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Aelovtura Book 1 - Duvainor
Co-Writer Syntaer Sulime*
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Aelovtura Book 1 - Duvainor
First Mission
Syntaer Sulime
Jan 26, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RlFTG1eDTRje7yhbA9RRposted on PENANA

> Diary entry #451Please respect copyright.PENANAWxPgFL1c6s
> Location: The abandoned cabin.51Please respect copyright.PENANACBeXqRuNgf
copyright protection47PENANAfTnTRGFAJY

Ahh, where am I and why I am so sore?copyright protection47PENANAsBj8v09JE3

Arvie: “Master, you are in an abandoned cabin, somewhere west of Fremacryn, and you have run most of the previous day around, so it’s normal to be sore.”copyright protection47PENANABXhIvyT6IL

Yes, I remember now, but only a part of it.copyright protection47PENANAYYElRw2w7M

Arvie: “Master, your diary can help you remember the previous day, if you like.”copyright protection47PENANAuAnOISOSCs

Good idea. Let’s try this.copyright protection47PENANAVdqcWWLP3t

I skim through the diary for a while…copyright protection47PENANAB1rgnjMqPU

So, I was out of my mind after initiation. Thanks the divines it has passed. You were right and I forgot to switch the narrator off in the initiation rite. It is better to add a warning feeling or something to help me remember when the narrator is on.copyright protection47PENANAckuA8ctX45

Arvie: “I’ll do that, sir. How are you feeling now?”copyright protection47PENANAq0jRdfNY5Q

Except for being sore all over my body, I feel almost normal again. No, something is different, I can see, no, I can sense somethings moving around me.copyright protection47PENANAsGSUXfdJF3

Arvie: “Master, it seems that your first head enhancement is working, and you have some new advanced senses added to your previous arsenal. The things that you can sense around you, they are probably the critters around here, and you can feel their life forces.copyright protection47PENANADSn8swkWup

It also seems that the encrypted data that I had transferred to you was some sort of mission brief and has given you an initial mission in your life, and compelled you to come here. It’s a well-known method to transfer mission instructions.”copyright protection47PENANA1VqlMDBzBH

Yes, it seems that way, but I feel that the mission is not complete yet. Let’s find out what it is. Look around for anything interesting.copyright protection47PENANAq4oiYlyc5e

Arvie: “Master, I have already done that and I found nothing of any significance, except maybe for a pile of junk that seems to have been a service droid at some point.”copyright protection47PENANAfI7DRzabvF

Well, at least it is something to work on. Have you searched it for anything salvageable?copyright protection47PENANABxA1TmEvVg

Arvie: “No sir, I was waiting for your decision.”copyright protection47PENANAcmkAFjWev1

All right, do it now…copyright protection47PENANAsLKzpB9zNF

Arvie, searches the pile: “There are some still usable parts to use as repair parts for me, and I think that one of the data banks is still in working condition.”copyright protection47PENANAeodPq6b5C7

Great. Store the parts in the supply box, and find out what is stored in the data bank.copyright protection47PENANAmOtHp90lnw

Arvie, performs the task: “Master, this is a knowledge bank. There is a list of unrelated items, like different routines, numerical sequences, quotes, instructions, recipes, and other scattered information that I cannot understand.”copyright protection47PENANAmQh6qHIzhv

All right, make a list of them for me.copyright protection47PENANAfvUslkzwqb

Arvie: “Here it is:copyright protection47PENANADM07tqhuLE

> Several defined routines for her job as the service droid of this cabin51Please respect copyright.PENANAHVtBBYRuRc
> A routine that seems to be a decryption algorithm named: “DA-5374617274”51Please respect copyright.PENANAmNKc4pY5B4
> A long sequence of numbers.51Please respect copyright.PENANAxeFMb6EGTU
> “The second heir shall prevail.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAVBQocsm4Xe
> “Deeper thoughts are good but unique thoughts are the best.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAgk11w5qua2
> “Simple course of the second layer hunter.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAyIgeurk97e
> “The obvious is shown by the hidden vassal.”51Please respect copyright.PENANA43PVr2nO6l
> “Phantom reader knows the way.”51Please respect copyright.PENANA2nF3ob9PGk
> “The fifth and the first are together.”51Please respect copyright.PENANARf27txzOGH
> Holarmaen:Gryphonstar:Thamlyn 51Please respect copyright.PENANA3KKTFcV302
> “Ask about the arm.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAo3p37OfgDV
> “One part ground Vessoro egg shell, one part Hignarax, two parts Krou'xira oil”51Please respect copyright.PENANABvaDCEbctR
> “How to hide our identities?”51Please respect copyright.PENANATwCEphQklR
> “Not all of them. Leave the red soil aside.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAnJUMM2B1jf
> This entry is either encrypted or damaged.51Please respect copyright.PENANAXUK7ynLJzf
> 29.9792, 31.134251Please respect copyright.PENANABtLd7avXvQ
> “O, my beloved fire. O, my benign air.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAOSAJFnLhp4
> “Worthy service is paid fully in credits.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAwmZhtxEfhe
> Some type of image processing routine named: “IP-5761746368”51Please respect copyright.PENANAuSHg6PqBMW
> “FFTLFUTBFFTLFFTRFDTLF” 51Please respect copyright.PENANAsBP2lvq6MP
> This entry is either encrypted or damaged.51Please respect copyright.PENANAbjbbAFIeUZ
> Another long sequence of numbers.51Please respect copyright.PENANAtpSbFY06AM
> “Is that really gray?”51Please respect copyright.PENANA33oS6JnwQa
> This entry is either encrypted or damaged.51Please respect copyright.PENANAl1txc3cVi7
> “Join the expedition at all costs.”51Please respect copyright.PENANAVLxOXcNXjo
copyright protection47PENANA08vifVZXug

There are a lot of other entries that seem to be either encrypted or damaged, sir.”copyright protection47PENANAsJMnc7HME8

What the… All right, transfer the data into our data banks and let’s see what we can do with them.copyright protection47PENANAYhVYppoGTa

The service routines are probably not useful for us right now, so we skip them. What is your suggestion?copyright protection47PENANAlUjQcyLcwg

Arvie: “Master, most of decryption routines require sequences of numbers. We can try to decrypt the unknown entries with them…”copyright protection47PENANAtZ0gmdo4Z2

Let’s do it…copyright protection47PENANAcXk7VKwkrq

Arvie: “Master, it did not work.”copyright protection47PENANAvMkODxnoKU

Aekanarro, I hoped it would… Wait, the mission brief that sent us here, it is encrypted, yes? So let’s try our luck with that…copyright protection47PENANAFeTFugSTkS

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