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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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You Saved Me (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IkvQZhzpDSD7V2aVw43Aposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5. What if Kat never went into Elena's body and was never killed by Stefan with the Traveler's knife? This is about a year to the date of Nadia's death and Damon finds her on the Whickery bridge. What will happen?29Please respect copyright.PENANA9AgWC8ZX8C
copyright protection25PENANAd2iiGWYsir

A/N: This is kind of a future fic since this is after Damon died in the S5 finale and then came back to life, but without Kat ever dying or going to hell in S5.copyright protection25PENANAX1LtRLKqao

Introductioncopyright protection25PENANAjOvfQGanLe

                I ran for 500 years from an immortal werewolf-vampire hybrid, never to have a family or friends, since I had to always put myself first to survive. My life was ruined when I chose to run, instead of being sacrificed in a ritual. He slaughtered my entire Bulgaria village, including my family. He never knew that I had a daughter by the name of Nadia Petrova though. I, myself, never even got to name her, so I didn't know her name. I hoped that she was alive, but I gave up looking for her in 1498 when I went back for her, because I couldn't find her in any Bulgaria village or town. Then, one day, I stopped running. When an immortal being by the name of Silas came after me after the cure for vampirism was shoved down my throat, I stopped running. I even died momentarily when I was fed to Silas. When Nadia came to Mystic Falls and told me who she was after she protected me from Silas, I left her. After I found out that I was dying from old age and that it couldn't be stopped according to Dr. Wes Maxfield, I jumped off the clock tower a few nights later. I was stopped by Stefan who caught me and told me to suck it up, though. Then, a few weeks later, I don't know why, but Tyler Lockwood bit Nadia. I was so afraid of Klaus not curing her, but instead, watching her die, that I just didn't call Klaus to cure her. Instead, I stayed by her side until she died at peace. I gave her peace, but the pain will never go away. I lost my daughter for the final time, I lost my family to Klaus, my vampire family hates me, and I have no friends and Elijah has left me for his family. I understand that family is important, so I don't blame Elijah. In the end, I am utterly alone, just as I have always been afraid of. Who am I? My name is Katherine Pierce, formerly known as Katerina Petrova, and I am a 500 year old vampire.copyright protection25PENANAYZghhXdfpw

                It was a dark night, as Katherine Pierce stood on the Whickery bridge. It had been a year since Nadia Petrova, the last of her family, other than her vampire and doppelganger family of course, had died. It was hard to move on without Nadia, because she was Nadia's mother. She should've called Klaus. She should've made a deal with him to save her life. She should've done something; anything to keep her alive. It couldn't end like this. The grief was eating away at her. It was all she could do to live. Wherever Nadia was, she knew she was at peace. She just hoped that she would meet her daughter there. After all, Nadia had been a vampire and Katherine was only human. They had found a way to stop the aging, but living didn't mean a thing without loved ones in her life. Everyone hated her in this world, apart from Elijah of course. She was alone and she hated it. All she wanted was to be with Nadia. She hadn't been able to raise her because her dad had torn her from her arms, but she loved Nadia all the same and Nadia had begun to love her back, no matter what Katherine had done. Everything Katherine had done, she had done to survive, but survival didn't mean a thing if everyone around you hated and despised you and died around you one by one. So, here she was, ready to end it by jumping into the dark depth of the water below. It was deep enough that if no one was looking for her, they wouldn't find her.copyright protection25PENANAHmxsPodAPo

                She walked to the edge, closed her eyes, and then jumped.copyright protection25PENANAY9cup3bzqX

                A moment later, ice-cold water was around her.copyright protection25PENANANoW4Fd2Ttr

                Damon Salvatore was walking towards where the bridge was, on his way home after a late night dinner, when he heard a splash like someone had just jumped from the bridge. He knew there weren't many people that would do that on purpose. So, once on the bridge, he looked down and scanned the water to see an all too familiar someone. Yes, he hated her, but years ago, her words that she had said were right. There was a part of him that didn't want her to die. He figured there was only one thing that would get her to try and kill herself on this night; the anniversary of Nadia's death. Darn it. Why couldn't he have one night without Katherine-related problems, not matter what they were?copyright protection25PENANApbOWDElQeb

                A moment later, he dived in after her. She was a pain in the ass as a vampire, but as a human, she was too innocent to let her just get away with killing herself or someone else killing her.copyright protection25PENANAfdkrIJvTjV

                A few minutes later, he was back on the bridge, her on her back where he had gently layed her down. She was alive, which he was thankful for.copyright protection25PENANAQ7kNc00eTu

                When she woke up, she realized that she was in Damon's room in his bed with him leaning in the doorway, watching her with an unhappy face.copyright protection25PENANAFiFuej8Aan

                "I don't think your daughter would be happy with you killing yourself just because you're unhappy without her, Katherine."copyright protection25PENANALpA5RiPmc9

                She sat up in bed and looked at him.copyright protection25PENANAh3gBQtCRHv

                "You saved me."copyright protection25PENANAmnN2R2l0Cv

                "Yes. I did. Don't make it a habit. Just because a part of your life is gone, doesn't mean that it's time to give up and kill yourself. Good night and don't try anything," he said, before walking away to leave her in the room alone.copyright protection25PENANAnoVXtMgj8s

                She layed back down and realized something. Damon still cared about her. After all, he didn't want her to die, considering he had saved her life tonight. He had saved her from herself. Maybe if she was lucky enough, he still loved her somewhere deep down.copyright protection25PENANAspwJ1mcDdT

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