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Badar Consultant Agency
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 5B
May 8, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KO6oqy4GVZLmb3rE4WgBposted on PENANA

Tag was done with waiting. To her, patience was for folk with impulse control.copyright protection25PENANADBjtgmJVLd

It had been three days since she had told Jaeborn he wasn’t her killer anymore and now she was out of work. When she was out of work, she thought. When she thought, she drank. When she drank, she smoked. When she smoked, she wandered around looking for bedfellows.copyright protection25PENANAhv2nTsWY9R

That morning, she had woken up to a two-outta-ten with a beer gut and a colonoscopy bag with an unfortunate tattoo along his upper arm that said FUCK MY MOM.copyright protection25PENANAXVe9ZGN3C4

That was when she knew she had to get her life together.copyright protection25PENANAFgGYJWltS6

It wasn’t the twelve empty bottles of Crown scattered about her home that convinced her. It wasn’t the pile of bills at her apartment door. It wasn’t the empty carton of cowboy killers, half protruding out of her bedroom’s dainty trash can. It was the man named Dug--“Dug like y’done dug a ditch, heh heh.”--taking a shower in her guest bathroom that had her looking out over Dareklind from her penthouse balcony.copyright protection25PENANAH9CKxwctvm

She’d lived in Dareklind since she was sixteen. She’d known she could do things normal people couldn’t for longer than that, but that was the first time she’d ever had a name for what she could do. Magic, Jaeborn had told her. She could do magic. Since that day, she’d been swept up in Dareklind’s ebbs and flows. It used to be a fur hub, if she knew her history. You couldn’t throw a rock with a broken hand without hitting a white slave or a trapper or a bounty hunter. You could see that history in some of the older architecture though--French-Canadian? In the nicer places, you could see the colonial influences, the victorian touches, New York’s deco, Parisian postmodernism, marble and granite headstones…copyright protection25PENANAlshzChfqkS

Despite that, the city was still one part trying to do better, and two parts hung up in its bloody past. She liked that about it.  The city reminded her of herself in that respect.copyright protection25PENANAu08aYS7jm0

Tag put out her smoke and dipped back into the flat. She grabbed her keys and her wallet, grabbed her jacket. Leaving them in a pile at the door, she sifted through the rest of the discarded clothes laying everywhere and eventually found a pair of jeans and some socks that didn’t smell like whiskey. “I am such a fucking frog,” she mumbled to herself as she pulled them on.copyright protection25PENANAq393NGA0a5

She popped into the bathroom for a bit, squinting into the steam. Dug was passed out on the floor with a contented smile on his face. She shut off the water and made sure he was still breathing before rolling her eyes and making her exit. She pulled on her boots, grabbed a hairtie, and threw her jacket on. She pocketed the wallet. Outside her front door, she grabbed her helmet off the hook and debated about bringing her tuner--a black metallic thing that looked like a hot dog skewer to her--but decided against it last second, her green painted fingernails just brushing over it as she passed by it on her way to the elevator.copyright protection25PENANAnvyF4aWkBh

She had her helmet on before she got to the bottom.  “What am I doing?” she asked the confines of her headgear in a quiet voice. She tapped her foot. She found an empty packet of gum in her back pocket. Curious now, she fiddled in her other pockets and found a bullet casing in her front right pocket. She sighed, turning the brass over in her hand. “I need to talk to Columbia.” If the world is going to hell, I want to be there to tell Jaeborn, I told you so, she thought. “Oh Jae… What happened to you?”copyright protection25PENANAc6hlgfeozA

She’d gotten a disturbing Facebook message from him the night before.copyright protection25PENANAo0Ey4rfEsp

I know how to flush the vampire out, he’d said.copyright protection25PENANAJPUhuZsrj3

Watre u talking about? Leaveit alone, Jae, she’d replied drunkenly.copyright protection25PENANAIw9ZSqf6PO

I’m going to save us.copyright protection25PENANAHePlMTN1xf

You’re drunk, she’d told him. Well… glass houses, she had considered to herself afterwards.copyright protection25PENANArh5lzAl11F

Don’t forget what I did for you in Detroit.copyright protection25PENANA5KbfJ3GYaw

She hadn’t replied to him then. She didn’t know what to say to him when he did that to her, made her feel obligated to side with him. She’d thrown her phone across the bedroom. She still didn’t know where it was. In the place where all lost things ended up, she figured: Detroit.copyright protection25PENANANSKDdxw0z4

The elevator reached the basement of twenty floors and she stepped out into the garage.copyright protection25PENANAg0mmmVXIWY

Don’t forget what I did for you in Detroit? Tag snorted in her helmet. You killed my mom. Thanks bunches, Lord Dae. Real stellar work that was too. Lucky you had all that influence even then. Forensics alone would’ve put you away for the rest of your life… But he was my gun five years ago, wasn’t he? So I paid him back by being his gun for all this time.copyright protection25PENANAn2IyhsCYrN

“Shit,” she hissed to herself. She straddled her bike and kicked it into gear. It was only at that point that she realized she was probably still drunk. She stayed there for a moment, one foot still on the ground, before she said out loud, “I’m starting to sound old… Not cool.” She hopped up then and pushed away from her parking space, the heel of one boot dragging before she shifted once more and pulled out and away from the place Jae himself had set her up in.copyright protection25PENANAufFfSSMpTm

His gun…copyright protection25PENANAtanPxKKusH

Not anymore.copyright protection25PENANAsPJbo1E0Z5

Never again.copyright protection25PENANAOuktJcmwCg

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