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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 4E
Apr 28, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kipLWBryJN8c0BqqyHKSposted on PENANA

Jaeborn Dae took another swig of rum and knew it was time.copyright protection10PENANA4R1TXLairM

He set the bottle aside with a steady hand and closed his eyes. Taking several deep breaths, he then opened his Fate’s eye and Looked. He sifted through the preliminary images with ease, navigating the folds of eventuality like a picky specter.copyright protection10PENANA1M4rx12ZAL

Jaeborn died again. Then Tag jumped--the bullet lancing through her neck and punching through his shoulder. Then Tag lived, ducking so the bullet passed harmlessly overhead and struck him in the heart. Then there was Jenna, ripped apart by a teleportation spell gone wrong, her face pulled apart like putty. Then there was a face, the red splashed face of the vampire.copyright protection10PENANAMIYNkpeS6Y

Jude’s face always took Jaeborn’s breath away. His was an angelic face with delicate features that lured one in with a false sense of serenity. Cupid’s bow lips and large eyes, long blond lashes, high cheekbones sharp enough to cut yourself on, slightly pointed ears, an elvish nose, it was a face that would crumple inward if anything even breathed on it. But those goddamned eyes… Those blue eyes full of stars and ice shards… They struck in the meat of the soul like a bell that elicits salivation. Jaeborn Dae understood how this creature survived. He understood how it carved into people, resided in them, drew the life out of them. He could see it behind the youth’s traitorous gaze. He could see all of it.copyright protection10PENANALbPM5Nyf60

Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. That envy, he would always harbor.copyright protection10PENANA27M6yk8BjI

He’d seen eyes like this before. It was the day of his ultimate sacrifice. He’d gotten his Fate’s eye the day Charis Taggart had been born. Of course, he hadn’t known she’d been born until he Saw it. She had just been another baby back them, ignorant to their futures being so delicately intertwined.copyright protection10PENANAm6rlTLK7ER

Everything that had happened thereafter had happened all because of that future he Saw.copyright protection10PENANA6q2Wc8JLnQ

He rushed to the hospital to see his wife being born.copyright protection10PENANALpXywwSE7c

Being born.copyright protection10PENANAnuiOPbzAje

Her dark eyes, looking up at him. They were green. When she got older, they turned black with flecks of emerald, like the armor of a scarab. They’d been unassuming, unaccusing, unconditional. He knew then that he was in love with her, desperate for her, angry that time was so achingly slow, and so unfairly fast.copyright protection10PENANArpEumRC5CZ

And she was a fucking baby.copyright protection10PENANAVopTXWpPAx

His heart had been pounding in his chest as he pressed his face to the glass, watched her watch him. He Saw the other future… the one where she killed him. In those days, he put way too much stock in the future. But those were the first two futures he was ever exposed to. Those two were the two that stuck with him, ruled over him.copyright protection10PENANA2X1kMRwlrP

The future when he married Charis Taggart and killed her…copyright protection10PENANAASfemB5ZHI

And the future when he made an enemy out of her and died by her hand.copyright protection10PENANAZD7ox4lWUV

Ignorance is bliss.copyright protection10PENANAuXTvhFnO1O

Those glacier eyes were still staring needles of cold steel into him.copyright protection10PENANADCHTQ4uW3c

I dare you, they goaded him. I fucking dare you.copyright protection10PENANAF2QNrnSMkN

The vampire’s spirit haunted the image. Jude Holland’s eyes were wild, irises just thin blue halos around gaping pupils. His face was drenched in blood.copyright protection10PENANAIOKCk1iHPj

Ignorance is bliss.copyright protection10PENANAwtWdmMhRJk

This is the one, a voice whispered to him in the darkness. It was in his ear, in his head; fingers kneading the backs of his eyes, alleviating the pain there. This is the one that will lead you to him; to the wolf you can’t See.copyright protection10PENANA4pnUcOh4AB

Jaeborn wasn’t afraid; didn’t wonder where the voice came from or when he’d first heard its murmurs. A malfunction in his eye? A malfunction in his soul? It didn’t matter anymore. This was what he was meant to See. This was what would lead him to the monsters. This was the time that would save his time. The borrowed glimpse that would rescue all the others.copyright protection10PENANARipCVKDdrt

Ignorance is bliss.copyright protection10PENANAxYXtbkgtbZ

But it isn’t.copyright protection10PENANAOgpbaBZsGA

He blinked and the image breathed to life. Like a phantom, he roved around the room in his mind’s eye--Saw every detail in the scene as if he were there, walking about the space in the flesh.copyright protection10PENANA3yTtaOeO1F

Jude was smiling, grinning like a madman. He gestured at a torn carcass in the middle of a living room. Cabin, Jaeborn noted. Elk. The vampire laughed and said, “Hey, Woody, look what the wolf dragged in.”copyright protection10PENANAiyDf1PziiL

Sherwood was somewhere else, but his voice came from somewhere above the carcass of the elk. Still can’t See him, Jaeborn thought with the gritted teeth of familiar frustration. Sherwood said, “Cute… This is going to start stinking if we don’t do something about it.”copyright protection10PENANAh61GiciiEZ

“I told you that on the way here,” Jude replied as he lit up a cigarette. His color’s back, Jaeborn realized. Has he been…? He Watched as Jude bent down and stuck a hand into the animal before him, pulling out a chunk of unrecognizable flesh from the beast. Jude sucked down the organ and wiped at his mouth with a bare forearm.copyright protection10PENANASIyMcIBqxC

“Gross. Cook it at least,” Sherwood protested with a nervous laugh.copyright protection10PENANA6PbK5dAEvS

Jude gave him a mock shocked expression. “Oh dear.” He put his cigarette hand to his mouth for effect. “You think I might catch something?”copyright protection10PENANApNZruiDMAi

Sherwood genuinely laughed then and before long, Jude dissolved into hysterics as well.copyright protection10PENANAMt1kgd3REB

Jaeborn’s eye panned around the room, taking in the sights as they had their moment. What was he meant to Look for? Why was this particular future important? So far, it seemed token. Disturbing, but… comfortable for the actors yet on stage.copyright protection10PENANAtLqFvwS5ao

Then, as if he’d pulled it from the threads, the string he needed snapped free.copyright protection10PENANAYAbY2FhFsR

Sherwood had fallen quiet. Finally he said, “Jude… About earlier… We need to get in contact with Ally. Maybe she can go by and collect my mom. In the meantime, I guess… I just wanted to… I want to apologize for being a cagey jerk. You didn’t deserve that.”copyright protection10PENANAYelZzBdCsS

“Was I any better? Help me move this piece of shit into the backyard before this whole bit devolves into a scene from a Lifetime movie,” Jude said, his face distracted for a moment, staring down at the half-consumed elk in front of them. But when neither of them moved, he finished off his cigarette and then said, “Alright. What is it?”copyright protection10PENANAdWDEC9aufl

“Animal blood will only get you so far… I made you a promise.”copyright protection10PENANASeW4dYJuEb

There was a ripple. A visible ripple in the air. Jaeborn Saw it, knew it was there. Then it was gone. The fabric was still again and the image continued. He saw Jude Holland’s face change. His pupils became pin pricks. “You know what?” Jude stated, his voice toneless.copyright protection10PENANAmCqHCZjQCL

“What?” Sherwood wondered out loud, clearly not sensing the change in the air.copyright protection10PENANAJQImukwFPM

“Fuck this. I don’t need you.” The vampire bit his thumb and drew black blood. His face went haggard, as if something struck him. Then he simply closed his eyes as they rolled up into his head. Jaeborn heard a thud as a very large body of something hit the floor, only just jostling the carcass of the elk. Then Jaeborn Saw it, the plastic-looking form of Sherwood, curled face-down on the floor.copyright protection10PENANA1I0XMeVwIA

Jude looked down at the body of Sherwood and tilted his head to the side. He said without emotion, “Huh… It really was that easy.” He drew out another blood-stained cigarette and stepped across the animal to stand over the werewolf. He lit the smoke and pulled on it before he crouched down. He brushed midnight hair out of the other man’s face and bent down. Jaeborn thought for sure the vampire would go for the neck, but Jude surprised him by kissing the other supernatural on his jaw and lingering there for more than a moment. When Jude rose up, his cigarette was a quarter gone and there were tears in his eyes. “It - It really was that easy,” he said again, but there was a quiver to his voice this time. He kicked the body in the spine. “See ya, stupid…” Then he grabbed a jacket off the back of the couch and pulled it over his bare shoulders.copyright protection10PENANAI4d8LP85GK

The image didn’t so much fade as simply disappear. One minute, Jaeborn was Looking at Jude Holland looking over his shoulder at his unseen spectator, and then Jaeborn Dae was looking at the door of his bedroom.copyright protection10PENANARpAzM5UjKK

He closed his eye and reached blindly for his eye patch.copyright protection10PENANA5Mt6JfkFM2

Woody’s mother. Their strained relationship. Jude’s instability.copyright protection10PENANAgu6tCSjLYZ

The voice had been right.copyright protection10PENANAvPp6obbjuW

Everything Jaeborn needed had been in that one vision.copyright protection10PENANA4zIxGsN08z

Ignorance isn’t bliss.copyright protection10PENANA2o39RG2ar0

Those eyes.copyright protection10PENANAaWPz3eKeyf

His wife. Parrot. His Charis.copyright protection10PENANAbCPTavmXvu

He smiled to himself as the patch went over his eye.copyright protection10PENANAwyTzIKgLVH

Another job well done.copyright protection10PENANAM5ECFHQqVp

Another sacrifice worth the loss of sanity.copyright protection10PENANAF72v0c1nax

He looked up and reached for the bottle of rum on the nightstand.copyright protection10PENANASG6LgOwwzr

As he was bending to reach it, he retched.copyright protection10PENANAemxSYdAPDw

Comments ( 4 )

2 weeks agoreply

Blondemaverick - Which part? The Jude/Woody Part or the Jaeborn/Tag Part?
2 weeks agoreply

Mikha'il - @Blondemaverick, tbh both (but i'm more biased towards Jude/Woody so ;D) but im most likely overreacting
2 weeks agoreply

Blondemaverick - @Mikha'il, I tried to make it as shocking and as sudden and as weird as I could--short of introducing an alien probe or something--so you may be just fine, jajaja!
2 weeks agoreply