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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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1 - Entropic Spiral - 7D
Jun 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7g7ngy18LbW3WmsbLPkWposted on PENANA

Under the watchful concern of Jenna, Jaeborn Dae ran his fingers over the top of the cardboard box set before him. “This is everything recovered from the ritual?” he asked, his voice just above a whisper. Such influence contained within such a flimsy container… copyright protection17PENANAkfBhs89cad

“Everything that we didn’t give over to The Circle alienists,” Jenna said stiffly. “Jae--” she began, but--answering the stabbing look from the translation mage--she amended her address, “Lord Dae… the vial should be in there.” She was unsure. He could feel it rolling off her. She shifted her weight from foot to foot. She was still wondering if he was alright. She’d apparently woken him up from a heart attack or epileptic spell of some kind. She was worried he was pushing himself too hard. She was still reeling from his strange change of mind concerning Misses Sherwood. She was convinced his Fate’s eye was driving him insane.copyright protection17PENANAvhtDFJbGRX

The mage sent a tendril of comforting thoughts at her and saw her shoulders relax after she visibly shuddered. Smiling slightly, he lifted the lid of the box and found the three things he now needed. Rainy days call for fireside stories. He lifted the blood mage grimoire--the real one, not the one they’d given to Columbia to pacify her questions--and turned it over in his hands.copyright protection17PENANARO1OatZWjk

He remembered when he’d made it. Oh, what a year that had been. His smile widened. Six Roman men had given their skin to make the tome. He still remembered the horror on their faces when he’d forced them to eat their former superior. What had the retired centurion's name been? Ah, yes… Kodarus Arakan. What a fighter that man had been. What a legacy the man had left.copyright protection17PENANATDAuU2D4eN

Grimoire in hand, he lifted the second object of interest. It was one of three samples they’d collected off the altar. Two had gone to the alienists, but this one was his own personal stock. Jude Holland’s black blood. He could smell it through the glass. Raw, unadulterated power. It was two parts magic, one part angst. It made him hard. He had half a mind to drink it now, but he knew it wouldn’t do any good to the body he was in right now. Besides, he had a plan for it. It couldn’t go to waste at this juncture. Success would give him more than his fill of it, anyway. He pocketed it.copyright protection17PENANAhK5LnKvzrn

The third object was the lesser of the two, but still far more important than any of the other mundane objects left in the cardboard box. He turned the chalice around, watching the pewter catch the dim file room’s fluorescent lights. The familiar carvings stood out; the fire, blood, and earth it took to make things like him. Little figures writhing in pain and ecstasy rimmed the edge. His likeness encircled the bowl of it, winged, dragon-like, immortal, eating its own tail.copyright protection17PENANAxiby7m17il

The copper-smelling cup thrummed with a power most beings wouldn’t register. Maybe Charis Taggart might have noticed its humming. He couldn’t deny that witch’s inherent power. He should have killed her before she’d become such a fucking nuisance.copyright protection17PENANArbY1GS4jXi

Nevermind. He owned the majority of the pieces on the board.copyright protection17PENANA7e3c0qWv0n

What pieces did Jude Holland have?copyright protection17PENANASxG35Oq7VI

He suppressed a growl of anguish--a gargling roar of hatred that promised to undo him even as it threatened to come up for air. Glenn Koa Sherwood. The push and the pull of the universe--The fucking…  anomaly!That damned werewolf wasn’t even supposed to exist! He had done everything in his power to make sure something like him never came to be! And how?! How had anything like him been born? If he had been awake then--If only he’d been awake when Tsumia Sherwood had conceived. He would have pulled that mass of cells from the woman’s womb and consumed them in front of her, if he could have only guessed what Glenn would become.copyright protection17PENANAsnUrpAjtUg

How he loathed that creature’s existence.copyright protection17PENANAM1vPdwga1h

His erection was gone. Poof.copyright protection17PENANAyUOfYU3o1Z

Jaeborn Dae turned to his second and gave her the chalice. She looked like she would rather hold her own severed head than bear the accursed thing, but she bit her lip and said nothing. “Let’s go to the tower… I have to make a house call to Columbia. You will wait in the car until I’m finished. It won’t take long.” He put silk into his words and saw her knees buckle slightly.copyright protection17PENANA7um1VMCffw

“Lord?” she stated dully, her eyelids fluttering.copyright protection17PENANAv1y1RLx7Wz

“Nana… Now is not the time. It will all make sense in due time. I promise, Dearheart.”copyright protection17PENANAoutdKs7OQ9

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