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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 5D
May 20, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!03GhWIk2S2o0kHkG2fOAposted on PENANA

Charis Taggart regretted not bringing her tuner with her. She could have brought the whole building down on this receptionist’s head. Instead, she had to verbally contend with the earth mage. Tag was not good with conversation. Hitting things, threatening things, and shooting things she could easily do. But she saw too much on people’s faces to be a good conversationalist. She read too much, knew too much. She knew she could control herself with people she knew, but when it came to strangers and acquaintances… all bets were off.copyright protection14PENANAyad5siL0xX

Tag put her helmet out to the side, waving it. “Magus Mad Columbine. Come on, she’s about five-foot-five, a hundred-fifty pounds, angry all the time. How could you not have seen her? She owns this whole freakin’ building. She probably sleeps here when she’s being paranoid.”copyright protection14PENANAay0RPXz9Zr

The blonde behind the white, sterile counter gave her a patient smile. “She isn’t in.”copyright protection14PENANAcosx6Md822

“In? What’s that even mean? Like, in the building, available, in a meeting, taking a shit? When will she be back in… Christa?” Tag demanded, squinting to read the receptionist’s name plate. “What kind of spelling is that?” she mumbled.copyright protection14PENANAIBcWGEesFM

“It’s from the Greek christos, meaning chosen one,” Christa said plainly before she said, “The Magus didn’t say when she would return… Is there something I can help you with?” She was repeating the latter phrase for the sixth time in the last five minutes and you could tell she was getting sick of using it.copyright protection14PENANApPkqGangkn

“Chosen one? You think your parents really believe that?” Tag wondered.copyright protection14PENANAIwLb4RYhZ0

Christa actually blanched. It was the first non-robotic reaction Tag had gotten out of her. “Well, the Greeks gave that name to Jesus of Nazareth. So, no… After I started showing signs of being magically inclined, they didn’t believe it.” She frowned a little, a pucker between her perfect eyebrows. She seemed to be thinking of something other than protocol for once. “You seem… distraught.” It was like she was seeing the vibration mage for the first time.copyright protection14PENANAjIBvFiaULP

“My name is Charis Taggart and yes, I’m fucking distraught, Chrissy. Jae--he’s basically the only person who gives a shit about me right now--lost his last marble a few days ago and now I think he’s going to make Columbia do something dumb… like kill all supernaturals or something. Anyway, I need to talk to Columbia as soon as I can, because… Well, I think something’s wrong with Jaeborn and I think… Well, I think he’s compromised. Is that the right word for it?”copyright protection14PENANAGaF0AmaYDu

Christa nodded her head, then the pucker in her forehead returned and she said in a low voice. “I’m going to ask now because they’re going to ask me later… Are you drunk right now?”copyright protection14PENANAll16x5YwnX

“Yes,” Tag whispered back, putting her chin on the cool counter. “Yes I am.”copyright protection14PENANAwGG8clrmgc

“Are you certain that the doubts you have right now concerning a Lord of a battle Circle are not the fantasies of a creative, intoxicated mind?” Christa asked, but she was very serious.copyright protection14PENANAbWnRWYd7WQ

Tag shook her head. “No, I think the only reason I got the balls to come here was because I was drinking… But also because I don’t want to be in my apartment right now because it smells like Cheetos and Pine Tar soap.”copyright protection14PENANAChcDoJJmf6

Christa nodded understandingly. “Alright… Well, I wish I could help you myself. Would you like to schedule an appointment with The Magus for later?”copyright protection14PENANAkMM0VZmnlC

“When’s the earliest I can see her?”copyright protection14PENANAAxyXovWCDS

“Um…” Christa clicked away on the computer for a couple tense moments before she winced and said, “Perhaps I can put you in for the seventeenth of July?”copyright protection14PENANAsfaETyoCVE

A second later, a door flush with the wall behind the receptionist opened and another blonde woman, with black roots showing, stepped out and took a seat beside Christa. She looked between the two young women who were staring at each other, both with looks of displeasure on their faces. It seemed like she wanted to diffuse the situation because she smiled politely and asked Taggart, “Is there anything I can help you with?”copyright protection14PENANAIfqvgmuCKQ

Tag sighed. “Fuck this.”copyright protection14PENANAfkoNiNjepX

She strode passed the desk and counter and went for the security door to the left of the waiting area. She’d been through it only three times before. Once to play with Jae while everyone was gone for holiday break last year and once more to witness the supernatural registration of BCA’s two employees. The only other time she’d been through the doors, she’d been escorted by Jenna Williams. That had turned into her slapping the shit out of the valkyrie… and then she’d been escorted out by Jaeborn, much to her embarrassment.  That had been two months ago. She wondered when Jaeborn had started looking at his second in command like that--like she was more important than his parrot.copyright protection14PENANA7Rchw6QUIL

She put her hand against the frosted glass as the two receptionists barked and called.copyright protection14PENANAyr0ZWgmrT6

She took a deep breath in. She let it out. The door was still and immobile, but to her and her kind it wasn’t. Everything had a buzzing to it, a hum underneath it all. She really did wonder if The Circle of Magi even had the imagination to wrap their heads around what one could do with sound alone. Earth and water were all physical things. That power could be measured, could be protected against.copyright protection14PENANAh8rGWJugXT

You can’t protect yourself against atoms, against molecules, against matter.copyright protection14PENANAd4Lqmiwcce

She whispered and forced the sound to bend in the air. She didn’t know the physics behind it, didn’t care to understand. Some bargoer had told her once that it had something to do with opposing sound waves. All she knew was that if she really listened and then harmonized with something… she could manipulate it.copyright protection14PENANAXLGYLCf839

She was drunk, so her intention went for the path of least resistance. She vaporized the glass and it was sucked into the vacuum that the change in pressure created. The two blondes both recoiled from the sudden pop. It sounded like a gun going off in the lobby. The alarm hadn’t gone off because the metal structure of the door was still intact, but it didn’t take long for one of the blondes to go for the panic button. “I’ll phone Mend--”copyright protection14PENANAelhF2epwum

“Wait!” Tag heard Christa bark, but then the low, pleasant whine of an alarm droned on.copyright protection14PENANAqIrb8NtE0G

Tag didn’t stop. She stepped through the door frame and put her helmet back on.copyright protection14PENANATYszWdcclg

A big man in a gray jumpsuit and matching hat came wheeling around the corner. Tag clapped her hands together and the man stumbled back against the wall, clutching at his chest, pain evident on his face. She pushed him to the ground and stepped around him, going for the elevator.copyright protection14PENANAlACDgERFam

Another man came out of a flush door, black, pissed off, a burn scar over his left eye. She took a surprised step back as he instinctively swung a baton down at her, swishing in front of her, making the front of her jacket sing. She stepped to the side, stepping on her own feet, but the crisscross made her shorter and the stick swung through air over her head. She fell back onto her ass and spread her legs to let the baton hit between them.copyright protection14PENANA2B4uMchgRi

It’s been a while, she internally remarked, her insides calm now that she was in a fight. She heard Jaeborn Dae’s voice in her head, criticizing her movements: You’re a fucking rust bucket, Parrot. She pinned the baton between her legs, jerked, swung both fists into the side of the dipping guard. The gray suited man fell to the side, clutching at his head.copyright protection14PENANAXKgpkdDwpZ

Leave Charis Taggart idle for a week and all of Dareklind would surely fall… but get her in a fight and for some reason, she focused. Even drunk, she used her lack of coordination to her advantage. She stood up, and stepped over the guard, into the command room he’d just left vacant. She went to the screens and scanned the monitors. She hiccuped and had to hold a hand to her stomach. Oh, I’m gonna throw up, she thought, little panicked at the thought. Throwing up will make ya feel betta. No. No, I really shouldn’t. Helmet, darling. Let’s go. She took a deep breath and quelled the vibrations in her intestines.copyright protection14PENANANLApoQ3gwe

She found the ones she was looking for. Main office. Receiving room. Study.copyright protection14PENANACyPH2CTkTL

She saw Madeline Columbia sitting at her desk, drinking something while looking over the morning’s paper. Tag had an eye for movement. Even the standard cameras could pick up the subtle shake in Columbia’s hands and Tag saw it. Did The Magus know what the alarm meant? Did she know that Tag was coming for her? Why wasn’t she casting? Why wasn’t she directing?copyright protection14PENANACQwTgQ6Unw

She was just sitting at her desk while the alarm blared over the building’s speakers.copyright protection14PENANATaitzGkDXR

“Where the hell…?” Tag looked around a bit before finding three buttons with floating, moving labels that boasted DISTRESS on them. She hit all three before anything actually happened. It was only then that she realized there was only one button. The alarm stopped. Tag watched as Columbia looked up from her paper, glanced around, and then went back to drinking and reading. “What’s going through your pretty blonde head, Colon Cancer?”copyright protection14PENANASApHhskbNd

Tag went to leave the room, but she was stopped by an imposing hispanic man in a two piece black suit. He smiled at her. “Tag!” he greeted with an open palm. The other was occupied by a taser. “‘Member me?” He did look vaguely familiar to her, but she couldn’t place him.copyright protection14PENANAWq4tjkkqeH

“Well, I don’t really remember the last three days, so…” She took two steps and fell to her knees and then face planted onto the tile, jerking and convulsing as all the muscles in her body rebelled against her. “Fuuu… cking… jerk!” She growled between waves of electricity. Then even her thoughts were annihilated as her body cramped and held fast.  copyright protection14PENANAX8SfCsVW6T

“Name’s Mendez. Joey Mendez. We met at last year’s christmas party.” He bent down next to her and grabbed up her limp arms. “You were a hot mess, chika. Kinda like now… But Columbia does wanna talk to you, so…”copyright protection14PENANAOYteGKG0Wu

Why the goddamn resistance then? She wondered to herself.copyright protection14PENANAeSUileDFFR

Mendez must have read her mind because he said, “Sorry about the welcome party, Greeny. Magus will explain. She’s actually really excited to see you. Y’know, you wet workers are down on the shit lately, but when she saw you walk through the front door, she went all pavlovian on me.” He laughed. “Pavlovian! That’s like a real word, don’tcha know? Y’think Pavlov would approve? I think he’d be flattered. I know I would. Mendezian… Tell me, honestly. It’s got a ring to it, right?”copyright protection14PENANAnCZgRCJMyP

Tag wanted to tell him to shut up, but all she did was drool.copyright protection14PENANAGnO9BuUivQ

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