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Princess at Arms
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Writer Miss Anderson
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Princess at Arms
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Rhino on the Run
Miss Anderson
Feb 15, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LUWa39ZdAyHENLhIhxxRposted on PENANA

I feel like a rhino on the run, going no where fast.9Please respect copyright.PENANAxcQKoe8NP7
copyright protection5PENANAhsW5KBYHod

Would you be strong enough? Would you be brave enough? Those were some of the last words she had whispered to me before she disappeared from my life.copyright protection5PENANApa8lkbvko5

No, my love. copyright protection5PENANAT6KGR1o8zW

And I never would be. I would never be strong enough or brave enough to endure the traditional training methods of her people, but I would always love her. I would always be brave enough and strong enough to do that. Always there for her no matter what her journey.copyright protection5PENANA0QpWVayURW

Whether blue fire branded her a master of Fiyori acrobatics. Or perhaps she is able to blend in with any background, even the star streaked sky, like a Canvasi. Or perhaps she is master of poisons like the Marshlanders, or handles enemies with brute strength like a Summit.copyright protection5PENANA8h7gDss8MQ

My mother had been a Summit. She was murdered in cold blood by the king, my ageless rival. He had taken everything from me and still wanted more, but I only wanted one thing. And he had her. Imprisoned in the depths of his kingdom. Fighting his wars. copyright protection5PENANAdGWYmOZLWy

But i would find her, and I would rescue her-copyright protection5PENANAIWp7Tlisfa

"Yasuhiro!!!"copyright protection5PENANApnrwE4Y6cL

What an annoying voice. It makes me cringe every time. Not that I exactly hate the person. It just reminds me of my predicament. I love a girl with all of my heart, but my heart is promised to another- a childhood friend from a prestigious family.copyright protection5PENANAXqrToNHozE

Suddenly, she stops and screams.copyright protection5PENANAXhBmpvHIXX

"Bear, leave her!" I call to one of the biggest inhabitants of my garden.copyright protection5PENANASmlkS0oQ6B

A giant creature with one horn peeking from his nose. Sometimes, if he is in a good mood, I could hitch a slow ride away from this world. They are rare to nonexistent nowadays. Way back when, there were sparse many of the creatures anyway, and now, there are maybe four that exist. Two live in my garden. They are called rhinos.copyright protection5PENANAB312XpQFOq

"Yuri, I will meet you later. I'm going for a ride."copyright protection5PENANAjLIV87qQQn

"On that thing?"copyright protection5PENANANIJ92C9rsg

"Yes," I reply, hopping onto his back. Thank goodness he is in a good mood today, or I would be dropped to the ground with the wind knocked out of me. On really bad days, I have to struggle back to my feet before I am trampled. But today, as if he knows my conflict, he is a perfectly gentle giant. copyright protection5PENANA23j36htXWi

"Hyah, Bear," I order, and he even pretends to be a well-trained creature and charges into the forest.copyright protection5PENANAng35bcdB23

"Be safe!" Yuri calls.copyright protection5PENANAYQMI0Pk9gN

I feel a twinge in my heart. She really cares about me, and she is really pretty. She would make a good wife and a wonderful Empress, even a wonderful mother...maybe...maybe I should just give up. copyright protection5PENANApjRJmX0QUW

"No, Bear, I promised her!" I resolve.copyright protection5PENANA8iccnnoBZq

He grunts as he munches a mouthful of plants. I lean back with my hands folded across my abdomen, swayed by his slow but giant steps. copyright protection5PENANAEXhrGhg1rw

"Besides, it would be unfair to lead Yuri on. She is always planning dates and attempting to get to know one another better, but I...I just can't...when Malkia and I are together again..." I shake my head, twisted in two ways. Was that even possible?copyright protection5PENANAOQQFAdDA3y

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