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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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0 - Black Heart - 2A
Jan 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bMtlPWMrjWAjzjb2UNiiposted on PENANA

“I’m not naive. You’re not Gene’s first dangerous bedfellow.”copyright protection24PENANA1jkVrUwkv8

“Friend,” Woody said softly. “I was her friend first.”copyright protection24PENANAVGVp2KlOcE

“Doesn’t matter now,” Jude said, taking out a cigarette from an expensive silver case and lighting it. “She’s dead and her killer is still abroad. We have that to worry about now. So tell me about her--This bitch who pulled my sister into pieces.” He took a drag and let it out.copyright protection24PENANALNXl68o1WH

Woody didn’t know what to think of Jude Holland, only that he didn’t like him.copyright protection24PENANAjX0ETsypN4

“Why aren’t you… Aren’t you even mad?” he demanded quietly.copyright protection24PENANAyILt7OesDq

Jude’s face was carefully controlled, unlike his sister’s. He showed what he wanted to show. Right now it was impassive, unreadable. “I’m devastated,” he said, his voice trembling despite that. “But the longer I sit around, rending my fucking clothing, the farther my quarry gets away. Unless you really want that citizen’s arrest after all, start fucking talking, Woody.”copyright protection24PENANA6od4Kkc8l9

“I don’t know her name,” Woody admitted. “I know how we can find her though…”copyright protection24PENANAPF6QjZiSp5

“That’s awfully convenient,” Jude commented. Smoke haloed around his head as he exhaled. He crossed his legs as he sat back in his chair, putting the cigarette back to his lips. His nails are manicured, the werewolf noted. After Jude inhaled, he stated through a mouthful of smoke, “Well?”copyright protection24PENANAWXOHrVvFn8

Woody, trying not to crack his teeth as he clenched his jaw, took a settling breath. His nerves were fried and Jude’s frigid calm was not helping him come back to his own skin. If anything, Jude’s very presence was pushing him into a foggy state of bloodlust. Woody blamed the man’s smell in-part. It had that lazy summer afternoon edge that Conna’s had… but it was saturated with ash and menthol. Combined, it made Jude Holland’s southside apartment smell like a burning apple orchard. It rolled his stomach.copyright protection24PENANA5uxjyhELpZ

“A friend of mine, Alex Winslow, can track her down,” Woody said, closing his eyes.copyright protection24PENANAUfF15Y1oQq

He heard Jude take another drag. “You have her number?”copyright protection24PENANAuNoiuPd0vB

“I have her number.”copyright protection24PENANA8B6FVFWzqm

“We’ll call her later then,” Jude said after a sigh, and then Woody heard him get up out of the chair, extinguish his smoke. He opened his eyes to watch the Holland boy sashay off to his bedroom where he disappeared for only a moment. When he came back into the living room, he threw Woody a plain white t-shirt. “Sit, will you? You’re making me nervous.”copyright protection24PENANAzlBemHdn54

Something squeezed around Woody’s heart as he sat heavily on the man’s beige couch. He looked down at the shirt in his hand for a moment and then said, “I didn’t want her mixed up with me… I knew it would turn out like this. But… I hoped. She made me hope it… wouldn’t…”copyright protection24PENANAOzRdSm25mx

Jude was in the kitchen, pulling a cupboard open, when he paused and turned to look at Woody. “I warned her. Someone that fixated on keeping their distance… is doing it for a reason.” There was no judgement in his voice, but no blame towards Conna either. He probably had no idea how his words made Woody feel: thankful, but slightly embittered. After all, what had Woody done to deserve such mindless forgiveness? He would have understood if Jude was angry at him. He would have understood if Jude hated him… copyright protection24PENANAHu9Oa4t6DT

But acceptance? Woody didn’t know what to make of him. Conna hadn’t been an open book either, but at least she’d voiced her opinion as soon as it formed in her mind. Jude didn’t do that. Instead, more could be gleaned from what he didn’t choose to say… and Woody didn’t like that. It left too much to interpret; too much to ask.copyright protection24PENANAtde4rAMEYR

Jude grabbed two wine glasses out of the cupboard, then pulled a first aid kit out of a drawer. He didn’t look at Woody as he said, “You should get a shower in. You smell like shit.”copyright protection24PENANAJMrAZkW2pj

“Where’s the…?”copyright protection24PENANAA7NJVYNo5r

Jude hooked a thumb over his right shoulder. “It’s in the master bedroom. If you walk into clothes, you went through the wrong door.” Then he seemed to remember something and added, “We’ll burn your pants… Find something that fits in my closet. Take whatever you need.”copyright protection24PENANAiyEwD67pK5

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