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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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I Won't Give Up (Kalijah)
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!z8bRrDrkRs1tpGKOLwQ9posted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S4E “American Gothic” and S5E1 “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Based on “I Won’t Give Up.” He hears what happened to her after he left in S4, so he goes back for her.copyright protection6PENANAJobfaQ1VIG

*American Gothic*copyright protection6PENANAQhO29gFABx

When I look into your eyescopyright protection6PENANA3C0sjKg4h7

It’s like watching the night skycopyright protection6PENANAe0vqgGghBZ

Or a beautiful sunrisecopyright protection6PENANAYsgNup3a0E

Well, there’s so much they holdcopyright protection6PENANAH4gIwzsNEK

And just like them old starscopyright protection6PENANAUTKqj16AjI

I see that you’ve come so farcopyright protection6PENANAzhbQ4Fg8Pg

To be right where you arecopyright protection6PENANAMxk3fRDIEh

How old is your soul?copyright protection6PENANAszadZue64x

Well, I won’t give up on uscopyright protection6PENANAODPZtUFK2v

Even if the skies get roughcopyright protection6PENANA0P3lSidw1S

I’m giving you all my lovecopyright protection6PENANAOtrZHrtVyx

I’m still looking upcopyright protection6PENANAtnbinFc3pf

And when you’re needing your spacecopyright protection6PENANAyq4BMXUZtV

To do some navigatingcopyright protection6PENANAShpkg6MK2k

I’ll be here patiently waitingcopyright protection6PENANAhwHtO5818y

To see what you findcopyright protection6PENANAhHYliLidLL

‘Cause even the stars they burncopyright protection6PENANA9D3yXjFJ3H

Some even fall to the earthcopyright protection6PENANA4leMP2RY4Z

We’ve got a lot to learncopyright protection6PENANAwlGvHZgZd1

God knows we’re worth itcopyright protection6PENANALmEOVC8Amc

No, I won’t give upcopyright protection6PENANAiqywdnz5lE

I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easilycopyright protection6PENANA4R0LmHLDGZ

10Please respect copyright.PENANAyLopBFFxFX
copyright protection6PENANAEslihhVpRh

10Please respect copyright.PENANASCsqjxBifR
copyright protection6PENANACaIaGWxg1T

            It was a beautiful day in Pennsylvania, as Katherine and Elijah stood in front of each other.copyright protection6PENANAU6LUR7BDLi

            “Is that what I am to you? A means of survival?”copyright protection6PENANADpLYI2gDs7

            “No, of course you’re not a means of survival. You looked out for me when I had no one. You’ve given me a second chance now, when no one else will.” She rested a hand on the side of his face. “I love you. Elijah.”copyright protection6PENANAV4hDeYAMeB

            He turned his face away.copyright protection6PENANAF9Hq3zyFcj

            She dropped her hand.copyright protection6PENANAYPJKOrM54e

            “You don’t believe me.”copyright protection6PENANAc0juEysekH

            He looked at her.copyright protection6PENANAP0QwrU50Ai

            “I want to. It’s my disease. I just keep wanting to believe you, but how can I when, at every turn, you give me a reason to doubt you? I don’t know you. I don’t think I ever will.”copyright protection6PENANAkz83kXu62z

            He began to walk away.copyright protection6PENANAlfzFJddcry

            She caught up with him and put a hand on his arm.copyright protection6PENANAUgyLN0GT0h

            “Wait.”copyright protection6PENANAbkQkoahShk

            He stopped and looked at her hand, then her, then her hand, and finally her again.copyright protection6PENANAsDz1iifvvH

            She got the hint and let go.copyright protection6PENANA4pXCaLCQED

            “Goodbye, Katherine.”copyright protection6PENANA8PYYam9rfr

            She watched, as he walked away.copyright protection6PENANALH4kJnDYT9

*Night*copyright protection6PENANAFXyDAJpdA3

            It was a dismal night, as she stood in front of him.copyright protection6PENANAQITPH3bRvr

            “What do you want?” he asked in an irritated tone.copyright protection6PENANAig8nBSLfRE

            “To tell you that you’re right. I’ve spent so much time running and lying to survive that I---I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met. And I want to find out.” She took a black box out of her purse.copyright protection6PENANAoxCWacGAqg

            “You have the cure,” he stated.copyright protection6PENANADgZx6GAhx5

            “Yes, and I can shove this down Klaus’ throat and try to kill him, but even if I managed to do it, I’d lose you. And I don’t want that to happen.” She put the cure in his hand. “I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I’m trusting you. You don’t owe me anything. I’m going to let you decide where we go from here.”copyright protection6PENANAIQmReXKZcB

            He watched, as she walked away, before looking down at the cure in his hand.copyright protection6PENANAEB8gxjtdTT

*American Gothic- Mikaelson Mansion*copyright protection6PENANAuwat4gaExH

I’m here to stay and make the different that I can makecopyright protection6PENANAKgy68M4SLh

Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to usecopyright protection6PENANAtqSCGqV9EO

The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stakecopyright protection6PENANA29lcCptM41

And in the end, you’re still my friend, we didn’t burncopyright protection6PENANAuOi2VqP0jB

We had to learn how to bend without the world caving incopyright protection6PENANAiN1apHBlRg

I had to learn what I’ve got, and what I’m not, and who I amcopyright protection6PENANA9Upu71UAOY

I won’t give up on uscopyright protection6PENANABiMTlIkaID

Even if the skies get roughcopyright protection6PENANAM0rNbQuNbm

I’m giving you all my lovecopyright protection6PENANA3lgsQnuKXi

I’m still looking up, I’m still looking upcopyright protection6PENANAIzBvsXeN8W

10Please respect copyright.PENANAHCxK17USru
copyright protection6PENANAqUXRH9IcWU

10Please respect copyright.PENANA9ZgxoRc4oS
copyright protection6PENANAyZgOs6cWQa

            It was a nebulous night, as Elijah stood in front of her. He’d just told her that he was leaving town to help Klaus in New Orleans.copyright protection6PENANAfzJR5cOjZX

            “Please, Elijah. It’s our turn,” she pleaded with him.copyright protection6PENANAgqRdizm1Lj

            “Katerina.”copyright protection6PENANAVkjb9LilI9

            He kissed her on the forehead.copyright protection6PENANAvYIfPOsD7r

            “Goodbye, Katerina.”copyright protection6PENANABnRsB92XaO

            She could only watch, as he left. She didn’t show it, but it hurt that he’d just left her for Klaus, yet again. This time, she knew that Elijah had given up on her redemption. She knew he’d lost his trust in her. She could only hope that he’d come back for her someday.copyright protection6PENANAh68AihmAD5

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection6PENANAJ93soSgQwn

Well I won’t give up on us (No I’m not giving up)copyright protection6PENANAi7L9AmjCku

God knows I’m tough enough (I am tough, I am loved)copyright protection6PENANAqBBzcTQzut

We’ve got a lot to learn (We’re alive, we are loved)copyright protection6PENANAEeDHG1AXS7

God knows we’re worth it (and we’re worth it)copyright protection6PENANAkae6kPtEsN

I won’t give up on uscopyright protection6PENANA9TpKsBEjb9

Even if the skies get roughcopyright protection6PENANANPnqx4r71k

I’m giving you all my lovecopyright protection6PENANAemvtsPiVuL

I’m still looking upcopyright protection6PENANAJDE8o6K2pV

10Please respect copyright.PENANA1gvuHO1j7h
copyright protection6PENANAccKzChD4pE

10Please respect copyright.PENANAbOUJyVQsOh
copyright protection6PENANApE0U7tKqoe

            It was a dark night, as Elijah returned to town, having heard what had happened between Katerina and Elena. He knew he had to come back, knowing that she most likely felt alone and was afraid. She had many enemies and she’d loved being a vampire. Being a vampire had been everything. She needed help and protection and he’d be glad to give it to her. He may have left, but he still loved her with his whole heart. If anything happened to her, those responsible would regret harming her in any way, shape, or form. He’d die for her if it ever came down to it.copyright protection6PENANAb8RPgfV0il

            He stopped the car, seeing a wrecked car with her still in it, and blurred to her side of the car. He opened the door. There was some blood on the left side of her head and scratches in other places, but it looked like she’d be okay. She’d just blacked out was all.copyright protection6PENANAWuyH4bZIgo

            He gently picked her up in his arms and set her in the passenger seat of his car. Then he began driving back to New Orleans.copyright protection6PENANAnF2ozaRjAg

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