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Yagan jae and the dreaming girl
Writer Barbara
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Yagan jae and the dreaming girl
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Mar 12, 2018
17 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E2FpMz9IM3eWectpWlASposted on PENANA

One morning Yagan jae(1) is just about to sit down to breakfast when a knock closely followed by another comes at his front door. He goes to answer it to find a woman in tears and she says something so quickly he does not understand. (1Night ash)copyright protection52PENANAris4QZIppu

   “Calm down Maehwa(2),” he says, gently taking hold of her shoulders. “Come now, take a deep breath.” (2Plum blossom)copyright protection52PENANAT3wzsj8C1U

The woman does as he says and the god asks her, “Please my dear tell me again.”copyright protection52PENANAFfQUskjoFT

   “It’s my daughter... We cannot wake her... Pl-please help us,” replies the lady with tears rolling down her face.copyright protection52PENANAg7cJc2IVs7

Yagan jae gives her a pat on the arm, he picks up a cloth bag and says, “Let’s go.”copyright protection52PENANAplbVUEf3gg

They quickly cross the street to enter a small hut, where the lady goes on to show him through to a back room where a man is speaking softly to a child of around ten or eleven years of age, the moment he sees a hand covered in black scales with long white claws, appear over his daughter’s chest, he looks and gasps, “Yagan jae!”copyright protection52PENANAYWwOQY9anP

   “Sorry Pogpung(3), I did not intend to startle you.” (3Waterfall)copyright protection52PENANA3EXgn9i55L

The man rises, he performs a deep bow and replies, “No my fault, I was so far away. Please can you help her?”copyright protection52PENANAcu6oq12F5i

The Dragon nods and replies, “I will soon have her awake.”copyright protection52PENANAW3etS5s2fP

The parents watch him try from a strong smelling herb to the Deathly Orchid the smell of rotting meat fills the room and makes them both feel quite ill. But their daughter remains asleep.copyright protection52PENANARjuPzRYSW4

   “What? I do not understand... This should have awakened her,” mutters Yagan jae, opening the shutters to let in some clean air.copyright protection52PENANAD9yKxZMAFR

   “What now?” Pogpung asks, his voice full of worry.copyright protection52PENANASBV75NdxQs

The god turns around to face them and replies, “I’ve got one more thing to try.”copyright protection52PENANAnHMRwlIvdF

The parents watch him kneel back down beside their daughter, he removes a strange looking stone from the bag and starts to move it around her body.copyright protection52PENANAzRP8Bn7nXM

   “Nothing,” he says under his breath.copyright protection52PENANAfQoaYtYb1O

The mother rushes to his side, she grabs hold of his huge bicep and sobs, “Please help her.”copyright protection52PENANAEowqg3LZzZ

Yagan jae gives her a hug and replies in a soft voice, “I would if I could. But I have no idea what I am dealing w-Dreamer. Yes, a Dreamer will know.”copyright protection52PENANAF9QuhsSoPP

The parents watch the god rise and walks out of the room. They quickly run after him and he instructs them to keep their daughter warm, and he will be back as soon as he can. They watch him head out of the house and take off into the clear blue sky.copyright protection52PENANAb4GzfE3dP4

Yagan jae travels to islands of the Grey Dragons to ask Yūhi(4) where he can find the Dreamer? (4Setting sun)copyright protection52PENANA2ttyTKCFKb

   “He is travelling in the north with my son Yoguri(5).” (5Night mist)copyright protection52PENANAFpkvUCXM1N

   “Thanks.”copyright protection52PENANACcSiM7WPlL

   “Wait? What’s the rush?”copyright protection52PENANAUnfoW88yOS

   “Sorry, there is a little girl in the village on the mainland I am unable to awaken.”copyright protection52PENANAKti4YcHWYI

   “Oh my goodness, no wonder you’re in a hurry. Go and try by the beach.”copyright protection52PENANAJBUBTHJPx4

Yagan jae performs a slight bow then runs outside to take off. It is late afternoon when he spots a Grey Dragon climbing over some rocks, he quickly comes into land on the pebble beach and calls, “Yogiri!”copyright protection52PENANABrrQQoYZWM

   “Yagan jae, what’s the matter?”copyright protection52PENANASGgaLfmsbl

The Black Dragon takes his time to explain to which his friend replies, “He’s in the forest collecting mushrooms.”copyright protection52PENANAbVX5xQMhFj

They both run over to the line of trees to find the Dreamer is busy talking to something only he can see and offers a little white flower towards the fallen tree trunk, which disappears.copyright protection52PENANAlgLN6Bb5B7

   “Forest Sprits?” Yoguri asks, looking around.copyright protection52PENANAStO8DAn03z

“Yes, the forest is full of them. I almost sent one flying as he was fast asleep on a mushroom, weren’t you little one?”copyright protection52PENANAmevjk297jP

   “Lèguān(6), I’m in need of your help?” (6Hopefulness)copyright protection52PENANArF6dscODiq

This makes the Dreamer turn around and ask, “Not another demon?”copyright protection52PENANALaTAjwaGxe

   “No... Well I hope not,” replies Yagan jae, rubbing the back of his neck.copyright protection52PENANAfTtLdNNnU7

   “Explain.”copyright protection52PENANAcmNizfvoTN

The Black Dragon tells him everything about the girl and the methods he used to try and awaken her.copyright protection52PENANAOEYHehepXL

Lèguān takes a turn around the trunk and mutters, “How strange... Wait, you’re hoping I will be able to bring her out of it?”copyright protection52PENANAEdF7YSUMfP

Yagan jae drops to his keens and replies, “Please try.”copyright protection52PENANAUscHLLWg9P

The Dreamer nods and replies, “I will see what I can do.”copyright protection52PENANA4Yu2FJjU8h

   “Thank you.”copyright protection52PENANAFNvlUudPgt

   “Oh don’t thank me yet, Yagan jae,” says the Dreamer, as he pats him on the arm and walks off out of the forest.copyright protection52PENANAEbWQSHCPYL

The Dragons quickly follow him and Yogiri is about to pick Lèguān up when he shakes his head and continues down the beach.copyright protection52PENANAF2Ka5pTok2

Yagan jae is about to go after him when the Grey Dragon puts up his hand in front of his chest and shakes his head.copyright protection52PENANAGZPblJFzyW

   “Let me,” he says in a soft voice.copyright protection52PENANA2d8Z41GGRF

The Black Dragon gives him a nod and watches Yogiri walk quickly after the Dreamer.copyright protection52PENANAsxHcHMCAbW

   “Lèguān, stop,” says the Grey Dragon, gently taking hold of his friend’s shoulder which holts him mid stride, then Yogiri gets down on his knees, turning the Dreamer around to face him and continues, “Come on, you know you can talk to me.”copyright protection52PENANADRWt3hcJQL

Lèguān sighs and replies, “I know. It’s just that I’m not looking forward to this. I know what has a hold on the child and I know it is very, very dangerous, it cannot only kill its victim, but me as well, because it can entrap my soul on the other side... All I can hope for is a guardian comes to rescue me.”copyright protection52PENANAGTZOS3PzKG

   “Guardian?” Yagan jae asks, crouching down next to them.copyright protection52PENANAecdWpVJ2wU

   “Mhm... They come in many forms from, beautiful women, handsome men, to beasts, that can resemble a buffalo or can look like a huge cat standing on its hind legs. Also animals from foxes to cats and other creatures. Then there is the ancients, blacked hooded cloaked creatures with blueish purple orbs for eyes, they are skeleton like creatures with a thin layer of skin over their bones. They may sound a bit creepy? But I can tell you now, they are extremely powerful and they are the best weapon against demons.”copyright protection52PENANAZ9MVCPdPy3

   “Ah now I understand. You see the Dreamers that I knew called them, Protectors of the other realm.”copyright protection52PENANABeXB3QESqp

Lèguān emits a soft laugh and says, “It does not exactly roll off the tongue? That is why my family call them guardians.”copyright protection52PENANAzFCNB1Ik4e

   “I agree that is much better. I do not mean to doubt you, but are you sure we are dealing with a demon?” Yagan jae asks, watching Yogiri look right at him and shakes his head.copyright protection52PENANAf3n1Y0QbQp

The Dreamer’s eyes narrow, he frowns and replies, “Do not dare question me, for I have dealt with their kind before. We call them Fear Demon, because they live off a person’s fear and anxiety. They have learned to hide themselves from our crystals, they fool you into thinking the person is just asleep, whilst it feeds. The reason they are so dangerous is because they can tap into what frightens the person the most, losing their family, being lost, dying. Once they find it, they keep them there until the end. I am not exaggerating, they can literally frighten a person to death.”copyright protection52PENANAfrEd2H3Hzu

   “Forgive me I did not mean to make it sound like I was questioning you. What can we do to get rid of it?”copyright protection52PENANA699JWKKE5O

Lèguān takes a deep breath and replies, “It is not going to be easy because we are also going to have to make sure the parents show no fear as it will latch on to them. If that happens I may not have enough strength to help them.”copyright protection52PENANASkSglQgc26

Yogiri places his left hand to his chest and says, “I will try to get them to think of happy thoughts as I know it will help not just you, but their child as well.”copyright protection52PENANACiygwBXAix

   “Thanks old friend. All right, let’s get this over with.”copyright protection52PENANA4pGd8DYTh3

Both Dragons nod and once Yagiri has picked up his friend they take off.copyright protection52PENANAI9oAqJrHWu

It does not take long for them to reach the little village, Yagan jae leads them over to the house of the sleeping girl and knocks on the door before he enters.copyright protection52PENANANyNmPjXNTg

A man comes running over to greet him and sees he is not alone.copyright protection52PENANAlXG2bPF9JW

   “Do not worry they are friends of mine,” says the Black Dragon, patting him on the arm. “They are here to help your daughter.”copyright protection52PENANAcr6A2xkueh

Pogpung shows them all through and notices the small god remains by the door.copyright protection52PENANAY1QLoF4msY

Yogiri gets down on one knee and asks, “What is it?”copyright protection52PENANACOVjQ68vgR

Lèguān smiles and asks, “Do you feel that?”copyright protection52PENANAssjz3l6oQk

   “Feel what?”copyright protection52PENANAFOmwAKbE6E

   “Exactly. You nor the mortals will feel it. The only way to describe it is an eerie feeling. I cannot believe I am dealing with one again.”copyright protection52PENANACJsy3jFcOV

   “Tell us what to do?”copyright protection52PENANA3honQsJWQz

Yagan jae places his hand on the Dreamer’s shoulder and says, “Yogiri’s right, order us around.”copyright protection52PENANAhwoD2YoeCu

Lèguān laughs and replies, “All right. I need plenty of room, the table needs to be moved and I need to bring the child into the centre.”copyright protection52PENANATfemOiFuuu

Both Dragons nod and do as he asks.copyright protection52PENANApyLNVCgEz6

   “What are you doing?” Maehwa asks her voice full of worry.copyright protection52PENANAeQDCtGARVd

   “I am a Dreamer, I am here to save your daughter. That is all you need to know. Start asking me questions, like that and I will tell you to leave, understand?”copyright protection52PENANAmOtBbhTRLo

The mother nods and replies, “Please help my daughter.”copyright protection52PENANAlbW7ZSJfxj

   “I hope to. I need you both to think of happy times.”copyright protection52PENANAmL9ZnDGXuB

Ponpung places his arms around his wife and asks, “Why?”copyright protection52PENANAbRqEsBWmsI

   “Because if you don’t the thing that has a hold on your daughter will only grow stronger, it lives off fear. No more questions I need to work and work quickly to save her.”copyright protection52PENANALOTHWSAG87

The parents take a step back and watch the Dreamer walk over to their daughter.copyright protection52PENANAZuS8ugLadg

Lèguān pulls a white powdery stone from a small cloth bag and uses it to draw a circle around the child’s futon with symbols at the top, bottom and both sides. He uses a cloth to clean his hand, then carefully opens the top of the little girl’s robe, he hovers his hand over her chest and closes his eyes.copyright protection52PENANAMp7d3AOZXh

A few minutes later his other hand pulls a stone from the same cloth bag, he closes his fingers around it and begins to mutter an incantation.copyright protection52PENANAII6Bq2u0IC

This makes the parents look to the Dragons who take it in turns to reassure them everything is all right.copyright protection52PENANA7I6ZRAfCLt

   “Yogiri, I need ink,” pants Lèguān.copyright protection52PENANATyT1LWBAWz

The mother notices the pot of paint on the table her daughter was using to do a picture, she picks it up and hands it to the Grey Dragon. “Will that do?”copyright protection52PENANASEhYgI1KIK

“Yes, thank you,” he replies and walks over to the Dreamer.copyright protection52PENANAnPstPj45WQ

Lèguān dips his finger into the orangey yellow paint and draws a symbol on the child’s chest. Then he stands up, his ample size bosom rises as he takes a deep breath and starts to whisper a chant as he breaths out.copyright protection52PENANAzPosR9ptJm

Yogiri takes a step back when he notices the stone in his friend’s hand is beginning to glow, his robe and hair also begin to move like a breeze is blowing up from the floor.copyright protection52PENANA2B1kzh2B2K

Then Lèguān says in a strong voice, “Mela ta, sa unska!”copyright protection52PENANAlpANTp7Yv3

In an instant the Fear Demon is no longer hidden, it looks right at him and says, “Dream Deity!”copyright protection52PENANAO5TcyKlXd5

   “Hm that I am. Release her!”copyright protection52PENANAkfGlzgDBRG

   “No.”copyright protection52PENANAmd6W0Zm8XS

Lèguān shakes his head and says, “Don’t do as I ask. Then you’re in for a shock.”copyright protection52PENANAbLX4YvPkt2

The Fear Demon watches the Dreamer aim his left fist at him and starts to speak an entrapment incantation, making him say, “No... Please.”copyright protection52PENANApOi59SlNtd

  “Then release her. Otherwise you leave me with no choice.”copyright protection52PENANAtQqzMrz9zw

The Fear Demon comes rushing towards him only to crash into an invisible barrier.copyright protection52PENANA1LiZQhvFBZ

Lèguān laughs and says, “Surprise. You cannot get to us.”copyright protection52PENANAH0N05XSrKm

This only makes the demon angry and it starts to smack its fists in to the barrier. copyright protection52PENANAFec6OZxn87

The Dreamer knows it will not hold for long, he takes a deep breath and starts to chant again.copyright protection52PENANAUaTdaJuFo5

Cracks soon begin to appear making Lèguān grown in pain as he tries to keep the barrier from braking and says aloud, “SALA ME TA KA LA... UN INTA SE!”copyright protection52PENANAE65s7bpZCa

The others can hear from his voice he is in a great deal of pain, they all try to think of happy thoughts in the hope it will help him defeat the demon. They also start to notice something glowing in his cleavage under his robes which makes Ponpung turn his gaze to the floor.copyright protection52PENANAlipyodxWBG

The Dreamer’s outer pupils see the cracks in the barrier are reducing, he is winning this fight. He takes few deep breaths and pants, “Let...her...go!”copyright protection52PENANA3vRXI1GdG5

The Fear Demon raises its fists above its head and is about to bring them down when it feel a gush of air come from behind, making it look over its shoulder to see a portal has opened.copyright protection52PENANAilcoOjzdic

Lèguān takes a deep breath and says in a bold voice, “Lin ka me saka... In ma la!”copyright protection52PENANAoEuNcS0JPB

A set of skeleton like hands come through the portal, they grab hold of the demon and after a bit of a struggle pull it inside, closing the portal behind them which causes a gust of wind to blow through the room.copyright protection52PENANAqS7hPQiw3Z

The Dreamer mutters, “It’s over,” then collapses into a heap on the floor.copyright protection52PENANABmlOK97kmq

Yogiri runs over to him, he gently sits him up to see the glow under his robes is starting to fade and the stone he was holding falls from his hand. “Lèguān,” he whispers. “Lèguān? Please be all right?”copyright protection52PENANAwL41yhUz0J

Yagan jae stop the parents from going to their daughter, he points his hand at the incantation on the floor and says in a soft voice, “That is a barrier, the reason my friend is able to hold the Dreamer is because look, the top part of his body is on the other side. Look at Yogiri’s robe it looks like his sleeve is pressed up against something.”copyright protection52PENANAbrCjIs91Yd

The parents look to where the Black Dragon is pointing to see what he means, the Grey Dragon’s robes are creased like he is leaning against a wall.copyright protection52PENANA0AAlpluwGR

   “Do not worry, when he comes too he will collapse it.”copyright protection52PENANAXdC2ebj9Lk

They all hear the Dreamer start to moan, his eyes open and he says, “Oh I don’t want to do that again for a long time.”copyright protection52PENANASWLufuXpvW

Yogiri, gives him a hug making him say, “I’m all right old friend, just a little tired.”copyright protection52PENANADvweRWzlsf

   “I understand, can you lower the barrier?”copyright protection52PENANAdqsQsH2MQN

Lèguān nods, he takes hold of the stone, and holds it out in front of him as he says, “Kin ma insa.”copyright protection52PENANA6JJSeZmbpR

The barrier starts to crack, then shatters into a fine dust which drifts upward and fades like glitter on the wind.copyright protection52PENANA73nEheARA3

   “It’s down,” he says and falls asleep.copyright protection52PENANA7NtAEWhGI8

Yogiri picks him up and asks, “Do you have a spare room?”copyright protection52PENANAtPRdH5d3gC

Maehwa nods and leads him out of the room to enter one which lies next door, she unrolls a futon and helps the Grey Dragon to lie the Dreamer down.copyright protection52PENANAUoGh2XwDO6

   “Is he all right?” she asks all concerned.copyright protection52PENANAGVUavy7NeQ

   “Yes, he’s fine, he just needs to rest.”copyright protection52PENANAVHFMUmS7p9

The mother nods and they both leave him to sleep.copyright protection52PENANAKkxqBAn8ec

Around an hour later the little girl awakens, she sits up to see her parents are beside her bed along with two Dragons, making her point her hand towards them and ask, “Why are they here?”copyright protection52PENANAeU885EGdsU

Maehwa gives her a hug and goes on to tell her, “We could not wake you, they along with a Dreamer came to help.”copyright protection52PENANA3nCIaw42Et

   “Why couldn’t you wake me?”copyright protection52PENANAbpNJPpkdxy

The mother is unable to answer her daughter’s question, she just holds her close and looks to her husband, who goes on to say, “Because you were in a deep sleep. But everything is all right now.”copyright protection52PENANAqMtzUzdBMF

The little girl nods and gives her dad a hug. “I’m hungry... What have we got to eat?”copyright protection52PENANAwP38xdFBgj

Everyone laughs and Maehwa replies, “Come on, let’s make a start on lunch?”copyright protection52PENANA5sIScyiwLQ

The little girl nods and walks with her mother out of the room.copyright protection52PENANA5bCyKx7Y8T

Ponpung stands up, he performs a slight bow and says, “Thank you both for all your help and please join us.”copyright protection52PENANAEEJHMgVrSc

The Dragons nod and follow him down to the kitchen where they are treated to a simple but filling meal.copyright protection52PENANALYFtQR29oN

It is late afternoon when Lèguān awakens to hear the sound of a child laughing, he stands up and walks over to the window to see the little girl is happily playing with his friends and her parents. He is glad to see everything is back to normal. Turning around he notices his entrapment stone is lying on the floor, he picks it up, placing it back into the little cloth bag along with the rest as he walks out of the room. The Dreamer has not walked more than a few steps into the main part of the house, when he gets the feeling something is in the room behind him. He turns around to see it is the child’s bedroom. Suddenly it is cast in shadow like a thin cloth had been placed across the window.copyright protection52PENANAZtZB2K99Jh

Lèguān slowly steps inside and his thirteen pupils start to look around, to focus on a shadow crouched by the incantation.copyright protection52PENANA3nVM5I31aW

   “What’s wrong?”copyright protection52PENANAdVUTpLKrU9

The little shadow looks up at him, it points its hand over to where the Dreamer had opened the portal in the other realm.copyright protection52PENANAfUCfwFZFOI

At first Lèguān sees nothing but a blank wall, then he sees a few stray sparks come busting through a crack in the plaster.copyright protection52PENANAWS6SFbBIcL

   “No. Damn it!” hisses the Dreamer, shaking his head.copyright protection52PENANAEqGzj6k4xf

The little shadow walks over to him and holds up its hands.copyright protection52PENANAdN9Q2Fv1lk

Lèguān crouches down with his left hand out towards it and little shadow places a tiny bead upon his palm, then points its hand at the crack.copyright protection52PENANAKicQaR2LAf

   “This will seal it?”copyright protection52PENANAwfGdOZj94R

The little shadow nods and watches the Dreamer walk on his knees over to the wall.copyright protection52PENANAoiEx9GdFIy

The moment he places the tiny blue stone into the gap it vanishes. The shadow also starts to fade away, it gives a bow before it completely disappears.copyright protection52PENANAZtRck14mNE

The light returns to the room, Lèguān stands up, he takes one last look around before he goes on to join his friends.copyright protection52PENANABkUiyIhRRm

Maehwa makes him a nice meal and a refreshing pot of tea.copyright protection52PENANAJgEnNN41sN

Yogiri knows with what his friend has been through, he will not be wanting to stay long as the empathic side of his brain will be quite sensitive. He watches him rub the left side of his forehead and moans.copyright protection52PENANAAsgrEAtJXg

   “Eat that, and we will get going. Would you like me to get her to leave?”copyright protection52PENANAnyBiR9081S

Lèguān shakes his head and replies, “No, it’s all right. However, you’re right once I’ve eaten this, we will have to get going.”copyright protection52PENANAvK8a8WYdYr

   “I’m happy to take you anywhere, even home.”copyright protection52PENANA0zTh0yRthO

   “Thank you. The waterfall.”copyright protection52PENANAKFnmXevYnw

The Grey Dragon gives him a nod and a smile.copyright protection52PENANARSh02pX1CV

Even though Maehwa does not understand a word the gods were speaking, she can tell the Dreamer is needing some space from mortals as he has not spoken one word to her. She gives them a bow and walks out of the room.copyright protection52PENANAsDulUvUMZc

Once Lèguān has had enough to eat and drink they all head outside to say goodbye to the family.copyright protection52PENANAAKRY6PcCNA

The little girl, holds up a bunch of flowers and says, “Thank you for helping me Dreamer.”copyright protection52PENANA8FtqFwPDxs

   “Lèguān is my name little one. And thank you,” he replies as he takes them.copyright protection52PENANAyZ63l0yfMy

The mother gets her daughter to bow to him.copyright protection52PENANArnijlo8y0W

Yagan jae pats the Dreamer’s arm and says, “It was good to see you again.”copyright protection52PENANA99CCzh8pUG

   “You too. I hope one day we see each other again without demons.”copyright protection52PENANAStFYw1Z5gM

The Black Dragon nods and replies, “True. How’s about tomorrow night dinner at my place?”copyright protection52PENANAEIaW2wla5m

   “It’s a date,” replies Lèguān, with a nod.copyright protection52PENANA7ewJQ61ZvW

Yogiri gently picks him up, unfolds his wings and takes off.copyright protection52PENANAFoplnWmm2D

Yagan jae remains with the family for the night and heads home the next morning with everything he needs to cook his friends a nice meal.copyright protection52PENANA9GmjDoPYzU

It is just beginning to get dark when Yogiri and Lèguān arrive. They see their friend has been busy cooking all kinds of dishes and they find each one to be just as lovely as the first. For afters he does them a nice bowl of fruit. They all sit talking long into the night and end up going to bed in the early hour. The next morning after breakfast Lèguān is wanting to get going to the caves Yogiri had told him about that lie on an island not far from his home.copyright protection52PENANAlG8RqZXsZt

Yagan jae decides to go with them and finds the Dreamer to a man who loves exploring new places.copyright protection52PENANAoERN0eKmBM

They all have a wonderful day together and hope to do it again soon.copyright protection52PENANA0Ktm36KT5k

The end.copyright protection52PENANANq1WirWgTV

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