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Crimson Gloom
Writer Celz
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Crimson Gloom
A - A - A
Prologue: Emergence
By Celz
Feb 13, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UMEwvqxpbx1kMng6Parrposted on PENANA

Insects buzzed in the heat of a summer night. A sentry yawned at the outpost during a regular shift. He leaned against the wooden gate as the summer breeze gently brushed against his face, causing him to nod off.copyright protection49PENANAGLO0uJ9j5q

"Hey, Mack!" His partner slapped him on the back of his head. "How many times are you going to nod off like that?" His partner asked, clearly annoyed.copyright protection49PENANA50dKxIa47l

"Blast it, Rowe, just give me a break, won't you?" Mack rubbed the back of his head without looking up back at Rowe. "I didn't catch enough sleep today" he shook his head to clear off the drowsiness and then looked up to the sky. He squinted his eyes.copyright protection49PENANAB9FnxWun7V

"You must have had a great time with Jen, didn't you?" Rowe snickered as he jabbed Mack in the stomach with his fingers.copyright protection49PENANAOOHDOcnYvs

Mack would usually jump at Rowe's actions and start cursing, but he was silent this time. His gaze seemed transfixed onto something in the clear night sky. "I must be seeing things, am I? The lack of sleep must be making me hallucinate," he muttered and blinked his bleary eyes a few times before looking into the night sky again.copyright protection49PENANApBsClZkv4s

"What are you looking at?" Rowe knitted his eyebrows together and turned to look in the direction that Mack is looking. He gasped. "In the name of the gods, what's that? Two years as a sentry here in the Village of Holle and I've never seen anything like this." Rowe turned back to Mack and gave a shaky smile. Mack's face was tinged with an eerie shade of red as the both of them continued to gape at the sight before them while feeling uneasy and unsure what to do.copyright protection49PENANARGCx49uywB

The moon, which was illuminating the night with bright white light a few moments ago was tainting the landscape with a tinge of red. The moon itself is like a blood-drenched rock that hung in the cloudless sky. The sky was illuminated with crimson rays of light. The air was deathly still as it gave way to a thunderous boom that shook the ground with such great force that threw Mack and Rowe off their feet.copyright protection49PENANAulpbYenlcS

"Earthquake!" Rowe screamed as Mack scrambled back up to his feet to ring the bell. A sentry ran to the elder's dwelling to get him out.copyright protection49PENANANBugdPgylk

"Everyone get out into the open now!" Mack yelled at the top of his lungs. All his drowsiness had vanished and was replaced by the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he scrambled to get the villagers out of their houses. His thoughts went out to Jen as he made his way to her house with much difficulty as he could barely stand up against the force of the earthquake. Each step he took threw him off his feet repeatedly. Chaos roared around him as the screams of the villagers scrambling towards safety and the crashing of collapsing structures deafened him.copyright protection49PENANA0c0CJ5MdDi

"Jen..." he thought as he grunted and tried to rise to his feet again. He was on all fours when he noticed that his hands were glowing with a red gleam. Shocked, he held his hands to his face but soon realized that it was the ground that was emitting the red glow. As he stared down at the ground, blood red lines started to appear around and under him. The lines continued growing longer and more elaborate; twisting, coiling and curling to form a circle with intricate designs. The circle completed itself when two far ends of the lines joined up. The glow brightened with a blinding intensity as the earthquake gained strength in a crescendo-like fashion to finally reach its peak and unleashed a shock wave that blasted away everyone and everything around it in a quarter-mile radius.copyright protection49PENANAP8EejCtHXF

The blast swept Mack off the ground and threw him against the remains of a wall of a house. Mack groaned as he writhed in pain on the damp soil. He looked up in pain, his vision hazy accompanied by a constant ringing in his ears as he saw the creatures emerge from the circle in the middle of the village square. Mack had never seen such creatures before. They are about nine feet tall and have the width of two large men. Their humanoid bodies were covered in thick, dark, wiry hide. One of the creatures arched its back and roared, as if in triumph. Its fangs from its opened jaws gleamed in the crimson moonlight. The talons on its fingers are like polished ivory with a tinge of crimson. It lowered its head and looked straight up front, its eyes a shade of cadmium yellow with slit pupils like those of reptiles.copyright protection49PENANAzLh42uTi2e

"Monsters," Mack gasped as he reached for his sword as he lay on the ground soaked with his blood. Alas, he could not find the strength needed to lift himself off the ground. He laid there with his back on the ground, with each breath being more difficult than the former as he looked up into the sky once more. The full moon was a deathly shade of crimson that bathed the land and the creatures in red. His vision faded with the screams of terror and the abominated roars in the background.copyright protection49PENANAD3rEGaJson

"Did he die, father?" Elise asked, her eyes round with curiosity as she looked up at her father.copyright protection49PENANALdvpsO2VvZ

"Well I don't know about that," Edward chuckled while he stroked his daughter's auburn hair. copyright protection49PENANAB5LS9Nm35p

"Why wouldn't you know about that? You are the one that's telling me the story," Elise pouted and frowned at Edward. She grabbed his hand with her own two smaller hands, stopping him from stroking her hair.copyright protection49PENANAiJtJnaT7Ci

"Now, now, I wouldn't want to frown too much if I were you. You're going to get wrinkles as early as twenty years old, you know. Besides," He tickles her under her neck, "I'd prefer to see my little girl smiling like an angel." Elise squirmed away and giggled. "As for the story," Edward adds, "I'm just telling you how I've heard it from my elders, so I don't really know the ending."copyright protection49PENANAuovZOXOQTk

"Is the story real? I mean, what happened to Mack? How about Rowe? Did Jen manage to meet Mack? What about the villagers? What are those creatures?" Elise eagerly asked Edward without pause.copyright protection49PENANAQuqBmApJDv

"Whoa, slow down little spunk," He sighed and added, "I don't know if the story is real, but I can tell you that similar incidents happen," Edward cast a faraway look and continued, "The Crimson Gloom, they call it. On the night of the full moon, the moon turns red and creatures called Zetearoph emerge from portals and they destroy everything in their path." He looked solemnly at Elise.copyright protection49PENANA9WeDFBNzIq

"I've seen the full moon many times but that has never happened before," Elise tilted her head questioningly.copyright protection49PENANARdPncDk1ue

"Well, apparently those occurrences are quite rare but when they do happen, misery ensues," he paused, in deep thought. "Hmm, it's time for you to sleep now, little spunk."copyright protection49PENANAmlJMW6mmQ0

"But I want to know more, father," Elise tugged at Edward's sleeve.copyright protection49PENANAR0W5DCHrbq

Edward motioned towards the boy who was sleeping peacefully in his bed. "Look at Gino, he's already deep in his dreams."copyright protection49PENANAR2DHpQlKRQ

"Hmph, let him sleep then, what has it got to do with me?" Elise crossed her arms over her chest. "Please father, tell me more," she begged.copyright protection49PENANAZebI08OnuE

"No means no, Elise. It's too late now. I'll tell you more on another day alright?" Edward replied gently but with conviction.copyright protection49PENANAolElriX8J8

"Okay," Elise sighed and finally relented. She plopped onto her bed. Edward pulled the blanket over her and kissed her forehead.copyright protection49PENANAyBbciB2EmU

"Goodnight, little spunk."copyright protection49PENANAul8F49NSwh

"Goodnight, father," Elise closed her eyes.copyright protection49PENANAxVDcg4udcd

"Goodnight."                                             copyright protection49PENANAlLPxX880Mu

                                                           End of Chapter Prologue.copyright protection49PENANAUgQ3VUcINJ

                                                                                        To be continued in Chapter 1: Flightcopyright protection49PENANA0kEEwUI18V

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