYu781ORjE

She narrowed her green eyes at him. “This is going to make me mad, isn’t it?”copyright protection25PENANAHEd4e7DFf1

Very, Dae thought with secret satisfaction. He said aloud, “Jude Holland wasn’t just chosen to infiltrate them so he could gather intelligence. I mean, that was the primary directive, yes. After all, he’s the only being on the planet--that we know of--that can read the thoughts and emotions of those around him without a spell. He’s untraceable. Even with magical assistance, no one would know he was intruding in their minds. It was a perfect arrangement, yes? Well, it was more perfect than even The Circle realized… because Jude Holland was already a blood mage.”copyright protection25PENANALXRHKfY5Di

Columbia’s whiskey glass crunched in her hand. She was very still, even as blood dripped from her clenched fist. She slowly got out of her chair, discarding the glass as she went. Dae just watched her from his seat as she blew on her hand after mumbling a small incantation. The wounds on her palm closed up and a sheen of sweat broke out over the wrinkled flesh of her face. Dae wasn’t sure if it was from casting the difficult spell… or because she was starting to realize the implications of what Dae had just revealed to her.copyright protection25PENANAqRhUZpWNgg

“Jaeborn… You are a fucking monster. What were you thinking?” she eventually said, her voice trembling, just one wrong word away from sputtering. “Games I expect from you, even outright disloyalty, but lunacy?copyright protection25PENANAsXUF29NFO2

“Sit down, Magus… I’ll explain everything, as you’ve asked,” Lord Dae said, trying to fight the laughter in his voice and barely succeeding. He thought primly, God forbid you have a heart attack on your feet.copyright protection25PENANAHz0zhLOfQs

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