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Red River Vol: 1
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Writer Zero Dantez
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Red River Vol: 1
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Chapter II
Zero Dantez
No Plagiarism!50wxOFz2M6K4O4DwYXtQposted on PENANA

‘Zero, stfu, Aizen can beat Bill’copyright protection52PENANAaqyhPK5wEX

‘No Sujit, Bill beats Aizen’copyright protection52PENANA5JYChMhQO3

‘I’ll beat both of you with Unmei Chop!!’copyright protection52PENANAXz8MELjDJM

-copyright protection52PENANAuUd2b3Nhzr

Silence in the chat as the only one typing was Rain who then replied, ‘know ur place boys, lol’copyright protection52PENANAeFbdhsZzjO

Placing a phone upon a desk, the girl rose up, yawning as she tired from the day, having been done with classes not more than three hours ago. Flopping her back onto her bed, Maria sighed as her body flopped, eyes closed with hair in her face, groaning in annoyance, [“Uuuuuugggggggh, why can’t those two just get along!?”] she would think to herself.copyright protection52PENANAChoL42xnGg

Right then, a rumble could be heard as the phone began to do just that on the desk, then again, and again, [“Ugh… are they… you know what, no, I’ll check it out later,”] she thought again.copyright protection52PENANAaaaocmrZD1

Sitting up and then standing, Maria began walking back to the desk, taking a seat and pulling out some drawing paper and a pencil, beginning to sketch something on her mind, to draw a kitsune mask kimono wearing girl. First sketching the outline for the head, the circle. The clock began to tick and turn as time passed, continuing to sketch away with the clock continuing to tick round and round.copyright protection52PENANArSGC5Y55xo

Eighteen minutes after eight and there began a bang at the door, “Maria, get your ass up and come help with the dishes!”copyright protection52PENANATaFiVKls71

A groan escaped her, placing the pencil down standing, turning towards the door which flew open as two kids barged in, shouting about something, “Maria, Maria, you need to come quick!”copyright protection52PENANAJibUGoh7nU

“Shut up!”copyright protection52PENANA8PNPsTNxYk

“Oliver used your drawing book to start a fire!”copyright protection52PENANAVSuBaqlvTt

“You what?!”copyright protection52PENANAxCLIxr7Ozu

“Shut up, you’re the one who came up with the idea!”copyright protection52PENANAJHkwxMqkjo

“Both of you get the hell out!”copyright protection52PENANAEfh9RrzdXt

“Hey, don’t shit talk your siblings god dammit Maria or I’ll take those retarded drawings of yours and burn them all to shit!”copyright protection52PENANAGu5sdDTkrt

“But I wasn’t shit talking them!”copyright protection52PENANAPab9HIW72f

“Haha, sis got in trouble.”copyright protection52PENANAwHvNRmfrzc

“Both of you just get out!” she then yelled slamming the door shut, shaking with anger, “I hate this place!”copyright protection52PENANAUfH0HVDBf5

“Get out here and do something productive you worthless brat!” the same person who barked about the dishes barked again.copyright protection52PENANA55ggfXYb51

“Leave me alone!”copyright protection52PENANArBJWpAiE2R

With a sigh, everything getting a little more quiet, she walked over to her phone and looked down, noticing she had messages from Sujit, picking it up and immediately opening the chat.copyright protection52PENANARW7zWPuArK

-copyright protection52PENANAFwQVN5TLhZ

‘Hey’copyright protection52PENANANJBwF07YF9

‘hey’copyright protection52PENANAQx5X62NADf

‘sorry about how zero and i are abeing, I just have trouble getting along with that guy.’copyright protection52PENANAljMbfzh8lz

‘it’s fine.’copyright protection52PENANA88iJFYKMWp

‘you sure?’copyright protection52PENANAVMW1K24yDH

‘positive.’copyright protection52PENANANZ1zbg8spu

‘okay. So, want to stream a movie together cus we can watch the new boruto movie.’copyright protection52PENANA1xDkgii05e

‘nope, I have to go help with dishes or osmething.’copyright protection52PENANAq11n2Mq7l4

‘oh’copyright protection52PENANAP83QIe6RHv

She sighed, phone placed down glancing at the wall where some of her drawings hung, “I wish things could be different...” and with that comment, began walking to the door to exit.copyright protection52PENANAlJ3Y3jhlkm

-copyright protection52PENANAALnC8qpyxK

‘that’s fine, I have hw anyway. Love you’ buzzed onto the phone screen…copyright protection52PENANACnTGdBUksB

-copyright protection52PENANAQOkTNod4Jy

‘that’s fine, I have hw anyway. Love you’ was the message sent. Phone placed down, the one known as Sujit stood, stretching and pushing his hair back, “Damn homework...”copyright protection52PENANArkjOWsel1M

Going by the name Sujit online, Mukouto is an honors student that some might describe as a workaholic, at least when it comes to school work. Though some also believe and claim this is only due to his parents pushing him as any stereotypical point of view would suggest, ‘Asians are smart because their parents crack the whip’.copyright protection52PENANA6EaZknAfI3

The truth of the matter is that he has plans and working hard will help out considerably. Getting back to his desk and pulling out a ten page packet of math work, assigned two days prior due two days from present, though yet somehow over two thirds done as he turns to page seven and begins to read with pencil in hand and scrap paper to the side.copyright protection52PENANARyScsFAFKk

“Mukouto, when you get done with that,” came a voice at the door, a male’s, “I need you to come down and help me move the table out of the way and help put the cabinets up. Then we’re going to take the trash out and finish dishes.”copyright protection52PENANAdbEx0B0fX1

“Alright.”copyright protection52PENANA23Fc20ACfi

As the person at the door began to walk away, Mukouto sighed, looking down at his work, “So much crap to do… wonder how Maria is doing?”copyright protection52PENANAG7RzjjfTYZ

-copyright protection52PENANAdcbRKbsKrq

Two individuals, each with their own set of family problems yet so very similar in such regard, together for the long run separated by a great distance of many miles, in hope that one day they can at last be together forever.copyright protection52PENANALttrFvsf8I

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