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Buffy/Angel Crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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Buffy/Angel Crossovers
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OUAT/Angel: Love Will Conquer
May 16, 2018
37 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NHFhSXGy5W80OX3EjyLrposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in Angel S1 and OUAT S3. After accepting the visions Doyle gave her, she ends up in Storybrooke on accident. When she meets Hook, what will happen?copyright protection11PENANAcK6URnEqD9

        It was a dark night, as Cordelia Chase headed home. She and Angel had recently lost Doyle. He’d sacrificed himself for the greater good, but before doing that, he’d kissed her. They hadn’t known until a week later that he’d given her the visions. At first, she didn’t want them, but then she’d realized that he’d given her the only thing he had. The most precious thing. Now they’d grown on her, despite the searing pain from them. They missed him, but they still had a part of him.copyright protection11PENANAUqQAIJxohC

            After half an hour of walking, she suddenly found herself on a road. She saw a sign that read Welcome to Storybrooke. Since she didn’t have a choice, she began walking to go see the town. She knew that everything happened for a reason. If she was in Storybrooke, she was meant to be there.copyright protection11PENANAkpC9nGNHfy

            Soon enough, she found a diner that read Granny’s Diner, so she entered and sat at the bar part of the diner. She then ordered something to eat.copyright protection11PENANA8rjflaDZAg

            When she was eating her dinner, a little boy came and sat next to her. She saw that he had a book that read Once Upon A Time. She knew it had to be a fairytale book.copyright protection11PENANA9uHZ4pICO0

            He looked at her, the book in front of him.copyright protection11PENANAf8qSiNy5uN

            “Hi, I’m Henry. Who are you?”copyright protection11PENANAEDeXSA7wAI

            “Cordelia Chase, but my friends call me Cordy,” she replied.copyright protection11PENANAMJduIiUrUI

            “Are you a fairytale?” he asked.copyright protection11PENANAr9QR28EAe9

            “No, but I do get visions of those in danger. Why?”copyright protection11PENANAnTMCQFcYbM

            “Because every fairytale you know exists in this town. Maybe you were brought here for a reason. How did you get here?”copyright protection11PENANAHYwUsecmG7

            “I just appeared. One minute I’m in LA heading home. The next minute I’m on a road by the town’s sign.”copyright protection11PENANA47hVZj4ETj

            After having a talk about the existence of fairytales, Cordy was quite informed of everything. Although this came from a ten-year-old, she believed it. After all, she was from a world where vampires, demons, werewolves, and ghosts were real. That made it easy to believe in fairytales existing.copyright protection11PENANANhcAT2f61r

            The next day, Regina was walking down a gravel road, looking for Zelena.copyright protection11PENANASIppCRDPek

        She stopped, hearing something.copyright protection11PENANAWjrderxj5q

        “Show yourself, you winged freak!” she shouted, facing the trees and a couple sheds.copyright protection11PENANACSIPsBRIHT

        Someone with a crossbow shot an arrow at her, but she caught it, just inches from the side of her head.copyright protection11PENANA9AByZeqD3F

        When that someone saw who she was, he approached, as he apologized to her.copyright protection11PENANAX0YpedQLwV

        “Apologies, m’lady. I thought you were the wicked witch.”copyright protection11PENANAc9OUYhwQZe

        She looked at him, as he approached.copyright protection11PENANAJ9PkIPz9sC

        “And I thought you were a flying monkey.”copyright protection11PENANAOqDMQR0HDw

        “I hope my mistake hasn’t cost me my head, Your Majesty.”copyright protection11PENANADPGrKEJgvJ

        “So, you know who I am,” she stated.copyright protection11PENANAveTkzB98KC

        “Your reputation in the enchanted forest proceeds you.”copyright protection11PENANALy3olTflAT

        “I didn’t catch your name,” she replied.copyright protection11PENANASdJzFtepKJ

        “Robin of Locksley, at your service.”copyright protection11PENANA8fY1AxDJGn

        He held out his hand flat, so she could give his arrow back.copyright protection11PENANAlrWoPii5ES

        She put the arrow in his hand.copyright protection11PENANAZx6I6MblcW

        “The thief,” she stated, knowing him for his reputation.copyright protection11PENANA4kb2mLA0vg

        “Well, while we’re tossing labels around, aren’t you technically known as the Evil Queen?”copyright protection11PENANAoQIkfyDxEi

        “I prefer Regina,” she corrected him. “You think you can bring down the wicked witch with sticks?”copyright protection11PENANAqDPxlWjwhv

        “Well, I’m certainly going to try.”copyright protection11PENANAtmQEodqZdV

        “I’m afraid we’re too late. She’s long gone.”copyright protection11PENANAfCMYW2wAza

        “Well, perhaps she left a trail,” he suggested.copyright protection11PENANASZNIw8EQFW

        “I was hoping the same thing.”copyright protection11PENANAm8idNHreGE

        “Well, then you’ve got yourself a partner.”copyright protection11PENANAaWhXUdZrOy

        “I don’t remember asking for one.”copyright protection11PENANABHypp5y4Ve

        “You didn’t.”copyright protection11PENANA1injvb0WpH

        Accepting his help, she warned him, “Just…don’t get in my way.”copyright protection11PENANABADSxy6wZV

        “I wouldn’t dream of it,” he answered.copyright protection11PENANA5BCD02Iz6E

        His words sounded familiar to her, as if he’d said them before, so she asked him, “H-have we met before?”copyright protection11PENANAN8WarsmsoL

        “I doubt I’d ever forget meeting you.”copyright protection11PENANA9ZmMSTlYqk

        Regina and Robin Hood began walking at each other’s side, looking for clues.copyright protection11PENANATvVw9WySvF

        A few minutes later, they were inside a farm house, and she explained that nothing was useful there. Then she explained about the Bourbon-looking whiskey, and he poured them drinks.copyright protection11PENANAwiNttfVPHj

        When he handed her the shot glass, she saw the lion tattoo on his arm and, after a moment, left without a word, leaving Robin confused.copyright protection11PENANABQjXDcQZah

        “Regina!” he called after her.copyright protection11PENANAj4MeBWa9OF

        As she left, she remembered when she never went in, when Tinkerbell had shown her her true love. She never saw his face, but she’d seen his lion tattoo.copyright protection11PENANAOkYCOsRJhy

*Memory/Flashback*copyright protection11PENANA3SpnQ3zH2K

        A younger Regina stood outside a cavern people were drinking in, Tinkerbell next to her.copyright protection11PENANAYmOLApHLzv

        “Look. There he is. The guy with the lion tattoo,” Tinkerbell told her, as she pointed.copyright protection11PENANAroQq0ESRo9

        “That’s him?” she questioned.copyright protection11PENANAqr2QOTTnAW

        “Pixie dust doesn’t lie. This is your chance at love and happiness,” she encouraged her.copyright protection11PENANA7ziWkTm1FW

        She told the fairy that she needed to be alone, so she left.copyright protection11PENANAx6knwk2pbq

        After a moment, Regina opened the door, but afraid to take that step and being angry at her mom, Cora, she closed the door and went home.copyright protection11PENANAzCSBsGvm45

*End*copyright protection11PENANAicEB9Zuw09

*Present*copyright protection11PENANAsygMVN6Yci

        Later that day, Regina went to the diner, having not found Zelena. Zelena seemed to be great at coving her tracks.copyright protection11PENANAoLUgnnXSJ2

        When she entered the diner, she saw a new face at one of the booths, so she sat in front of her.copyright protection11PENANAY1eDDoC7UD

        “I haven’t seen you before. Who are you and what are you doing here?” she greeted as nicely as she could.copyright protection11PENANAhmbx97lf5x

        “Cordelia Chase, but my friends call me Cordy. I already went through this last night with Henry. He told me everything. It’s not hard to believe, since werewolves and vampires and ghosts exist. Even witches and Vampire Slayers and demons. Your land isn’t very different from my world. Before you ask me how I got here, I was going home in LA, when I just randomly appeared here.”copyright protection11PENANAyuitLGQIyA

        “What’s so special about you for you to end up here?” Regina wondered.copyright protection11PENANAKxCZafoNmj

        “I don’t know. Doyle, a half demon and half human gave me his visions before sacrificing his life for the world. Apart from that, I’m good in a sword fight and with a crossbow. I don’t think I’m that special. I was mean to lower class people in high school. I thought it was okay, just because I was rich and popular. High school was my glory days. I’m not proud of what I did back then. I’ve been trying to redeem myself in LA by helping people. The visions help me do that, though they’re quite painful,” she explained to the former Evil Queen.copyright protection11PENANArEFDcPKx5Q

        “Looks like we have something in common then. How would you like to help me find a witch? She stole a year of our memories. Robin Hood and I looked, but we couldn’t find Zelena or a clue to where our memories are stored,” Regina replied.copyright protection11PENANA4Dkn754YOC

        “Well, usually I’m rescuing those in danger, but Zelena does sound like a big enough threat for me to help. Besides, no one deserves a part of them to be taken. My memories have never been stolen, but I’ve always been competitive. A classmate’s mom happened to be a witch and wanted to relive her glory days as a cheerleader, so she took out the competition. She removed someone’s mouth and weakened the Vampire Slayer, Buffy. She even blinded me and, if it wasn’t for Buffy, I would’ve gotten ran over by a semi-truck. So, I know witches can be asses,” she replied.copyright protection11PENANAyzaazkpX8M

        “Welcome to Storybrooke, Cordelia. Happy to have you on board,” she replied, before getting up from the booth and leaving the newcomer in peace.copyright protection11PENANAgzqWcCLXaR

        After they found out who Zelena really was, they had a clue where to find her. Zelena even showed up at the diner to tell Regina that she was her half-sister, and to have Regina meet her at sundown for a witch fight. She was giving Regina the day to find out the truth.copyright protection11PENANAOfv8CCeHA2

        After Regina found out the truth, she sat on a log in the woods, thinking. Then Robin found her and they had a talk after he took the letter from her, and she’d given him permission to read it. She told him that she’d always thought that the letter had been about her, but now she didn’t think it was anymore.copyright protection11PENANAj8CuibPI9X

        Later, before the witch fight, she gave her heart to Robin to hang onto. She’d learned years ago to never bring your heart to a witch fight.copyright protection11PENANAupxVmKy8HI

        Meanwhile, Zelena was already on the street where the others were, including Cordy. Zelena was threatening the small crowd, unhappy that Regina was late.copyright protection11PENANAZvXuEA7ThH

        Cordy stepped forward a little.copyright protection11PENANAVBQy59JVRS

        “How about you leave this town alone? Regina will show. She always does, I’m sure. When she does, she’s going to kick your ass. You came to her town and you’ve turned people into monkeys. You’ve caused destruction and nobody knows why. I could care less why, but if nobody else kicks your ass, I will. I may not be from a fairytale or have magic, but I know how to fight. I’ve taken down many demons and vampires alike.”copyright protection11PENANASliqgFaOOS

        Zelena looked at her.copyright protection11PENANAxOouj25qVn

        “And who the hell are you?”copyright protection11PENANA8RYYp489ZZ

        “I’m Cordelia Chase, dumb ass,” the Queen C answered.copyright protection11PENANA2SlkiB0sqO

        “I don’t care who you are,” Zelena replied. Then she magically through her.copyright protection11PENANAlYCJtVLymH

        Cordy got to her feet.copyright protection11PENANAWuzUtYZB8Y

        “Anyone else?” Zelena asked.copyright protection11PENANABaRWv9yvCZ

        “I do,” Regina replied, having finally shown up. Regina then added, as she approached, “Didn’t anyone tell you? Black is my color.”copyright protection11PENANAjXXWGqSsZe

        “But it looks so much more better on me. I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up.”copyright protection11PENANAaVJJQcIPOQ

        “I couldn’t let my sister off that easily.”copyright protection11PENANAOp0FlvPT0r

        “So, you finally accepted me into the family.”copyright protection11PENANATkoQh5h9xh

        “I’ve accepted that we share a mother, yes, but I still have one question. What the hell did I ever do to you?”copyright protection11PENANAnHd6r3j9T8

        “Isn’t it obvious? You were born.”copyright protection11PENANAZIx0oTvdNw

        Regina gave her a slap across the face, angry at that statement. Then she gave a smile.copyright protection11PENANAFGR3w89OhH

        “I’ve been waiting to do that all day.”copyright protection11PENANA5FoiMQm6Zg

        “Rumpelstiltskin can’t save you this time. He should’ve chosen me.”copyright protection11PENANAeZZLZnEvBs

        “Who?”copyright protection11PENANA1g8TkE1ttj

        “Rumpelstiltskin.”copyright protection11PENANAayYzRLpeRo

        “That’s what this is about? You’re jealous of me?”copyright protection11PENANAv5ouRnSwSt

        Zelena magically through a streetlight off the wire and it landed on the ground.copyright protection11PENANAYUJ6N3LPwe

        “You still don’t realize what you have. You never did. You got everything I ever wanted and you didn’t even deserve it! I’m going to take it all from you!”copyright protection11PENANA8HN7gFSGUK

        Zelena magically through Regina.copyright protection11PENANA5pQtUIQMeJ

        Regina fell on a car, but got off it okay. Then, as she approached, she let a fireball appear in her hand, but Zelena made it disappear.copyright protection11PENANAfdDZjr25gz

        “Can’t beat me, little sis,” Zelena said, magically choking her and lifting her from the ground. “Everything Rumpelstiltskin taught you, he taught me, too. I was the better student.”copyright protection11PENANAkpg7wwNpcH

        She magically made Regina fly into the clock tower and land inside.copyright protection11PENANA9h70K1IBOW

        Regina, from the clock tower floor, saw Zelena appear. Then she got to her feet.copyright protection11PENANAl3aZ3tq5zH

        “What are you waiting for? Kill me.”copyright protection11PENANAET6V1CrO2E

        “I never said I wanted to kill you,” Zelena corrected her. “I said I wanted to destroy you. And to do that, I need your heart.”copyright protection11PENANAwcWDcHEVjs

        Zelena plunged her hand into her chest, but couldn’t feel her heart. She then took her hand out.copyright protection11PENANASEw2DAw3F5

        “Where is it!?”copyright protection11PENANALkYRf0uHOw

        “Our mother taught me one thing. Never bring your heart to a witch fight. Something you’d know if she hadn’t abandoned you.”copyright protection11PENANAmkJiXW0CRj

        “You haven’t won, Regina. I will get your heart! I will get everything you ever had!”copyright protection11PENANA5JXCLBchFS

        “Not today,” Regina replied.copyright protection11PENANAmqclhslMaa

        Zelena flew off on her broom stick.copyright protection11PENANAjwu2PsYP5P

        Cordy opened the door and went up the stairs.copyright protection11PENANA9ay7NkIZBn

        “You alright?”copyright protection11PENANARYN4k5xFRH

        “I’m still alive, aren’t I?”copyright protection11PENANAQaekd3NbTS

        Charming and Snow joined them.copyright protection11PENANA123AaRUSQw

        Regina informed them that she wanted her heart. Because she already had a symbol of Charming’s courage, she thought they were ingredients for a spell.copyright protection11PENANAfIu3NP8lu0

        The next day, Cordy was eating at a booth, when someone she knew by looks sat across from her. She knew that he was Captain Hook.copyright protection11PENANA2kbhFoktAe

        Cordy looked at him.copyright protection11PENANAmBhqcrh6k8

        “What brings Captain Hook to my booth?”copyright protection11PENANADzQ8DEXLZr

        “Well, I believe an introduction is in order. I seem to be at a disadvantage. You know me, but I don’t know you. Care to enlighten me, luv?” he replied. Then he took out his flask and took a swig.copyright protection11PENANAM2MXjsmEWW

        “There isn’t much to tell, Captain. I only know of you, because there are a lot of fairytale storybooks in my world. Tons of kids grow up on them. Your story is one of the most popular ones.”copyright protection11PENANASiyaIKC0RW

        “And what’s your story, luv?”copyright protection11PENANA8vwZD9DAVC

        “I grew up in Sunnydale, California. It’s a small town several miles from this town. I was rich and popular in my teenage years. Because I could get away with anything, I was mean to all the lower-class people. I regret it now that I’m more mature, but I’ve still got an attitude if I need to use it. After I was able to leave town, I went to LA, California to be an actress. I never made it though, so, after I was saved by vampires which are kinda like demons without souls, by Angel, I decided to join him and Doyle. Doyle was a good half demon and half human. He made the ultimate sacrifice recently, though. Right before he did, he transferred the visions to me. At first, I didn’t want them, but they grew on me. I can save people through them. Painful or not, I’d never give them up. They’re a part of me, and saving others is like redemption for me. When I went poor, I thought that it was my punishment, but I know now that things happen for a reason,” she explained, putting everything in terms he could understand, knowing he probably wouldn’t understand all of the terms she did. After all, vampires didn’t exist in fairytales.copyright protection11PENANA2IFPFYh2Cd

        “How did someone like you end up here then, luv?” he asked, curious.copyright protection11PENANAZvwxGfiifa

        “I don’t know. I was heading home and then suddenly found myself on a road in Storybrooke,” she answered him. “I must be here for a reason, though.”copyright protection11PENANAfnFLmiU0TQ

        “Well, welcome to Storybrooke then, luv,” he replied, and gave a smile.copyright protection11PENANADVyiKeg2gT

        She gave a smile back at him, liking this version of Hook already, although they’d just met.copyright protection11PENANAgfoNN426nh

        The next day, Cordy helped Charming put a baby crib together, since she knew how to. Growing up, she’d had an older and younger brother, so she knew how to deal with a crib.copyright protection11PENANAgCFWn2fi28

        Once the crib was put together, Regina came by to put a protection spell on the apartment. Zelena had been there and Snow White was quite a few months pregnant. A protection spell had to be put in place.copyright protection11PENANA9F3HXOWeRc

        Later, since Cordy didn’t think Snow and Charming would be good babysitters during the pregnancy, she took him to the docks, since Henry had liked hanging around Hook anyway.copyright protection11PENANA77swUgBXmY

        When she asked Hook to watch Henry, Hook obviously agreed, but said, “If you want to get close to me, you just have to ask. There’s no need to use the lad as an excuse.”copyright protection11PENANAeDAUzYWOhY

        “This isn’t about you,” she replied, although she did like his charm. Then, she had Henry go with Hook, and she left.copyright protection11PENANAXqE18BP5QG

        Meanwhile, Snow and Charming were walking down the beach, talking.copyright protection11PENANAiXOKtJ05Gn

        “We can’t just sit back and do nothing,” Charming told her.copyright protection11PENANA3V0EPADMpV

        “You’re right. We can be just as fun as a pirate captain.”copyright protection11PENANALmmpnu1dAR

        “Exactly,” he agreed. “Henry’s obviously done a lot of growing up this past year. We’ll just have to adjust accordingly.”copyright protection11PENANATSPIDjrEo8

        Hook was at the diner, playing dice with Henry at a booth, when Charming walked in. Hook told Henry to practice. Then he went over to Charming.copyright protection11PENANA1s316TCKF1

        When Ariel whom had washed up on the beach came in, Hook recognized her. She wanted help finding Prince Eric, but he told her that he couldn’t help her. He wanted to spare her the grief over what he knew had happened to Eric. He also didn’t want her angry with him.copyright protection11PENANAFqn1PKwQX6

        While Regina and Cordy were in Regina’s vault, they spoke. Cordy had figured maybe with magic, she could help Regina defeat Zelena.copyright protection11PENANAIRYxABQ2ff

        “While we’re here, who’s watching Henry? The un-Charmings?”copyright protection11PENANAahHdjN6VyL

        “Actually, Hook is,” Cordy informed her.copyright protection11PENANAWdcje14KS2

        “Hook? Those two sure have been spending a lot of time together lately.”copyright protection11PENANAQBUP8vrZxG

        “Hook’s good with him and Henry likes him. Besides, a ten-year-old doesn’t want to hear about pregnancy tips and other things from anyone.”copyright protection11PENANAeHYWUhK1ci

        “He’s prone to violence and impulsive and has a hook for a hand,” Regina reasoned.copyright protection11PENANAM9vYtJ0yuT

        “I trust him,” Cordy told her.copyright protection11PENANABluvaC1BCy

        “Of course.”copyright protection11PENANAiRfgNayxbL

        “What’s that supposed to mean?”copyright protection11PENANAPYUkXo4YWz

        “Seriously? You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the yearning looks and doey eyes?” Regina inquired, turning around and looking at her.copyright protection11PENANARxUl34Y5GB

        “I don’t yearn.”copyright protection11PENANADYsTfg3NOf

        “Well, maybe, but he does,” Regina said.copyright protection11PENANAyDdtYbR39O

        Her reply wasn’t a shock, since Cordy already knew that. She’d been in love enough times to see the signs a mile away.copyright protection11PENANAC1mwmqBlvh

        After they found Eric’s cloak, enchanted it, and followed it all the way to the docks, when it disappeared under water, Ariel assumed Eric was dead.copyright protection11PENANAX8gp1wG5ju

        Since Charming wanted to prove that they were as much fun as Hook, he tried teaching Henry to drive his truck, only for that to be a bust.copyright protection11PENANAkS8ym6JeaT

        That night, at the docks, Hook decided to tell her what happened to Eric, so he did. He didn’t know until it was too late, that it was Zelena in disguise as Ariel. She told him that if he still believed in love, to swear by her name. He did by Cordy’s and she then cursed his lips. Then she turned into her true self. She told him that Ariel was never actually in town and that she and Eric were living happily ever after.copyright protection11PENANA3MUpjhQVDl

        “Don’t you just love a good twist?” Zelena asked.copyright protection11PENANAdAut0v0GBk

        “I don’t understand. Why would you pretend to be her?”copyright protection11PENANAaVcjuzqdOA

        “To corrupt your love. As I said earlier, I’ve known about your dirty little secret for quite some time. I could see the guilt on your face ever since you made that decision that day. I knew it haunted you. I knew I could use it.”copyright protection11PENANA6Rn1hHi7CV

        “Use it for what?” he wanted to know.copyright protection11PENANAsQvWkvskc4

        She revealed to him that if he kissed Cordy, whatever magic she had would be taken. She knew Regina was teaching her magic.copyright protection11PENANAEnZRGtq6He

        “I won’t do it. I’ll tell her, and she’ll defeat you.”copyright protection11PENANAHO64PnM8up

        “And I’ll send The Dark One to defeat her before you can.”copyright protection11PENANA4WfzTz5mTh

        “No, you won’t. If you wanted her dead, you would’ve. You need her power removed. That’s why you haven’t killed her.”copyright protection11PENANAqxFqolUPsB

        “It no longer matters, because you’re going to remove her powers. Kiss Cordelia and remove her powers or everyone she loves dies.”copyright protection11PENANA49qaefx0o1

        He stood there and watched her disappear in green smoke. Then he went to the apartment.copyright protection11PENANApsYF2Se7e7

        Once outside the apartment, he knocked with his hooked hand.copyright protection11PENANApFF454q0UT

        A moment later, Cordy opened the door.copyright protection11PENANABY318hhGiG

        “Chase, I didn’t expect to see you here.”copyright protection11PENANAHI8GnayCiN

        “What do you mean? Where’s Henry? Is everything alright?”copyright protection11PENANAKHspMyudyo

        “He’s fine. He’s with his grandparents. They’re not back here?”copyright protection11PENANA6amacvrubK

        “We haven’t seen them. If you’re not with Henry, what have you been doing all day?”copyright protection11PENANAaTsizQs8sL

        He walked inside.copyright protection11PENANAWcspCfX7tw

        “I was enlisted to help Ariel find her lost prince.”copyright protection11PENANAvzGSJSobmA

        “Really? That fish is in Storybrooke?” Regina questioned, sitting at the table.copyright protection11PENANAWxtpP3ficI

        “She was. Yes.” He then lied some more, saying she swam to an island where Eric was.copyright protection11PENANA38VwxxMuEf

        Charming, Snow, and Henry walked in.copyright protection11PENANA1aPH3zArKX

        “Where have you guys been?” Cordy asked.copyright protection11PENANA1Guu5kylDK

        “Only having the best day ever. David let me drive his truck,” Henry replied.copyright protection11PENANA4HTZdqxZVb

        Regina looked at Charming, unhappy.copyright protection11PENANAfWm4EpDeQo

        “You let him, what!? This is a terrible mistake!”copyright protection11PENANAbS5Fmb0VwD

        “She’s right. Someone could’ve been seriously hurt,” Cordy intervened, agreeing.copyright protection11PENANAFAkzAxZ7xV

        “Only the mailbox,” Snow interjected. Then, when she offered dinner at Granny’s, they agreed, but Hook left.copyright protection11PENANAiNRFRv4vJV

        “Can I drive?” Henry asked, and everyone said no, all at once.copyright protection11PENANATVNYBa9B5G

        While they ate pizza at Granny’s, Hook watched from the distance, using his pirate spyglass.copyright protection11PENANAeLhykR6kYE

        The next day, when Regina had just put her earrings on, her doorbell rang. She opened her door and didn’t see anyone, but when she looked down and saw a basket, she took part of the cloth off, only to see that it was a basket of green apples.copyright protection11PENANAfhr6WjC0Om

        “It’s a gift,” Zelena said from Regina’s living room.copyright protection11PENANAWHhJGTTPuZ

        Regina closed the door and set them on a small table in the hallway.copyright protection11PENANAwIKNh5EnpC

        “From sister to sister,” Zelena added, drinking a wine glass of wine.copyright protection11PENANA2FTuMQNoRC

        Regina walked over to her.copyright protection11PENANALNj3x0WqPq

        “What are you doing here?”copyright protection11PENANAqm8a9qgNNG

        “I saw your tree, and I thought you could use something better. Red apples are so sickly sweet, don’t you think? People tend to like something…a little sharper.”copyright protection11PENANAqQlkk7a8v2

        “And green apples are just bitter.” Regina added, “That’s not yours,” when Zelena picked up and admired a vase on the table.copyright protection11PENANAKhP3km3gNT

        Zelena looked at her.copyright protection11PENANAGdfPopfEc3

        “Story of my life,” Zelena commented, putting the vase down.copyright protection11PENANAlDUGXeN8mj

        “Why are you here?” Regina persisted, annoyed at her.copyright protection11PENANAa6A0aUneba

        “Oh, sisterly concern, sisterly advice, you know. Wanted to make sure you were alright after our little showdown.”copyright protection11PENANA8SooHNNXr0

        “I’m fine. Are you?”copyright protection11PENANA1NDVtBagJw

        “Getting there.”copyright protection11PENANAAUDaVO5i2g

        “Wow,” Regina replied.copyright protection11PENANAtb8RzQEmO6

        “This is nice,” Zelena commented, sitting on Regina’s couch. “So luxurious. You really don’t appreciate what you have, do you?”copyright protection11PENANAmPT0LnBVEl

        “Right. Because I got everything, and you have nothing. If you want your superpower to be envy, go right ahead.”copyright protection11PENANAseg5pbTutW

        “Envy is just another word for ambition.”copyright protection11PENANALW7UOGKt3z

        “Well, that’s just not true,” Regina disagreed.copyright protection11PENANAzqotqaQ25u

        “See, I strive for things. I work. You…you cast a curse that was just a fancy form of running away,” Zelena reasoned. “With every advantage, you still turn your back on every opportunity for happiness. You, Regina…” Zelena stood up. “You just…you just don’t take risks. You don’t live your life. It’s just such a waste. I can see why our mother was so disappointed in you.”copyright protection11PENANAoxJED8PwCj

        “Disappointed in me? She gave you away,” Regina reminded her.copyright protection11PENANAsogAi4g3yk

        “You have no idea what really happened,” Zelena told her, mad at her words. “That’s exactly what’s going to hurt you.”copyright protection11PENANAC8K1Bbbsdh

        Regina chuckled.copyright protection11PENANAXCOGgsP6Ys

        “You didn’t come here for sisterly advice. Why are you really here?”copyright protection11PENANAprQF29Kjci

        “So perceptive. I’m here, Regina, because I wanted to make sure you weren’t someplace else so I can take what I need, or rather The Dark One could.”copyright protection11PENANADPqnR2z3vN

        As Regina and Zelena spoke, Rumple stole Regina’s heart from Robin Hood.copyright protection11PENANAktp9aFBZLA

        About half an hour later, Regina arrived in the woods and approached, as she saw Robin holding Roland tightly.copyright protection11PENANArb2iQ4rBnE

        “What happened?” she quizzed.copyright protection11PENANAU0tloloXoT

        “I’m sorry. It’s gone.”copyright protection11PENANAKImaSxPtwB

        “Was anyone hurt?”copyright protection11PENANA3XM5fDaHex

        Roland was playing in the distance with sticks, as Robin watched him, and then looked at her again.copyright protection11PENANAl9xPuVaSTz

        “Luckily, no. Regina, I’m sorry. You trusted me and I let you down.”copyright protection11PENANAMEh9OaGEDd

        “No, you didn’t. Nothing is worth the loss of a child. But now we have a problem. I’m alive,” she replied.copyright protection11PENANAfHb2NqFX8U

        “I don’t follow.”copyright protection11PENANAut32jyYuqS

        “She has my heart and Gold’s taken it for her. Since she hasn’t crushed it and killed me, that means she’s using it for something far worse.”copyright protection11PENANA3dwknlv3Z8

        “Worse than murder? What’s she planning?” he inquired.copyright protection11PENANAgeQrgDSWB1

        “It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to stop her.”copyright protection11PENANAQ6vT8Os7iT

        Later, Regina went to Rumple’s shop to find the candle that had killed Cora, her mother, but with no luck. She wanted to stop Zelena by summoning Cora’s ghost.copyright protection11PENANAZl6vGtQbxQ

        Later, when Regina went to the woods, she and Robin kissed.copyright protection11PENANAkO4aglO9iq

        That evening, Cordy was at the diner with Hook, talking and having dinner, when Belle came in with a book. She rushed to their booth and showed them the book, as she told them that the ingredients Zelena needed were for time traveling. She was going to cast a time traveling spell.copyright protection11PENANAa8wG2FuuMN

        Soon, everyone knew Zelena’s plan and why Cora gave up Zelena. That’s when they realized that she wanted to change things.copyright protection11PENANAnM9uhPX81v

        Robin and Regina were outside the apartment, kissing. Then Regina pulled away.copyright protection11PENANAYmk3xApmKH

        “What do you see in me?”copyright protection11PENANAMVQjBSY6nL

        “Hopefully, the same thing you see in me. A second chance.”copyright protection11PENANATLx3fPTdYU

        After Henry left, Regina headed inside the apartment.copyright protection11PENANAIWh30OEqao

        When Regina entered the apartment, everyone looked at her.copyright protection11PENANA8XkYgVRf2e

        “Regina,” Snow commented. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you look smitten.”copyright protection11PENANA1WZyZfoSsm

        Regina walked over to where Cordy, Snow, and Charming were sitting on the couch.copyright protection11PENANANbj4ejSSK3

        “Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Haagen-Dazs is smitten with your stomach,” she replied, arms crossed. “Can we get started?”copyright protection11PENANAhS0BQhxIwA

        “We were waiting for Hook,” Cordy informed her.copyright protection11PENANAXxwX6vcuoE

        “I don’t have time to wait for the handless wonder. We have to figure out how to destroy my sister.”copyright protection11PENANAQbQag4t9Xe

        “For once, I agree with Regina,” Charming said. “Stopping her plan is the priority.”copyright protection11PENANAce6dQXuoF1

        “There’s one thing about this plan that doesn’t fit,” Cordy told them. “Regina.”copyright protection11PENANAYDzuAF0Nap

        “I’m the point of it,” Regina reminded her. “So she can take my life for herself.”copyright protection11PENANAs0AiaQnE0k

        “Yes. But why bring all of you back to Storybrooke?”copyright protection11PENANATczZqpXUOD

        “Well, no one’s ever succeeded at traveling through time,” Regina told her. “Perhaps something from this world makes it possible. But what’s almost as troubling is that she was able to cast the curse to bring us all here in the first place.”copyright protection11PENANAWMgvhQaiDk

        As Regina said that last part, Charming got up from the couch.copyright protection11PENANAH5lhow8Lb8

        “Why’s that?” Cordy asked, not totally familiar with these kinds of curses or spells.copyright protection11PENANA54lF4L51GT

        “To do it, you have to give up the thing you love most,” Regina informed her. “From what I gather, Zelena doesn’t love much.”copyright protection11PENANAECGU7XLifp

        “Neither did you. You managed.”copyright protection11PENANADWvZeTvmFH

        Charming walked around, as he said, “Zelena’s smart; strategic. Perhaps we discovered something in the missing year to stop her.” He then stood by the couch.copyright protection11PENANAvKMQqQBvSi

        Snow looked at Charming, as she added, “And then the only way to stop us from interfering was to bring us back here and wipe our memories. So, if we get our memories back, we might already know how to defeat her.”copyright protection11PENANApwU5r22dlh

        “We just need to break this curse,” Charming said.copyright protection11PENANADYe8Xs2tPH

        “The question is how,” Cordy said.copyright protection11PENANAbksXbSOMnG

        “Well, mine was broken by belief,” Regina informed her. “How exactly did you believe?”copyright protection11PENANA5MdZRF2USn

        “The book. The storybook. That, and I come from a world that already has witches and magic and other things, so it wasn’t hard to believe in fairytales and magic.”copyright protection11PENANAcvmqEkTGNI

        “That has to be the key,” Regina stated. “Either way, it’s our best bet.”copyright protection11PENANAnZ2PXdIL05

        Suddenly, without warning, a vision hit the Seer. She put fingers to her temple and closed her eyes, as the pain came, along with flashes of what was coming soon.copyright protection11PENANAs5SG5Kl8Ee

        “Cordy?” Regina questioned her. Cordy had told her that she had visions, but she’d never seen anyone like her have a vision before.copyright protection11PENANAvRKRhoca5Z

        “Are you okay?” Charming asked, going over to her.copyright protection11PENANATsZViW90Ia

        Cordy didn’t answer until after the vision had ended.copyright protection11PENANA6agZRlJcuo

        “I had a vision. Get me something for the pain,” she instructed.copyright protection11PENANArZfbRxA3IF

        Once she’d had a couple pain reliever pills with something to drink, she told them what she’d seen, so they went to go find out where Henry was.copyright protection11PENANA3B83wrZGsH

        Meanwhile, Rumple met Zelena in the woods.copyright protection11PENANAQyS6xKshXW

        Zelena approached Rumple, as he approached his trunk.copyright protection11PENANAGoWVAOtbRb

        “A rose. How lovely,” Rumple commented, since Zelena had a rose in her hand.copyright protection11PENANARVMZYjrY0T

        “Have you earned it?” Zelena asked.copyright protection11PENANAGQszX0jphg

        Rumple opened the trunk, which revealed Hook.copyright protection11PENANAmXFiTg6mrY

        “It appears you have,” Zelena stated.copyright protection11PENANAyiTkiSEJQE

        “We’re in Storybrooke. You’ve never heard of a telephone?” Hook commented, when his gag was taken off.copyright protection11PENANADxv56s5qSm

        Zelena chuckled.copyright protection11PENANAGekmweCDB3

        “Such pretty lips. They’re so wasted. Why haven’t you used those luscious lips and kissed Cordelia?”copyright protection11PENANAB9mvuEo8of

        “Well, a fella likes to be courted,” he replied.copyright protection11PENANAN1Mi6SLbiD

        “This isn’t a joke,” Zelena said, seriousness in her voice. “I need to have her magic removed. If Snow’s baby is born before your kiss, I’m going to have no other option. I’m going to have to start killing people. People that Cordelia loves, starting with the boy.” She tossed the rose on top of Hook. “Take away her magic, Captain, or the next rose will be for the little brat’s grave.” She then closed the trunk.copyright protection11PENANAyZSSlp7Y2I

        After getting a talking down to by Zelena, he brought Henry to the docks with him, wanting to protect him by taking him on his ship to New York. He’d done it before, so he knew how to do it.copyright protection11PENANA1ERnal1yup

        When they couldn’t find Henry anywhere, Cordy used GPS and that when they knew that he was at the docks.copyright protection11PENANANhrzAxslIL

        Meanwhile, Hook was at the docks with Henry, Mr. Smee by them, as it snowed lightly.copyright protection11PENANAZhLRa7hh5j

        “Captain?” Mr. Smee said.copyright protection11PENANAZ6YRu8dwGI

        Hook looked in the direction that Smee was looking, and saw what he saw. A flying monkey.copyright protection11PENANAWu0n3AUwWD

        “Mr. Smee, we need to get the lad to the boathouse.”copyright protection11PENANAiWU3N5b5mg

        “Why? What’s going on?” Henry questioned.copyright protection11PENANAomnndRvrob

        “Now!” Hook yelled. Then they all ran to the boathouse.copyright protection11PENANA9kF9HJJCgG

        Once at the boathouse, Mr. Smee closed the door and asked, “What now, Captain?”copyright protection11PENANAgzCbDqgOvC

        Hook took a look around, trying to think of a plan.copyright protection11PENANA4UYshcjMDH

        “Take the boy there. Far exit. Find a new boat. I’ll stay here to deal with our winged friends. Henry, go with Smee! Don’t stop, no matter what you hear.”copyright protection11PENANAYN2EWKoGmE

        Henry began to run, but then he tripped and a monkey came towards him.copyright protection11PENANAmDeZORp4FV

        Hook was shooting the monkies. When he saw one going after him, he tried to shoot, but ran out of bullets. Then Snow, Charming, Cordy, and Regina appeared and Cordy shot it with a gun. Then Regina brought out a fireball.copyright protection11PENANAHKPGc7SwTw

        “I never liked pets.”copyright protection11PENANAeSjgwg1UWo

        Regina through the fireball at the monkey and got the target.copyright protection11PENANAzj1NjPFIUk

        When all the monkies seemed to be gone, Cordy helped Henry up.copyright protection11PENANAEB5thiAaOu

        “Are you okay?” she asked him.copyright protection11PENANAG3m0kTglOd

        “Yeah,” he replied.copyright protection11PENANAJowLcPARyv

        Suddenly, Zelena arrived and teleported Henry so she was behind him and they were a distance away from them.copyright protection11PENANAcc6hGozhyo

        “Sorry to interrupt,” Zelena said.copyright protection11PENANAMer9fL2v7R

        Everyone turned around to look at her.copyright protection11PENANAIRffCr5diD

        “Now, who wants to say goodbye first?” Zelena questioned.copyright protection11PENANAIvQPMxdmPL

        Regina began to approach, saying, “Enough of this,” but Zelena magically through her and Regina landed on the floor.copyright protection11PENANAKC0cLfYOK5

        “Let him go. He has nothing to do with this,” Cordy tried to reason.copyright protection11PENANAFtXVJznOMG

        “Don’t blame me,” Zelena replied. “The Captain failed me.”copyright protection11PENANAsvbjkXQykG

        “Darn you, Zelena,” Hook said in a threatening manner.copyright protection11PENANAj5ijh4ygTj

        “Hook, what’s she talking about?” Cordy asked him.copyright protection11PENANAlzNjuwSRkF

        “He knew what the price of that failure was. His life,” Zelena informed her, and put a hand around Henry’s throat.copyright protection11PENANAxNaI6vGW31

        “Cordy,” Henry said.copyright protection11PENANADn6WHn0fDT

        Since Regina had taught her some magic, she closed her eyes, concentrating, and, after a moment, Zelena let him go when her hands began smoking, which hurt her.copyright protection11PENANAzZsniXTbOe

        “Run!” Cordy told him, and he did just that.copyright protection11PENANARm1157xM4B

        “No!” Zelena yelled in rage. “Enjoy this moment together, ‘cause you don’t have many left!” she threatened them all. Then she vanished in green smoke.copyright protection11PENANANHYTEFhEVV

        Cordy and Henry hugged.copyright protection11PENANAyvV1SeZMpO

        “Henry, are you okay?”copyright protection11PENANA1ga2igaQ2f

        “Yeah. Yeah,” Henry assured her.copyright protection11PENANAsPXqIB60g2

        Then he looked at Regina whom was still on the floor, and knelt by her.copyright protection11PENANAVPyQQq4Qdu

        “Mom! Mom!” he called, and gently shook her to wake her up. “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, please, wake up! Mom! Mom.”copyright protection11PENANAEeLPh45sV7

        Regina slowly woke up and then saw Henry.copyright protection11PENANAHnWFOFgUFw

        “Henry.”copyright protection11PENANAXAlvrcWw2a

        She got to her feet and he helped her. Then they hugged.copyright protection11PENANA1HpMwGRB9M

        “Henry. Oh, Henry,” she said with a smile, glad that he was okay. Then she pulled away and looked at him. “I love you, Henry.” She kissed him on the forehead and a wave of magic went all through Storybrooke. That’s when everyone remembered everything that had happened during the missing year.copyright protection11PENANAIR9FwXkMSZ

        When Snow and Charming remembered what had happened, they hugged.copyright protection11PENANAjPAFl1RixU

        “Did it work? Do you remember the missing year?” Cordy asked Snow and Charming, whom then looked at her.copyright protection11PENANAsyBRl7ycJH

        “Yes,” Snow replied. “Everything.”copyright protection11PENANAYry8655qRY

        “How did Zelena cast the curse?” Cordy asked them.copyright protection11PENANAqbO0Q91Irz

        “She didn’t, Cordy,” Snow informed her. “We did.”copyright protection11PENANADT7eLtmjF6

        “You cursed yourselves?”copyright protection11PENANA1ExAMEFS5x

        “Zelena’s weakness is Light magic. I mean, it’s clear now, more than ever, that you are the only one who can defeat her.”copyright protection11PENANAQwIFwyOyhg

        “The price of the curse is the thing you love the most. If one of you cast…how are you both still here?” Cordy wanted to know.copyright protection11PENANA7Uaf9VIwfo

        Regina and Henry were walking around together, talking, still inside the boathouse. Henry wanted to know who the guy was that he’d seen Regina kissing.copyright protection11PENANACg2aQPPvIV

        “His name is Robin…Hood. We just started seeing each other.”copyright protection11PENANA2zrLeXj2vB

        “Wait, Robin Hood?”copyright protection11PENANAiDvtSFoBbE

        Robin walked in from the doors that weren’t far from them, overhearing Henry, and said, “At your service.”copyright protection11PENANAZOU1YLRNgz

        “Awesome!” Henry said, and they shook hands.copyright protection11PENANAIj894m7opD

        “So, the curse is broken,” Regina stated to Robin.copyright protection11PENANAZIgvb9aAKm

        “Indeed. And the missing year…Things a bit rocky between us, yeah?”copyright protection11PENANAeJa8L8TCWa

        “For some reason,” Regina replied, chuckling. “Y-You’re so much more likeable here in Storybrooke,” she then admitted to him.copyright protection11PENANAbFtkPyGXW6

        Robin and Regina chuckled and then the three of them left the boathouse together, Robin with an arm around her, and Regina with her arm around him.copyright protection11PENANAAWORrZ0CzK

        On the other side of the boathouse, Cordy and Hook were talking.copyright protection11PENANAYNu9VfiPRf

        “Are you gonna tell me what Zelena was talking about?” Cordy asked him. “She said you failed her.”copyright protection11PENANAZ3UtnK14HY

        “Don’t listen to her,” Hook told her.copyright protection11PENANAaiUY9mYaZx

        “Killian, what’s going on? Were you working for her?”copyright protection11PENANAVYkp7gEp5w

        “The witch tried to back me into a corner. I did everything I could to resist her plans.”copyright protection11PENANAE5zzyXkA22

        “So, whose idea was it to kidnap Henry and stick him on a boat?”copyright protection11PENANAydkscuPaEO

        “It was mine. I was trying to save him.”copyright protection11PENANAHAM2ZUiEko

        “From what? What is she doing?”copyright protection11PENANAaZuKy2ITCL

        “She cursed me. My lips, actually.”copyright protection11PENANAVbYfEaKtko

        “Your lips? Why?”copyright protection11PENANAi2Y54YZnCk

        “She wants to steal your magic. She thought I was the best way of doing that. She knows what we all know—That you can defeat her.”copyright protection11PENANAMMjgxSjfLW

        “Whether she forced your hand or not, it doesn’t matter. I can’t trust you now. How can I?”copyright protection11PENANA0G7ZWL9Gfu

        “She’s right not to,” Charming said, as he and Snow approached, having overheard. “He’s lied about more than just this.”copyright protection11PENANA4xw3DB2CZE

        Snow and Charming said that Hook told them that he was sent a message that got him out of the Enchanted Forest and to Storybrooke, but they didn’t remember sending him any message. Hook said that he was telling the truth, though. Someone had sent Hook the message and he’d assumed it to be Snow and Charming.copyright protection11PENANAWLrg2Y8meT

        Snow, Charming, Cordy, and Henry were at the graveyard. Cordy watched Henry set a rose on his father’s headstone.copyright protection11PENANAifzqfvcobr

        Suddenly, Snow felt the baby kicking a lot and then told them, “It’s the baby. It’s coming.” Charming then went to get the truck to get her to the hospital.copyright protection11PENANATgZqkC1mf1

        Half an hour later, Snow was rushed down the hallway, as she began going into labor, Charming and Cordy and Henry following. Cordy knew the feeling. She knew what Snow White was going through, since she’d once accidentally got pregnant with an unnatural spawn. She hadn’t known that the guy she’d gone third base with had been something that wasn’t human, since he’d looked and acted human. Eventually though, they’d found him and had gotten rid of him, as well as the offspring and the demon that was behind it. Cordy had been thankful for that. Since they knew that Zelena was speeding up the pregnancy, they had Regina go with them for magical backup.copyright protection11PENANA1cNssPrAcG

        As Snow went into labor, Cordy and Hook left the hospital to try and find Zelena to put a stop to her plan, although Cordy didn’t want Hook to go with her after he’d lied.copyright protection11PENANAtuW3Vbz7zL

        As Hook and Cordy were looking for Zelena, they were talking about a few things. One of them being the fact that Cordy didn’t want to stay in town after Zelena was dealt with. She wanted to go back to her real home in LA.copyright protection11PENANAyt2yTmaVJp

        “Why are you so scared of staying? I think it’s because you can see a future here; a happy one.”copyright protection11PENANAWKBKc4AEEM

        “Let me guess. With you?” Cordy replied.copyright protection11PENANAk8hgccrMj1

        Hook was about to say something, when they both heard Zelena say, “Aww.”copyright protection11PENANAxSuzqoWAjF

        Hook and Cordy turned to see Zelena, as Zelena approached them.copyright protection11PENANA0gpC0CGBgl

        “You two are so adorable. But instead of looking for each other, maybe you should be focused on me. Although, without magic, that could prove to be a challenge. See, Cordelia, you’ve got a decision to make. You can keep your magic, which makes you oh so sad, or you can save the man that you can’t wait to run away from.” Zelena turned to Rumple whom was behind her. “Rumple.”copyright protection11PENANAnAuERHQita

        Since he knew he didn’t have a choice in the matter, Rumple magically through Hook, making him land in the well of water, face first.copyright protection11PENANAk02PAsdw3x

        “Hook!”copyright protection11PENANAb3OBGPdnqt

        Cordy raced over and tried to pull him out.copyright protection11PENANAIN4dsVUien

        “Choose wisely,” Zelena encouraged her. “Try all you like. You can’t free him.”copyright protection11PENANAtyovnZYBv1

        Cordy looked at her when she said that. Then Zelena and Rumple disappeared.copyright protection11PENANA9H5XjLMw8d

        After a few minutes, Cordy was finally able to get him out. Once she had him on the ground on his back, she knelt by him.copyright protection11PENANA0R045s0ZLe

        “Hook, Hook! Hook, wake up! Killian! Killian, come back to me.” She bent down and kissed him. As she did, the magic she had disappeared, but she could care less. She then pulled away and looked down at him. “Hook, come back to me.”copyright protection11PENANAnfNMKbLIMh

        After a few minutes, he woke up and coughed up the water. Then, when he had his breath back, he finally spoke.copyright protection11PENANAKVZPTiBFPK

        “Chase? What did you do? What did you do!?” he questioned her.copyright protection11PENANASQCTUHmVH8

        Meanwhile, Zelena and Rumple had gotten to the hospital and Zelena had taken Charming and Snow’s baby boy. When Zelena had gone, Hook and Cordy had arrived in enough time to find out what had happened and to see Charming trying to leave to go get their son back. Regina was trying to get him to stay put, though.copyright protection11PENANA95nWS88EQU

        When Cordy told them that Zelena took her magic, Regina asked, “How the hell did that happen?”copyright protection11PENANAVBQVqJe2p4

        “It doesn’t matter how. We just need to find another way to stop her.”copyright protection11PENANAMiUobP6yKN

        “There is no other way,” Regina replied.copyright protection11PENANAHUT4RLcZp3

        “That’s not true. You can do it,” Henry assured Regina.copyright protection11PENANATlEKh5tv7T

        “Sweetheart, I don’t think I can survive round three with my sister.”copyright protection11PENANAAUbujnkpV4

        “Glinda was pretty specific,” Charming said, speaking about the witch of the North. “Only the purveyor of the strongest Light magic can defeat her.”copyright protection11PENANAdCY6HPSUOh

        “Zelena only beat you, because you were using Dark magic against her,” Henry told his mother.copyright protection11PENANAXIDCtUIXqQ

        “But…It’s all I have.”copyright protection11PENANAQ1K1v3pPtk

        “No. It’s not,” Cordy disagreed. “When you kissed Henry, that was true love’s kiss. That’s Light magic.”copyright protection11PENANAUGXTNFIGzx

        “See? You can do it.”copyright protection11PENANAYxgBaJwSGW

        “Henry, I don’t even have my heart right now.”copyright protection11PENANAJxYtztxYj0

        “That doesn’t matter. You broke the curse without it, and I know you still love me. I know there’s good in you.”copyright protection11PENANAjeHh7vWQbv

        Robin came from the hallway to stand next to her.copyright protection11PENANAo93ELdoh65

        “He’s right. I know you can beat that witch.”copyright protection11PENANAePDcjcGQa0

        “But I don’t…”copyright protection11PENANARteyKm3Hce

        “You have to,” Cordy encouraged her.copyright protection11PENANAdAogf9uEqB

        “Once upon a time, you were a villain, mom. But you’ve changed. You’re a hero now. And defeating bad guys is what heroes do. I believe in you. Now you need to believe, too.”copyright protection11PENANAKFrnRKzyBJ

        Zelena was in what looked to be a barn with Rumple. She’d just began to enact the time traveling spell, when they all showed up.copyright protection11PENANAysdM0Y84Fl

        After some fighting between Regina and Zelena when Regina changed to having Light magic, Charming was able to get his son from the basket and Robin was able to get Regina’s heart. The monkey that had been Zelena’s pet turned back into Little John, as well.copyright protection11PENANAjTVHabREPh

        As Charming, Hook, Little John, and Cordy began to leave, Regina had Zelena’s necklace in her hand, which made Zelena powerless. She was powerless without her necklace.copyright protection11PENANAgAXHXOswm3

        Regina stood over Zelena whom was sitting on the ground.copyright protection11PENANAgVvuHwtQA8

        “You failed,” Regina stated. “You’re not going anywhere.”copyright protection11PENANAcU27BcjsR9

        “I beg to differ,” Rumple said, standing at the entrance to the barn, ready to use magic on Zelena. Then he magically pulled her across the bar and at his feet. “I’m gonna make you pay for everything you’ve done to me.”copyright protection11PENANAK7JHOGwhdT

        “What are you waiting for? Just do it!” Zelena said.copyright protection11PENANAkuOQYwnrnY

        Regina saw The Dark One’s dagger at her feet and picked it up.copyright protection11PENANAAzSCHtO0WF

        “With pleasure,” Rumple replied.copyright protection11PENANAaGNToCzVTN

        “No!” Regina yelled at him, approached, the dagger in her hand. “Enough. This ends now.”copyright protection11PENANAPehD5fasHy

        Robin stood behind Regina at a short distance, crossbow ready, just in case.copyright protection11PENANAqh8iUPMJQI

        “After everything this witch has done…,” Rumple protested. “You’re gonna protect her?”copyright protection11PENANAp0pcUOOuJI

        “Good magic stopped her. And good magic doesn’t exact vengeance,” Regina replied.copyright protection11PENANAhyWyc1Onuv

        “She killed my son!” Rumple yelled at her.copyright protection11PENANAVUM4cHUZqK

        “How many lives have we taken, trying to get what we want?”copyright protection11PENANAHPL62GURaE

        “You can’t be serious.”copyright protection11PENANAzrcw0pyOM2

        “I am. Heroes don’t kill.”copyright protection11PENANAjIX6M9NG8d

        “So, now you’re a hero?” Zelena inquired.copyright protection11PENANArQ3cX5TSX3

        Regina gave a smile.copyright protection11PENANAwwvJ3v8BjU

        “Today, I am.”copyright protection11PENANAEDCBJoLx4U

        As Zelena sat in a cell at the police station, she asked, “Why, Regina? Why not just kill me and put me out of my misery?”copyright protection11PENANALvKOIHUBzR

        “Because I know why you did what you did,” Regina replied, seated in a chair, not far from Zelena’s cell. “We’re much alike. Our mother ruined you, too. I know what it’s like to not have the life you wanted…The life you feel you deserve.”copyright protection11PENANAF6oaPrGX30

        “Oh, boo-hoo. You had to be Queen. You know nothing. I saw it all. You had everything.”copyright protection11PENANASHDvjnT4UY

        “Did I? So, you missed the part where I lost the love of my life.”copyright protection11PENANAYGuIvdqqP0

        “Mother did all that for you to achieve greatness.”copyright protection11PENANAiu6GFW8lUb

        “Not long ago, I was a lot like you. I wanted to kill someone who wronged me, and I failed. Had I killed Snow White, I wouldn’t be in this world. I wouldn’t be with these people, and…I wouldn’t have my son, Henry. So, no, Zelena. I won’t kill you. Instead, I’m gonna give you what I got. I’m gonna give you a second chance.”copyright protection11PENANAlNTZicnbhh

        “What if I don’t want it?”copyright protection11PENANAafYFYtSoTI

        “Well, that would be a mistake, dear. Take it. Use it. Evil isn’t born. It’s made. And so is good. If I were you…” Regina got up from the chair and stood in front of the cell. “I’d consider creating a new destiny. Because if you don’t, I’ll be right there to take your heart and crush it. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” Regina held Zelena’s necklace. “I should put this somewhere safe.”copyright protection11PENANApbcvSSs0em

        After leaving the station, Regina went to her vault and put Zelena’s necklace in one of the boxes that she usually kept hearts in.copyright protection11PENANAcA96zsjWEA

        Rumple was at his shop, when Belle walked inside. He turned around to see her enter and, after a moment, they went over to each other and hugged.copyright protection11PENANAeOPcuOGmcA

        “I knew you’d be back,” Belle greeted.copyright protection11PENANA4BMh7EaAFo

        “Your unwavering Faith…constantly astounds me.” He pulled away. “And after everything I did.”copyright protection11PENANAWRY6Yyyhvd

        “It wasn’t you. It was…Zelena.”copyright protection11PENANARJ1HWvwDSI

        “It wasn’t always Zelena,” he informed her. “I will never comprehend why you continue to stand by my side.”copyright protection11PENANAdXkZfsEp2j

        “I love you. Always have.”copyright protection11PENANAOZbN69lFrQ

        Belle pulled the dagger out of the bag that was on the counter beside them. She told him that Regina gave it to her, because she knew that Belle wouldn’t abuse its power and to make amends for everything. She told him that she wanted him to have it, but Rumple gave it back to her. He knew that her wanting to give it to him meant that she trusted him with her whole heart, so he decided to trust her with his whole heart and give the dagger to her.copyright protection11PENANASjAU0xqwai

        “W-what are you saying?” she asked after he told her that she was forever his.copyright protection11PENANAfngAnv22V5

        “Will you marry me?” he asked her.copyright protection11PENANAlK5wxbGSQ7

        She gave a smile. “Yes.” She took the dagger from him and set it down. “Yes!”copyright protection11PENANAJJqjDrQ3Y1

        A moment later, they shared a kiss.copyright protection11PENANAmepCPN8SP4

        When Charming entered the hospital room with their baby, it relieved Snow White. Charming walked over to where Snow sat in bed and he gave him to her to hold, in which she gladly did. As all of that happened, Cordy watched from the entrance to the room. Then she saw Hook come down the hall, towards her.copyright protection11PENANAXaO2Hleoe4

        “Never thought I’d see one of those,” Hook commented.copyright protection11PENANAwXOWhro8vn

        She turned around to face him.copyright protection11PENANA9SCzurmDjb

        “It’s called a baby.”copyright protection11PENANAHgmwj3Rxs6

        “No, Chase. A smile.”copyright protection11PENANACY3qVlSjuo

        “We won,” she replied with a smile.copyright protection11PENANAHEgjdKKzo4

        “In all the chaos, I never got a chance to say thank you.”copyright protection11PENANAL6l7CEbucD

        “You really think I’d let you drown?”copyright protection11PENANAAOBEfwZ7Qu

        “Well, can you blame me for being uncertain?”copyright protection11PENANAvx8LRlwBVV

            They gave a smile, before he spoke again.copyright protection11PENANAGG11OEFZ8R

            “Has your power returned, now that Zelena’s been defeated?”copyright protection11PENANADIGenVKn3A

            “No.”copyright protection11PENANARz8ZlZlSBg

            “I’m sorry, luv,” he apologized, even though it wasn’t his fault. He still felt sorry for her, even though he knew it wasn’t his fault.copyright protection11PENANANhXPiMtYMC

            “It’s okay,” she replied to him. “I don’t need it. I’ve still got my visions.”copyright protection11PENANAQplwDIso6w

            Later, Rumple came to the police station and revealed to Zelena that he was there to kill her and that Belle had a fake. He was the one that had the real one. Then he entered her cell and killed her, but her essence traveled into the pendant and all of her power traveled through Storybrooke and to the barn. Then a portal opened up and she appeared back in Oz.copyright protection11PENANAZX57Wr7ijI

            The next night, they all had a potluck dinner at Granny’s and Charming and Snow introduced the name of their son, which was Prince Neal.copyright protection11PENANAz70xXijrh5

            After the announcement, Cordy joined Hook outside, where he was sitting at a table.copyright protection11PENANA37upE887we

            She sat next to him.copyright protection11PENANADwbJE8aLqu

            After they had a chat, they shared a kiss while Belle and Rumple got married. And so, Cordy stayed in Storybrooke. So, from then on, Hook and Cordy’s love story continued.copyright protection11PENANAu0BvxzNQ05

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