In Honor of Valentine's Day: A Love Story out of this world!!! - Mi Amor | Penana

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In Honor of Valentine's Day: A Love Story out of this world!!!
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In Honor of Valentine's Day: A Love Story out of this world!!!
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Mi Amor
Feb 15, 2018
2 Mins Read
506 Words
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Today is the day, I will tell him how I feel. I replied. You know you don't have the courage to do it. Samantha replied. Yes I will, today is Valentine's Day and I have Luck on my side. I replied. Well I how "Luck" is on your side because he is coming near us right now. Samantha replied. Hi girls, how are you doing on this lovely Valentine's Day? James asked. We are doing fine. Samantha replied. Yeah we are totally fine. I replied. That's good to hear. James replied. You know you really need to calm down around him. Samantha replied. I know but when I see him he makes my heart skip a beat. I want him to love me but knowing how "Luck" has failed me. I replied. You need to have more confidence in yourself. He will come around or find another girl.  Samantha replied. Why are you giving me the whole motherly advice act as if I have no chance with him. I asked. Well you have been stammering when you see talk to him. Samantha replied. Whatever, I will go on a date with him. I replied. James rushed back over the Samantha and I. Oh yeah I forgot why I came over here. James replied. I was wondering if you want to go tonight? James asked. As James said those words I felt like "Luck" has come to help me. You don't have to agree if you don't want to. James replied. Yeah she wants to go out. Samantha replied. Whatever you say, I will pick you at eight. James replied. As James walked off, I was so happy beyond belief. You are in luck, he asked you out instead of his regular girl. Samantha replied. Wait you have nothing to wear tonight? Samantha asked. You know I don't have anything. I replied. Later that night, my friend Samantha had me dressed up in a beautiful black silver dress with black stilettos and a black clutch. She also did my hair in a curly and straight hairstyle. As James walked out his car and knocked on the door. I rushed to the door to open it. When I opened the door, James was shocked. You looked so beautiful. Have a good time you too. Samantha replied. As we walked to his car, Samantha texted me. You have fun. Don't do anything crazy. I sighed. As we were driving, I was nervous to talk to him. As soon as we arrived, we were eating at one of the most extravagant restaurant in the city. We ordered our food and we started small talk. Then James asked me a question. Hey Amore, have you ever been anywhere like this? James asked. Well no, you know you are the first guy to take out on a date. I replied. Serious? James asked. Yeah. I replied. As we finished our dinner, he drove me home. As I got out the car he kissed me.copyright protection38PENANAzgQCXcFrVW

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