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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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Jan 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cvQhbpHgUaBdYIioYd71posted on PENANA

When he came to, someone was banging on Conna’s apartment door.copyright protection29PENANAOcCwkxdrIc

He got up, wincing. His body felt like one massive bruise. His head wasn’t fairing much better, but it felt less like an ache and more like someone was trying to split it apart like a coconut. Hugging the wall for support, he located his pants and his shoes amongst the dried gore and blood. He could tell by the smell of things that he’d been induced for almost three days. He smelled something awful, his stomach heaved at every turn, but he couldn’t be overcome by what he was in the middle of. He wasn’t sure he had anything left in him to be sick with.copyright protection29PENANAkVIbdTBU9w

He had to get away before whoever was knocking decided to break the door down.copyright protection29PENANA5LJ3u2ssfz

He pulled on his pants and shoes. He then pulled the bandage on his head off, bracing himself against Conna’s dresser as the gauze pulled at the wound. He left the bandage off even as a little blood oozed into his brow. If anyone wondered about the specks of blood on his jeans, now he would at least have an excuse for it. He tried to find his shirt, but a piece of Conna had been resting on it, staining the cotton brown and black.copyright protection29PENANAt4M5A6DNxm

The banging on the door paused for a moment and a male voice shouted, “Gene! I know you’re in there! Come on… He was bound to leave. You can’t pout in there forever. Misses Pea-face says you haven’t been out in days! Open the damn door or I’m calling Rolex. God forbid I call Mom--Pull back that fucking iron curtain…”copyright protection29PENANA0ShI4uCGpL

Mom? Her brother? Oh shit… Woody put his hand to his mouth to keep the bile at bay just a little longer. He didn’t want to contaminate the crime scene. Crime scene. “Oh shit…” Woody mumbled, staggering toward the fire escape. “Oh shit… Oh shit.” He ripped the window open and clamored onto the metal. “Oh shit!” he hissed as the freezing January air hit his bare skin. He looked down the fire escape and his stomach heaved at the height. He grabbed the railing to steady himself, then he nearly tripped over his feet, trying to climb down the narrow steps at an Olympian’s pace.copyright protection29PENANAcuxVx1XZtd

Distance meant nothing to his keen hearing. He heard Conna’s door shudder again and then he heard Jude demand, “What was that sound?! Gene, open the fucking door!” Then Woody heard the familiar splinter of a door being kicked off the hinges. Trained to infiltrate, he thought absently, pressing himself against the brick of his apartment building below the fire escape. Cop? Woody wracked his rattled mind for the memories. What had Conna said about her brother? What had she said he did for a living?copyright protection29PENANAzXhm3RsGF0

Oh shit, he thought, the memory coming back to him.copyright protection29PENANA2FTknYO0Ee

Conna had raised her eyebrows at him. “What’s my brother do?” She’d chuckled. “That’s not really pillow talk, you know… I told you I had a private investigator on my payroll. He’s the best in Dareklind.”copyright protection29PENANALQIjMgkKgO

Woody had snorted at her. “I thought you told me you don’t lie anymore?”copyright protection29PENANAXPLfcP7FvN

“I mean it,” she’d said gravely, like she’d been warning him. “He’s the best.”copyright protection29PENANAFyszSQxHQb

He was so distracted by the revelation, Woody didn’t hear the sound of penny loafers on rusted metal grating. He didn’t hear the sound of a handgun action being pulled back either. However, he did hear a breathless, emotional male voice above him shout, “Don’t you fucking move, fuckface!” And he definitely heard a bullet ricochet off metal just above his head.copyright protection29PENANAVC2EVPUgza

Barking in surprise and anger, he put his hands above his head and leaped out from under the escape. “Whoa! What the fuck?!”copyright protection29PENANA4x0QMcGURb

“I said don’t fucking move!” Jude shouted at him. “Stay where you are!”copyright protection29PENANAHxKa6C0EkR

Woody snarled, incensed, “You shot at me before I even fucking moved!”copyright protection29PENANAQfuTTpINGh

“That was a warning! I won’t miss next time!”copyright protection29PENANAYLPYCCbiw3

Jude was five years Conna’s junior. He was blond and blue eyed all the same. Woody felt all the fight go out of him as the younger Holland scaled down the fire escape and met him in the alleyway. He was wearing an old khaki duster and a gray suit. His hair might have been in order before he came to his sister’s apartment, but now it was raked through, and there was a smear of old blood along his temple. His nearly invisible brows were set on top of his eyes in an angry V. His gun was still trained on Woody as he spat, “Cops’ll be on us in about five minutes ‘cause of that shot, so give me one good reason to let you go.” Emotion strained his voice. He wanted very much to just shoot Woody, but everything in him was keeping that urge barely in check.copyright protection29PENANAteAeoHQpma

Woody’s face was grim, his voice hoarse. “I’m going to rip apart the bitch that killed her.”copyright protection29PENANAgcqK5jaN7Q

Jude’s expression flickered between disbelief, anguish, and then settled on determined. He holstered his gun and drew out a handkerchief. “You’re bleeding. Follow me. Car’s out front.”copyright protection29PENANA56BU5dxgv3

Stunned, Woody stood, frozen still for all of a hiccup in time, but luckily the cold and the distant roll of sirens got him moving again.copyright protection29PENANAjZhUdGB45X

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