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Short Story
Rebecca and Jesus
Writer univers3girl044
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Rebecca and Jesus
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Feb 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9CnTf1jgjSxwaYGitKKoposted on PENANA

Her name was rebecca.copyright protection8PENANA2D7MkHScx112Please respect copyright.PENANAuguT7x9Juw

Her hair was black, a deep blue black that fell down straight past her shoulders. She had long bangs that gracefully hung down the sides of her cheeks. Her eyes were icy bright gray, like the winter. She had a creamy pale skin complexion and some of the people would compliment her, for she was beautiful. Although she couldnt see it. Not many knew of the terrible broken heart and emptiness she carried deep within. copyright protection8PENANAQHDdASeU9y12Please respect copyright.PENANAaAWTJVn6B6

She longed for love. She longed for freedom from her pain.copyright protection8PENANAMH4XFLg9w012Please respect copyright.PENANAiLBGDpcLt2

She was hopeless.copyright protection8PENANAyyDFkYncbU12Please respect copyright.PENANAAXi5RqD1a7

It was a cold day in the town, it had been snowing for a long time ever since the day before. copyright protection8PENANAd1BRecKt7T12Please respect copyright.PENANAxkHterpBx0

Rebecca was walking down the street, the snowflakes were falling against her hair. She had a black coat on of expensive material and a cream colored sweater dress with a collar. Cars passed by her and it seemed as if everything she knew and loved had gone away, it seemed as the people that walked by her couldnt even see her. Couldnt see her for who she really was, how she really felt. She passed by the streetlights as she shivered in her coat.copyright protection8PENANA1UB6RgR8qo12Please respect copyright.PENANAIQLjwpIJbc

She was walking to the little church in town that was just down a couple streets. The sun began to set as she approached a brown wooden doorway with bronze handles. She opened the door and walked into the entrance area although no one was there except those that were working in the office. It was quiet there today. Empty. She looked around with a blank expression on her face and tucked her bangs behind her ear. copyright protection8PENANA9YWNEgL1tX12Please respect copyright.PENANALM93R0uu1E

She walked into the chapel area. The chapel had rows of pews with deep red carpeting and in the front was a nice looking altar. She walked slowly up to the front row of pews and sat down. For a minute she sat there on the cushion listening to the wind echoing outside as it snowed heavy. It reminded her of the eerie voices that echoed through her mind. copyright protection8PENANAWHYyydLjGS12Please respect copyright.PENANABzZj2dKrPi

She looked down at her boots as a tear fell from her eye and she began to cry as she put her hands to her face. Her mascara was running down her cheeks and she cried silently to herself. Silently so that no one would see, so that no one would understand as it always was meant to be like that. copyright protection8PENANAdIMOPE4GNu12Please respect copyright.PENANAsx8eQEEzoP

She cried until her hands were wet with tears until a voice spoke to her. copyright protection8PENANA4Wt1K7hw9L12Please respect copyright.PENANAL9BVctWHXY

“Come to Me and I will save you.”copyright protection8PENANAt5srD1Eokl12Please respect copyright.PENANAlzxlTAyD1o

Surprised, she looked up wondering where the voice was coming from. She looked around but no one was there, it was empty and silent in the chapel, so silent that she could hear the creaking of the ceiling as the wind blew. copyright protection8PENANAhx44lTJqAw

Again the voice spoke, more softly.copyright protection8PENANAVFtoGdvYJF12Please respect copyright.PENANAWuV4JMJnm7

“Come to Me.”copyright protection8PENANAJcKcDodiNy

She stood up, her cheeks darkened from her makeup running down her face. She had a sense to go into the garden outside, so she got up out of the pew and quickly headed out the chapel entrance that led to the garden. She ran through the dark hallway and approached the clear glass door, opening it wide and stepping upon cold hard ground covered in thick snow. The garden was before her although the plants and trees were all dead, she stepped fully outside to a little area with an archway entrance and some small trees covered in snow. Beside the trees and dead bushes, there was a white stone bench in the middle of the garden. It was getting to be dusk now. She walked into the garden area and noticed a very tall man standing back towards her, observing the bushes. He seemed to be wearing a long cream colored tan coat made of wool with a robe underneath.copyright protection8PENANAD45H8rBRRb

She walked up to the man in curiosity. copyright protection8PENANAoNQRbx4HvN

“Excuse me? Sir?” She said. copyright protection8PENANAmfZ7rDvFVi

The man turned around to face her. copyright protection8PENANAdynjgwKRoC

She was immediately shocked to see Jesus standing in front of her.copyright protection8PENANA2MpTEBqIjV

He had thick, brown wavy long hair that hung down to His shoulders. He was tan with a neatly trimmed beard. When she saw Him she was relieved. He slowly walked up to her with a look of slight sadness and longing in His facial expression. Before she could say anything or even speak, He lifted His hand up to her cheek and placed his fingertips gently against her skin tilting her chin up to meet His gaze, like He knew her already, as if she had met Him before. She looked up and In just a moment, she was face to face with the most bright and beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. The compassion and tenderness she saw in His eyes were overwhelming and she found herself just staring, mesmerized in His love with tears beginning to fall down once more.copyright protection8PENANAwGbwNC9ji4

Somehow she knew and she could see that He was the only one who understood her pain, her fears, her shame. copyright protection8PENANABvDZPUwAMU

“I know you are afraid.”copyright protection8PENANAcOHCIld84w

He said as the wind blew softly. He could see the fear in her eyes.copyright protection8PENANA4Acg60Sgjb

“I know the deep suffering of your soul.”copyright protection8PENANAlVHZUwTr6F

He spoke through the quietness of the cold air while the snowflakes fell gently down against the strands of their hair. copyright protection8PENANAlju3Vdp8mt

“I’m sorry, for everything. I’m not worth it, I’m not worthy of you.” She said as she looked down to the ground.copyright protection8PENANAFr4SHbSArc

He took upon a look of concern as He saw her tears of shame and brokenness, pain. copyright protection8PENANALM7sL2YFt5

He read her thoughts and said to her,copyright protection8PENANAlPoPSj3hsp

“My daughter, Can’t you see?” His eyebrows furrowed as He looked at her brushing her black hair out of her eyes. Do you not know that I am in love with you?”copyright protection8PENANAL7QQ0x1T7s

“I...I’m in love with you too.” She slightly blushed looking back up to Him now.copyright protection8PENANA5Tfcl1fkGI

He stared at her for a moment in silence and then reached out gently touching her hands. He grazed His fingers against hers softly, and she could feel the scars in His hands against her palms. The wounds they inflicted upon Him when He was crucified.  He communicated to her telepathically and looked into her gray eyes. It was as if He was saying...”I died just for you.”copyright protection8PENANAp1xORq7UIA

Then Jesus spoke out loud.copyright protection8PENANAjuHakIHlBP

“I’m always with you My love. When you are afraid, when you are tormented. Know that I will never leave you or forsake you. Just take my hand, and I will give you rest.”copyright protection8PENANAOGI3T359oL

She couldn’t hold back a smile as He smiled with her.copyright protection8PENANASONqCFQKAz

A cold and bitter wind blew against them and Rebecca shivered and started to tremble as the temperature dropped for the night. copyright protection8PENANAkU324nKMJm

Jesus noticed she was shaking.copyright protection8PENANABx3jBXnG6M

“You’re cold.”copyright protection8PENANAsYAgodVfXw

He said as they exhaled, steam coming out of their breath.copyright protection8PENANAOiqRkuf5gY

She nodded.copyright protection8PENANArSvuc6sANy

“Come, sit down with Me.”copyright protection8PENANAmfxXwVara8

He took her hand and motioned for her to sit with Him on the bench so she walked over with Him and sat down beside Him. He took His coat off and wrapped it around her, and to her surprise He wrapped His arms around her and held her close in His embrace. She shivered against Him warming up in His arms, feeling so comfy now. copyright protection8PENANAXZqoQKT5P9

He’s so warm...copyright protection8PENANA3h2zLeGdOt

She thought to herself as she nuzzled up against the curve of His neck.copyright protection8PENANAMbJj8ffjHq

Some stars began to appear in the horizon and Jesus laughed and smiled with her as He pointed up to the sky. It was much darker now And the dim streetlights and cars passing by were the only light.copyright protection8PENANArFpR3gBWmr

Jesus kissed her cheek and held her tighter, closer.copyright protection8PENANA6qI8ZunFIc

“I love you, I love you, My dear.” His vocal cords rumbled and she closed her eyes in her savior’s arms.copyright protection8PENANA9unSOw83PP

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