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Badar Consultant Agency
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
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Badar Consultant Agency
0 - Black Heart - 1F
Jan 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mJGPYYunh1qjqmQ8WezRposted on PENANA

When he woke, Woody’s head was pounding and his eyes were crusted shut. He rubbed at them, but only seemed to rub more stickiness into them. Then he grunted, bolting upright, pushing a solid chunk of wetness off of his chest. His eyes quickly adjusted to the dark and he stood, his face a mashup of disgust, hatred, and a growing sense of horror.copyright protection3PENANAPlGrBOcgUU

He heard a sloppy crunch of sinew being pulled away from bone. He heard the muted spit and spat of liquid hitting carpet. He slowly crept passed the carnage of the bedroom, slipped a little on a shred of silk clothing. Everything smelled like blood and cinnamon. Blood and apples. Blood and… old earth.copyright protection3PENANAbgER6CQAZ8

He stepped into the living room and saw her. Sleek black hair like an obsidian mirror cascaded down to her lower back. She had slightly pointed ears. He knew they weren’t natural. She’d doctored them that way. Everything about her was orchestrated like that. She had always strived to look how she perceived herself; how she wanted to be perceived by prey and predator alike. I am beautiful. I am dangerous. For all he knew about her, Woody didn’t know her name. She had never given him one. She looked over her shoulder, freezing him with her snake-like gray eyes. There was a spray of brown blood on her face, but dark red surrounded her mouth. She gave him a predatory smile, flashing fangs. copyright protection3PENANACpr2MibJxL

She was just a vampire.copyright protection3PENANAAn6hOH51XZ

“Puppy,” she purred in a low voice, knowing he would hear. “Sleep well?”copyright protection3PENANAW9gA0mcRXc

He took a shaking step toward her as she discarded whatever she’d been snacking on. copyright protection3PENANAZACrDoKO8h

It was a right hand, slender, feminine… with teal colored nails.copyright protection3PENANAAIEG0sn6ul

It rose to the surface, unbidden but welcome. Abandoning all sense of time and place, he felt the hackles rise on the back of his neck, heard the wet pop of his shoulders dislocating, felt the growl rumble like thunder in his chest before he opened his mouth to snarl. He took a step.copyright protection3PENANA6qum1vJenH

She held out a red finger and he stopped where he was. “Nuh uh, Puppy. It’s still too early. You should go back to bed…” Even before all the words were out, he felt his eyelids grow heavy against his will. His shoulders snapped back into place, making him cry out and pitch forward into the carpet bodily.copyright protection3PENANAqmh2OUryJz

He heard her step slightly over to him, heard the shift of cloth against marble-smooth skin. She brushed the hair from his face and set a cold hand against his cheek, her other hand making small circles on his arm. His breathing was labored, strained, but the induced sleep did take him.copyright protection3PENANAPjiuZiXnpr

“That’s better,” the vampire crooned as every smell, every piece of Conna began to fade from his senses. “Sweet dreams, Glenn.” copyright protection3PENANAJvSdRUJB86

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