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Short Story
Project DreamScapers Vol: 1
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Writer Zero Dantez
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Project DreamScapers Vol: 1
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Episode XX: Federal Investigation: Criminality Afoot?
Zero Dantez
Sep 16, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SuMRF7AMhIjPN57xgir1posted on PENANA

Blue skies and a ringing bell, a crowd of shuffling youngsters on the move, ten in the morning. Sam on her way towards the library, Dilan and Monte not far behind, Derrick waiting inside and Amber waiting by a locker, quick to follow.copyright protection15PENANARcQIjPYmZS

“So like, what is it Sam?”copyright protection15PENANAzSnmJ2tjPL

“I think I know how to bait the Gremlin King out of hiding. I told Damerick and Derrick already. I think if we bait and say we are going to build something to take out Zaraka we could be able to lure out the Gremlin and trap it.”copyright protection15PENANA29AQeInv0O

“You think it would work?”copyright protection15PENANAwS1mBkczHb

“Like, what if it really was just bad luck?”copyright protection15PENANArg4PCNR67G

“We’ve learned a lot lately but I can safely say luck is one thing that doesn’t exist, only little devils that can make this worse. I know it’d work based on how Zaraka thinks based on the books. He’ll send the Gremlin King out to sabotage everything since he’s proven himself, which his when we ambush him.”copyright protection15PENANARaQs05boAb

“I mean… I guess that could work.”copyright protection15PENANAd64etFzFfg

“Haha, I like how you’re thinking Sammy.”copyright protection15PENANARHxVwaJngR

“Yeah… this should work. We’ll have to meet up with Damerick later to really put this into motion then.”copyright protection15PENANA481UB20MrA

“Just one problem...”copyright protection15PENANAYEH2TaHsPW

“What?”copyright protection15PENANAJHDgCaqlxH

-copyright protection15PENANAcCPexqhxcI

A knock on a wood door, the creaking of it as it’d open, inside a decent sized office with a wood desk, filing cabinets, a double monitor computer, notes scattered, and an older looking man in a chair who would in turn look forward confused.copyright protection15PENANA7anPdgZVJP

“Mr. Gespahcas?”copyright protection15PENANARswvI9F9vd

“Er… yes?”copyright protection15PENANAQHPGWm6dUj

“We’re with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, our director was supposed to contact you and inform you of our arrival, which was confirmed.”copyright protection15PENANAV2uiRHzRCi

“Oh uh, yes yes, right ahem er… about-”copyright protection15PENANAGuLd0umGDR

“As was discussed you don’t need to be made aware of anything other than a simple investigation on the premise of strange activity being reported in the area which we intend to get to the bottom of.”copyright protection15PENANATuzJav6hJ0

“Er… alright uh… as I said, you will have our full cooperation.”copyright protection15PENANAAF24YUMxLo

-copyright protection15PENANAQrTCFT61AK

“Yeah, the FBI got summoned.”copyright protection15PENANATuesdpYkGI

“How did that even happen!?”copyright protection15PENANAlgnnlli8T3

“Supposedly someone saw some weird stuff and reported it… likely linked to our friend the Gremlin King.”copyright protection15PENANAxKvqnakucU

“So what, like, do we do now?”copyright protection15PENANAe5otyCSwWz

“Without Victoria’s connections it’s hard to say… we’ll have to tread carefully.”copyright protection15PENANAehPCFbYXjS

“Like, why?”copyright protection15PENANA1QDwh0HBuT

“Because we can’t get rid of them if we get caught. This will have to be pure stealth. I suggest we each do our own investigation around the clock for now. We’ll meet in the old library after school to discuss this further… till then, keep a low profile.”copyright protection15PENANAwJYVcwx53u

“Right.”copyright protection15PENANAEiMuUsGTqZ

“Ya.”copyright protection15PENANALrQoY7oFJT

The sound of the bell, the five nodding and quickly scattering off to their classes, off in a corner though staring at the five with people moving away from him, Stark, his eyes narrowed, writing down in a notebook old library.copyright protection15PENANAyfCxaP4IU7

-copyright protection15PENANAczqZ4krKdR

Monte and Sam, both arriving at class, a lecture course filled with thirty-two people, a teacher, and an assistant, the teacher standing ready to begin the day.copyright protection15PENANAKZiBngIMVr

“Good morning class. Today we’re going to be working towards your final projects for your respective classes. As you all know, today-”copyright protection15PENANAFuHh2R66z1

The door opening, a man in a suit, hair combed back, ear piece in with a wire to a chest pocket and shades, walking inside with two others dressed similarly behind him.copyright protection15PENANAeMBELGZdrd

“Ahem eh, good afternoon ma’am, we’re here to evaluate your class.”copyright protection15PENANA4bcnNADwmz

“What is this nonsense that you’re going on about? Who do you think you are barging into my classroom like this.”copyright protection15PENANAY14Fj6xqd7

“Ma’am I could have you arrested now SIT DOWN!!!”copyright protection15PENANAssT36FJ6Sb

She’d take a step back, looking at the man, hands clenched into fists, frustrated.copyright protection15PENANAjXnvka6YGs

“Heh heh, now, which of you lot is the instructor?” he’d say looking at the class, though immediately everyone would point to the woman he had just yelled at. Turning, he’d take a step back himself, “Oh, that’s- unfortunate. My apologies.”copyright protection15PENANAyEuCjNJQdX

“Grrr… who do you people think you are!?”copyright protection15PENANAXGpRJvxtCp

“We’re with the Federal Bur-, er… we’re with the teaching summit, like I said, to evaluate your class.”copyright protection15PENANAEVm1rHcxFS

“Teaching summit? I… I didn’t realize you were coming!”copyright protection15PENANA0dwuQQhAHv

“That’s ok ma’am, it’s a surprise inspection,” came the voice of the second one.copyright protection15PENANAxFbWwVs3p4

“Uh… ok? Er… so class, today we will be going over the-”copyright protection15PENANAt40Q5rxhZd

“Pst… hey, Monte.”copyright protection15PENANAaZrGthxLRe

“Yeah?”copyright protection15PENANAhpTtlqoOuO

“These guys aren’t with the teaching summit, if there even is a teaching summit. I bet they’re those FBI guys.”copyright protection15PENANATYSTOXkmfk

“Ya think? Heh, what a couple of idiots.”copyright protection15PENANAzpj06MiEya

“Yeah, we’ll have to tell the others. That third guy is giving me a weird vibe though and-”copyright protection15PENANASPzMiVdHJI

“Samantha, you are the star of the course, would you care to share your thesis with the class?”copyright protection15PENANAvCGnwvlQRB

“Oh uh, sure!”copyright protection15PENANAar0ur7gKLO

The agents would stand back against a wall, looking at one another, then to Sam, watching closely.copyright protection15PENANAUEEtrWpFD9

-copyright protection15PENANAn8L3vizR8q

The lunch bell ringing, students murmuring and shouting, laughter in the halls, the five meeting back up heading for the lunch room.copyright protection15PENANAsjRtNjA43m

“So, how was it Monte, Sam? I heard you two had a couple of weird guys in suits visit class today.”copyright protection15PENANATX1xrsuQ87

“Ugh, the most trash cover up story. Those were the guys.”copyright protection15PENANAZvgLzM38Dc

“Yeah. Monte had to ask though to be sure so who knows if anyone else will figure it out.”copyright protection15PENANAz5wrykK9oN

“Shut up Sam, I totally knew the entire time!”copyright protection15PENANAwiLxQd0k39

“Like, they were in my English class too. They asked half the class random questions.”copyright protection15PENANAs3EIPeuTn8

“They were in my gym class claiming to be fitness analysis people. They checked out all of us and questioned two of our weaker athletes who were doing better than normal.”copyright protection15PENANA5WdCnMW8Wl

“So… they’re looking for abnormal people then or strange people who can do what we do.”copyright protection15PENANAWsDH0uV1OY

“Yeah… someone tipped them off then.”copyright protection15PENANAag2PZR3tLr

“But who?”copyright protection15PENANABQnPsLCpUy

“Not sure but we’ll figure it out eventually.”copyright protection15PENANAKQ1oy2St3G

“Unfortunately.”copyright protection15PENANAsdXu3Wm6q7

-copyright protection15PENANAx2YVRrHtQB

Another bell ringing and another batch rushing into room one five nine. All taking their seats, Sam and Derrick among this bunch. In their seats, both looking forward, the same three in suits with shades would sit in metal chairs with pencils and clipboards holding paper. All three looking around the room completely ignoring the teacher, their pencils tapping as the instructor began the lesson for the day.copyright protection15PENANA2Br3Z05Rt9

With a sigh, Sam taking her own notes would begin to scratch down some notes on the lesson, though Derrick not taking his eyes off at all, “(Hmm… just what are these guys after? And why are they so- so lame?)”copyright protection15PENANAyWnwrqtNwT

“Derrick.”copyright protection15PENANAV4VU0NmHhd

“Yes Ms. Gristle?”copyright protection15PENANAjjOLmOLsFf

“Tell me what the sum of two and a third of X in this equation is?”copyright protection15PENANABebYKCodqV

“Hmm. I believe that would be twelve and a half?”copyright protection15PENANA7m02h1QEJ7

“Correct.”copyright protection15PENANAR2qGONuAga

Glancing back upon them, the three would look to Derrick and draft their notes, though two looking down, the third remaining with his head up, light glimmering off his bald head. Blinking, his eyes perking, he’d see a slight red glow behind the shades while sitting back down, shaking it off with a simple shrug.copyright protection15PENANAPRo1Q9Efn5

Sam with a glance up, a sigh leaving her, “(These guys aren’t that bright. Sure they might fool people who don’t know why the FBI would be here, who in turn would not think of them as FBI but they should know the guys they’re after, namely us, would be more than capable of catching onto that. Oh well, can’t be helped I guess. Hopefully they just pick up and get out after a week or so.)”copyright protection15PENANAburbxJdnnW

Continuing on, all would begin to open their books to page five fourteen, more equations waiting, “Please have this completed two class periods from now, thank you.”copyright protection15PENANAufZUVNIqnY

-copyright protection15PENANAAdPZeG9SVw

“It’s commonplace in history for societies to believe in the supernatural, dating back thousands of years, some attributing such things to the Gods they worshiped or simple mishap, even claiming it as an act of the devil. Though in modern days there is a lot of discrepancy about this subject. Many today still claim sightings of ghosts and the unnatural or rather supernatural-”copyright protection15PENANAX60pix9vUw

Monte, Derrick, and Dilan all together in the same class at a table, Dilan’s face planted down upon the table, Monte dozing off, and Derrick reading his notes half asleep, the entire class carrying a similar vibe with, once more, the three agents at the front of the room, and then, the ringing of the bell.copyright protection15PENANArpLrjHe27B

Students standing, yawning, chattering, all moving towards the door as the three kept writing their notes, Derrick and company the last to walk by as the bald headed one would glance forward.copyright protection15PENANA0HOQH3wQVs

“Man what a load of ducks and chickens, not a single one of them stands out.”copyright protection15PENANAmTynjRUsnP

“Guess we can get back to the office now then and come back tomorrow eh?”copyright protection15PENANAZPeLgysuAA

“You guys go on ahead, I want to do a little extra investigating.”copyright protection15PENANA6AiVqZYXQU

“Eh, whatever you say man.”copyright protection15PENANApcOYz7PuAd

The two standing up and walking out, teacher approaching the third, “So uh, how was that then?”copyright protection15PENANAkA2yli6ONH

He’d say nothing, standing and turning to face the teacher, a red glow coming from his shades with a flash of color, a single thrust of the arm forward and static sent flying, crashing against a wall and sliding down, the teacher now lay unconscious, the bald agent smirking with the pulse behind his shades fading, turning and walking out of the room, “Successful.”copyright protection15PENANAoThGPIGNFw

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