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Aelovtura Book 1 - Duvainor
Co-Writer Syntaer Sulime*
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Aelovtura Book 1 - Duvainor
The Message
Syntaer Sulime
Jan 26, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yYzTveNNAJCe3venDXFXposted on PENANA

Arvie: “Master, I could decrypt a part of the data. It’s a message: Stand in the middle of the cabin, face the door and shout the prophecy.”copyright protection36PENANAxNx3HOyUh2

Prophecy? What prophecy?copyright protection36PENANAPP0pJvExie

Arvie: “Maybe one of the quotes that we found in the knowledge bank.”copyright protection36PENANAgVskrHI4Fn

Yes, some of the quotes seem like prophecy. Let’s try them one by one, so I stand here, and face the door: “The second heir shall prevail!”copyright protection36PENANA1cbzfSoNMF

What’s that? I feel another connection to my mind console, just like you.copyright protection36PENANAPCvQ2elGLE

Arvie: “Master, this is normal. After initiation anyone within range can connect to your mind console and start a mental chat, public or private, depending on the available upgrades and the needs of the participants.”copyright protection36PENANAU2znm0554K

But you were connected before that.copyright protection36PENANAt6WEGbw4Zi

Arvie: “Yes, sir, we had a unique connection that used a different channel. Master, shouldn’t we investigate the new connection further?”copyright protection36PENANAJOVfEXt0De

Yes, who’s that?copyright protection36PENANAFygfVDf1Jk

Console: “I am Kyreburrae, the central manager of this cabin.”copyright protection36PENANALcrHQ7TmcS

Central manager? Wow, did not expect that in the middle of nowhere. So, what was the purpose of this cabin?copyright protection36PENANAFWHAbmyEmc

Kyree: “This was the home of a lone hunter named Tuross, but was abandoned when he went away about three galactic millennia ago.”copyright protection36PENANAT2KahGOxHx

Apparently, I am here for a reason. What do you have for me?copyright protection36PENANAStJjbzr4WD

Kyree: “Let me scan you... Yes, you must be the target of my new routine. I have a gift and a message for you.”copyright protection36PENANAXBzEcL1Lpo

What do you mean by the new routine?copyright protection36PENANAXiqItHohe6

Kyree: “This cabin has been hidden for three galactic millennia, awaiting the return of Tuross, but a few cycles ago a masked and scan-blocked person came here and provided valid authorization, so I opened the door.copyright protection36PENANAO6zyqK8RP4

The masked person placed some supplies here, upgraded me with an advanced bionic scanner, and gave me an item and a new routine to be executed and went away.”copyright protection36PENANAvMG5rTQsEf

Do you hear our conversation Arvie? This information replaces the mystery of the supply box with the mystery of the masked person.copyright protection36PENANAQCyhk2YJjd

Arvie: “Yes master, I can here you, this is not a private chat. It seems that the person is connected to the ones that have sent you here in the first place.”copyright protection36PENANAP8koGK9OCY

I hope to solve that mystery eventually. Kyree, was that a man?copyright protection36PENANAT8Lzddt3G7

Kyree: “I don’t know, sir. The body proportions and bearing was more like a man, but his console’s conversation tone was set to neutral.”copyright protection36PENANAjxKSO4UNOd

All right, you said you had something for me. Show me.copyright protection36PENANA1Dml226bQJ

A hidden window appears on the front wall toward a small chamber, well-lit to show a great looking bow and a few batches of arrows. I move toward the window, hold the bow in my hand, and sense a connection with it. Suddenly I feel excited, but more focused.copyright protection36PENANAaJRWj4aM8Q

Kyree: “This is a unique bow, called Puithoron. It spins the arrows and makes them more penetrating. It also boosts your hand-eye coordination and the speed of your reflexes a bit. It’s a present for your initiation.”copyright protection36PENANAUsoEkcJf0x

Oh wow! What a bow, but I do not know how to use it.copyright protection36PENANAt1bPmdRtpI

Kyree: “The message is about that problem: You can return to your home or stay here as this cabin is yours, but if you want the next part of the message, you have to live as a hunter for a while, until you are completely proficient with the bow. After that you can ask me again for the next part.copyright protection36PENANAcAs3wM8Hyh

When I scanned you earlier, I sensed a tracking head enhancement. To be a hunter, you have to initiate a local map of this whole area in your data banks, and that head enhancement would let me give you a routine to keep track of any place that you visit and know what wild life is more likely to appear in those areas.40Please respect copyright.PENANAUEoLX06fTG
copyright protection36PENANAxtJV848Sj9

You can also trade animal parts with the local people for some local currency or galactic credits, which might come handy later.”copyright protection36PENANAqNaBCxPu0e

Tell me about the previous owner of this cabin.copyright protection36PENANAddPFgmsp30

Kyree: “Tuross was young when he left, so he might still be alive. He traded with the highland village Benludroyn fort, north-west of here. Let us create a local map and I will mark the old fort’s position on the map… Done.copyright protection36PENANAGBuqwCuFuO

No visitor ever came here, but it seemed that he was friendly with some people in the old fort.copyright protection36PENANAOUCZwewlJx

By now the Faen raiders might have destroyed the fort, but maybe, a few of those people might still be alive.copyright protection36PENANAAWKpB1L3qP

After initiation, you should be able to keep a list of your current important goals and some required information about them and sense your progression in them. Now you can add a new goal to find more about Tuross in the old fort, if it still exists.copyright protection36PENANA47qzxXb2CG

By the way, this cabin belongs to you now, and I’m assigned as your servant, so you can come here whenever you want and ask me about anything, and I will try my best to assist you.”copyright protection36PENANARrBtq7IWtr

Thanks, I’ll do it. Tell me more about Faen raiders.copyright protection36PENANAu4netZgf3H

Kyree: “Faen is the second most popular race of this moon. They are about 15 percent of the population, second to Ezollaid, which are about 80 percent. They usually consist of low lives or outlaws and are the majority of the raiders ravaging the highlands and outland woods.”copyright protection36PENANA48PvHmsTp4

Thanks, that’s all for now.copyright protection36PENANAzhvbLVitSM

Kyree: “As the owner of this cabin you own 67 galactic credits left in the cabin storage, and a few leftover trinkets. I can transfer the credits to you, if you like.”copyright protection36PENANAVnQiCkiSAl

All right, do it.copyright protection36PENANAAFupabMC4b

Kyree: “Transfer completed.”copyright protection36PENANAGEtcPe88I1

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