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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Titanium (Klatherine)
Jan 28, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kELbILr26Kz7sqDGhOj6posted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S2, 4, and 5. Based on Nightcore’s song “Titanium.”copyright protection5PENANAwZ8cWzdAh4

*She’s Come Undone*copyright protection5PENANAjCI5NrQftW

You shout it loudcopyright protection5PENANAZ34stH8Lws

But I can’t hear a word you saycopyright protection5PENANAS2r1foAtZS

I’m talking loudcopyright protection5PENANAxiugnhHewb

Not saying muchcopyright protection5PENANAbwefYIX7tt

I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochetcopyright protection5PENANAzlw0mLpXfo

You shoot me down, but I get upcopyright protection5PENANAPNHj35BLj8

I’m bullet proof, nothing to losecopyright protection5PENANAWuEbJDTGKn

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection5PENANAajJGk5sK3H

Ricochets, you take your aimcopyright protection5PENANA8SuQcyWNkf

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection5PENANAVgKAstemaZ

You shoot me down, but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANAJkjt1EztoC

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAaxuFnHdjuy

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANAzqPj1hNgDY

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAfnjyRkdqNB

9Please respect copyright.PENANAA3cAJFcHMF
copyright protection5PENANA2Y8xDweRQI

9Please respect copyright.PENANAjNeDVtsj6U
copyright protection5PENANApp9eJbwwra

            It was a beautiful day, as Klaus and Katherine argued and yelled at one another in the living room of the Mikaelson place. He’d asked her to come help him out, because he thought Silas had stabbed him with a White Oak stake and a part of it was still inside him.copyright protection5PENANAvGyOfp9sPW

            “Don’t turn my back on me!” he yelled at her, when she turned around to leave.copyright protection5PENANA4RVdoyJDqA

            She turned back to him.copyright protection5PENANAlP0v4JGAg7

            “I should’ve turned my back on you ages ago!”copyright protection5PENANAKLOiA4HJxx

            “I will not have my hand forced by you or anyone else!”copyright protection5PENANAGBoBON9yqz

            “What is wrong with you? I am reaching out to you despite everything you’ve done, and you still can’t get out of your old way! God, I feel sorry for you!”copyright protection5PENANA8Mp9iuSY49

            She turned her back on him again.copyright protection5PENANA6PVV8vZPfx

            “Wait. Please. Don’t go. Just…help me.”copyright protection5PENANAnV9LwXzGw0

            She turned back to him once again.copyright protection5PENANAgFMFO59H3e

            He suddenly realized something.copyright protection5PENANAQa3L5bh51w

            “It’s gone.”copyright protection5PENANADorMaXKKEg

            “What?” she questioned.copyright protection5PENANAKUWxzLCJsG

            “The pain. It’s gone. You brought me back, Katerina. Thank you,” he clarified.copyright protection5PENANAYjQ15Wdm2f

            “You’re welcome. If you need me, don’t call me,” she said, before walking away.copyright protection5PENANATFEkrOibzW

*Tomb*copyright protection5PENANAskQoRq9uaB

Cut me downcopyright protection5PENANAa8V1a0Yom0

But it’s you who’ll have further to fallcopyright protection5PENANADfFhA66TiG

Ghost town, haunted lovecopyright protection5PENANAQK0G9S7imh

Raise your voicecopyright protection5PENANAUxqPzAQxYd

Stick and stonescopyright protection5PENANAxCtdT3k0XC

May break my bonescopyright protection5PENANAGNmGuwyBOV

9Please respect copyright.PENANALBsdfT4ISI
copyright protection5PENANATJsjz2UpzS

9Please respect copyright.PENANAksLx2vcfcZ
copyright protection5PENANAC7u5ko9Eo6

            Katherine sat in the tomb with her family book, looking at a drawing or picture of her family. She touched the drawing of her mother. She hadn’t grieved much for her father, but she’d definitely grieved over her mother and, even after 500 years, she still missed her mother. She refused to cry, though. She reminded herself that she was Katherine Pierce.copyright protection5PENANAh5UDLoakZY

*1492-Bulgaria*copyright protection5PENANAfTIIchK7Hj

I’m talking loudcopyright protection5PENANAZkquqLTzqi

Not saying muchcopyright protection5PENANAGHnAl8ZvsZ

I’m bullet proof, nothing to losecopyright protection5PENANAuIScq5uacc

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection5PENANAtcwUHWGAw6

Ricochets, you take your aimcopyright protection5PENANAScNfN8oMDR

Fire away, fire awaycopyright protection5PENANAL7zEkZJOaW

You shoot me down, but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANA0E8xzPtfqZ

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAlic9y0hWMV

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANANy2ncnnWcx

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAScb1KKRd0h

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAdlzqu7qM4c

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAHRLKfY7CUj

Stone hard, machine guncopyright protection5PENANAaNwlOg6Fu6

Firing at the ones who risecopyright protection5PENANAWIsw8XDyKI

9Please respect copyright.PENANAVvN99IDC1J
copyright protection5PENANALrzxcPvkrp

9Please respect copyright.PENANAwNlY0BS5kK
copyright protection5PENANADBdaX1r4HW

            It was a dismal night, as Katerina Petrova knelt by her mother whom had her throat torn open, and sobbed, grieving over her mother but not so much over her villagers or father. She had been the closest to her mother all her life and now her mother was gone.copyright protection5PENANAaDEDaMAOlk

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection5PENANAw6M6DYV9im

Stone hard, as bulletproof glasscopyright protection5PENANAyWYL7WNz0u

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANAva89OjWo7h

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAJDovJ2uEbN

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANA1KK0wSWjrW

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAOW7X6Vg2kn

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANAk30IzKK4oV

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANASqFCqbvmvW

You shoot me down but I won’t fallcopyright protection5PENANAikTqhZlx1G

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAVmJW4jGPo5

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAKgvqTVCoi8

I am titaniumcopyright protection5PENANAkBse1Jdnhf

9Please respect copyright.PENANAOFdzcg5pwh
copyright protection5PENANA3cBN8G6Pvv

9Please respect copyright.PENANAorNcBXUezW
copyright protection5PENANAUgLqGFmj3E

            After a car crash, which Katherine amazingly survived with just a few scratches, Klaus found her, having known that she’d turned human unwillingly because of the cure. He helped her out of the upside down car.copyright protection5PENANArofTChDQEU

            She was a little unsteady, so he put a hand on her arm just in case.copyright protection5PENANA5H6HvfnB4S

            “Easy, luv.”copyright protection5PENANA7Z8SpPxL8B

            When she collapsed, she caught her.copyright protection5PENANAqAZGtCX6sC

            “I’ve got you, Katerina, luv.”copyright protection5PENANA1yk7fPnCrs

            He gently picked her up in his arms, carrying her home with him so he could lay her down and protect her from any enemies. He knew that she had too many enemies to count and she needed protection. He’d be happy to protect her from them.copyright protection5PENANAvyrDrRtYDC

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