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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 6D
May 31, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!a2uyW6BSEG0qcz1N9ef8posted on PENANA

Woody pulled off the interstate, downshifting their tug of a 1980s Silverado, and glanced once at Jude who was smoking, his feet crossed on the dash. The vampire was trying to make rings judging by the shape of his mouth and the cross of his eyes, but the smoke curled about his lips before being sucked out the cracked window with every wasted breath.copyright protection11PENANAaXWEXIVVRL

“Crazy to think it’s only been four days since being in town…” Woody said, facing front.copyright protection11PENANAo1NTAJ0cBE

Jude grunted once, then flicked his butt out the window before saying, “Not so crazy.”copyright protection11PENANASC54c6Sll8

“Are you sure you--?” Before the entire question was out, Jude turned up the volume on the radio, then closed his eyes and clasped his hands over his stomach, leaning back. “Got it,” Woody grumbled, his knuckles on the steering wheel briefly turning white. “Stupid question.”copyright protection11PENANAuw5ra295Y0

“Not stupid,” Jude said just over the music, his eyes still closed. “Just unnecessary.”copyright protection11PENANAQn2DgDngPZ

“Right.”copyright protection11PENANAVHB0MN7F9s

We’re just both in our heads about what’s next, Woody told himself, but even the deliberate thought didn’t ring true in his head. He was really brooding about what he would do if everything went to Hell in a breadbasket. He was worried about his mother and Ally’s radio silence.copyright protection11PENANANDYS59VeeU

They let Queen's Don’t Stop Me Now roll over them and the clean lines and tailored lawns of the South Side rolled passed. It didn’t take long for the metropolitan grime to reach them as they slipped into the traffic congestion of Central, the reassurances sung in Blue Oyster Cult's Don’t Fear the Reaper almost smoothing the tension between them.copyright protection11PENANAf5hhIxU6OK

Woody turned to Jude again and say, “Where to, Sucker?”copyright protection11PENANA5JrGJeuRTE

The Holland boy directed him to a rich-looking townhouse on the East Side, a place Woody hadn’t been before, much to his annoyance. They parked in a conjoined garage and made their way into a mudroom that connected with a surprisingly modest kitchenette. Woody was overwhelmed by the smell of bleach, rain, and lilac--aged gifts from Jude’s personal cleaning lady, Queeny, and the downpour that was beginning to pelt the outside of the townhouse.copyright protection11PENANAkGhjzmsvBG

Woody threw the truck keys on the counter and sighed, running a tired hand through his hair. The multiple transformations and bloodletting had caught up to him. He was looking forward to a numb sleep more than anything in the world.copyright protection11PENANApQLG8ue3A2

Jude punched him lightly in the arm and pitched a thumb over one shoulder. “Bed’s through there, Pookie. Looks like you’re about to keel over.” He smirked when he caught his eye.copyright protection11PENANANFLfmvtRmn

“What’ll you be up to?” Woody asked even as he started kicking off his shoes.copyright protection11PENANAvH3N0Das8L

“Warding the place. Then I’ll make another call to Ally. Might watch the news.”copyright protection11PENANA9xCVeLqsO1

“Need any help?”copyright protection11PENANAvCHhR3MlV9

Jude gave him a small smile for his efforts. “No. I’ll mark myself… Thanks though.”copyright protection11PENANAIrQMeRppjy

There was something wedged between them at the moment and Woody couldn’t put his finger on it. I’m just tired, he told himself, shrugging off the uneasy feeling. “Wake me if…”copyright protection11PENANAas6NokyONm

“Yeah, yeah. Go. Sweet dreams… or whatever.” Then Jude did something unlike himself. He took a half step forward and wrapped an arm around Woody in an awkward half-hug. Before the sleepy supernatural could think to reciprocate, the other pulled away from him, trailing a hand across his chest, moving with liquid grace out of the kitchen.copyright protection11PENANAPiZwzRAmcw

Woody followed him after a moment of contemplation, curious at his behavior. He leaned in the archway between the kitchen and living room and crossed his arms as he watched Jude light a cigarette and sink back into the room’s lonely slate blue couch, faced away from him. The kid was already comfortable in the unfamiliar space, fitting back into his old rhythms. There was a wide window to their right, filling the tiny room with orange evening light. The sunshine seen through a sheet of summer rain made Jude’s eyelashes, seen just above the curve of the cheekbone facing the werewolf, like fire.copyright protection11PENANAwVXnHce7Bx

The mage turned a little towards him, blinking. “Something wrong?”copyright protection11PENANAFM0Lzo68dT

Woody caught himself. He looked away, uncrossing his arms. “It… Nothing.”copyright protection11PENANAv2cuzLl98y

“You’re being weird.”copyright protection11PENANAFEtD1bPfjr

Woody scoffed. “Me?copyright protection11PENANANZdNLMcRUp

“Yeah… Something on your mind?”copyright protection11PENANALpsXU1IfbR

“What isn’t?” he mumbled under his breath, but then he shook his head. “Night.”copyright protection11PENANAORvhuwtkMM

Jude was frowning at him. “Night, I guess.” Ash from his cigarette fell in his lap.copyright protection11PENANALzLYnwLznG

Woody went to the door across from him, to the left of the sizable wall TV, and braced both of his hands on the frame. He leaned his head in before pushing away and looking back at the vampire. Jude was still watching him intently with a concerned frown on his face and Woody met his eyes in kind. “There’s only one bed,” he explained with a vague gesture. “You’re gonna need sleep too, with the whole blood thing, so I’m gonna take the couch if it’s all the same to you.”copyright protection11PENANAZ96s60tPgF

“I’m not getting up,” Jude said with a snort, wiping the ash from his legs as he crossed them. Woody came over and gave his leg a push, unbalancing him. “Watch it!” the vampire barked, raising his cigarette out of harm’s way as Woody sat down heavily and then sprawled out over him dramatically, tongue lolling. “Ow! Ouch, you’re heavy!” Jude snapped, flashing teeth, shoving at him to get off. Woody relaxed then, resting his head on the other’s lap as Jude went back to smoking with his arms crossed over his chest, resigned to his fate. “You’re gonna get ashed on, I hope you realize.”copyright protection11PENANAG4wbm1IPlu

“Meh,” Woody replied succinctly, content. He was actually too tall to be on the couch anyway. Everything below his knees hung off the right side’s armrest, but he didn’t mind it. He rested his arms on his stomach, affecting much the same position Jude had when they’d been in the truck. Then he closed his eyes, breathing deeply and peacefully, lulled by Jude’s furnace-like heat. He cracked open one gold eye when he felt a feathery dollop of ash hit his forehead. “Really?”copyright protection11PENANAB74n5rTR1h

Jude’s eyes were narrowed over his hand as he fueled his cherry with an inhale. “Toldja.”copyright protection11PENANAy1qEtxFXmW

Comments ( 3 )

Mikha'il - Jude is such an arse i LOVE HIM
3 weeks agoreply

Blondemaverick - He's clearly one of my favorites ;D Fair warning: Prepare the tissues and popcorn for the next part. Jude's about to get deep--and Woody's about to be the BIGGEST tease. 
3 weeks agoreply

Mikha'il - @Blondemaverick, ahhh i cant wait T^T
2 weeks agoreply