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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Titanium (Klatherine)
Jan 28, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9vqHn7MT82whkZ66HmLXposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S2, 4, and 5. Based on Nightcore’s song “Titanium.”copyright protection34PENANA5HJ0K2kVMS

*She’s Come Undone*copyright protection34PENANA7WnyDLFqEO

You shout it loudcopyright protection34PENANAsb6NacTSzE

But I can’t hear a word you saycopyright protection34PENANAPEmzF6CZ2p

I’m talking loudcopyright protection34PENANAS9mfH01nqF

Not saying muchcopyright protection34PENANAbSRiF2uzU3

I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochetcopyright protection34PENANAeKIAknGWnI

You shoot me down, but I get upcopyright protection34PENANAmfSIuAIvX9

I’m bullet proof, nothing to losecopyright protection34PENANAb923rI5WhZ

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection34PENANAZvJI645M0s

Ricochets, you take your aimcopyright protection34PENANAvmIo5dYOJW

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection34PENANAXU6ZYxI3uZ

You shoot me down, but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANA3uvNcCRhpR

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAKUesjjFi8o

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAe5jk5hSNlm

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANANoQjb3V2kk

            It was a beautiful day, as Klaus and Katherine argued and yelled at one another in the living room of the Mikaelson place. He’d asked her to come help him out, because he thought Silas had stabbed him with a White Oak stake and a part of it was still inside him.copyright protection34PENANAU4f8xyscRA

            “Don’t turn my back on me!” he yelled at her, when she turned around to leave.copyright protection34PENANAB5GVqMcjAx

            She turned back to him.copyright protection34PENANAGoWxH7ADaU

            “I should’ve turned my back on you ages ago!”copyright protection34PENANAY4ZddxMFJD

            “I will not have my hand forced by you or anyone else!”copyright protection34PENANAglJXg9Jttk

            “What is wrong with you? I am reaching out to you despite everything you’ve done, and you still can’t get out of your old way! God, I feel sorry for you!”copyright protection34PENANA19IXGp5g3f

            She turned her back on him again.copyright protection34PENANAb1jaewI1cr

            “Wait. Please. Don’t go. Just…help me.”copyright protection34PENANAFtNor4yby1

            She turned back to him once again.copyright protection34PENANAvzbdxRDD8G

            He suddenly realized something.copyright protection34PENANASjHcuWJcYV

            “It’s gone.”copyright protection34PENANAEDps2QwB14

            “What?” she questioned.copyright protection34PENANACwENKcFnPN

            “The pain. It’s gone. You brought me back, Katerina. Thank you,” he clarified.copyright protection34PENANA3H6LUBIDNG

            “You’re welcome. If you need me, don’t call me,” she said, before walking away.copyright protection34PENANAyskYUmOrXQ

*Tomb*copyright protection34PENANAvAnao7m3uc

Cut me downcopyright protection34PENANAQyUXkOz2rn

But it’s you who’ll have further to fallcopyright protection34PENANAI0P3YKpNbm

Ghost town, haunted lovecopyright protection34PENANADHX1Sl8foD

Raise your voicecopyright protection34PENANArfcldwaMzB

Stick and stonescopyright protection34PENANA9iBZlAKKnV

May break my bonescopyright protection34PENANA71D42vpbKO

            Katherine sat in the tomb with her family book, looking at a drawing or picture of her family. She touched the drawing of her mother. She hadn’t grieved much for her father, but she’d definitely grieved over her mother and, even after 500 years, she still missed her mother. She refused to cry, though. She reminded herself that she was Katherine Pierce.copyright protection34PENANAOb30xhxH36

*1492-Bulgaria*copyright protection34PENANAjdoVdJvXuT

I’m talking loudcopyright protection34PENANATBVwGY159M

Not saying muchcopyright protection34PENANAUYYXZvewdi

I’m bullet proof, nothing to losecopyright protection34PENANACww1sJLXHf

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection34PENANARAQM6xK8DU

Ricochets, you take your aimcopyright protection34PENANAUxSSvRoJnC

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection34PENANA209z1BjNy0

You shoot me down, but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANA2pBTcIqWQ3

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAQLAIE5A2PX

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAESYNr0oKNX

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANALPnmJz49wV

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAdnHN6lTGoJ

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAE2BCQ3CfNp

Stone hard, machine guncopyright protection34PENANAdzfBVYa08H

Firing at the ones who risecopyright protection34PENANAWl4D9aZ3Rn

            It was a dismal night, as Katerina Petrova knelt by her mother whom had her throat torn open, and sobbed, grieving over her mother but not so much over her villagers or father. She had been the closest to her mother all her life and now her mother was gone.copyright protection34PENANAMvqo7hrKwf

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection34PENANAaKOplKowLw

Stone hard, as bulletproof glasscopyright protection34PENANAeIRim1tl4l

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAIRQ9fYqHIX

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAWSHLh3wGzh

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAcNZ46l5AHa

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAVq1MzhKZYs

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAWUlEGDHcjh

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAuv5tAcPGNw

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection34PENANAQJXSvw9fv8

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAIs337JGPVZ

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANA7qvcU5pJLc

I am titaniumcopyright protection34PENANAgCVdvqKFGf

copyright protection34PENANANoIQsQA8Fw

            After a car crash, which Katherine amazingly survived with just a few scratches, Klaus found her, having known that she’d turned human unwillingly because of the cure. He helped her out of the upside down car.copyright protection34PENANA7MWDZQIoAu

            She was a little unsteady, so he put a hand on her arm just in case.copyright protection34PENANABQ6w4CXOhE

            “Easy, luv.”copyright protection34PENANA442NVvDvDj

            When she collapsed, he caught her.copyright protection34PENANA1L5Yo4O7to

            “I’ve got you, Katerina, luv.”copyright protection34PENANAB4fIBkkz9B

            He gently picked her up in his arms, carrying her home with him, so he could lay her down and protect her from any enemies. He knew that she had too many enemies to count and she needed protection. He’d be happy to protect her from them.copyright protection34PENANAddGg1BLF7o

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