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The Midnight Series Vol: 1
Writer Zero Dantez
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The Midnight Series Vol: 1
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Chapter XX
Zero Dantez
May 18, 2018
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4ooA6DkQgPt3IgdnJwb4posted on PENANA

“Yes, in only a matter of minutes we’ll shatter this thing.” “It’s about time Jackson. It’s been forever since we began. I’m tired of sitting around like this… damn my neck is sore.”copyright protection10PENANAs4gOZLpJ6F

“Don’t get too comfortable with that idea Nova, after this we still have to enter and get to the shrine alive.” “Thanks for reminding me Jackson, I forgot how much fun this operation was supposed to be afterwards.”copyright protection10PENANAUb4iLbW61c

Jackson stared over all of them, “Concentrate now, we’re only a few minutes away from breaking this thing and I know that some of you would just hate to redo this if we mess up now. Shadow, what is the situation?”copyright protection10PENANAVvgDLt1v0d

“We’re safe as far as we are concerned, at least when it comes to Katherine but Holly’s team is still undetermined. Vein and the rock creatures have made contact as planned but I can’t promise you anything… from what I can see, Holly just blew his arm up.”copyright protection10PENANAzthPigBH0H

A huge bolt of light shot up into the sky from the top of the barrier. “Second wave already… won’t be long now. When the third one shoots off, the barrier will shatter… get ready to move Shadow, we’ll need a barrier to block the shockwave.”copyright protection10PENANAnUTrdEC9KE

“How will he protect us Jackson? This much energy could shatter a light and or dark shield in seconds!” “Relax, remember Rusty, Shadow has many talents… so I recommend that you don’t charge at cute little young me.”copyright protection10PENANAmG9CkV6lq6

Rusty coughed, “You’re full of yourself Ivy, you ain’t cute… your strawberry er… dirty…. whatever hair color you are! And I would like to see your boyfriend protect you and the rest of-.”copyright protection10PENANAyZAPOS6qz6

Rusty felt a jab in his gut but noticed nothing. “Shadow is a friend, not my boyfriend moron. Plus we’re only partners because we work well together.” “In bed…” Rusty muttered.copyright protection10PENANA7W10oeF0oq

Shadow glanced at Rusty, “I would shut it Rusty… if Tobi there were bothering us like you, we would do a team battle right after this but since he is respectful, we’ll play rock paper scissors for the opportunity to destroy you.”copyright protection10PENANAFK6OmqJsMa

“You’re joking right….” “Of course I am, we still need you to do the work. Once we achieve our goal though… you’ll be expendable.”copyright protection10PENANAzk99aY1goB

Rusty muttered something that Shadow didn’t catch. Dustin turned his head to Jackson, “So… we’re all going to die in an explosion basically?” “No… we’re not going to die, as long as Shadow chooses to keep you alive.” Cracks began to form on the now visible inviso barrier. “Get ready…”copyright protection10PENANAnwyoxWDcX1

The barrier erupted with light blasting everywhere. A huge wave blasted towards the Hive warriors. Dustin dropped out of the position and backed away. Suddenly a look alike of Shadow dropped down and put his hands up to the approaching wave while the other that had been with them put his hands up.copyright protection10PENANADCLJr8abAW

A shield of dark energy began to form around them as the other Shadow made contact with the wave but something happened.copyright protection10PENANAl9huirtkIR

Instead of the energy vaporizing him, the copy’s hands appeared to be absorbing most of it. Whatever got by the copy crashed into the barrier of darkness but didn’t break it. Jackson knew what to expect but he was still finding shock in the sight. The only ones who weren’t showing signs of shock were Shadow and Ivy.copyright protection10PENANAW5nuuVr77o

“He’s sucking up the light energy but… how?!” “Well Rusty, that is a trade secret.” “Hey Ivy, shut up!”copyright protection10PENANA9L1Vus3FED

The light began to gradually diminish into nothing but sparkles. The other Shadow that had absorbed the light had an aftershock of white electricity surging around him. Shadow dropped the barrier as the other ran off.copyright protection10PENANACZMTu5lXq4

Before the entire group was a huge temple now that seemed extremely well built. “Let’s go…” “Once we get the info we need, feel free to leave to where ever… it’ll take time to plot our next move.”copyright protection10PENANAPm9dQE8hLg

Holly darted through the tree tops with a very mad, inflamed Vein right behind her. “William and the others look like they’re doing alright…” The group was right below Holly and Vein fighting the rock creatures with little success but with a lot of hope.14Please respect copyright.PENANA8GtBjfHoSz
Vein snarled. “When in doubt…” Vein held up a rather large block of what appeared to be white clay. “C-four!” Vein tossed the thing at Holly. She ducked and let it drop to the forest floor.copyright protection10PENANAGV1HQwaTcP

Vein tackled her and both fell out of the trees. Both landed at different spot on the ground but stood up at the same time. Holly glared at Vein. A strange smile spread across her face.copyright protection10PENANAxOOkIjp4hQ

She opened her mouth to speak, “Hey Vein!” Vein growled, “What is it lady!?” “Remember that thing you just said… when in doubt c-four… well I doubt you’ll survive this, look down.” Vein glanced down and saw the explosive pack. Holly pointed her right pointer finger at it, “See ya in a c-four inferno!”copyright protection10PENANA86cij3WskI

A single bullet of light energy shot at the pack and into it. Vein looked up at Holly with an evil expression, “Curse you!” The explosive exploded and engulfed Vein. This time, blood flew out everywhere.copyright protection10PENANAI1DKJtgUns

Vein laid slain on the ground, over half of his body gone. The wings, part of the head, a lot of the torso, a whole leg and half of a leg, his right arm, and a little of his neck were blown clear off. “Come back from that one… if you can that is.” Holly walked away from Vein’s corpse without giving it a second thought, unaware that Shadow was approaching the body.copyright protection10PENANAJUhye0SE49

Shadow stopped and knelt down next to Vein’s body with a smirk, “Oh don’t worry Holly… you’ll be seeing this guy again one day.”copyright protection10PENANAucfHuzKq15

Holly blasted through all of the rock creatures with beams of light and destroyed them all. Emile looked at her, “Took you long enough lady!” “Vein was stronger than I thought… ok?” “Forget it, let’s just get going, that last flash must have been the last sign of the barrier.” “I know, we have to assume that they’ve gotten in.”copyright protection10PENANA8J6MuPgKKD

-copyright protection10PENANAdtyv2NvUrz

“Come on guys, go, go, go!” Holly and the others ran at top speed to get to the temple. She began to use her light powers to get through things so that they wouldn’t waste any time trying to go around.copyright protection10PENANA3WMjEhSoIT

They continued to rip through things as they got to the edge of the forest. They stopped dead cold at the end of the trees, where the grass land began. Before them was a gigantic structure.copyright protection10PENANAuRDAD7qTSa

The temple stood at what looked to be a hundred feet tall and a couple hundred wide. “So… that barrier thingy… that is what was inside of it?” “Yes… compared to our other buildings it is rather small.” “Rather small!?” “Relax, I was just joking.”copyright protection10PENANAx6E5BGS7Ak

There was a huge hole in a wall that was still crumbling. This hole was high up above stairs that led to it. “Looks like they broke the opening… let’s get in there now!” William darted up the stairs first and was followed by Holly and the rest. They quickly arrived at the hole.copyright protection10PENANAGEhtXVKPjt

“Yeah… I remember a giant rock sealing the door that was right here… you guys ready for this? I can’t promise we’ll survive…” Everyone nodded. “Alright, then let’s go… also you might want to watch where you’re walking, we set up some amazing traps before we vacated this area.”copyright protection10PENANAJNknoXuORn

John gave Holly a strange look that just screamed that he was questioning that statement. “What sort of traps…” “Oh the usual… some light arrow shooter traps, ceiling dropping with spikes, trap floors with spikes in a pit below, gators and crocs made from light, basically we set this thing up to be challenging.” “You’re joking right?!” “No… I’m not.”copyright protection10PENANAZouDu5kmcV

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” “I’m not… oh and I should tell you that I don’t remember where they are or how they are set off.”copyright protection10PENANAGTzXnwT8md

Everyone’s jaws dropped. “Hey, you try remembering everything you did to something about a few hundred thousand or something years ago; I can hardly remember much that was not tragic or great for us during the war!”copyright protection10PENANAB51VspTXeK

They all walked in, still unaware of the fact that they were being watched by figures in the shadows. Ivy and Shadow stood in a dark area that gave them perfect cover.copyright protection10PENANAld9PRDVc07

“So they’ve finally arrived…” “Looks like it.” “This could screw up our future plans…” “Shall I intercept them Shadow?” “No… not yet Ivy but don’t worry. Soon the time will come in which we reveal ourselves to Holly but for now I’d like it if she stayed in the dark. Elemental is still screwed up; throwing our light source in won’t do us any good and of course we can bring any others here…”copyright protection10PENANA7H1GFpdyxz

Ivy looked at Shadow with a look of worry, “Anything we can spare Shadow?” “Jackson said he wanted the others to report back to base so that he could go at it alone… damn him but…”copyright protection10PENANAL8FM38cW5q

Shadow paused and looked up at the moon. “We can always use one of our creatures to get the job done.” “One of them? Are you sure that’s a good idea Shadow?” “You have any better ideas?” “Well… no.” “Then allow me to get this over with.”copyright protection10PENANAHqEQgwubIv

Shadow’s red eyes began to glow brighter. A small ball of what appeared to be black fire began to form above them. “Stand back Ivy. I’m going to make sure we get them by teleporting Black Fox here.”copyright protection10PENANAjPckwRJJqh

“Black Fox? That is a very stupid idea Shadow! Black Fox is hard to control for even you, just use Rainbow or something!”copyright protection10PENANAjcpYYs6apc

“Sorry Ivy but doing that would require power that I just don’t have. I’m burnt out thanks to that barrier. Besides, out of all of our beasts, Black Fox is by far the easiest to move from location to location due to its lack of sense. Manipulating it may be difficult but it has the stuff we need right now.”copyright protection10PENANAB6DgXTMs4v

The black fire began to take the shape of a fox. Slowly the back legs spit in half into two scorpion like legs. The tail grew harder and not as bushy. It then exploded outward instead of growing slowly until it was about the size of five school buses. The flames subsided and became solid.copyright protection10PENANAXnk9IR1sAs

Shadow’s eyes stopped glowing. Black Fox’s face was on the ground in front of Shadow. It growled. Shadow sighed, “Black Fox, I have brought you here for a little fun. Inside this temple there is a group of pests that would just love to be your food. Hunt them down and crush them but you are not to attack anyone who has a robe like this on, understood?”copyright protection10PENANAJTE8SCBYN1

The great beast raised its head and turned towards the giant entrance. With a snarl, Black Fox shot into the temple through the entrance and disappeared into the darkness. Blood began to drip from Shadow’s nose. Ivy looked at him with another of her worried looks, “You need to watch it Shadow, don’t use so much of your dark power like that.”copyright protection10PENANAbp7OF5HsyM

Shadow wiped the blood with his sleeve, “Relax Ivy… I’m not stupid. I know that over doing it will kill me so why worry?”copyright protection10PENANAXv9iFS9HlK

“I worry about you sometimes; you use up so much power every day doing what you do.” “I will admit… this wasn’t easy. I had to draw in reserve power from the others just to keep it up before. Let’s return for now.”copyright protection10PENANA94ENdxqPwe

-copyright protection10PENANAQHEYvj4cMC

Holly and the others darted through the long tall halls of the temple. Everything seemed to be going smooth so far even though they triggered a few of the traps. Emile was almost turned into Swiss cheese a few minutes earlier. Holly stopped along with everyone else.copyright protection10PENANAZK892N1cvm

“Alright… if I remember right, I think the shrine is somewhere at the center of this stupid temple.” Everyone walked ahead while Holly stood and thought. “Where was it again…?” Holly was unaware of the fact that Black Fox was currently right behind her and coming out of the shadows slowly to attack.copyright protection10PENANAXErCsF9TuF

“Behind you!” Tim shouted. Holly turned to see Black Fox going in for a bite. Holly was stunned. Black Fox was just about to take her life but just as it was about to chomp, a bright blast of light blasted the mid-section of Black Fox’s back.copyright protection10PENANA8kmMjS6n5S

The mighty beast slumped over dead as the light subsided. “Holly, I thought your father and I taught you how to not freeze up!” Holly looked up to a ledge to see her mother. “Mom, I know how to not freeze up… I just get a little forgetful sometimes.”copyright protection10PENANAZ4C7dFVeSq

John looked from Sirica, to Holly, and then back to Sirica, “Why the not so emotional reunion?” Sirica looked down at John, “Because we both know that something serious is going on. We don’t have the time for such emotional greetings. We have important things to discus.”copyright protection10PENANABQ53syIBrd

“So you already know that the Hive has begun to act I’m guessing.” “Yes, we’ve had a few run-ins with them or things relating to them such as Vein.” “Wow, I knew you would have to fight that monster when I looked into the future a few weeks ago. I saw you fighting him here and getting beat but instead you managed to defeat him long before.”copyright protection10PENANAhAxEmRwseB

They all walked into a huge room that had a lot of writing on the wall. “You might have guessed already but just in case… they’re after the shards. I’ll make this quick…” “You just want to get rid of me don’t you mom?” “I guess, anyway, you need to stop them by collecting the shards yourselves.”copyright protection10PENANAldFYlSEg7w

“Whoa, wait… you want us to gather the things that the Hive wants to use to open a thing… isn’t that dangerous?” “Only if you put the pieces together. I knew we wouldn’t have time to just go off of the wall and have you return to read where to go next so I made this.” Sirica held up a bright sphere of glass, “This orb will map out where you need to go to find the shards.”copyright protection10PENANAHJmMMPlvrM

A few minutes turned into an hour. Holly and her group were walking out of the temple with the orb in hand, ready for the task at hand. Sirica looked out of from an open rock window as they disappeared down a path into the forest once more, “Good luck my daughter…”copyright protection10PENANAIIngmJ7Scl

“Good luck indeed,” a voice said, “I must say, they’ll need it.”copyright protection10PENANAuxz9wU2aaa

Sirica flinched. She backed away from the window and turned to face a figure that wore the robe of a Hive warrior. This warrior had a cold stare with half open eyes. His brown hair complimented the stare of those amber brown shaded eyes.copyright protection10PENANAGST3EGSZcj

“Clearly you’re of the Hive…” “Yes… my name is Jackson. I am the commander of the Hive operations here on earth. Now I don’t suppose you would happen to have another of those orbs with you?” “No, and even if I did I would break it before I would let you take it!”copyright protection10PENANAMU29boTjh5

“What a shame… and here I was going to offer you a trade. An orb for this,” Jackson murmured. Sirica froze at the sight of the Sword of Light slipping out of Jackson’s sleeve. “Where did you get that!?” “Our top spy Shadow won it off of a little girl by the name of Katherine, what’s it to you?”copyright protection10PENANAELDeV98Xjj

“You really think my daughter is going to let you and your gang of nitwits get away with taking over the planet?” “You don’t have to let us because you aren’t going to get to have a say in the matter.” “I don’t care what the rumors about your power are, I’m taking you out!”copyright protection10PENANA70b13QHWQT

Sirica shot next to Jackson and in the blink of an eye she kicked the sword out of his hand. Sirica then launched her leg up at Jackson and gave him a slam in the chest which sent him flying into a stone wall. Sirica took the sword and hurled it right at Jackson’s head.copyright protection10PENANAgDOiM0HFjY

Jackson’s body began to foam in a black smoky fog state. The sword passed right through him instead of harming him. In the next second, he stopped foaming and became solid once more. The sword became stuck in the wall behind Jackson. “Is that all you’ve got Sirica?”copyright protection10PENANALXKocFxlCQ

Jackson became surrounded by dark energy. The power was blasting everywhere like static. “Yes Sirica, the rumors are very much true. My power and influence on darkness and dark energy is extremely strong, you’re going to be a simple warm up more than likely.”copyright protection10PENANAEKQQMUHuQx

“Cocky eh?” “Yes although I am alert, defeating Black Fox with one blast is certainly not an easy trick to accomplish.”copyright protection10PENANAo6acpXc6Dv

Sirica’s long white hair spiked out as if electricity were coursing throughout her body. “I’ll end this fast!” “As will I my dear.”14Please respect copyright.PENANAvXdQSo4bEe
Laser like red lights blasted from Jackson’s eyes just as white laser like lights blasted from Sirica’s. Both were using a laser eye trick. The two beams from Sirica collided with the two from Jackson and began to rapidly eat away at each other.copyright protection10PENANA5otPMFuk07

Small rock fragments began to fly up into the air and float. The force of the two warriors’ power was beginning to shake the room and crack the walls. “Well, well, seems like you know how to fight after all.” “Hey Jackson, take a look behind you!”copyright protection10PENANAaFS1wEVd8M

Jackson was engulfed in a blast of light energy and vanished in the dust that was kicked up. “Got him!” Sirica coughed as the dust got to her but as she did, she noticed a bat flying at her. In a split second, the bat became a lion and knocked her down. The lion was on top of her and holding Sirica down.copyright protection10PENANALwTWJiTWpx

The lion changed into Jackson who had glowing red eyes, “Nice trick isn’t it? Now eat laser eyes!” Sirica smirked. She began to pass through the floor like a ghost. Jackson fired after she had gone through.copyright protection10PENANAruVVkIBP2C

Sirica popped up behind Jackson, “Hey buddy!” Jackson shot around to see Sirica glowing white. “You know of my daughter blasting one of your men with a huge explosive light attack? Well this one is going to be condensed and ten times as powerful!”copyright protection10PENANAXdiQeOua2D

The light blasted away from Sirica and drenched Jackson, soon engulfing him. The light stopped right then and exploded. The explosion itself was also compacted because it wasn’t going everywhere but it did damage.copyright protection10PENANAWOaPKT8EQy

“Now who is the tough one…?” “At least I’m not the stupid one…” Sirica stared. Jackson stood as if untouched but he was different. Instead of being small and scrawny-ish he was now bigger and bulky. His robe was torn slightly.copyright protection10PENANAbi27dnQPcS

“This is not your average transformation Sirica, this is a self, actual thing! Right now I am presenting you with the honor of seeing my second state. Counting my smaller, weaker one I started off with, I have eight but I can promise you that you won’t get to see pass five, that being the maximum.”copyright protection10PENANAra6J0lyvvB

Jackson slugged Sirica in the stomach which sent her flying through the floor. “My strength is amazing now, is it not?” Jackson smashed a hole in the floor and jumped down, landing right by Sirica. “What do you think of that lady?” Jackson kicked her into a wall next.copyright protection10PENANA8spjiadrP3

Sirica staggered up. “You may be strong but I can tell you aren’t built for speed.” “True but you can’t actually do much to me can you? Now then… I think I’ll hurry this along.”copyright protection10PENANAZ1l28zpYoC

Jackson stomped towards Sirica but she managed to get out of the way. He then smashed the ground, sending a crack in the ground off in Sirica’s direction. She screeched.copyright protection10PENANARQNYzNj8iP

The screech was charged with light energy and easily hurt Jackson. Next she ran up to him and gave Jackson a kick to the face. With a few more jabs to his gut, Sirica leaped back. “I see… try my speed then you fool…”copyright protection10PENANAKri9LBkY29

Jackson’s bulkiness began to shrink. His muscles were decreasing in size but his height was increasing. Jackson soon became scrawny but also tall. “Not bad Jackson but I need to wrap this up.” “We shall see but I must warn you… my power is unstable. Should I venture into my seventh or eighth form, you will find that I am unable to stop myself.”copyright protection10PENANA11an4jWuik

Jackson darted right at Sirica at a rapid speed. In a second, he had moved ahead several feet and was right in front of her. The warrior gave a few quick punches and darted away. Sirica bent over in a bit of pain but upon doing so, he returned and repeated the process. Sirica became annoyed.copyright protection10PENANA6abU9KHsT0

“Oh yeah?!” Sirica held her hand out and grabbed Jackson’s arm. She then attempted to swing him around in the air, which she did. Jackson was banging into walls, breaking through some supports that held the roof up, and slamming into other objects.copyright protection10PENANAiDsBNec7ce

Sirica released him on a twenty second swing, sending him flying into a wall. Dust and other such rocks fell on top of Jackson and piled up.copyright protection10PENANAhegsBkLyO4

“Wretched little…” he muttered as he pulled himself out of the ruble. He staggered into a straight stance, “Alright… you’ve proven that you’re stronger than most… but like I said… I have several forms and this is only my third.copyright protection10PENANATVe4PnPxQI

Jackson began to swell up again. However, instead of just turning bulky, he began to grow in height again. His skin began to turn dark red while his pupils began to turn into slits. Wings started to grow out of his back as the flesh on his head melted, leaving only the eyes, hair, skull, and the brain.copyright protection10PENANAy9m1KafWhr

Jackson grunted, “I may be bulky like before but I assure you, my speed more than matches it this time. I think however, I will skip to my fifth form.”copyright protection10PENANAbzGr1iLNQA

Jackson’s size began to swell up again and as it did, the dark red skin began to turn into a dark green. His uniform ripped more. Horns grew out of his head while his teeth became long and sharply jagged. His feet began to turn into hooves as his nails grew longer and sharper.copyright protection10PENANARJw6OluDTl

Sirica stepped back in shock. When she finally pieced herself together, all she could say was, “You… you ugly freak of a monster!”copyright protection10PENANAmsuJtfTIbb

He stopped growing once he was the size of an elephant. More eyes appeared on his face with a wide, gaping mouth. Skin had grown back on the skull. His tongue swished in and out of his mouth throwing saliva everywhere.copyright protection10PENANAamKROL9Ay0

Six new arms also grew out in a pattern of original being the biggest to newest being small, three to each side. “I am… INVINCIBLE!!!” he yelled.copyright protection10PENANAaqKGwy20cV

To add to his freakish nature, a scorpion like tail grew out of his back and several spider like legs also grew out. “Yes… time to die!” Jackson roared into the air. “Crud…” Sirica muttered. Jackson did indeed look like a big, ugly monstrous demon in his current state.copyright protection10PENANAmyoQhR5bAh

The robe was torn to shreds but Jackson did manage to keep his pants due to a stretchy fabric by the looks of it. Jackson sprinted right behind Sirica and gave her a spin kick to the face.copyright protection10PENANAmLE6CsSM2q

She went flying through a wall. The fight continued.copyright protection10PENANAMdQwTn4Woh

Most of the temple lay in ruins. The fight between Jackson and Sirica had gotten drastic but it was at last over. His black, flaming skin returned to a normal solid form that resembled his human state. Rock crumbled all around. “Fool… I warned you not to make me use that form… I must admit that you were as strong as I was informed though.” Sirica lay in a pool of blood with fuzzy, dying eyes.copyright protection10PENANASKPgA77GjI

“Not to worry though Sirica… I think Shadow got the info he needed from the head of yours.” “Yes… my darkness form got what we needed… we know how to make one of those spheres now. I must admit that I wouldn’t want to face you when you’re in that kind of mode.”copyright protection10PENANAYFtCL54DR7

“Relax…” “I’d say we don’t need her anymore so I vote we let her stay here to die a very painful, agonizing demise.” “Right… I’ve already taken care of the Lycan and others from that area.”copyright protection10PENANA4EkVaeifaG

Jackson and Shadow vanished into thin air, leaving a broken, dying Sirica.copyright protection10PENANAw2qmi1uqIN

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