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The Deadly Rose
Writer Lozy
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The Deadly Rose
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The worst Week
By Lozy
Feb 14, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sE3vE0fD95dlu4QOxmyMposted on PENANA

14/2/18copyright protection165PENANA1ZjE94Qr2v

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection165PENANAzvaC0ODfsN

Some people might find school boring and stressful, others may like it because they get to see their friends.copyright protection165PENANAlF8PKZDilc

I don't like school for many reasons. I've never been popular. I have a close group of friends but the teachers don't like me and I'm never in their classes. Therefore I sit on a table by myself at the back of the room. I really don't mind though, its quiet and I get my work done. copyright protection165PENANA4nbn1lrRMu

I normally don't have a problem going to school but this year sucks already. I'm in year 10 this year and it's the second week of school.copyright protection165PENANAnlZyY0nCfP

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection165PENANApBuyrfx5xT

This is my week-  copyright protection165PENANAhBgsYiOp9A

Monday: Class schedule gets changed into horrible roomscopyright protection165PENANATxWT6VTtx9

Tuesday: Teacher insults me causing me to cry right before school photocopyright protection165PENANAiXKNvb22gA

Wednesday: Not having a date on valentines day and third-wheeling with your friendscopyright protection165PENANAWxbc09uOzE

Thursday: Staying home to do chores because you don't want to go to the swimming carnivalcopyright protection165PENANAptclmihfMO

Friday: Year 10 immunisationscopyright protection165PENANAo5L9ShlVjB

Saturday: My step sister started working with mecopyright protection165PENANAvf9HsaQWYq

Sunday: Going to work with the guy who rejected mecopyright protection165PENANABoTNJf61uS

Its Wednesday today and things aren't going well. There is this one guy in all my classes who has an issue with me and my best friend Jacob. He keeps death glaring and threating me but he's been physically pushing around Jacob.copyright protection165PENANAPTXB2QTnMc

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection165PENANAZhs9ZVkPSi

I'm going to share a secret with you guys. Im not afraid of much but I faint at the sight of needles. I'm really not looking forward to Friday because of my fear but I have to do it. I'm just so worried I'll make a scene in front of the school over one tiny pinch you can only feel for a second. I realise I'm being ridiculous but I just can't help it.copyright protection165PENANAftH8hronsT

I can't believe I'm going to say this but the only good part of today was PE. Even though we were outside 33 degree heat, we were playing volleyball. I'm not very good at sports but it was fun and I did okay.copyright protection165PENANAgiMdTP3NdP

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection165PENANA0d7sn6nHWf

Anyways, I hope this blog wasn't boring and you managed to stay awake. THANK YOU!!copyright protection165PENANA0cJHl08JoA

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