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Harry Potter & the Equestria Girls
Writer Jacquel Chrissy C. May
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Harry Potter & the Equestria Girls
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Looking for Friends in all the Wrong Cliques
Jacquel Chrissy C. May
Mar 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kcpswtrV2BO7wBvPp7tLposted on PENANA

Within several days, Peyton knew how to survive life at Strawgoh High School. She learned the difference between a locker and a book bag. For the first time in her life, she had to rely on herself to get from one classroom to another. (I'm sure she had some problems getting to her classes for a few days; thanks to Nicholas and Anna, she was able to navigate the halls of the school.)11Please respect copyright.PENANACQpvo0yTLj
copyright protection7PENANA1gNtH9H1Y9

Even though she had Hedley, Peyton was still alone. None of the other students would talk to her for fear of Cassidy's wrath; even the Sirens Kayla, Kirsten, and Sophia had yet to actually acknowledge her existence.copyright protection7PENANA6imvLSZcN1

Yet, the only people who spoke to her were Anna and Nicholas; their stories about life at Strawgoh High didn't make things better for Peyton. Most of their stories were the products of nightmares, including bullies, strict teachers, and the endless hours of homework that had to be completed. Sometimes, it seemed that no one was allowed to have any fun at Strawgoh.copyright protection7PENANAOB9ldFaDME

"OK, that's enough. Stop it!" Peyton snapped as she stopped Anna from telling a story about a girl she hated for almost no reason. "I've had more than enough of your bad stories to last me the rest of my entire life!"copyright protection7PENANAoOVchCmYEk

"Yeah, why can't you tell us a good story for once?" said Hedley. "A story that doesn't contain bullies or cruel teachers or even about Cassidy?"copyright protection7PENANA8KDvgpngCb

"And I'm especially tired of hearing about Cassidy," said Peyton. "That girl is nothing but bad news. How can she be so "great" and yet ruin the lives of students everywhere?"copyright protection7PENANAhqNrL16WET

"That's all we ever know about her," said Nicholas. "She's going to keep oppressing us until the day we graduate."copyright protection7PENANAB3HwfZ8CXM

"That is, if we don't drop out first," said Anna.copyright protection7PENANAX6xABOZZ4B

"I've had enough of those two," said Hedley as he pulled Peyton aside so they could speak in private. "I can't take this anymore! If I hear one more story about Cassidy, I'm going to snap!"copyright protection7PENANAam2XNOZULD

"Calm down, Hedley," said Peyton. "I'm sure we'll find someone soon."copyright protection7PENANANmHvSXu1zs

"We better," said Peyton.copyright protection7PENANAOwym7aa69f

To be honest, she was tired of having people following her, asking her stupid questions, and making bad jokes about her choice in clothing. Someone would be hanging out with her, come hell or high water.copyright protection7PENANAIjCLhqAgkl

Yet before we can begin that part of the story, here's what happened the day before...11Please respect copyright.PENANA7wQ3FmpQli
copyright protection7PENANAU8IBEBy8C8

Peyton and Hedley went to the library to study the school's history before Cassidy came into the place. It appeared that the kids were happy with their school, until Cassidy sent Jacquel there. Nonetheless, Cassidy took control of the school two years before kidnapping Harry and Jacquel.11Please respect copyright.PENANAESmB6RI1CR
copyright protection7PENANAArE9NMjYSt

"Well, I must say this is interesting," said Hedley as he stared at a picture of six girls standing together in front of the school sign. One of those girls HAD to look like Jacquel, with her dark hair and mismatched blue and gray eyes.copyright protection7PENANAeBMQn4gXlB

The picture underneath the caption read: "Jacquelyn Ritterwolff, Josselyn Bradley, Raina Gilpin, Marley Collins, Abigail Hilliard, and Summer Edmondson. Freshman Day at Strawgoh High School, 2013."copyright protection7PENANAigK1RoCqwe

"We've hit the jackpot," said Hedley. "It turns out that Jacquel had friends besides her spellcasting cousins. All we need to do is bring her and her friends back together."11Please respect copyright.PENANAAeHZK60iZM
copyright protection7PENANAz7GdhtZBsS

"I don't know if that's a good idea," said Peyton. "Who knows who these other girls are. Or where they are for that matter. I mean, are they nice?"copyright protection7PENANA4GuRwRVNPh

"Or maybe they're just as mean as Cassidy is, and we know Cassidy was behind the whole thing," said Hedley.copyright protection7PENANAp7x98pxLP4

"I can't trust her, not even for a second," said Peyton. "I say that we track her friends down."copyright protection7PENANAZocFCt9C4B

"It's worth a shot," said Hedley. "After all, I believe we were sent here for a reason, even though we both don't know what it is yet."11Please respect copyright.PENANAB6isaYOzOa
copyright protection7PENANAv9h00ORWBG

Unknown to Peyton and Hedley, Cassidy, Azalea, and Dulce was sitting outside the library. They were planning to humiliate Peyton for standing up to them. Cassidy was angry because Peyton defied her and made sure that she would not get her way.11Please respect copyright.PENANARs3d494MbG
copyright protection7PENANAd0OKaX9HIZ

Azalea said, "Check it out guys, Payton is sitting at the computer."copyright protection7PENANAMIoZo1syDx

"Why should we care?" said Dulce.copyright protection7PENANA99Gr9Hf1DR

"Because I found out a way to humiliate her," said Cassidy.copyright protection7PENANAIQSxB2vLKd

"And how are we going to do that?" said Azalea.11Please respect copyright.PENANADLVlKGsKZr
copyright protection7PENANAKxW9wlaZTO

"You'll see," said Cassidy as she held up her video camera. As she recorded Peyton and Hedley looking up something on the Internet, she thought to herself you’re so going down, Peyton Hanner.11Please respect copyright.PENANAwAxP3HOSgC
copyright protection7PENANAw3Xdv7VK8y

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