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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and No Season
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and No Season
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I'd Come For You (Klaroline)
Jan 29, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!As2s4OwqwdP8z8I1kJX2posted on PENANA

Summary: She knows with all her heart that Klaus will always come for her, even if that means leaving New Orleans behind to save her life.27Please respect copyright.PENANAdyR8SbML6Y
copyright protection23PENANAcMmlkzDTpv

  It was a dark night in Mystic Falls, the rain pouring like cats and dogs, as she layed there in the woods, vision blurry. What was this? The third time of being bitten? She had terrible luck.copyright protection23PENANAXZX0s1OYsk

        She blurrily pressed one on her phone for Klaus' number. After the two times he had saved her life, his number had become number one on her speed dial.copyright protection23PENANAchsLpbNKUK

        When he didn't answer, she left a voicemail that said that she was in the woods and needed his help, before ending the call and putting the phone back in her pocket. If she could, she'd get out of there, but she couldn't. She was too weak to go anywhere. And even though he hadn't picked up, she knew that he would come. He would come for her, no matter what. It was weird that she had so much Faith in someone that was known as evil, but it wasn't weird for her. Not anymore.copyright protection23PENANAM7x8sRH6K6

        A few minutes later, everything went dim and then black for her.copyright protection23PENANABI6zJyBxx3

        As the rain poured angrily, he raced through Mystic Falls, knowing that the only reason she would need him was if she had been bitten. This would make it the third time. He had left for her safety, but that apparently hadn't worked. All he hoped right now was that he'd get to her in time to save her.copyright protection23PENANASJklvKwiur

        When he found her, she was on her back on the ground, clearly having been attacked by a werewolf, out cold and pale.copyright protection23PENANA2gzAo1r68c

        He was instantly at her side.copyright protection23PENANAdKVkjESVbq

        He gently pulled her into his arms and bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to cure her. He then continued to cure her with his blood, as he raced back to New Orleans with her in his arms. He couldn't protect her by staying away, so he figured she'd be safer with him in New Orleans. He'd have Caroline tell her friends later. When he figured that he had given her enough, he took his wrist away and it instantly healed, as did her wounds.copyright protection23PENANAZ4akpF4WXy

        He sighed in relief, knowing that she'd live.copyright protection23PENANAn0PWAeY1k7

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